December 7, 2008

Three Minutes Chapter (9/18)

Chapter 9 Part A
(Chloe POV)

It was two days before Valentine’s Day and since things have been crazy for the last week or so I’m not even sure Clark remembered. Hopefully he did because this would be our first Valentine’s Day as a couple…yes I did just get all mushy…it’s the hormones…really. So anyway if he didn’t remember I had a wonderful way of jogging his memory. The Talon Valentine’s Day Bash, which was tonight. We were out at dinner earlier and when we had left I insisted I needed a cup of coffee. And so here we are walking into the Talon. I saw his face scrunch up and he looked around at all the decorations. He looked down at me and I smiled.

“Chloe, what the heck is this? I thought we were coming in here to get a coffee”

I shrugged and fanned innocence.

“I didn't know. I swear. I'm sorry, Clark.”

He gave me a playful glare.

“You did to know and you’re not sorry. What am I gonna do with you Chlo?”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Was that a rhetorical question? Or do you want an answer because I have several.”

I winked at him and waggled my eyebrows. He chuckled and shook his head. His voice held amusement when he spoke.

“What is it you always say about Valentine's Day? Oh, yeah. Our annual sneak peek at hell”

I glared at him. He was not going to be this cynical I wouldn’t let him…not while he’s with me at least.

“That was always because I was never spending Valentine’s Day with the person I wanted to spend it with…”

His face softened and he leaned down and kissed me gently. When he moved back up I grinned.

“Besides don't you think after being trapped in a front seat to the Clark/Lana operetta I deserve a good v-day?”

The expression on his face looked hurt and he made a move to put his arm around me as we walked over to the counter.

“You're the only person who can make me feel guilty, relieved, and a little sad all in one sentence.”
I smiled.

“Why are you feeling guilty?”

He shrugged and didn’t look at me as he spoke.

“For all the years I ignored what was right in front of me…for…hurting you the way I did.”

I rubbed his arm. Clark Kent had way too much guilt for my liking…it was unacceptable.

“Well no worries the past is the past and this year things are good…I finally have what I’ve been asking for and you…well you have me…”

He chuckled. We were standing there leaning in for a kiss when Lois interrupted us.

“Ok guys…seriously get a room that’s just gross…no one wants to see you macking on Smallville.”

I smiled and Clark glared at her. He moved an arm around me and turned to Lois who was standing next to Lana…what is Lana doing with Lois? I didn’t know they hung out. I mean I haven’t seen Lana in a couple pf weeks now so this was an interesting development. Clark sighed and spoke.

“Hey Lana…Lois. What brings you guys here?”

Lana smiled and patted Lois’s arm.

“I thought I’d get her out. I figured this would be a great place for her to meet someone.”

I looked and Lois’s face and it was pained. I could tell she’d rather be anywhere but here right now. She was still having a hard time dealing with Oliver’s departure even though she wouldn’t admit it. I saw Lois looked around at the decorations and she winced.

“Whoa... Is it really wrong that I want these chubby cherubs to burst into flames?”

Clark chuckled and I gave her a small smile. Lana shook her head and looked at Lois. Her voice was soft and amused when she spoke.

“The way I see it, Valentine's Day is the one day a year where it’s ok to be all sentimental about everything…it’s a day you get to share with the one person in the world who gets you.”

The three of us raised our eyebrows at her and she laughed. Lois snarked at Lana good-naturedly.

“Even your definition’s of thing’s are picture perfect…is there anything you’re not good at Lana?”

I smiled and Lana looked thoughtful.

“I’m really bad at chess.”

She sounded so serious that all three of us cracked up and she shrugged. Clark had his hand on the small of my back and he was moving his hand in rhythmic circles. I leaned into him and he smiled down on me. He leaned down and kissed my neck and I grinned. I heard Lana’s voice and Clark must have to because he pulled away from my neck. Her voice was playful and at the same time irritated.

“Welcome to the love fest.”

Lois nodded.

“Yeah, and me without my uzi.”

She was worse then Clark…I didn’t think that was possible. Lana looked over at me and smiled.

“Why don’t you and I go get a coffee and catch up Chloe. I haven’t seen you in a while. We can compare pregnancy notes.”

The minute I stepped away from Clark I felt an uneasiness sweep through my body…Clark must have noticed because his hand touched my arm.

“You ok?”

I nodded and gave him half a smile. I whispered for him to keep Lois company while Lana and I went to go talk. He nodded and I left with Lana and a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s probably me just worrying too much. It’s been quiet the last few days and I’m not used to the lack of activity…I’m sure that was it….I mean what could possibly go wrong at a stupid Valentine’s Day party?

(Lois POV)

I thought Chloe loved me…why would she leave me alone with everyone’s favorite farmer. I shook my head. Well that wasn’t as bad as what Lana had suggested earlier to me. I shivered. The girl is sweet but seriously crazy if she thought Smallville and I would ever make a good couple. Clark glanced in my direction and spoke softly to me.

“So…I didn’t know you and Lana were friends…”

I shrugged.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know Smallville.”

He nodded but didn’t snark back. He spoke again but didn’t face me he was looking off to his right. I followed his gaze and it was on Chloe in a booth in the far right of the Talon with Lana.

“When did that happen?”

I sighed.

“We got somewhat close when we attended a lot of the same functions. Lex and…Oliver would make their rounds so Lana and I would hang out. She’s pretty cool.”

He nodded.

“Yeah…so..are you..”

I cut him off. I didn’t want anyone asking about Oliver. I was over it. We were together now we’re not. No big deal. So I changed the subject to something that would distract him.

“She actually made a really disgusting suggestion to me earlier today…she implied that if you and Chloe weren’t seeing each other that you and I would make a great couple.”

I saw him practically choke on himself and I laughed.

“Oh god…what did you say to her?”

I chuckled at his horrified look.

“I told her that you and I…”Us” That would be like hot fudge and halibut.”

He glared at me.

“I take it I'm the halibut.”

I smiled.


He shook his head.

“Well, I've had my fill of fat babies with arrows. I’m gonna see if I can get Chloe to take off with me. Knock yourself out, Lois.”

He walked away and I shook my head. At least I wasn’t the only one alone tonight. Lana was here alone…who was I kidding though…Lex was most likely home waiting for her. I sighed. I heard a voice behind me so I turned to face a lady sitting at a booth. I raised an eyebrow at her and she spoke again.

“Little down on love?”

I snorted.

“After my breakup, cupid could use me for target practice, and I still wouldn't feel anything.”

She smiled and her eyes sparkled.

“Then maybe you need a little euphoria elixir or romance remedy. Just a nudge in order to move on.”

I Took a deep breath…I love Oliver and unfortunately it’s not going away anytime soon.

“Move on?”

I scoffed.

“Honey, you're talking to somebody who's still waiting for acid-wash to come back in style.”

She smiled at me and took out a small tube of lipstick.

“Try this. It's made with jasmine and a mixture of aphrodisiac oils. I get the brilliant hue from red meteor rocks.”

I raised an eyebrow. This lady couldn’t be for real. She thought lipstick was going to make me move on…fall in love with someone new…some people put way to much confidence in cosmetics.

“This is gonna make me fall in love with someone new?”

