March 17, 2010

Weekend Getaway (1/5)

Title: Weekend Getaway
Rating: NC-17
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1,430
Prompt: Birthday story for gen717

Chapter 1

The room was quite as the mid-day light shined through the windows. Luggage was tossed haphazardly on the floor as Oliver’s lips traveled from Chloe’s neck to her collar bone, one large hand sliding inside the top of her silk wrap dress.

She bit her lip when his callused hand came in contact with her lace covered breast, thumb brushing gently across her nipple. She arched into him and he grinned against her skin, eyebrow raised.

“Eager are we?”

She slipped her hand down his arm toward his belt before dipping lower and cupping him through his jeans as she licked her lips, voice husky.

“Looks like I’m not the only one Romeo.”

He grunted, skimming a hand over her hip and down her leg until he came in contact with her knee. Oliver gripped under her knee and pulled it over his hip effectively spreading her open so he could settle his body between her legs.

Chloe’s head bent back and her eyes slid shut as his strong body moved against hers the friction creating a delicious ache at the juncture of her thighs. When he’d first suggested the weekend getaway she’d declined saying it wasn’t the right time.

But Oliver was not easily deterred. He’d spent two weeks convincing her that this trip would be a good idea to get them back on track and eventually she caved, like she always did with him. All thoughts flew from her head as his mouth closed over one lace covered nipple.

She cried out and gripped his head, trying to remember when exactly he’d unwrapped her dress. The fabric in his way was frustrating him so he lifted his head, slid one hand around her flicking the clasp open and pulling it forward.

Chloe lifted her arms as he pulled the bra and dress away from her body and tossed them to the floor. Her hands reached for his belt and made quick work of it as he helped her get his pants off. Seconds later his jeans and shirt joined the pile of clothes on the floor as Oliver moved back over her.

He swallowed hard as his eyes gazed over her body in awe. He never got tired of looking at her. She was like one of those Greek goddesses from an old painting. Chloe was beautiful. Pale skin glistened in the light of the setting sun, short blonde waves strew over the pillow, and face flushed with arousal.

He leaned in and placed several light kisses on her breast before twirling his tongue around one nipple while tweaking the other with his fingers. Chloe whimpered and raked a hand through his hair pulling him closer, trying to direct his mouth where she wanted it.

His hand slid up her inner thigh and brushed against her panty clad center.

“Oh god, Ollie please…”

He could feel how wet she was through her panties and he took pity on her as he moved them aside and eased one large digit into her welcoming heat while finally pulling her nipple into his mouth sucking hard. She let out a loud moan as her body moved against his hand.

Chloe could feel her hips moving to the rhythm Oliver set as he added another finger and pressed his thumb against her clit. Her body was on a sensation overload. Between the warm cavern of his mouth and the insistent thrusting of his fingers she could feel her release blooming on the horizon.

When Oliver felt her muscles tightening against his fingers he pinched her clit and she came crying his name. He let go of her breast with a pop and captured her lips in a heated kiss as he pulled his fingers free of her body.

He shifted freeing himself from his boxers not bothering to push them all the way down as he settled between her thighs. His fingers gripped the elastic of her panties and tugged, the band snapping against her skin making her gasp.

When this first started, it had been all about the sex. Two friends helping each other out, but somewhere along the line that had changed for him and he hadn’t realized it until Tess came to him with proof that Chloe had been stealing from his company.

Oliver had been hurt, but worse he’d felt betrayed. A lot of woman had used him in the past, which was fine because he’d used them too, but never Chloe. It wasn’t like that between them. Everything they had was based on honesty and she’d broken that.

Luckily instead of his usual accusations he’d gone to her and listened. They were working things out, one thing he was sure of though; his feelings for Chloe were no longer that of mere friends with benefits. His thoughts ebbed away as he positioned himself at her entrance before looking down at her, brown eyes dark with lust as he spoke, voice gruff.

“Open your eyes Chloe.”

She did as asked, hands running up and down his back, caressing and stroking as he shivered beneath her finger tips. He placed a gentle kiss against her lips and then her throat as he thrust fully inside of her. Chloe groaned as he stretched her almost painfully.

He pulled out slowly and slid back in hard as her legs came up wrapping around his waist, pulling him deeper inside the cavern of her body. They settled into a fast paced rhythm as Chloe met Oliver thrust for thrust.

