June 23, 2011

FREE E-Books

New Feature: E-Books

Hey guys,

Due to Megaupload being taken down if you want a copy of one of my e-book's you'll have to email me. Please format your email like this.

Subject: E-book
Inside the email please state which book you want.
Allow up to two days for me to get back to you before re-emailing.




  1. omgg. Can you put waking up in vegas for sale? that is one of my favorites, or a collection of your oneshots? i would definitely love to have all those!

  2. @tadashee Yes! I will turn that one into an E-book next! :D

  3. The Justice League Chronicls would be great

  4. YAY!!! this is so exciting. I am so downloading Waking Up In Vegas and Justice League: Undercovers .. and reading them again! I have a request if you can please do When The Levee Breaks!! It's one of my favourite stories!! U Rock! Thanks!

  5. @ghaziak That will be one of the next one's I put up! Thanks for the feedback :)

  6. This is so cool! I've never seen this done before. I have to ask - what format is this, and how do you do it?

    I'd been considering making some of my pieces available in another format, but I wasn't sure what kind.

  7. @smallvillefics

    Aw yay! I'm glad you think this is cool Lucy! All the files are concerted into PDF format. I use a converter. :)

  8. can u put up the 'Just Married A Series of Drabbles Snapshots into the Life of Oliver & Chloe Queen'?
    oh and will we be seeing the 'Justice League Chronicles: Book Three' up?
    ooo and 'Random Questions' too i really like tht series
    and possibly the 'People Make Mistakes' verse too? ok i'm done(:

  9. @mystic-ri96 Hey there hun!

    I can certainly add the Just Married series.

    Random Conversations will be up shortly and I'm going to put all the 'People Make Mistakes' Verse one-shots in one book. Since I still have some to post that one might take a little longer :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Thank you so much for this Free E-Books *hug* I take Shadows, The Waltz and Undercover

    Can't wait for the next stuff.
    I love to read your Storys on my phone when I'm on the way to work.

  11. Love that you did this!!!! Some of my all time favs of yours are here! Will you be putting up anymore?

  12. @brittany2922 Hey! Yes I hope to get all of them up here eventually :D


Feedback is always appreciated! :)