June 17, 2009

The Games We Play Chapter (3/8)

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Day One

Step One: Make Him Jealous- This is an old trick that never goes out of fashion. Go out in a group or with a friend of his, make sure you’re dressed to impress; don’t be afraid to show a little skin and don’t hesitate to flirt with his friends a bit. Show him what a great date you are and what he’s missing.

(Oliver POV)

I walked into the Penthouse and tossed some papers on the table. I glanced at the clock. The guys should be here soon for the meeting. I rubbed the back of my neck and walked to my bedroom to change out of my suit.

I threw on a pair of faded jeans and a green button down shirt. I went into the bathroom to fix myself up a bit. When I came out I heard a buzz coming from my desk. I walked over and looked at the monitor. Victor and A.C. were standing there.

I hit the button and the elevator made it’s way up. I pushed another button that would override the system so I wouldn’t have to let everyone in, they could just come up on their own. Today wasn’t going to be just any meeting…

Today is the first day of Chloe’s little plan to get Clark to notice her. Okay…I know it’s probably wrong that I agreed to help her…especially since my feelings for Chloe aren’t exactly platonic, but I figure maybe while I’m ‘helping’ her she’ll take the time to get to know me and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a shot with her.

I told Clark a little over a month ago that if he didn’t go for it I would, and I wasn’t lying. My thoughts were interrupted by Victor’s voice.

“Hey man.”

I smiled and walked over to greet them.

“Hey guys. Where’s Bart?”

Victor rolled his eyes and A.C. spoke.

“He ran to…”

Before he could finish there was whoosh of air and Bart appeared in front of me eating a burrito. I shook my head.

“You know I have food here…right Bart?”

He nodded.

“Yeah, but I wanted an authentic burrito dude…you got those here?”


“That’s what I thought. So I picked one up on the way.”

He grinned and I laughed. About ten minutes later we were all sitting around talking when Clark came up. Everyone said there hellos and we grabbed some drinks and started to get down to business. I glanced at my watch.

Chloe should be here any minute. At that moment I heard the elevator. Speak of the devil. I looked up when the gate slid open and my mouth dropped open. Oh boy…she sure is going all out…I’m in trouble…Clark nudged me but my head didn’t turn to him.

She was wearing a small black spaghetti strap dress. It fell a few inches above her knee and hugged curves I didn’t even know she had. Not to mention it showed the perfect amount of cleavage. It’s possible that I’ve never been this speechless before…and that's saying a lot.

“What’s the matter with you Oliver? Now whose not focusing on the meeting?”

His voice was amused, but I ignored him. I picked my mouth up off the floor and attempted a quick recovery. I cleared my throat and stood.

“Chloe…you look…”

Sexy…hot…ravishing…delectable…eatable…fantasy inducing…None of that actually came out though as I made my way toward her.


She beamed at me as I leaned down and kissed her cheek. I placed a hand on her lower back and guided her over to where everyone was seated. The guys finally noticed she was here and I saw their eyes bug out as she sat in the seat I vacated. She crossed her legs slowly and I could have sworn I heard a consecutive groan from the males around the room.

She gave them a small grin. I moved over and sat on the arm of the chair she was sitting in.

“Hey boys.”

I blinked and Bart was standing in front of her bending down and kissing her hand.

“Hola senorita, how’s it going?”

She chuckled.

“It’s going good.”

Victor was next in line. He brought her over a drink and gave her his famous smile.

“Hey Chloe, you look amazing today.”

Her smile got bigger.

“Thanks Victor, you’re not lookin’ too bad yourself.”

She winked and A.C. shoved his way between them. Victor glared, but sat back down next to Clark who didn’t look happy.

“Dude, Victor’s right. You’re looking mighty fine today. What’s the occasion Watchtower?”

A.C. was sitting down again and the only person still openly gawking at Chloe was Bart, but then again that wasn’t new. She shrugged.

“I have a date after the meeting, so I thought I’d dress up a little bit so I wouldn’t have to go all the way back home.”

The room went silent. I noticed that Victor and A.C looked over at Clark when Chloe said she had a date and Bart…well he just looked heart broken. Poor kid…Clark clearing his throat made my attention shift back to him.

“You have a date tonight?”

Everyone looked at Clark and then back at Chloe. She nodded.