She smiled at me and I saw a look I didn’t recognize on her face.

“The first man you set eyes on.”

Might as well try it…even if this lady is a kook the color might look nice on me.

“Hmm... who knows? Maybe this color will look good on me, huh?”

I looked into the mirror on the stand and put the lipstick on. For a minute it looked like my lips glowed and then the red settled and left an unnatural red sheen. I blotted my lips and saw Clark walk by in the mirror I was looking in. I stood up and looked over at him. Has he always looked so incredibly sexy? Mmm look at those arms. I smiled and sighed his name.


I knew exactly how I was going to spend my Valentine’s Day…and it wasn’t mooning over Oliver Queen…

(Clark POV)

I walked down the stairs to the kitchen and thought back to last night. I knew why Chloe brought me there I wasn’t as dense as everyone liked to believe…but I didn’t forget about Valentine’s Day. Actually it’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about for a while. I wasn’t sure what to get Chloe and I didn’t want to have to ask her what she wanted I wanted to just know. I sighed as I reached the kitchen. I saw my mom and she smiled at me as she dialed a number. She looked around as she waited for someone to answer.

“Where’s Chloe?”

I opened the refrigerator to get a drink.

“She had an early morning at The Planet.”

My mom nodded and I heard her start talking to whoever was on the phone.

“Yes, I'm calling to RSVP for the engagement party. Martha Kent. Thank you.”

She turned her attention back to me.

“Hi! How was the Valentine's party?”

I chuckled.

“So Chloe did know…I knew it…she’s a little sneak.”

I had a smile on my face and my mom laughed.

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time Clark…it’s nice.”

I turned to her and my smile widened.

“I haven’t been this happy in a while…and thanks mom.”

There was a knock at the door and my mom went to go answer it. A minute later she came back in the room with Lois. I was looking down at the drink I was pouring as I spoke.

“Hey, Lois, listen, I'm sorry that Lana pulled you to that party last night. I mean, after Oliver and...”

I lifted my head up and saw a very Playboy bunny looking Lois…My mom’s eyes were a bit wide and I couldn’t help but stare. Oh my…what in the world is she wearing? Her eyes were fixed on me and she walked closer. Warning bells were going off in my head. Something was very wrong. I had no clue what to say to her…I was speechless. When she spoke her voice was low.

“Oliver's history. Actually, Mrs. K, can you give us a couple minutes?”

I whipped my head over to my mom and gave her a look that clearly said don’t leave me alone with Lois…she obviously didn’t take the hint.
“Yeah. Um, I-I'll be upstairs.”

She left and Lois closed the distance between us.

She is way to close for comfort…I am in a very bad position at the moment…this is really not good.

She sighed and leaned closer to me. Crap!

“Here we find ourselves -- all alone.”

She picked up one of my hands in hers and I gave her a confused look.

“Wow. How did I never notice what big, strong hands you have?”

Lois has gone mad…I’m officially convinced. I gave her a semi nervous chuckled and pulled my hand away from her.

“What's going on, Lois?”

She shrugged and took a step away from me. Thank god.

“Well, you know me. I'm not very good with words, so... “

She pulled out a CD case and smiled as she handed it to me.

“People don't think Whitesnake sings power ballads, but they do.”

She made me a mix? That’s…nice??? Odd??? Weird??? Take your pick of adjectives.

I spoke to her with amusement in my voice.

“You made me a mix CD.”

She smiled broadly and spoke happily.

“Yeah. I will kill you if you tell anyone this, but... there is nothing that I love more than slow-dancing with some big, strong arms around me... just like yours, Smallville.”

As she said each word her body got closer and closer to mine until she was wrapping my arms around her.

Holy crap Lois was hitting on me…but…but I’m with Chloe…Lois…wouldn’t do that…right?

I pried her out of my arms and moved her away.

“Lois…you do realize that I am with Chloe…right?”

She tossed her hair over her shoulder and gave me a sexy smirk as she walked back over to me.

“What Chloe doesn’t know won’t hurt her Clark…I can do thing’s to you that Chloe would never dream of doing…”

Breathe Clark. I need to get the hell out of here. Lois was out of her mind and she was propositioning me! I had to go talk to Chloe…maybe she’d know what the hell got into Lois…but how was I gonna get out of here? I looked around and then realize the CD was still in my hand.

“L-Lois, why -- why don't you go put this on?”

She sighed but moved away from me. Thank god.


As she went into the living room I super sped out of the kitchen and straight to Chloe. This was somehow going to come back and bite me in the ass…I just know it. I sighed.

(Chloe POV)

I was sitting at my desk at The Planet when Lana in. I smiled at her and she sat down across from me. She placed her hand on her stomach, which wasn’t to far behind mine in size and smiled back at me. I broke the silence first.

“Lana. I'm kind of surprised to see you here. We haven’t really spoken much in the last few weeks.”

She nodded and her expression became more serious.

“Yeah, I know that we left things in a weird place.”

Weird isn’t the word for it. Lana had been mad at me after the whole Linda Lake thing and it had just gotten worse since then. She’s been on some kind of mission to find out Clark’s secret and I’m not going to be the one to point her in the right direction. She continued with her thought before I could speak.

“Chloe, I know that all the fight’s we’ve been getting in are either because of Lex or Clark…and some of it is my fault. I won’t ask you about Clark anymore…I know that whatever he is…hiding…if he wants me to know then he’ll tell me…and if not…I won’t dwell on it. I also know that you don’t like Lex and when you tell me all these thing’s about him and what he does that you're just looking out for me, and you've done your Maid-of-Honor duty and asked the tough questions, but I was hoping that we could just get past this.”

I was startled. Did she just say what I thought she did?

“Okay. Case closed. Did I, uh, did I miss something? Maid of Honor?”

She smiled at me.

“Yeah. I hope that you're not allergic to taffeta. That's actually why I came by. Will you stand up with me?”

I didn’t want to…I do not like Lex and I don’t want him marrying Lana…but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t stand by her during this? She needs me and I wasn’t going to let her down…I need her to know that she has people outside of Lex who love her…because maybe if she knew that when things got bad and it was time for her to pick her side she’d choose us instead of him.

“Of course.”

We stood up at the same time and I hugged her. She squeezed me back and our stomachs touched. I chuckled and she shook her head with a smile firmly planted on her face. When we pulled apart I sat back down. We talked for a little bit and then she had to go. Her and Lex had a doctor’s appointment today where they were going to find out the sex of the baby. I shook my head and started working on my article. I just passed the fifth month mark on my pregnancy and I could tell Clark was starting to get anxious. He was always hovering…but it was nice to know he was there if I needed anything. The last time I saw Jimmy was two weeks ago. He was sent on assignment and I just found out from a friend on the second floor that he was promoted to a field reporter. He wouldn’t be coming back to The Planet and you know what…I was fine with that. I had Clark I didn’t need anyone else. Speaking of Clark he sent me the sweetest arrangement of flowers this morning with an adorable card and everything. I don’t think I mentioned today how grateful I am to him…He’s…My thought’s were interrupted by the object of my desire. He seemed slightly miffed. I leaned over and kissed him. He was looking around then his eyes landed on me and he spoke.

