December 31, 2009

Family Ties

Title: Family Ties
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Pairing: No pairing
Word Count: 1,943
Warnings: Spoilers through series finale. This story takes place two years after the series finale.
Requested By: Lilly
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything belongs to the creators of Birds of Prey

New Gotham City

Barbara sat in the Clocktower shock covering her face as she glanced at the two people in front of her. She shook her head as her eyes raked over Carolyn Lance and anger edged into her features.


Carolyn swallowed hard.

“I got out of the building right before it blew.”

Barbara raised an eyebrow.

“And you didn’t think maybe we’d want to know that? My god Carolyn…all this time we thought you were dead…Dinah thought you were dead. Remember her? Your daughter…She blamed herself you know…”

Barbara’s words were cut off by Oliver.

“Alright Barbara enough, she gets it okay. She messes up, but we’re here now.”

Barbara turned skeptical eyes towards Oliver.

“Oliver…it’s been a while.”

He nodded.

“I’ve been busy in Star City…and Metropolis.”

Barbara opened her mouth, but Carolyn spoke before she could.

“Listen Barbara…I know your angry and believe me, I get it, but I don’t have much time. Al Hawke knows I’m alive…and he’s been tracking me.”

Barbara shook her head.

“You know Carolyn…you can’t just come back you’ve got to bring a world of trouble with you.”

“Barbara after what happened last time I was here…I can’t do this anymore. It’s just as frustrating for me as it is for you. I don’t want to put my daughter in danger…that’s why I want out of this life…it’s why I finally went to Oliver and told him about Dinah.”

Oliver sighed at the look on Barbara’s face.

“Look…now that I know about Dinah I can make sure that they’re protected. We came back for her. The Black Canary is dead…and so is the Green Arrow…we’re moving past it, but we can’t leave without Dinah…she’s our daughter.”

Barbara glanced between the two heroes and clucked her tongue. What could she say to that? Yes, it was wrong for Carolyn to keep everyone in the dark about being alive, and true she had no right to show up two years later demanding things, but Dinah was her daughter.

She shrugged.

“The girls are out on patrol they should be back soon. We’re not forcing Dinah to stay here…if she wants to go with you she can, if not I expect you to respect her decision.”

They nodded and Barbara gave them a tired smile.

“I’m sure you guys are hungry…how about something to eat while we wait?”

Carolyn let out her first genuine smile of the night.

“I’d like that.”

And they made their way upstairs toward the kitchen to wait for the girls.


Helena dropped down from the roof and landed in a crouch. Dinah grinned and raised an eyebrow.

“Showing off for little ‘ol me? That’s sweet really it is…”

Helena rolled her eyes.

“Come on short stuff. It’s time to head back for the night.”

Dinah nudged Helena as they walked down the street.

“That guy was so freaked out…”

Helena smirked.

“Yeah he was…you did good tonight. Maybe we can start switching up patrols…swapping off nights and stuff.”

Dinah glanced at her with surprise, but Helena was looking straight forward. She smiled. She knew Helena would never admit it, but she’d come a long way in two years. Her powers had grown stronger with everyday that passed and she finally got a grip on the telekinesis.

It took them about twenty minutes to make their way back to the Clocktower, and the whole way there Dinah couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being followed. Helena was punching in the code as Dinah canvassed the area with a frown on her face.


She shrugged.

“Nothing…I just feel like someone’s out there…”

Dinah shook her head, gave Helena a smile, and chuckled.

“Listen to me I’m being ridiculous and slightly paranoid. Forget I said anything. Come on I’m hungry.”

Helena nodded and they made their way inside, the door automatically locking behind them. When they were out of sight the dark figure moved out from behind the tree and pulled out his cell phone. This was it…he found them…


Barbara watched as Carolyn and Oliver tensed at the sound of the girls laughing. Helena and Dinah made their way upstairs towards the kitchen and came to a halt as they spotted the three adults. Dinah’s eyes widened as she lost her footing, stumbled and grabbed onto the banister to steady herself.

Her breathing quickened as Carolyn took a step toward her and confusion settled across Dinah’s face.


Carolyn smiled.

“Hi sweetheart…”

Anger filled Helena. Hi is all Carolyn could come up with after two years? They thought she died in that fire…Dinah went through hell and all she could say was hi? She opened her mouth to say something, but before she could Barbara spoke up.

“Helena why don’t we give them some time…”

“Are you kidding? Give them some time? She’s been alive all this time and never thought it might be a good idea to share that information?”

Oliver glared at Helena.

“Listen kid, this isn’t any of your business…”

She cut him off.

“And it’s yours? Who the hell are you anyway?”

“Oliver Queen…I’m Dinah’s father…”

Shocked registered on both Dinah and Helena’s faces.

“W..what? My father?”

Dinah turned her gave to Carolyn.

“My father is Oliver Queen? The Green Arrow is my father?”

