April 11, 2010

Weekend Getaway Chapter (5/5)

Chapter 5

Oliver sighed and tossed the last pair of jeans back into his bag. Well this certainly hadn’t been the vacation he’d been hoping for. He zipped up his bag and winced as he lifted it placing it on the bed near Chloe’s.

He couldn’t believe the weekend was already over and they hadn’t even had a chance to relax. It turned out that a less publicized attraction at the McDougal Inn was a Scottish curse and a life sucking banshee. It figured that the one couply thing he convinced her to do with him would turn out this way.

As if there weren’t already enough things that turned Chloe off of coupledom. If that wasn’t bad enough he’d managed to upset her by getting her a gift, which led to her getting possessed by said banshee.

Somewhere along the line her possessed body attempted to jump in the shower with Clark, before hoping from her to Lois’s body and then trying to kill him. The thing that pissed Oliver off the most though, was if it hadn’t been for Clark he’d probably be a corpse right now.

He didn’t want to owe the other man his life, at least not today. He was still angry with him for almost ruining things with Chloe. Oliver glanced around the room making sure he’d packed everything.

The light clicking of heels alerted him to her presence as she moved into the room from the hallway. He glanced up and she gave him half a smile, which he returned.

“Everything good to go?”

“Yeah, I think we got everything. Listen Chloe…this weekend didn’t exactly go as planned…”

She smirked as she made her way over to him.

“That’s the understatement of the century.”

“I just don’t want you…”

A knock on the door interrupted him. They glanced up and standing in the doorway was Lois and Clark. She grinned.

“Hey guys! We just wanted to come by and say adios. We’re gonna head out.”

Chloe gave her cousin a warm smile and Clark cleared his throat.

“Uh…I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute Chloe.”

She glanced between Lois and Clark before shrugging and nodding.

“Sure Clark.”

Oliver glanced at Clark and then caught Chloe’s eye.

“I’m gonna go check us out.”


He leaned over placing a kiss on her forehead before walking out of the room, Lois falling instep beside him. He raised an eyebrow and spoke quietly.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to give Smallville some alone time to talk to my cuz, plus I sort of wanted to apologize for trying to kill you last night.”

Oliver chuckled as they walked down the stairs and toward the front desk.

“No worries Lois. It wasn’t you who tried to kill me.

“Still I feel awful about it. Forgive me?”

He looked at her, a pout on her face and he smiled before shaking his head.

“You’re forgiven Lois; just don’t let it happen again.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed as Oliver checked out of the Inn. Lois watched his movements and let out a troubled sigh. She could tell that Oliver liked her cousin and she knew Chloe liked Oliver or she wouldn’t be hiding behind this no strings bullshit.

What she didn’t get was why they wouldn’t just admit it. What was the harm? When she and Clark finally admitted their feelings for each other, things had gotten better. She just wanted Chloe to be happy and if Oliver could do that for her, Lois was all for it.

“I can see the wheels in your head turning.”


“What’s on your mind?”

She hesitated for a second biting her lip, but when he raised his eyebrow at her she let out a long breath, the words coming out in a rush.

“I can tell that you care about my cousin and she obviously feels the same. I just don’t get why she’s all gung ho on no strings and uncomplicated non-relationships thing.”

Oliver frowned.

“Didn’t Chloe ask you to stay out of it?”

Lois had the decency to look sheepish.

“Well yeah, but I didn’t realize she told you about that.”

Oliver chuckled.

“There isn’t much she doesn’t tell me.”

Lois made a face and pointed at him.


Oliver gave her a tight smile before turning and heading back toward the stairs, Lois trailing after him.

“Oliver! Come on. Can you please stop for a minute? Look I’m just trying to look out for you guys. I care about both of you. I want Chloe to be happy.”

He froze in his tracks and turned slowly. He could see the sincerity on her face and it made him feel bad for trying to blow her off.

“Look Lois, I know that you’re only trying to help, but if Chloe wants you to leave it alone, then just let it be. She isn’t ready.”

Confusion crossed her face as Oliver took a few steps towards her before continuing.

“I do care and I know she does, but she isn’t ready to accept it yet and all the pushing and prodding is only going to make it worse. I just…I need to show her that I’m not going anywhere and just wait for her to open up. I’m not going anywhere.”

Lois gave him an affectionate smile.

“You’re a good man Oliver.”

He grinned.

“You’re just now realizing this?”

They laughed and he put a friendly arm around her as they headed back to Chloe and Clark


Chloe arched an eyebrow at Clark before moving towards the closet and making sure Oliver grabbed all her stuff. He swallowed hard as he moved further into the room. He knew Lois was right. He needed to apologize.

What Chloe did with her personal life, well…that was her business and it had been wrong of him to butt in when he really didn’t know what was going on in her life anymore. When he still didn’t say anything she turned crossing her arms over her chest.

“So…you wanted to talk?”

“Yeah…about this weekend…”

Chloe cut him off and rolled her eyes.

“I already apologized about the shower mishap Clark. Lois isn’t mad anymore and it wasn’t my fault.”

Clark let out a nervous laugh and scratched the back of his neck.

“No, I didn’t mean the shower, though I’m trying to forget that. I meant about brunch the other day. I shouldn’t have said what I said. This…thing between you and Oliver…it’s none of my business.”

“You’re right, it’s not.”

He nodded and gave her a tight smile.

“Right. So we’re good?”

Chloe watched him and her throat constricted. She knew Clark well enough to know that he’d rather be anywhere then having this conversation and that hurt. Knowing how far their friendship had truly fallen after everything they’d been through killed her.