“We were supposed to meet 20 minutes ago at the coffee house across the street. Where have you been?”

Crap that’s what I had forgotten. I gave him a sheepish smile.

“Sorry Clark…I got distracted…anyway I did some digging into our favorite Martian Manhunter, but it's just coming up empty.”

He waved it off and his voice was serious and I saw his arms cross over his chest.

“We have another Manhunter to worry about...Lois.”

I laughed at him…what in the world was he talking about?

“Why does that make me picture her wielding an ax at every man in Metropolis?”

I saw him duck his head and shake it slightly. His voice came out mumbled.

“She's only after one man. Lois is... into me.”

I left the house for exactly five hours and Clark was on crack…what was I going to do with him. I laughed for a couple of seconds and then tried talking.

“She's into you? What, like... “

He handed me a CD and I looked it over. OH.MY.GOD…She made him a CD. I giggled. This was too funny. It had to be some kind of joke…Lois wouldn’t do that to me.

“Wow. She really pulled out all the stops.”

Clark sighed and moved off the desk. He walked in front of me and spoke.

“She's not herself, all right? It's like she overdosed on Love Potion # 9 or something... “

I laughed even louder…Clark knows what love potion #9 is. When I read the back of the case I laughed harder and Clark started to get frustrated.

“This isn't funny!”

I nodded.

“Your right.”

“Chloe, we have to find out what happened before she strikes again.”

I glanced over to the door and saw Lois heading this way. What was she wearing? I grinned at Clark…

“Too late.”

Her voice sounded kind of weird when I heard her speak.

“There you are. I have been searching all over for you. Look what I got.”

She pulled her shirt back a bit and revealed a large tattoo with “Lois and Clark Forever” written on it. My mouth dropped open. She then moved over and rubbed herself against him.

“Maybe you could get one to match.”

Family or not I was going to kill her! She needs to back off Clark and if Clark didn’t rectify this situation quickly he’d be sleeping on the couch for a while. He must have seen my face because he pushed Lois away from him and I stuttered a bit when I spoke. I was still a little shocked seeing Lois like that.

“I-I think you're right about that story. I'm gonna look into it.”

I started to walk out when I heard Clark.

“Uh, Chloe –“

I rolled my eyes.

“Hey Lois why don’t you come with me?

She shook her head.

“I’d rather stay here with him.”

She ran her hands up and down his arms. I was really starting to get mad at her…I gave Clark a look saying he was on his own but as I walked out I whispered to him with a stern voice.

“You better make sure she keeps her hands where everyone can see them Clark Kent…same goes for you…or you’ll be sleeping with Shelby.”

And I walked out. Time to find out what body snatcher has Lois and fix it…fast before she molests my boyfriend.

(Clark POV)

I looked down at Lois and she grinned at me.

“Hi, you.”

I gave her half a smile.

“Hi. Lois. Now, Lois –“

She was practically groping me.

“You can pour on the modesty all you want, Smallville. It only makes you that much more adorable.”

I moved us to a corner of the office and she took that opportunity to pull me into a secluded room.
Wonderful…I keep getting myself deeper and deeper. I moved her away fro my body trying to keep the distance between us.

“Lois, what happened to you when I left last night?”

I saw her thinking back as she tried to rub herself against me.

“Went home... alone. But you know where I wanted to be.”

She cornered me and pushed me against the wall. Her head came out and planted a passionate kiss on my lips…I grimaced and then I started to feel warm…my body tingled and I felt sparks fly through me. My eyes glowed red and I pulled away from Lois and smirked. I pushed her away from me and she looked startled. I shrugged.

“Sorry I have someplace to be…I enjoyed it while it lasted though…maybe next time a little less tongue…see ya later Lo”

I winked at her and super sped away. Time to go find Chloe…

After checking five million places I finally came back to the farm and lo and behold Chloe was in the loft. I appeared next to her and she looked up. She smiled.

“How’d you loose Lois?”

I shrugged.

“I super sped away.”

Chloe looked up at me to see if I was serious. She stood up and frowned.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing…have I told you that you look amazing today?”

she smiled and I moved closer and started kissing her. As my kisses got more intense she moved away a little bit and chuckled.

“Nothing screams romance like a dusty old barn.”

I raised a brow at her.

“You want better?”

I lifted her up and super sped her into the house and to my bedroom.

She looked slightly taken aback and I started kissing her again. She kissed me back. I started moving us to the bed and I gently tossed her on it. She gave me a weird look and I climbed up and on top of her. She felt so good…so soft. She smelt like lavender and ink…absolutely perfect. I started sucking on her neck and as I went further south she stopped my head. Her breathe was quick and her face was flushed. Her voice was out of breathe when she spoke.

“Not that I'm complaining, but isn't this a little…random Clark? I mean, shouldn’t we be trying to figure out what’s going on with Lois?”

I started kissing her again and in between kisses I spoke.

“Forget Lois….I have.”

She stopped me again and looked into my eyes. Her voice was hesitant.

“Is this for real, Clark?”

I smirked. It was gonna be for real if she could just shut up long enough for me to..

“Oh, yeah, this couldn't be more real.”

God she was perfect. I could feel her body under me and I couldn’t wait to see all of it. I was done waiting…

(Chloe POV)

Clark was kissing me an I felt so good…but something was off. He’s never this forward not that I mind it’s just not him. I could feel his hand traveling up and I stopped it. I felt him sigh against me. When he spoke I could hear he was trying to control his voice.

“What now Chloe?”

I didn’t know what to say…

“Clark I just…we’ve never…can’t we just take this slow?”

He kissed me again and then looked down on me.

“We’ve been taking this slow for five years. It’s time to speed thing’s up..”


He cut me off abruptly.

“But what? Do you want me?…Answer me..”

“I.. yes. You know I do. It’s just maybe now isn’t the right time. Maybe we should wait until I have the baby…that way it’s not weird or anything…”

I saw his face soften but the dark look was still in his eyes.

“Your gorgeous Chloe…I’ve never wanted someone more…you drive me crazy…I need you.”

Oh god…how do you say no to that? But the things he was doing they just weren’t him…how I was thinking clearly I’ll never know…but I know Clark and if I said I wanted to wait he wouldn’t push…


And he did. He lifted himself up and stood there looking at me. Then his voice broke the silence. His tone was calculated and he paced he room.

“What do you need?”

I was so confused.


He stopped pacing and face me.

“What do you need to know I’m serious…about you about us…our relationship…”

I didn’t know what to say. He came over by the bed and titled his head to the side.

“I don’t know…I mean..”

He cut me off and A sly grin made it’s way to his face as he spoke.

“Pack a bag Chloe…”

He stood up and started throwing some clothes in a bag. I furrowed my brows in confusion.

“Clark what’s going on?”

He started putting my stuff in a bag and I grabbed his arm. He faced me with a raised eyebrow. I asked him again.

“What is going on?”

His eyes glinted and sparkled in the dark light. His lips curled up into a feral smile.

“Feel like getting married Chlo?”

I started at him like he had six heads…he couldn’t be serious. He chuckled.

“Good to know I can still make you speechless. Here take your bag. We have to make a stop at Lois’s before we go.”

