May 24, 2009

Fragments Chapter (5/12)

Chapter 5

Chapter 4
Who Says You Can’t Go Home
(Chloe POV)

The hot water cascaded over my head and I groaned. God the heat felt amazing. I’d stay in here forever if I could…but Oliver and co would be home soon…I sighed and finished rinsing out my hair. A few minutes later I shut off the water, opened the shower curtain, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and stepped out.

I moved over to the mirror and wiped at the fog that had gathered there. I can’t believe with everything that’s happened in the past 24 hours, Dinah getting shot, me miraculously healing her and finding out that Lex is alive, I’m standing here worried about seeing Clark.

I shook my head and glared at my reflection. Stop being such a baby Chloe…focus. You are far from weak. Clark left…the world didn’t end. If he doesn’t want you in his life that’s fine because you have other people who care, you don’t need him.

After I sufficiently psyched myself up I took out my make-up and started to put some on. Twenty minutes later I walked out of the bathroom with my hair and make-up finished. I moved over to the closet, where I kept some spare clothes for when we worked late, and started rummaging around to find an outfit for today.

My head was tilted slightly to the left as I glanced at a particular outfit. I felt two hands press lightly on my shoulders. I jumped, tensed, and turned around quickly. I felt the tension ebb out of my body when I saw Oliver. He gave me a tired grin.

I slapped him lightly and tried to act mad. In all honesty I was glad to see him.

“What’s wrong with you? You scared the crap out of me.”

He chuckled as he sat down on his bed and leaned back slightly on his hands.


I raised an eyebrow.

“Mmm…you don’t seem sorry.”

He shrugged.

“Fine, you caught me. I’m not sorry.”

I rolled my eyes, smiled and went back to looking through the closet. A few minutes went by and I could feel his eyes on me. I swallowed hard. Lately things between Oliver and I have been…tense to say the least. Ever since that night two months ago…when things between us…well…let’s just say went a little beyond the friendship line. My thoughts drifted back to that night…


I was sitting on my newly acquired couch watching a movie when the phone rang. I turned my head and glanced at it debating on whether or not I wanted to answer. The decision was made for me when the answering machine picked up. I listened as my voice floated through the room followed by a few seconds of silence before another voice filled the room.

“Chloe…pick up the phone please. I know you’re there.”

I smirked as the voice paused for a second.

“I finished my meeting at Luthor Corp. early. I’m coming over. I’m getting in the car right now…I’ll be there in fifteen minutes…pick up the phone!”

I sighed, reach over and clicked the button.


“Jeez Chloe, make a guy beg, grovel, and lower himself below sea level why don’t you…”

I chuckled.

“What’s up Oliver?”

“My meeting ended early and things seem calm around town for the moment so I thought I’d come over and hang out.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Oliver’s concern, but he’s always doing this. I’m sure he has better things to do then sit here with me on a Friday night…

“Actually Oliver I’m busy, sorry. Maybe another night?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone and then a knock at the door. I’d kill him…I got up and made my way to the front door with the phone between my head and shoulder. I opened the door and Oliver was leaning against the frame with pizza and a bottle of what looked to be some kind of expensive wine.

He grinned and raised an eyebrow.

“What were you saying Chloe?”

I gave him a slight glare, but opened the door wider so he could make his way inside. He put the pizza on the table and walked into the kitchen. Oliver hired some people to come in and do some remodeling. They finished last week and I finally had most things the way I wanted it.

I watched as he reached in the cabinet, grabbed two glasses and started to open the bottle. He spoke as he popped out the cork.

“How was your day?”

“It was good; I had a meeting with Tess today.”

He raised an eyebrow and glanced at me.

“What about?”

He moved out of the kitchen and I followed him into the living room, where I sat on the couch as Oliver dolled out the food.

“Coming back to the Daily Planet, it turns out Lois had more readers then Tess thought.”

I watched his body tense as I spoke my cousin’s name. It has been over a month and we were still no closer to finding Lois. We’ve checked everywhere and it’s like she just vanished. His voice broke me out of my thoughts.

“Okay, what does that mean?”

“Well, she asked me to write for the Planet, but using Lois’ name until she get’s back from her ‘sabbatical’, which by the way, nice touch with that.”

He nodded, turned toward me, and handed me pizza and a glass of wine before joining me on the couch.

“Well that’s good. That way no one suspects anything and you get a chance to go back into journalism.”

I nodded and gave him a small smile.

“Yeah, I guess it’s a good thing. I have to do something. I can’t keep sitting in this house all day. I’m starting to get cabin fever.”

He chuckled and we spent the next hour eating pizza with the TV on, talking and drinking wine. By the time the ending credits on the old 1937 B-film called Smart Blonde rolled I was in a fit of giggles as Oliver impersonated the main male character. He deepened his voice and made a face.