She tried to steer the topic off of herself by bringing everyone’s attention back to the meeting we were supposed to be having.

“Come on guys, I’m sure we have more important things to discuss at this meeting then my personal life. Where are we on the 33.1 facilities. Are they all shut down?”

I opened my mouth to answer her, but before I could say anything Clark spoke again.

“Is it anyone we know?”

Chloe leaned back and sighed as if she was bored or irritated with Clark’s line of questioning, but I knew it was all an act. It’s part of the plan. She was hoping he’d react this way. I have to admit she’s good…she came strutting in here with the sexiest outfit I’ve ever seen her wear and played it all off like the attention she was getting was nothing…

The girl has skill. Clark was still waiting for her answer and when I saw her open her mouth I cut her off. Also a part of the plan…

“Actually Clark, I asked Chloe to accompany me to a fundraising event that Queen Industries is hosting at the Ace of Clubs tonight.”

Clark looked over at me and although his face was blank from any emotion, the look in his eyes was unmistakable. He’s pissed. He opened his mouth to say something to me when Bart spoke. I looked at him and there was confusion on his face.

“Wait a minute…we’re allowed to date team members? Since when and why wasn’t I informed?”

He stood looking generally perturbed and it made me laugh. Victor and A.C. were keeping their mouths shut and I tried once again to follow Chloe’s example and get us back on track.

“So anyway, back to business. As far as we know that was the last facility up and running, but from what I hear more are in the process of going up to replace the ones that were destroyed.”

They nodded and I handed out a few print outs of possible locations for the new facilities. We looked them over and discussed feasible plans of attack before the new facilities became fully operational. A half hour later we were finished and the guys were up and stretching their legs.

Chloe excused herself to the bathroom and Bart came over to me.

“So this fundraiser, are we invited too?”

I smiled at him.

“All of your names are on the list should you want to stop by, but it’s not a requirement.”

Bart nodded and Clark made his way over to us with his hands in his pockets.

“Can I talk to you for a minute Oliver…in private?”

I nodded and before we could move Victor called out.

“Yo Ollie, A.C. and I are gonna head out, but we might stop by the fundraiser later.”

I nodded.

“Have a good night guys.”

A.C. spoke as they were walking into the elevator.

“Tell Chloe we said later man.”

“Will do.”

I heard the elevator closing behind them and they were gone. I turned and gave Clark my full attention.

“What did you want to talk about?”

He folded his arms across his chest and I could see the tension in his body.

“You asked Chloe out?”

I spoke in a nonchalant voice.

“I did.”

“I thought we spoke about this Oliver…I thought…I mean, I told you how I felt about her…”

He trailed off and I nodded. I leaned against the doorframe and sighed.

“Listen Clark, I told you a while ago that I liked Chloe. I also said if you didn’t make a move she’d be fair game.”

When he didn’t say anything I dropped the defensive position and moved away from the wall.

“We’re friends Clark, I don’t want to ruin that, but I care about Chloe. I know that I can make her happy.”

He met my eyes and spoke quietly.

“Are you saying I can’t make Chloe happy?”

I shook my head.

“No, I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying is if you aren’t going to step up and ask her out or if you don’t want her in that way anymore…then step aside because I do.”

I was watching him closely and several emotions crossed his face before they all disappeared. He uncrossed his arms and put his hands in his pockets. He opened his mouth and was about to say something when a door creaked open down the hallway.

He glanced in the direction of the noise before looking back at me.

“Okay Oliver…”

His answered startled me. I frowned. That’s weird…he’s not even putting up a fight…

“So…we’re good?”

He shook his head.

“No, Oliver everything isn’t good, but I understand your logic…I get it…I do…I hope you don’t think that just because you’re going out with her I won’t pursue her.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“That’s a little harsh Clark. You’re telling me that if Chloe is my girlfriend you’re still going to try and date her? That’s a little trite.”

His eyebrows furrowed.

“She’s not your girlfriend yet. I’ll see you later Oliver.”

He turned around right as Chloe made her way toward us. He slipped into the elevator, the door shut behind him, and he was gone. I rubbed my chin lightly and then turned toward Chloe. She frowned.

“What’s going on?”

I gave her a half grin half wince before I spoke.

“Your plan is working like a charm that’s what’s going on.”

Her eyebrow tilted up and she gave me an unsure smile.