He was walking toward the door but I hadn’t moved from my spot. I was shocked. He turned and walked back over to me. I glanced at him.

“Are you high?”

He smiled and answered.

“On life.”

“Clark we can’t get married.”
He frowned.

“Say’s who? I love you…you love me…we can do whatever we want Chloe…and for Valentine’s Day I want you to be my wife.”

What if he was serious? He sounded serious…was I really going to run off with Clark and get married? Maybe when we stopped at Lois’s I could talk him out of this because it didn’t look like that was going to happen right this second. He snapped me out of my thoughts by grabbing me kissing me hard and taking off in super speed to the Talon. When we got there Lois was out. I felt a little queasy from the quick run so I leaned against the wall as I watched Clark frantically search for something. A few minutes later he walked out of her room and back to me holding a small tube in his hand with a large grin on his face. I raised a brow.

“Lipstick? Is there something you’re not telling me Clark?”

He shook his head and came closer to me. He handed it to me and I took it.

“Something borrow…I already have your something blue.”

He waggled his eyebrows and I rolled my eyes. You nudged my hand.

“Put it on Chloe I want to see how it looks on you.”

I stared at him. Something was so wrong with him…but on the bright side if we were here talking then that meant he wasn’t dragging me off to get married. So I opened the lipstick and looked at it. The red hue was amazing a it looked like it glistening in every direction. I lifted it to my lips and gently put it on. I blotted my lips and looked up at Clark. He was grinning and my own grin soon joined his. He kissed me and I kissed him back just as hard. He leaned his head against mine and I giggled.

“We got everything we need to get this show on the road?”

I nodded.

“Oh yea…let’s go get hitched Mr. Kent…and make it snappy!”

I heard a deep chuckle from him as he lifted me in his arms and we were gone…I was on my way to become Mrs. Kent…and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do to stop it…

Chapter 9 Part B

(Clark POV)

The last time I did this…well let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. I wasn’t going to let that happen a second time around. I ran us all the way to the local courthouse. When we stopped and I put Chloe down she raised an eyebrow in my direction.

“Not exactly what I had in mind when you threw out the marriage card Clark.”

I chuckled. This was only our first stop.

“Don’t worry…this is just the first stop…and I’m leaving you here.”

She glared at me and I smirked.

“You need to go in there and get a marriage license and by the time you get out I’ll have done what I need to do and already be here waiting.”

She smiled and kissed me hard. I can’t wait for the honey moon…Chloe is one feisty female in everyday life…Mmm I bet she’s a bobcat it bed…I took off and ran around town at Super speed. I got Chloe a dress, I ran home, got my tux and booked a suite at one of the nicest hotels in Metropolis…I’d worry about paying for it later…what’s important is getting Chloe there. I was standing outside the courthouse dressed and waiting seven minutes later. It took me a while to actually find the tux…Chloe came out a couple minutes after that and when her eyes landed on me she laughed.

“Well don’t you look adorable in your penguin suite.”

I glared at her and yanked her to me.

“Adorable isn’t exactly what I was going for…”

She gave me a sexy grin and leaned up to kiss my neck…

“Mmmm ok how about cute…or maybe hot….no I got it’s definitely sexy.”

I chuckled.

“Well then off to church we go…”

She held on to me and as I super sped away I could feel her planting small kisses on my chest. She was trying to kill me…her hot lips on me are seriously a new form of torture…and I’m sadistic enough to love every second of it. We sped to the church and when we got there she changed. When I laid eyes on her again…she took my breathe away…I don’t care what anyone says…pregnant females are extremely gorgeous…or at least Chloe was…I want to ravish her right here in the church. I laughed at the thought of pushing her in a confessional and taking her right there. I found the minister and rushed him over to the alter. He was looking back and forth between us and wasn’t saying anything. I rolled my eyes.

“Come on pops we don’t have all day…we have a honey moon to start so if you’d please….”

I trailed off and Chloe laughed at the look on the minister’s face. As he started speaking I tuned him out and glanced over at Chloe…after this I could take her and we could go anywhere we wanted. We didn’t have to be stuck here in this boring old farm town. We could go visit Oliver in Star City…then we could travel the world...With Chloe by my side I could do anything. Yea I mean the baby might put a cramp in things but that’s what they have babysitters for right? I tuned back in when I heard the minister was no longer talking to Chloe but addressing me.

“Do you Clark Kent take Chloe Sullivan to be your wife – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?”

I grinned.

“Hell yea!”

This minister looked at us and it was quiet…Chloe faced him and gave him an inquisitive look. He shook his head.

“I’m sorry…do you have the rings?”

Crap…I knew there was something I forget. Not a problem…I’d go get ‘em now. I super sped to the town Jewelry store and swiped three rings then was back in the church in no time. The minister looked and me and I smiled.

“Yea I got ‘em.”

I handed them over to him and he held them high. Seriously this was taking really long…I just wanted to get back to the hotel already. His voice was clear and loud even though we were about two feet from him.

“May these rings be blessed as the symbol of this affectionate unity. These two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle. Wherever they go – may they always return to one another. May these two find in each other the love for which all men and women yearn. May they grow in understanding and in compassion. May the home, which they establish together, be such a place that many will find there a friend. May these rings on their fingers symbolize the touch of the spirit of love in their hearts.”

He handed two rings back to me and one to Chloe. He told me to repeat after him. I looked deep into Chloe’s eyes as I spoke. My gaze was dark and I could feel so many things bubbling inside of me possession being the most dominant. Chloe was mine…

“Chloe Sullivan, you are now consecrated to me as my wife from this day forward and I give you this ring as the pledge of my love and as the symbol of our unity and with this ring, I thee wed.”

She held out her hand and I slid on the band then the engagement ring and her eyes went wide but she didn’t say anything.

She repeated after the minister, same words as mine and when I held out my head she repeated the action with the ring. When we finished the minister made the sign of the cross or something and spoke what I prayed were his last words because I really couldn’t take much more of this…

“May you always share with each other the gifts of love – be one in heart and in mind – may you always create a home together that puts in your hearts – love – generosity and kindness.In as much as Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan have consented together in marriage before this…before me and have pledged their faith – and declared their unity by giving and receiving a ring – are now joined. You have pronounced yourselves husband and wife but remember to always be each other’s best friend. What – therefore – God has joined together – let no man put asunder. And so, by the power vested in me by the State of Kansas and Almighty God, I now pronounce you man and wife – and may your days be good and long upon the earth. You may now kiss the bride.”

Ahhh now we come to the best part of the ceremony…I moved in and Chloe put her arms around my neck. I moved my head down and met hers. The kiss was electric…it felt like something was flowing through my body and I didn’t want to let go. After a couple of minutes I heard someone clearing their throat and Chloe giggled. I smiled and saluted the minister picked Chloe up in my arms and super sped away…We checked into the hotel as Mr. And Mrs. Kent and went straight up into the room. I carried her over the threshold and moved straight to the bed. I tossed her lightly on it and she bounced for a minute before her body settled. She was laying there leaning on her elbows with one hand on her stomach…The last thought I had before getting on the bed and covering her body with mine was I couldn’t remember ever seeing anything I wanted more…things are about to get very interesting…

(Lana POV)

Today was my engagement party. I smiled…everything was set and it was shaping up to be a great day. I walked through the halls of the mansion and there were people bustling all around getting things ready for tonight…that’s what they should be doing. I want everything perfect. I felt someone grab me from behind and I jumped until I heard Lex's voice. I grinned. He’s so playful sometimes and I absolutely love that part of him…I’m the only person who gets to see it.