“This rat hole is no place for a woman.”

I chuckled again, but played along. I gave him a look of disbelief and held my hand to my chest as I spoke.

“But I’m a newspaperman!”

We laughed and he leaned back against the couch, calming himself down. I was sitting with my legs folded under me so I was on my knees as I watched him. He opened his eyes and glanced up at me with a silly smile on his face.

It was quiet for a few minutes and as I swallowed the last sip of wine from my glass I could feel my body warming to it. I felt relaxed. Oliver’s phone buzzed for the third time that night and he sighed as he stood up slowly and made his way over to the table where it was laying.

As he checked his phone, I stood, collected the plates, glasses and garbage, and carried it into the kitchen. When I got back from throwing everything out Oliver was finishing up a phone call, so I waited.

“I understand that. No…”

I heard him give the person on the other end a heavy sigh before speaking again.

“We went over this. I know that Dinah and I thought we were on the same page…I’m sorry…yes. Okay, make sure you tell Bart to check in. Okay, you have a good night too.”

He closed the phone and rubbed the bridge of his nose. I frowned and made my way over to him. I touched his shoulder and he turned as I spoke.

“Everything okay?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Yea, Dinah was just filling me in on Bart’s latest mission.”

“Ah, I see.”

We laughed and when I met his eyes he was looking at me. My laughter died down at the look on his face. I swallowed hard and spoke in a soft voice.

“It’s late…I guess you should go…”

He grabbed his jacket and I walked him to the door. He stood by the open door and spoke.

“I had a nice time.”

I gave him half a smile.

“Me too.”

He nodded and before I realized it he was right in front of me. Before I could say anything he leaned down and captured my lips. I was so startled at first I didn’t even kiss him back. He pulled his face back for a second so we could catch our breath. His hands were around my waist and I gave him a confused look.

He swallowed and his forehead touched mine.

“I’m sorry.”

I opened my mouth and then shut it. My hands were pressed to his chest in an awkward position and I nudged him. He moved back slightly, but didn’t release my body.

“It’s okay…no big deal…we can just forget it…”

His eyes met mine again and I could see pain in them.

“I don’t want to forget it…”

He shook his head and let out a chuckle.

“I’m surrounded by people and sometimes I couldn’t feel more alone…”

My heart ached and I spoke in a low voice as I looked down.

“I know what you mean.”

He lifted my chin slightly and spoke in a silky smooth voice.

“You don’t have to be.”

I was about to say something when he cut me off again with a kiss, but this time I kissed him back. He leaned in, wrapped his arms around my back and moved us into the room as he kicked the front door shut. I lifted my arms, placed them around his neck and pulled him closer.

He turned, I felt him bump into something, and his body fell back onto the couch pulling me with him. I landed on top of him with a grunt and he grinned before placing a hand against my cheek and pulling me down for another kiss. I felt his hands traveling down my arms and to the hem of my shirt.

Oh god…is it wrong that I can’t even form a coherent thought right now? His hands feel amazing and I haven’t been kissed like this since…I’m not even going to go there…A part of me felt like I was betraying Jimmy, but another part of me rationalized those feelings.

I’m not moving on, I still love Jimmy…I always will…I’m just so tired of being alone…I’m tired of crying myself to sleep at night…I just need an escape even if it’s only for a night…

I moaned as he moved his lips over the pulse point on m y neck and latched on. My hands were fumbling with the buttons on his shirt as his palms spread out on my back under my shirt. I had finally gotten all the buttons undone and was about to take off his shirt when he moved my hands. I frowned.

He glanced up at me and his lips were slightly red. He reached his hands up, undid the buttons on my shirt and pushed it aside. I watched as his eyes darkened. He leaned up and started planting kisses below my collar bone.

“Jesus Chloe…you might just be the death of me.”

I chuckled and when his hand came up and brushed the side of my breast the chuckle turned into a moan. I felt him grin against my skin as his mouth continued in a downward trail…I closed my eyes and bit my lip. My hands slid down his chest and settled on the belt to his pants.

He moved his hands and I felt him grasp my thighs and pull me closer to him so that my hands were caught between his body and mine. I felt a snap against my back as his fingers deftly unclasped my bra….I opened my mouth and…


Present Time


I felt a warm hand rub my arm and I blinked my eyes a few times before turning slightly to my left. Oliver was standing there with a strange look on his face. My brow creased in confusion.


I heard his deep laughter fill the room as he moved back toward the bed.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

I glared at him and tossed a pair of jeans in his direction, which he caught. I was still looking for a shirt when he came up behind me, and put a hand on my hip. I felt shivers travel up my spine as he spoke in a soft voice right by my ear.