“That’s good right?”

I nodded and then glanced at my watch.

“You know, we actually have to leave in about twenty minutes. Let me grab my suit and get ready. I’ll be right back.”

She nodded and I made my way into the bedroom to get dressed. Less than ten minutes later I was walking into the living room as I clasped my cufflink. I looked up and didn’t see Chloe at first, right as I was about to check the other room I caught a glimpse of gold hair.

She was standing underneath a light on the balcony and I’ve never seen her look more beautiful. I swallowed hard and walked out onto the balcony. Her arms were leaning against the railing, the curls in her hair were blowing in the warm breeze, and if it’s possible her hair actually looked liked it glowed in the moonlight.

This is ridiculous…I’m standing here like an adolescent mooning over a woman who I’m trying to help make another guy jealous…At this point I doubt she even considers me a viable option for dating. Hopefully after tonight though, that will change. I came up behind her slowly and placed my hands on the railing outside of hers.

She jumped slightly and turned her head in my direction. I grinned and she rolled her eyes.

“You startled me.”

“Sorry about that Blondie. What are you doing out here?”

She turned and I moved my body back so she had room to face me. There was a smile lighting up her face.

“Looking at the stars. You have an amazing view here Ollie.”

I glanced up.

“It’s decent. You should see my place in Star City. If you think this is amazing you’d love it there.”

“You’ll have to show me some time.”

I looked down at her and smiled.

“I’d like that.”

It was quiet for a minute so I cleared my throat.

“Speaking of things I like, have I mentioned…that dress…wow. Tell me again why you don’t wear things like that more often?”

She rolled her eyes playfully.

“Normally you guys are running around saving the day and I’m running back and forth from Isis. There’s no point in dressing up like this, plus it’s just for show.”

She looked down at herself and shrugged before continuing.

“I don’t think it worked anyway…Clark didn’t even say anything…he barely looked at me through the whole meeting and he even left without saying goodbye.”

I nudged her chin up and spoke in a soft voice.

“That’s because he was angry about our date.”

“Ahhh, I see. Speaking of which, it’s probably time for us to head out right?”

I looked down at my watch for about the fourth time today.

“Yes, it’s about that time.”

I stood up and straightened myself out. I held out an arm to her and she grinned.

“Your chariot awaits milady.”

She placed her arm through mine.

“Why thank you kind sir.”

I lead her to the elevator and we made our way downstairs. There was a limo waiting for us when we got out of the building. I reached over, waved the driver off, and opened the door for Chloe. She raised an eyebrow.

“You’re quite the gentleman tonight Mr. Queen…what’s the occasion?”

I smirked.

“Are you saying that I’m not normally a gentlemen Miss Sullivan?”

“You have your moments.”

I chuckled.

“Come on get in I’m hosting this shindig we need to be there on time.”

She got in and I followed behind her. I glanced out the window as the car started to pull away. Hopefully things will go as planned tonight…Clark’s name was on the list, but I wasn’t sure if he was going to come and to be honest…

As I glanced over at Chloe who was sitting beside me fiddling with something in her purse…a part of me was hoping he wouldn’t show up at all…


  1. LMAO! i loved this chapter it made me laugh so hard that my assistant started to look at me odd. hee!

    I love the attention the guys gave her, she is indeed sexy and beautiful she really deserves the pampering :-)

    Ollie and Clark confrontation, cool! i want more please!


  2. Ana-

    I had so much fun writing this chapter LoL...Did you click on the link to see Chloe's dress? Just in case everyone doesn't have an overactive imagination like me I thought I'd put a link to a picture of her dress. ;-) There will be some more stuff like that in the next few chapters. It's nice when I can make things interactive. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! Have a great day!


  3. Corina

    Yeah i saw the dress is classic and sexy choice ;-) in fact i have one similar i think is a kind of dress every girl must have in the closet ;-)


  4. Good job.
    Clark and Oliver talk very good written, and believable. Finally Clark realize that if don't make a move he can lost Chloe.
    I don't think Chloe really was interested in Oliver now, but it can change.
    But as Chlarker I want Clark make a move...soon! But I think he don't, so there can be some Chloe/Oliver.
    The bad in this game is that someone can be hurt.
    As Chloe fan I like finally she have attention of some men. She deserves it.



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