“I have a surprise for you.”

I shook my head but the smile didn’t leave my face as he led me over to a door not far from our room.

“I thought we said no gifts for the engagement dinner.”

His smile was warm and he inclined his head to look at me.

“It's not exactly for the dinner.”

He opened the double doors and I stared at the room in shock. He walked in and grinned at me. The whole room was set up in blues and whites. We just found out we’re having boy I didn’t even have a chance to tell Chloe yet…and this…it was just amazing. It must have taken him all night to do. I glanced at him and he was standing behind the crib. Holding up two different blankets.

“So, I have this dilemma. I can't decide between... stegosaurus or Mr. Duck.”

I had tears in my eyes when I spoke to him. This was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Lex is going to be a good dad…nothing like his father. My breath hitched and I had to steady my voice.

“Lex…this is…it’s all so perfect…when did you get a chance to do all this? God you must have had so many people helping you to get it done so soon.”

He put the blankets down and shook his head. He walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms.

“I did it myself. I’ve been working on it for the past two nights while you were asleep. I want our son to have something that was made by me…not something that was put together by other people and paid for with money…but something put together with…love. I know it's kind of early, but the doctor said you two are perfectly healthy.”

I shook my head and waved him off.

“This is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done…and I’m so glad you wanted to do this for him…god…I love you…so much Lex…I just…I can’t even explain how much this means…”

My voice broke off and I could feel the tears sliding down my cheeks. Wonderful now I look like a blubbering whale. Lex looked confused.

“Lana..I…don’t cry…I’m sorry…I thought you…liked it..”

He sounded so uncertain and it made me laugh.

“Lex…I love it…these are happy tears.”

His expression calmed down and he smiled.

“Why don’t you go relax. I booked an appointment at a Spa in Metropolis for you so you can have a few hours rest before tonight. The limo should be here in about an hour. Why don’t you get ready and I’ll make sure everything else for tonight is taken care of. I beamed up at him.

“You treat me to good…”

I gave him a kiss and walked out of the room to go get ready. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Luthor…
(Lex POV)

As Lana walked out I looked over the room. I had to give the delivery guys credit. They were quiet when they came last night…originally I had planned to do everything myself but last night in the midst of finishing up the room I got a phone call from Dr. Rhinehouse about Chloe. it couldn’t wait so I gave the delivery guys extra money to put everything together and place it where I wanted it…Lana didn’t need to know all that though. I walked out of the room and made sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing. Lana wanted tonight perfect and she’d get it perfect. I walked into my study and sat at the desk. I opened up my computer, typed in the password and brought up the video feed that I’ve been watching to keep track of how things were going with my star patient…I grinned. Tonight was going to be the first test…Chloe is going to be coming here for the dinner and after she leaves and goes home to the Kent farm…let’s just say tonight was going to be a big bang…pardon the pun. Phase one will be completed tonight and if she survives which I expect she will…then we’ll move onto phase two…

(Chloe POV)

Clark started moving up the bed towards me and I laughed.

“God Clark…My head is swimming.”

He grinned.

“Don't drown just yet.”

I moved back so I was leaning against the large head bored.

“Oh, my god, I can't believe I'm Mrs. Clark Kent!”

I saw his grin turn sly as he crawled over to me.
”Let's make it official.”

And he pounced. I chuckled and then moaned out my words as he sucked on my neck.

“Oh, God. I love you so much.”

I felt his teeth scrape against my skin…

“I know how you feel.”

I stopped him.


He shook his head and his eyes got darker.
“We don't have to wait. We're married.”

And with that he covered my mouth with his and all coherent thought’s were gone from my mind. Oh god if Clark did other things the way he kissed…I was sure in for a long hot night…

(Lois POV)

I closed my phone for the third time today. Where the hell was Chloe? I’ve been calling her all day…she stole Clark and the two of them ran away to parts unknown. I was walking out of The Daily Planet when I bumped into Lana. She did a double take when she saw me. Her face was scrunched up in confusion.


“The one and only..”

She raised a brow and I sighed.

“What are you doing?”

I frowned.

“Looking for where Clark disappeared to…I tried calling Chloe a million times but no one is answering…she’s trying to keep him away from me Lana…Humph…Tramp.”

I saw Lana’s eyes go wide and she was looking at me strange.

“Lois…is everything ok?”

I glared at her.

“Why wouldn’t it be? I mean the man I love left me high and dry after a pretty intense kiss and ran off to go find my cousin…I’m perfect…stupid flannel wearing farmboy..”

“Farmboy….are you talking about Clark Lois?”

“Who else where’s flannel like it’s going out of style?”

She frowned and placed a hand on my arm.

“Hey Lo’…why don’t you come back to Smallville with me and I can help you figure out where Clark went…”

I grinned. I really did like Lana…she was nothing like Chloe…she’s gonna help me find my Clarkie!
So off to Smallville we went. During the Limo ride back she asked me about my night last night so I told her all about it. I told her about being upset she dragged me their, about the women at the booth and the gorgeous new lipstick that she gave me to help me find love…now if I could only remember where I put it…we got to the mansion about two hours later. When we got inside Lana told me to just go hang out in the library cause she had to talk to Lex real quick. I shrugged and walked away…of course I didn’t know where the library was so I’d just snoop around….I mean come on…she’s leaving me alone in this huge place…she’s practically asking me to…

(Lana POV)

I left Lois alone figuring I’d have some time because she’d be snooping around. No worries I left her in a wing of the house that had practically nothing in it. I walked to the study and opened the doors. Lex looked up and he seemed startled.

“Your back sooner than I expected…what’s going on? Is everything alright?”

I shook my head.

“Not exactly…Lois is…something’s wrong with her I think she’s on something.”

He gave me a blank look and then raised an eyebrow.


I sighed and moved to sit in one of the chairs across from him.

“I think it has to do with the oil essence lady who was booked for last night’s Valentines Day Bash at the Talon…”

Lex sighed and moved his chair.

“So what is it that you need me to do?”

I smiled. My man to the rescue…

“I need you to find out who she was and go to her shop. Ask her what she gave Lois and get some kind of a cure for it….”

He looked amused. He walked around the desk and put his arms around me.

“Did you just…give me orders?”

I grinned.

“I might have…what are you going to do about it?”

He chuckled.

“Absolutely nothing…I thought it was hot…”
He leaned over and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and after a couple of seconds I broke it off.

“Ok then go now please…She needs to be fixed before tonight Lex…I can’t have her running around our engagement party the way she is…not only would it ruin the night but…it would reflect bad on us…”

I saw him trying to keep from laughing and he smiled.

“Just this once I’ll indulge you…I’ll make some call’s and be back soon.”

He kissed me , grabbed his phone and walked out of the study. Phew…that went well…I wasn’t exactly sure he was going to help…he’s not crazy about Lois though he likes her more than Chloe or Clark at the moment.