Helena watched Dinah bend over slightly to try and catch her breath. She looked like she was going to keel over. Barbara wheeled forward and nudged Helena towards the elevator. She shook her head, but Barbara gave her a stern look. She sighed and glared at Oliver and Carolyn before moving inside the elevator with Barbara.

Dinah glanced between the two adults looking at her anxiously. She walked slowly to one of the chairs and plopped in it. She gave her mother a weary look.


“Why what?”

Dinah’s voice was harsh.

“Why would you just let me think you’re dead?”


“No mom…don’t Dinah me. I’m not a child anymore. Do you know what that did to me? How can you show up here after two years and just expect me to welcome you with open arms?”

Carolyn sighed and sat in the chair across from Dinah.

“I’m sorry…and I know that doesn’t make it better, but Al Hawke is still after me Dinah…so I went to your father for help…he has the capability to make us all disappear…even from Hawke’s radar. We can leave…together…be a real family.”

Dinah frowned.


Oliver swallowed hard.

“Your mother’s right…I have the ability to take us away from this life. Your mom and I have spent years protecting the world…saving people and though it’s been worth it and we wouldn’t change who we were, we’d like to be able to protect our family now…I’m not sure if we tipped off anyone when we came into town, but it’s best if we don’t find out…”

Dinah’s frown deepened.

“So…what…you’re saying I need to make a decision right now?”

Carolyn nodded.

“it would probably be better that way sweetie…”

Dinah stood up quickly a tidal wave of anger flowing through her. Where did they get off telling her what she needed to decide and when? Her mother left…after she did everything in her power to save her…she left and never even let Dinah know she was alive.

Carolyn could feel the power steeping inside Dinah and she reached out a hand to try to calm her. Everything in the room shook with as Dinah ripped her arm away before her mother could touch it.

“Don’t. I can’t do this right now…just leave me alone…”

Dinah moved around them and raced down the stairs. Carolyn called out to her.


But the door downstairs had already slammed shut. Helena and Barbara glanced up at Oliver and Carolyn and Helena shook her head.

“Great job parenting guys.”

They glared at her when an alarm sounded in the building. Barbara turned toward the monitors and started typing things. When the video feed was brought up she could see four guys outside surrounding Dinah. She was fighting off one as another made his way over to her.

“Helena go…”

“I’m on it.”

She disappeared as Carolyn and Oliver ran down the stairs. Barbra clicked a few more buttons and she let out a heavy sigh.

“They’re going to need more help…”

Oliver nodded.

“Let’s go…”

They raced downstairs and when they got outside two of the men had Dinah by the arms and they were attempting to pull her into a van. Carolyn took a deep breath and screamed. Everyone in the surrounding area went down to their knees.

Dinah, Oliver, and Helena included. She stopped long enough for them to get their footing and cover their ears before she let out another scream. When she went to take another breath something slammed into her from behind knocking the wind out of her.

There were six men all together now. Helena and Dinah were currently back to back taking on two of them. Oliver advance on the man in front of him and Carolyn backed him up. Fifteen minutes later they were battered, bruised, and slightly worse for the ware as they slowly made their way back up to the Clocktower.

Barbara was waiting with Alfred and the first aid kit when they finally made it inside and collapsed on different seats. Dinah glanced between her mother and father and watched as Oliver checked on Carolyn’s injuries.

She swatted his hand away lightly.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re not.”


They glanced at each other after she spoke the familiar nickname. He titled his head to the side a smiled slightly.

“You haven’t called me that in a long time…I missed it…”

She took a deep breath and nodded.

“So did I…”

Her voice trailed off and he pulled her against him and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Tears formed in Dinah’s eyes as she watched the interaction. She had always wanted a family…yeah she was pissed at her mother for waiting all this time to come for her…to let her know she wasn’t dead…

But she had been mad last time. She’d been horrible to Carolyn and then she regretted it more than anything when she thought she’d lost her chance to know her mother. Now…two years later she’s faced with the same choice…a choice she didn’t think she’d ever have again…

This time she wasn’t going to let her anger get in the way of making the right decision. She cleared her throat as Alfred pressed a bandage against her arm. Four pairs of eyes turned in her direction as she looked at Oliver and Carolyn.

“I…I want us to be a family…I do…but I won’t run away. This is who we are…Barbara and Helena…they’re part of my family too…look at you guys…you were awesome tonight. So what if Al Hawke is still after you…we can beat him if we all stick together…please…this life…helping people…it’s who we all are. How can you ask me to give it up?”

Oliver and Carolyn glanced at each other and she let out a sigh. She new Dinah was right. It didn’t matter how far they ran he’d always come looking for them. It was time to stand up and fight…together. She turned to Dinah and smiled.

“You’re right…”

Shock registered on Dinah’s face.


“Really. We won’t run anymore…”

Dinah smiled.


Dinah moved away from Alfred and toward Carolyn and Oliver. She hesitated before moving in and hugging her. Carolyn wrapped her arms around her daughter and she’d never felt so happy. She should have never left Dinah…but things worked themselves out and she’d never leave her daughter behind again…

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