Slick bodies, pressed against each other as flesh slapped against flesh the room filling with the sound of intense pleasure. Oliver felt his balls tighten and he reached a hand between them and rubbed her clit, as he pistoned inside of her.


He smirked as she screamed his name; glad he’d spent the extra money on getting a room that wasn’t too close to anyone else’s as her muscles gripped him, flexing and squeezing him until he exploded inside of her, coming with a cry of his own.

She lay there quietly catching their breath with Oliver still sheathed inside her. He placed a lazy kiss against her neck before pulling out and collapsing on the bed next to her. She scrunched up her nose and sniffed the air. Oliver turned his head eyebrow raised.

“Is that coffee? Do I smell coffee?”

Oliver chuckled.

“Is that your not so subtle way of saying you want to go downstairs and get some coffee?”

She grinned at him.


“You hungry?”

“I could eat.”

He nodded and sat up adjusting himself and grabbing his jeans from the floor.

“They have a small dinner room downstairs, why don’t’ you get dressed and we can grab some food and then maybe take a walk around town.”

She smiled and slid out of the bed picking her dress and bra up from the floor before grabbing her bag and heading to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later they were dressed and heading toward the elevator. Chloe pushed the button as Oliver pulled her to his side, nipping at her ear.

She laughed lightly and pushed him back as the door opened. She got in Oliver following after her. When the doors slid shut he pushed her lightly against the wall, cupped her face, and molded their lips together.

“I’m glad I finally wore you down Sidekick.”

She rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“What have I told you about calling me that?”

He pretended to think about it before spinning her body around and pressing her back flush against his front.

“That I should do it more often.”

She chuckled as the elevator chimed, doors sliding open, the pair oblivious to everything around them. Clark and Lois gaped as they looked on at the occupants of said elevator. Chloe’s face held an expression of humor, Oliver’s large hand pressed against her stomach as he bent toward her ear smile on his face.

His lips grazed hers in a sweet kiss before shoving her gently forward as Clark blinked in confusion. Chloe glanced up and stopped dead in her tracks Oliver frowning before he followed her line of vision. Standing in front of them looking flabbergasted were Lois and Clark.

Chloe turned to Oliver and swallowed hard before looking back at the pair in front of her letting out a nervous chuckle. Oliver cleared his throat and gave them a forced smile as tension filled the air between them.

“Well…this isn’t awkward at all…”

Chloe sighed; it was going to be a long night.


  1. Oh noooo, come on now. That wasn't fair. Okay, so totally hot. I'm glad you are starting this with them already moving past their issues. I mean I like to see them working through them too, but sometimes it's nice to see that drama already over with. Of course now they have the Lois and Clark drama, but I think that should be very interesting. Plus, it was TOTALLY HOT.


  2. OMG .. I know right. I'm all scrolling looking for Clark's response and nothing...

    That sex scene was the bizness too !! I agree with Callie.

    So I love that clark and Lois caught them in their own moment too.. maybe they'll realize before the blow up that it's really beyond a fling now.. cause I think that would be Clark/Lois biggest concern..... next to the "how could you" lol

    I'm going to re-read this now... because.. well.. just because

    and please post more soon. =) Fantastic writing .. really.


  3. Ooh that was hot! I'm loving this so far, I hope you update soon *g*

    I especially loved the end where Lois and Clark catches them, it's exactly the kind of scenario I'd love to see on the show!

  4. OMG! I loved this. You started with Chloe and Oliver having some steaming sex and we learned that they were able to work through their differences and begin falling in love.

    I love how Clark and Lois caught them in a moment that showed how physical and emotional their relationship is.

    I can't wait for more!!!!!

  5. Calie-

    Hahah awww I'm sorry I left it there. The next part is finished though and I'll be updating it today at some point! :-D Glad you enjoyed the first part!


    LOL Clark's response is coming up next I promise! Haha and so glad you enjoyed the naughtyness *giggles* Hahah awww your so cute! Re-Read away! :-D


    Yay! So glad you liked it girly! I'll be updating at some point today! Thanks so much for reading! :-D


    Steamy sex is always a good way to start things *giggles* Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for coming by and ready! :-D


    Glad you enjoyed it girl! Woot for the Chlollie Love! :-D


  6. Hi ReporterGirl, that was sizzling hot! Can't wait to read the next chapter. Hope you don't mind but I've put the link for this fic on the Chloe/Oliver Rel Thread and The Chlollie fanfic thread I just started recently on Ksite, here are the links:

    Hope that's okay, thanks for the sexy story, bye and take care.


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