(Lex POV)

She dictated orders to me…not only did she burst in the study but she practically kicked me out of my own mansion….and I wasn’t even mad…I was laughing. This is why Lana Lang was going to be my wife in a few weeks…Not just because she was beautiful, or because she’s an amazing person, but because she had no problem standing up to me and I liked that. It was damn sexy! Plus if I was going to spend the rest of my life with one person I needed it to be someone who wouldn’t hold me back from the greatness I will achieve but someone who would help me succeed at it…and that was Lana.

I made a few phone calls and found out where the women was located. When I got there I walked into the store and glanced around. Wonderfull…I brushed my jacket off a bit when something fell on me after walking in. I heard a serene voice speak to me from my left and I turned to face her.

“Looking for a little inspiration?”

I raised and eyebrow…do people really fall for that?

“No. Thank you. I've already got my muse.”

I walked around for a moment and picked something up. I turned and spoke to her in a condescending voice.

“So, is this supposed to simulate... bliss?”

She looked offended and came over to me. She took it out of my hand and placed on it back on the shelf.

“Not "supposed to." It does.”

I gave her a look of disbelief…she didn’t really believe this did she?

“Well…that seems sort of false don’t you think? Oh. A person is on the rebound and all they have to do is grab a bottle of your elixir and presto…there happy with someone else…if that were the case I’d think you’d be a lot richer.”

She glared at me.

“Indigenous cultures have used herbal oils for centuries. We've strayed so far from nature, we think we're above it.”

I tried not to roll my eyes at her.

“Ahhh…I see..”

I waved it off and got to the point. I really didn’t want to stay here all day. I had more important things to do.

“Anyway…I did come here for a purpose. My fiancé believes you dosed her friend with some kind of love elixir last night.”

She grinned at me and I saw a gleam in her eyes.

“Tall, loud, down on love?”

Amazing how this woman zoned in on Lois to a T. See I told Lana I wasn’t the only person who thought Lois was extremely boisterous. I nodded.

“That would be Lois. So, how much is it going to cost me to get the antidote to the love elixir that you bestowed upon her? Something that will clear the cobwebs out.”

She walked over to a large case on the wall and I followed behind her. She opened it and there sitting on the shelf was a glass vile filled with glowing green liquid. She makes her elixirs with Meteor rock…no wonder they have such a powerful kick…interesting…she handed me the bottle and spoke lightly.

“This will counteract the aphrodisiac.”

I turned it over in my hand and looked up at her.

“Mind if I inquire as to what is used to make this?”

She shrugged.

“Different herbs, some extract from essential oils and liquefied green Meteor rock.”

I nodded.

“And what about the elixir you gave Lois?”

She chuckled.

“It wasn’t elixir…it was a tube of lipstick infused with red Meteor rock…”

Red Meteor rock…well isn’t that interesting. I took a card from my jacket and held it out to her. She raised an eyebrow but took it.

“What is this?”

“My card…if you ever feel like experimenting with Meteor rocks on a full-time basis call my office. I’d love to set up an area where we can see what kind of potions you can make.”

She didn’t charge for the spray so I left and headed back to the mansion. Hopefully everything was on schedule…I still needed to check in with Dr. Rhinehouse and our engagement dinner was in two hours…

(Clark POV)

I glanced over to my left and Chloe was fast asleep. I grinned. I guess I wore her out. I was restless and I wanted to do something. I got out of bed and started going through her bag looking for something to occupy my time with. As I sifted through the bag I came across an envelope. I pulled it out and smirked. I knew exactly what Chloe and I could do. I through on my boxers and moved over to the bed. I was getting tired of waiting for Chloe to wake up…so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I moved up and started kissing her and she swatted me away. I grinned.

“Get up Chloe…no time for sleeping we have things to do and people to see.”

She groaned and rolled onto her back so she could look at me. When her eyes opened she smirked and glanced down.

“You have clothes on…how is that fun? If you aren’t disturbing my sleep for sex I couldn’t even imagine what could be so important that it couldn’t wait.”

I love this woman. I held up the invitation to Lex and Lana’s engagement party and smirked.

“Feel like crashing a party Mrs. Kent?”

I saw her face change from irritation to mischievous in a matter of seconds. Her smile was sweet.

“Why Clark…we wouldn’t be crashing…I was invited…we better get dressed before we’re late.”

She stood up with a sheet around her and headed to the shower…I should shower too…she might need help reaching her back…I heard her call out to me in amusement.

“You coming Clark?”

I grinned.

“Not yet…but I will be baby...”

And I followed her into the bathroom slamming the door behind me…

(Lana POV)

I looked at my watch for the about the fifteenth time. Where was Lex? Lois was talking about Clark nonstop and it was driving me crazy! I swear if she says one more word about him I am going to be forced to lock her in the closet and not let her out until Lex got here to deal with her. I heard her yelling at me and looked over at her.

“Are you even listening to me Lana? God…you’re just as bad as that boyfriend stealer Chloe.”

Oh please no more….haven’t I been punished enough? Just then the door opened and Lex walked in. I rushed over to him and threw my arms around him.

“Thank god your back!”

He looked at me with a worried look in his eyes.

“Everything ok?”

I gave him a small smile.

“If you’d been any later you would have found Lois’s body in the corner….cause of death…blunt trauma to the head..”

He chuckled and kissed my forehead.

“Well if it makes you feel any better I would have gotten rid of the body for you.”

I laughed.

“Well aren’t you a peach…did you get it?”

He held up a glowing green bottle.

“Is the Meteor rock?”

He nodded.

“Guess what was some of the main ingredients in making her little potions work….She said all you need to do is get some of this to make contact with her skin.”

I nodded and he handed the bottle to me. I told him I’d take care of it and he left to go get ready for tonight. I walked cautiously over to Lois and she turned.


“Nothing, oh god Lois…what did you spill on your shirt? That’s awful looking.”

As she looked down I readied the bottle and when she looked up confused I sprayed it right in her face. She stumbled back a bit and looked around. She raised an eyebrow at me.

“Uhhh…this is awkward…”

She looked down and saw what she was wearing. She glanced back up at me and gave me a half smile.

“Tell me I didn’t go out like this…”

I smiled. Thank god she’s back.

“You did but apparently it wasn’t your fault. Why don’t you come with me to get ready for the dinner…you can change into something more appropriate and I’ll explain everything.”

She nodded and we went to get ready…an hour and a half till diner….it’s going to be a long night…

Chapter 9 Part C

(Lana POV)

There was a small group of friends and family minus one Maid of Honor sitting around the long table for our engagement party. I heard Lex tap his glass as he stood up. We all looked up at him.

“Could I have everyone's attention, please?”

Everyone quieted down and I smiled. I love how he could command a room…Lex was a natural born leader. He smiled around the table to everyone.

“I just wanted to thank you all for joining us to celebrate. Over the years, I'm sure some of you have placed a few bets on whether I'd settle down. But this couldn't be further from settling. I'd like to toast my beautiful fiancée for making me happier than I thought I could ever be.”