“Personally I like the black corset in the back of the closet that you never wear.”

I turned around and pushed him back lightly.

“Oliver Jonas Queen…have you been going through my things?”

He smirked.

“It’s possible.”

I sighed, crossed my arms over my chest and my face turned serious. He groaned and flopped back onto the bed before speaking.

“I know that look.”

I waited until he sat back up before speaking.

“Oliver…this isn’t a joke. We need to figure out what’s going on with us. Last week something almost happened in the middle of a mission and Bart almost got left behind. Then this week with Victor almost walking in, I just think it’s time we stopped blurring the lines. That’s all.”

I watched him closely as he sat there thinking for a little while before speaking again.

“What if we didn’t?”

I scrunched up my eyebrows as I motioned for him to turn around so I could get dressed. He rolled his eyes, but he faced away from me. I spoke as I pulled on my clothes.

“What do you mean?”

“Chloe, we’ve been going around in circles ever since that night. I care about you and I like to think you care about me. You and me…we make a good team.”

I had just finished putting on my shirt when he turned to face me. I had a slight smirk on his face and I smiled as he stood.

“Of course I care about you Oliver…but”

“Then what’s stopping us?”

I sighed. As much as I cared about Oliver and as much as I loved Jimmy, if there’s one thing that these past three months have proved to me, I still have feelings for Clark. As much as I tried not too, I just couldn’t help it. I don’t think they ever really went away.

“I don’t know Ollie…how about the fact that we’re in love with other people.”

“That’s just a technicality.”

I laughed and when I saw that he was serious my smile faded.

“You’re serious?”

He nodded.

“We’re two of a kind Chloe…I’m tired of doing everything on my own…I want someone with me.”

I didn’t want to do it, but I had to.

“What about Lois?”

He flinched and then met my eyes.

“If you can live with the fact that as much as I care about you, I’m in I love with her…I don’t see a problem. I know how you feel about Clark…and I’m okay with that.”

He paused and I looked away from him. He continued to speak.

“Should the time come when he finally steps up and is willing to treat you the way you deserve to be treated…to love you. I’ll step aside, just like when we get Lois back.”

He tilted my chin up, took my hands in his, gave me a smile and spoke in a low voice.

“I’m not asking for forever Chloe…just for right now…”

As I looked into his eyes I couldn’t find the heart to deny his request. I leaned forward, placed my hand against his check and kissed him. I felt his lips open and I deepened the kiss. These past three months that I’ve spent with Oliver…I’ve gotten to know him better then I thought was possible.

He truly is an amazing man. He has become my best friend…and yeah I care about him…I even like him as more than a friend…but if it ever came down to it…I know he’d choose Lois and he knows even after everything I’d probably choose Clark…and I guess for us that works…

(Clark POV)

I stood in the middle of the command center and grinned as Victor, Bart and A.C. recounted countless stories of missions they completed while I was away. I glanced in the direction that Oliver disappeared through a few minutes ago. I wonder where he went…

I heard the door slide open so I turned my head and saw Dinah walk in. Her eyes ran over my body before she spoke as she moved in the direction of the mainframe.

“He went upstairs to see her.”

Everyone got quiet and I frowned. I turned in her direction and I spoke with confusion in my voice.


She faced me, leaned against the mainframe and raised an eyebrow.

“Oliver. You were just looking for him weren’t you? He went upstairs to go see Chloe.”

I felt my body tense at the mention of her name. She’s here? I know Oliver said she was working with him, but I didn’t expect her to be here at headquarters. I took a deep breath and spoke in a calm voice.

“I didn’t realize she was such a big part of the organization…that’s…good.”

Dinah pressed her lips together in a tight line and nodded. The silence in the room grew thick. I was about to say something when Oliver’s voice cut me off.

“So guys, now that we’re all here maybe it’s time we sat down, grabbed some food and figure out how to handle out latest crisis.”

My body moved in his direction and I froze. Not ten feet away from me stood Chloe wearing a pair of faded jeans, and a green satin top. A stream of sun from the window caught her hair and it glistened in the light. She looked absolutely amazing. She was standing there…in front of me…holding Oliver’s hand. I felt my face frown before I could control the emotion there.

Why are they holding hands? There’s got to be some kind of explanation that isn’t the one I’m thinking of. Oliver loves Lois…and he didn’t mention anything about them being a couple...Oliver’s voice brought me away from my train of thought.

He smiled in my direction.

“Welcome home Clark.”

As I glanced around the room and then met his eyes I wondered if this was the right move…The look in his eyes made me uncontrollably irritable and I wasn’t sure why. I sighed…and sarcasm laced my thoughts. Oh yeah…this was turning out to be a great welcome home…

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