September 6, 2011

Random Conversations: Caught In The Act (4/6)


Conversation Three

Conversation Four
‘Random Conversations with Clark’

Oliver’s hand’s clenched around the arm rests of his chair, pants pushed down to the tops of his knees as he glanced down at the blonde on her knees in front of him, small palm curled around his shaft stroking him slowly as she stared down at his crotch, tongue darting out to moisten her lips.

Anticipation curled low his him stomach as she brushed a thumb over the head of his shaft spreading the pre-come over the engorged tip. His voice was gruff when he spoke, tone commanding and yet still soft. “Unbutton your blouse for me…”

She paused in her actions, lashes fluttering as she glanced up at him before using the hand that wasn’t on him to unbutton the first four buttons on her shirt as he pushed her hair away from her face, watching her measured movements from heavy lidded eyes.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and he’d called her earlier in the day asking if she wanted to have lunch with him. He’d honestly intended for them to have lunch which was why he’d invited her to his office, but somehow things had gotten off track and she’d wound up on the floor between his legs, not that he was complaining in the slightest.

Oliver wasn’t the type to push, and in the two or three months that they’d been having sex he’d always been careful to keep things at a pace the blonde was comfortable with. She rarely said no about trying new things, but he could also tell when she was hesitant or unsure about certain activities.

Ninety-five percent of the time she was honest with him about things like that even though he could see her embarrassment at admitting it. Oliver on the other hand was no boyscout. He knew his way around the female body and she was well aware of it.

So, today when he’d tried to push her against the plate glass windows and give her the fucking of a lifetime, Chloe had, had other plans. The small blonde had untangled herself from his grip and promptly shoved him into his desk chair before arching and eyebrow and slowly sliding down on her knees in front of him.

He swore the second her hand had touched his thighs his cock jumping to attention. He’d never admit it, but he’d been wondering what her take on oral sex was, because though he loved being inside of her he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t fantasized about putting that snarky mouth of hers to good use.

His thoughts were interrupted by the feel of a warm mouth closing over the head of his cock, giving it an experimental suck. He arched his head back and groaned at the sensation as her hand continued to stroke him, the other coming up to grope his balls.

Chloe glanced up at the noise that left is throat and her chest filled with warmth at the lust she saw on his face as one of his hands left the arm rest and threaded through her hair, gripping it slightly. She opened her mouth and twirled her tongue around the head before sliding her mouth completely over him.

She had wanted to do this for a while, but had been too nervous to do so. Something inside of her had snapped though today and when he pushed her against the windows she couldn’t fight the urge that had enveloped her. He was always going out of his way to please her, making sure that when they were together she came at least twice. He was a generous lover and she wanted to reciprocate. She wanted to show him, that she appreciate him and his efforts.

She had been afraid of doing it wrong, but the minute her hand wrapped around him and that look of hopeless pleasure crossed his face, her confidence had soared. He was quite literally putty in her hands and she was enjoying every second of it a lot more than she had thought she would.

It sounded horrible, but as her head bobbed up and down in his lap, tongue laving him with flicks and twirls as she sucked him off, she couldn’t help thinking how having him beneath her for once was a powerful feeling. Seeing him buck his hips under her ministrations as his hand tightened in her hair guiding her movements while moaning her name lightly was incredibly hot.

She massaged his balls as she lifted her mouth suctioning it against him pulling and stroking with her hand as he pushed into the warm cavern of her mouth desperate for some kind of release. Oliver’s eyes popped open when she squeezed the base of his cock and he hissed eyes flying down to the blonde who gave him a mischievous look from under her lashes.

Deep brown eyes met green and if it was possible they darkened as he pried his other hand off the arm rest, reached down and pinched her nipple through her bra causing her to yelp slightly around his shaft as a wave of moisture pooled in her panties.

He smirked, his hand staying on her breast as he squeezed and kneaded the flesh there slipping his hand inside her bra and playing with her nipple causing her to suck on him harder. They moaned simultaneously, his hand tightening even more in her hair as her moved her head and she engulfed most of his length, deep throating him.