Tears pooled in my eyes and our eyes met as he finished his toast. Just then I heard the doors burst open and I saw Clark and Chloe strut in the room. They looked different. Clark was wearing black jeans and a black leather jacket…his demeanor looked harder. He smirked and his voice was loud.

“Looks like we missed dinner.”

I glanced toward Lex and his facial expression darkened. This is not happening…what is going on with Clark…I swear…and what is Chloe doing? Lex’s voice was stern.
“Clark, what are you doing here?”

He smirked and let Chloe’s hand go as he circled around the table looking at everyone he knew who was seated there. His voice was sarcastic and leaked resentment when he spoke.

“Come on, Lex. You didn't think I was gonna miss this, did you? And look. My own mother would rather raise a glass with the enemy than stand by her own son.”

I looked at Mrs. Kent and she was taking Clark in with worry on her face. Her voice was soft when she spoke.

“Clark, you're not yourself.”

He snorted and gave her a condescending look.

“It's okay, Mom. You're more a Luthor than a Kent these days anyway. I mean, dad's been, what, dead a year? But who can blame you for joining the race with Lana to see who's gonna add the Luthor monogram to their name first?”

I looked up angrily at Clark. Who the hell did he think he was that he could come in here and ruin mine and Lex’s engagement dinner? His Jekyle and Hyde routine was really starting to piss me off.

I could see Mrs. Kent struggling to keep her composure just like I was. She looked over at me and gave me a look of apology. She had no clue what was going on either. Lex started to move towards Clark but I took a deep breath and spoke to him.

“Lex, he's obviously on something, and he wants us to react. Please don't.”

He stopped himself and I could see him attempting to control his darker urges. I was almost at the point where I didn’t care if Lex tried to hurt Clark…I couldn’t believe he could do this…and Chloe…she was just standing there smirking at what Clark was saying…How could she be so cold…I’m her best friend and Martha is like a mother to her.

Clark looked over to Chloe and she smiled at him he grinned and faced us again.

“It’s good to know at least someone is loyal to me. I know Chloe doesn’t have any Luthor’s on the brain…not after what we spent all afternoon doing…”

She chuckled.

“Clark Kent! That’s private these good people don’t want to here about our sex lives…I mean jeez most of them probably don’t have sex….although with Lana being pregnant we know her and Lex do.”

Several people at the table gasped. I closed my eyes. The only people who know about the baby were Chloe, Clark, Lois and Mrs. Kent….we weren’t telling people yet. I was in the beginning of my fourth month and I just started to show so if I wore the right thing’s you couldn’t really tell. I guess that didn’t really matter anymore though huh?

Clark faced me and laughed. His voice came out carefree…like he didn’t give a damn about what he was saying to me.

“And you. You know, I got to hand it to you. If you were gonna rebound, why not choose the one person that I hated the most? But, I mean, come on, Lana. The joke's over by now, isn't it?”

Lex obviously couldn’t let that one go because he raised his voice at Clark and I saw his fists white from him holding back.

“Clark, I think you've done enough damage. Why don't you take your whore with you and leave?”

I shook my head and glanced in Clark’s direction…it almost looked like his eyes glowed red for a second. He moved toward Lex. He screamed at Lex not even trying to hide his anger.

“I'm not done yet! And Lex….I don’t care who is around if you EVER speak about my wife like that again…I won’t be held accountable for what I do to you…and if you don’t think I can do anything…I’m begging you to try me.”

When I heard him say wife I think his mother and I gasped at the same time. The only difference was I said something to him about it. My voice was loud enough to be heard but I wasn’t yelling.


Chloe turned to me and smirked.

“Yes wife….you have something you want to say about it Lana? Or maybe now that Clark and I are married you’ll want to run off and elope with Lex…how is it no matter what we’re doing we are always in competition with each other?”

I looked down to get myself together and then looked back up a mask of indifference firmly on my face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Chloe…”

She nodded. Her voice came out impressed but I know she was just mocking me.

“Wow Lana…living with a Luthor has made you real good at the deny it all even when proven guilty tactic. It’s probably that baby inside of you…polluting you with his DNA..”

I cut her off. That was enough…She could say anything about me but she needed to leave my son out of it. I stood up and my face contorted into a sneer.

“How dare you! How dare you say anything about my son! At least my baby will be normal…Can you say the same about yours?”

I saw her raise an eyebrow and it was my turn to smirk. My body was moving closer to her of it’s own accord. My voice was ice cold.

“That’s right Chloe I know about your Meteor freak status…You and Clark think I’m so naïve…that Lex doesn’t share thing’s with me…you’re wrong! So instead of attacking my son how about you worry about yours because for all you know he could come out with your eyes and a Meteor ability to go along with them…do you even know what’s wrong with you? What you are?”

I guess I was getting to close to her because Clark too a step forward and his voice was cold.

“That’s close enough…Lana.”

I looked up at him and as I looked in his eyes I couldn’t even recognize who he was. I felt a hand on the small of my back and I looked over into Lex’s face. I could tell he was furious. I moved into his body. He and Clark stared at each other for what felt like hours while Chloe and I stood by our respective men neither of us giving in. Chloe finally broke the silence and her voice was in no way friendly.

“If you really want to know what’s wrong with me…why don’t you ask your fiancé…he knows…I mean he kidnapped me and spent the night probing and prodding me…I bet he didn’t share the intimate details of that…did he?”

I glared at her.

“Lex wouldn’t do that….”

I grasped his hand and squeezed it.

“And you know what….to be quite honest with you if he did do that to Meteor freaks…so he could learn about them and their weaknesses…I wouldn’t care. To hell with every last one of them. If it comes down to my family or them…I choose us…my loyalties lie with Lex…and nobody else.”

I saw Clark’s eyes move in together and his voice was low and hard.

“Then you’ve made your choice Lana…”

Chloe tried to cut him off and he shook his head and waved her off.

“No Chloe…Lana has made her choice she wants to stand by Lex and her family….”

He looked at Lex and his voice held amusement as he spoke.

“I wonder what’s going to happen Lex when Lana realizes that you’ve been lying to her all along…do you think she’ll take it well? I mean she’s obviously turning into a backstabber like you soo…”

It happened so quick that I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things or not. Lex jumped out and punched Clark right in the face. Clark’s head whipped around but there was nothing on hid face when he brought it back around except for a grin.

“I was so hoping you would do that.”

He hit him back and Lex went flying. I went to run after him but Clark pushed me out of the way and I stumbled into a chair. Lois caught my arm so I wouldn’t fall and I gave her a look of appreciation. Everyone was clearing out of the room and the only people who were left were me, Lex, Clark, Chloe, Lois and Mrs. Kent. Everyone was trying to stop the fighting except Chloe. she just stood there laughing…cheering Clark on…I looked around the mess of the room and closed my eyes….I wish this was just all stop….I wish it would all go away…this isn’t how its supposed to be…

(Martha POV)

It’s obviously Clark wasn’t himself and I hadn’t the faintest idea what was wrong with Chloe…She would never in her right mind let Clark act like this…I needed to find a Meteor rock before Clark did something he was going to regret….I’m pretty sure I have one in the car….I keep it there so it’s in reach but away from Clark. I ran to the car and searched around for a bit before finding it… When I got back inside Lois was trying to pull Clark off Lex and Lana was practically in tears. She looked at me and shook her head.

