April 18, 2010

Turbulence (2/3)

Title: Turbulence
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver-Centric (Oliver/Chloe implied)
Word Count: 550
Prompt: Oliver's reaction to Chloe being kidnapped
Sequel to Whirlwind

“He made me tell him where checkmates headquarters are after he found out they captured something called Watchtower.” Tess’s words ricocheted in his head as he stood in front of her attempting to keep his composure. The minute she’d said Watchtower his stomach had plummeted.

Chloe…they had Chloe. He swallowed hard, his mouth dry as he met Tess’s eyes. She looked disheveled and he should probably be slightly worried about what Clark had done to get that information from her, but he wasn’t.

The only thing plaguing him was the thought that Chloe was out there, with god knows who. She could be hurt, or worse she could already be…no he wouldn’t let his mind crawl down that darkened path.

“I need schematics of checkmate headquarters. What kind of security they have, how to disable it and what kinds of fail safes they have.”

Tess frowned, hesitating before she shook her head lightly, face still slightly wet from her tears.

“Oliver…I can’t…”

He took a step toward her, something flickering on his face that Tess couldn’t quite make out. The angry look in his eyes was directed at her and as he spoke in a firm voice chills ran down her spine at the implication of his words.

“I’m not asking you Tess. You’re going to give me what I want. Do you understand me?”

She could almost hear the unspoken ‘or else’ in his voice. She wiped her eyes and nodded. Twenty minutes later he was jogging up the path to Watchtower, entering the security codes, heading inside and powering up the mainframe with Chloe’s all-access password.

He glanced around the room as he waited for the system to recognize the information he’d entered. There were signs of Chloe everywhere. Her empty ‘blur’ mug was in front of one of the monitors, green sweater thrown across the back of the couch.

Small post it notes around her desk and the ticket stub from the movie they saw the other night strew haphazardly next to her keyboard. His jaw clenched as he tried to control the turbulent wave of emotions that ran through him, but he wasn’t sure how.

He’d realized two weeks ago that he’d fallen for her. It was right after they came home from the McDougal Inn. It wasn’t anything significant or out of the ordinary that made him realize it either.

He’d brought their bags into the clock tower and glanced at his watch figuring since they were back early he might as well do a quick patrol. When he’d glanced up she was already powering things up and getting his com ready for use.

In that moment he knew. Chloe knew him better than anyone ever had. She’d seen the shadows that lurked behind the man and accepted them, just like he did hers. And now the thought that he might never see her again, touch her, made nausea wrack his body.

Everyone he’d ever loved had either been killed or betrayed him. He wouldn’t give up, until she was home safe and sound. The computer beeped and he sat down, leaning over, quickly typing in different commands to hack into their security mainframe.

They wanted to play games, fine. Checkmate would be sorry because nobody took Oliver Queen’s girl and got away with it.


  1. I LOVED THIS! I loved whirlwind too. I hope there's a sequel, when Chloe and ollie meet in the street and what would follow to what we watched onscreen :)

  2. I loved this fic... You write Oliver's emotions in a way that allows the readers to feel his panic with him. If you don't mind I'd like to make a request? I'd love it if you could write both reunions (the one @ Watchtower and the one on the street).

  3. KC-2009 & Elemaria_91

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for the great comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed this!

    This story actually has a sequel that's already complete LOL it's their last scene together on the street!

    It's kind of long than this, but since it's the last part and by their thoughts putt together that's okay LOL. I'll post it soon!

    Again so glad you guys liked this!


  4. Great one-shot and perfect missing scene for that ep. I think you described his reaction and thoughts in a very canon manner. Thanks for sharing.

  5. *happy sigh* I loved this. It's the perfect post-Checkmate fic.


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