Oliver swore right as his office door burst open. He eyes flew open and he immediately shoved his chair forward knocking into the petite blonde shoving her under the desk as he got as close to it as he good. She let out a very light grunt as she lifted her mouth off his cock and sucked in a deep breath.

She was about to ask him what the hell his problem was when another voice sounded through the room. “Oliver I need your help.” Her eyes widened, her grip accidently tightening around him causing him to grunt and hold in a groan. He sent a glare Clark’s way and huffed. “You know I have a secretary…you can’t just come bursting in here while I’m working Clark…you realize that’s what I’m doing right?”

The dark haired man frowned as he crossed him arms over his chest. “I know, but this is important. I’m looking for Chloe…I need her to get some information for me and she’s not at Watchtower. I checked the Talon and she isn’t there either. I thought maybe you might know where she is.”

Oliver swallowed hard as he felt Chloe’s hand start moving against him again. She had to be kidding…was she seriously going to do this with Clark five feet from them? His eyes practically rolled in the back of his head as her lips once again closed over his cock and he cleared his throat.

Apparently she was. He shook his head and spoke, the pitch of his voice just slightly higher than normal. “No…I haven’t seen Chloe since this morning when I dropped off some coffee…at…ah Watchtower.” He watched his alien friend make a face as his frown deepened.

“Why were you bringing Chloe coffee?” Oliver’s brows furrowed as he tried not to move too much in his seat. He was having trouble focusing on Clark when Chloe’s hands were squeezing his balls as her tongue did all kinds of wonderful things to his cock. His voice strained as he spoke. “What?”

“I said why are you bringing her coffee?” Oliver closed his eyes for a second attempting to speak normally as he addressed Clark. “She’s my friend…and honestly how is it your business…Jesus!” She grinned beneath the desk and continued working him over as Clark spoke.

“Well maybe you can give her a call or something. I called three times, but she didn’t answer and I need this information….it has to do with the Kandorians.” Oliver shook his head as he spoke quickly. “I can’t…listen Clark I’m sure…that….oh god I’m sure she’ll turn up soon…you gotta go…I’m busy…I’ve got meetings…paperwork…”

He stopped talking and his entire body tensed and froze, hands clenching on the arm rests, small beads of sweat on his forehead from attempting to keep himself silent as he felt his spine tingle, his orgasm taking hold of him. Chloe felt his shaft pulse as he came filling her mouth. She kept a hold on him sucking until she was sure there for nothing left.

Chloe swallowed, releasing him as Clark cleared his throat. “You okay Oliver?” The blonde nodded and motioned to the door, voice soft as the tension left his body. “If I see her I’ll tell her you’re looking for her…but like I said…busy.”

Clark’s brows were still furrowed, but he nodded and moved towards the door, pausing slightly. “You’ll let her know?” Oliver nodded. “I will.” Clark inclined his head and disappeared with a whoosh of air. He immediately shifted back from the desk to find the blonde still kneeling and licking her lips, a grin on her face.

He shook his head as he laughed. “You are in soo much trouble Sidekick…” She rolled her eyes as he pulled her up slightly and bent down capturing her lips in a deep kiss. He broke away a minute or so later and she spoke in a breathy voice, humor dancing in her eyes.

“Oh please…you liked it.” He smirked at her and nodded. “I sure did…but remember paybacks a bitch…” He smirked and Chloe swallowed hard before letting out a long breath. That so, did not bode well for her.

Conversation Five


  1. Wow that was hot and funny. For an alien who has super hearing and an xray vision. cant he hear chloe making her way with Ollie? Sometimes I would call the Sin Superman as Stupid. But hey as long as Ollie and Chloe are not complaining, im good.

  2. @jediyoda99 Aw, thank you! I'm glad you thought it was hot and funny! Clark is an idiot! Or at least he was in season 9 LOL Glad you enjoyed this thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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