“What’s wrong with him? Why is he doing this…why is Chloe just standing there?”

I sighed I felt so bad for her…

“I don’t know Lana…Chloe…she seems to be on something she isn’t herself….you know how much she dislikes Lex but she’d never condone this kind of behavior from Clark….you know that.”

Suddenly Lana’s face lit up with recognition.

“It’s the lipstick.”

I was confused.


She nodded and ran over to the table. She pulled a bottle out of her purse that looked a lot like liquid kryptonite.

“What is that?”

“Last night at the Talon some lady who was running an herb booth or something gave Lois lipstick that was infused with red Meteor rocks…it was like a love potion or something…it made Lois completely different…she was going on and on about Clark…look at Chloe’s lips Mrs. Kent…there red! All we have to do is spray this on her and she’ll go back to normal…”
I nodded. Red kryptonite…that definitely explained Clark’s behavior. We snuck up by Chloe and when Lana called her and she turned I sprayed the serum in her face. As soon as it hit her skin her face went blank and then she shook her head. She looked at us and her face was confused.

“What’s going on? How’d I get here?”

Lana looked relieved and I gave her a small smile. She heard the commotion behind her and turned. I saw horror register on her face and she moved closer to Lex and Clark. Lana and I followed close behind…Her voice was shrill.


He stopped and turned and Lex knocked him down. He stood up glared at him and picked him up by his neck and held him against the wall. It was time to use the kryptonite as much as I didn’t want to. I got closer and it started to glow in my hand…I saw Clark stumble and then fall to the ground. Lana moved by Lex helped him up and he held her. I turned to say something and saw Chloe hit the floor clutching her stomach. I was confused. I spoke softly as I went by Chloe, which only seemed to make her writhing worse.

“Lex…Lana…I am so sorry about this I don’t know…Lana said Chloe was infected by some kind of red Meteor rock lipstick…her and Clark were probably kissing and it infected him too…I’m so sorry…If you can have someone help me hoist Clark in the car I’ll get them out of your hair.”

Lex didn’t look happy but he nodded. He had two people drag Clark to the car while I stood near by. I helped Chloe to the car but she kept pushing me away and trying to move as far from me as possible. Everyone got was in the car and I drove off…the two of them were pale and breathing heavy…Clark spoke..


I wanted to cry but I had to let it go a few more minutes. The only way to get rid of the red Meteor rock inside him was for him to sweat it out. Halfway home I through it out the window and both Clark and Chloe looked immediately better. If I didn’t know better I’d say Chloe just had the same reaction to Meteor rocks that Clark did…but that was impossible….Chloe wasn’t Kryptonian Meteor rocks didn’t make her sick. We got home and Clark was well enough to help Chloe upstairs…I didn’t bother them now but we would be talking about this in the morning….sometimes having a son from another planet had it’s advantages and other times…it was just a handful…Clark is just lucky that I love him no matter what…

(Chloe POV)

I woke up and my head it. It felt like I went on a drinking binge yesterday, which I know didn’t happen because hello….pregnant. I moved and hit into Clark. He groaned and rolled over. I moved my hand over my face to scratch my nose. As I was moving it away I saw something shiny so I turned my hand. I shot up in bed and stared at my finger….No….that’s…not possible.. I yelled at Clark to wake him up.

“Clark Kent! Get up…NOW!”

He sat up and looked around frantically.

“What? What’s going on Chloe?”

I showed him my finger and he just sat there.

“It’s not my fault.”

I glared.

“Ok it is my fault but only indirectly.”

“Tell me we aren’t married…”

“Well…ummm…should I lie?”

I gave a scream of frustration.

“I’m sorry Chlo….I was dosed with red kryptonite…I couldn’t help myself.”

I shook my head.

“What is it with you and wanting to get married when you’re on Red K?”

He shrugged and gave a small smile.

“I dunno but I’m getting better at it…this one was legal.”

He grinned but I didn’t smile back….

“Ok…your not seeing the humor in this…I understand that. Chloe I’m sorry for infecting you…god…this just….sucks…please don’t be mad…”

I was about to say something when we heard Clark’s mom call us downstairs. We looked at each other and he flinched. She didn’t sound happy. We got dressed and went downstairs…when we got down their breakfast was waiting for us and after we ate she explained everything that happened to us. I couldn’t stop shaking my head. This really wasn’t good. Nothing was ever gonna be the same after this. Mrs. Kent cleared the plates then sat in front of us quietly for a few minutes. Before speaking.

“I'm upset. But more than that, I'm disappointed in the two of you.”

Clark spoke right away trying to defend himself and me but it was no use.”I was on red kryptonite, mom and Chloe was dosed with that lipstick..””That’s no excuse...My god, you two ran off and got married! Didn’t you learn you lesson last time Clark?”

“Mrs. Kent we really didn’t mean to do this…I don’t even remember it.”

She nodded sadly at me and looked at Clark.

“You of all people know Red kryptonite isn’t an excuse. It has never made you do thing’s you didn’t want to do…it just gets rid of your inhabitations…the two of you really have to start being honest with other people…that is part of the reason everything went to hell last night.”

Clark looked down.

“I’m sorry your mad mom but there are some things about yesterday…that I just can’t regret.”

Her voice was stern but not mean.

“That's not even the point Clark and you know it. Marriage is sacred. It's about two people who trust each other and are willing to go through life together, no matter how difficult it gets. I thought your father an I had taught you that.”

Clark looked back at her and frowned.

“Ok so maybe I hadn’t planned for things to happen like this mom but what makes you think I’m not serious about this? I love Chloe…she’s having this baby and I plan to be there every step of the way. I trust Chloe with everything I have and I’m ready to go through life with her…if she wants me too…”

He trailed off and I had tears in my eyes. I gave him a small smile but couldn’t speak at the moment because my voice was all choked up. I squeezed his hand under the table. His mom shook her head again.

“Clark…Chloe didn’t even have an honest choice in deciding to get married…Is that the way you want to start out your life together…either of you?”

She looked at me and sighed.

“You're an amazing young man, Clark. You make life and death decisions every day. But then you turn around and -- and you do this. I just don’t know what to say to the two of you….unfortunately though…this is not the most pressing matter at hand and so I’m going to leave it alone for the time being.”

I smiled at Clark and he grinned in my direction. Mrs. Kent looked back over at us and her expression was serious.

“Last night…when I took out the Meteor rock to stop you Clark…it had the same reaction on Chloe that it did on you.”

I frowned. I remembered that…I felt a sharp pain like I was getting sick and every time she came closer I could feel something eating away at me…Clark looked over at me worried and confused. His voice came out worried.

“How is that possible?”

She looked at us again.

“I don’t know but it’s something that the two of you need to work on finding out about…”

I nodded. Things were never normal with us but that was off the charts weird…and I was a little nervous…I felt Clark rubbing my hand to calm me and I leaned into him…Well who would have thought that on Valentines Days I’d be pregnant at twenty, with my ex boyfriends baby, feuding with the enemy while he’s engaged to my female best friend and married to my male best friend who is an alien from outer space…Huh…and I thought Smallville couldn’t get any weirder…

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