Oliver had every right to be upset with her. He’d been the one constant by her side since Jimmy’s death, heck he was there for her even before that. Sometimes she just didn’t understand her blind loyalty to Clark. At this point it was just unconscious.

She shook her head.

“No Clark, we’re not good.”

He frowned and opened his mouth, but she cut him off.

“Out of all the things you should probably apologize for butting into my personal life is kind of low on the scale. Oliver told me what you said to him and if you’re looking to salvage a friendship you might want to start there because honestly I don’t know if ours can be repaired anymore.”

Clark felt his chest tighten at her words.

“Chloe, you don’t mean that.”

“Yea Clark, I’m pretty sure I do. We’ve been through a lot and I’ll always be around if you need something, but we need to face the fact that even if we work through our issues things will never be the same. Do you know that I was ready to walk away from Oliver because of what you said the other day?”

“I’m sorry.”

She let out short laugh and dropped her hands to her side.

“Clark I’m not angry at you for that. I’m angry at me. Oliver has never give me a reason to doubt him and yet even with the strained friendship between us I took your word over his and I shouldn’t have. I made a mistake, but I don’t plan on making it again.”

Clark swallowed hard.

“So that’s it? You’re giving up on our friendship?”

“I wasn’t the one who gave up Clark. You walked away and this is the fall out. I’ll always protect your secret, but if you want my friendship back that has to be earned.”

He watched her closely as she stuck her ground and a small part of him smiled. That was the best friend he’d always known. In that moment Clark promised himself he’d do whatever it took, to earn back her friendship because it was important and if he was honest with himself he missed it.

He lips turned up into a small smile and he nodded.

“Okay…it looks like you could use a hand bringing this stuff down. Mind if I help?”

Chloe smiled.

“I’d like that.”

It wasn’t much, but it was a start.


When Oliver didn’t find Chloe in their room he made his way downstairs. As he passed the front desk he opened his mouth and the woman smiled and pointed to the porch. He nodded his thanks and headed outside.

He opened the door and as he walked outside he saw Chloe sitting down looking at the gift he’d given her. She reached down and started to untie it, a smile appeared on his face. Maybe she was finally ready to give him a chance.

Her hand froze and she sighed before putting the still wrapped gift into her purse. Oliver moved out from the aclove by the door and broke the silence on the porch.

"Erm its its a spoon"

Chloe glanced at him startled before smiling. He continuned as he made his way towards her.

"I bought you a spoon, one of those little.....people collect them. I thought about getting you ah...some of those little decorative soaps...but ultimately you didn't really need either one of them did you?"

A smile broke out on her face as she stood taking a step towards him, hands in her pockets.

"Aahh I don't really know about that, I mean I'm more partial to sporks myself, but a girl can never have too many...spoons?"

"Yeah well, I should never have wrapped that Pandora's Box to begin with and second guess myself or us...from now on I won't.”

Chloe could see a tinge of hurt on his face when he spoke and she felt horrible.

“Maybe we should just say that next time you won't take relationship advice from Clark Kent.”

He took the remaining steps toward her eyebrow raised. Since she brought up Clark, maybe it was time they discussed that particular thorn in their side.

“You know speaking of Clark, for future reference and you know, strictly for environmental purposes, next time you want to take a shower with someone Chloe you can just ask me.”

She shook her head crooked smile on her face. She was never going to live that down apparently.

“I can't remember blacking out and I wish I could forget waking up.”

“Really? Well it couldn't have been that bad right, I mean wasn't there a time when you would have given just about anything to stare at that farmer's tan an all it's glory I'm guessing?"

“That was a long time ago, like in a Smallville far far away.”

Oliver tilted his head to the side inquisitive look on his face and she continued.

"I mean, okay yeah, I did love Clark, a lot and I waited for years for him to see that....to see...me, but even with his x-ray vision he never did. And more than that, I think I just wanted someone to get me…and as good a friend as Clark is, he's never gonna be that person which is fine...really I mean those wounds healed over a thousand super-saves ago. Now there just scars.”

He smiled. He knew she didn’t have feelings for Clark anymore, but it was nice to hear none the less.

“It's Clark's loss.”

He made a face and she grinned.

“What about your loss, I'm sure Lois didn't have to drag you into the woods kicking and screaming?”

She sat down against the wall surrounding the Inn and Oliver followed behind her sitting down next to her.

“Ah…yeah that's kinda the funny thing about scars you know, they're always there.”
She nodded and glanced down.

“It doesn't mean they haven't healed.”

She looked up meeting his eyes. He grinned and waggled his eyebrows slightly as he spoke.

“Sometimes they can be kinda cute too huh?"

She smirked. She knew exactly what he was getting at.

“You have one in particular that I’m partial…”

Before he could finish his sentence she grabbed him capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. When they broke apart he leaned his forehead against her and she smiled, before her face got serious. She shifted so she could look at him.

“Oliver…I’m sorry about the other day. I was wrong to take Clark’s word over yours. I just…it’s hard for me to let go. I automatically think the worst, but the thing is I know better than that because I do trust you Ollie.”

The look on his face softened as he nodded.

“I know you do.”

“Are we okay?”

Oliver stood up, smiled a held out a hand to her. She glanced at it before looking at him.

“We’re better than okay. Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

She took his hand and he pulled her up before they grabbed their bags and headed toward the car. As they packed it up he glanced at her and smiled.

“You all set Mrs. Green?”

She rolled her eyes, pulled open the door, and hopped into the SUV.

“Ready and waiting Mr. Green. Let’s get this bad boy on the road.”

He chuckled as he got in and started the car. She might not have admitted to having feelings for him, but it was a start and like he told Lois, he wasn’t going anywhere.


  1. amazing chapter.... I loved how you tied it into Escape but still made it your own.... good job :D

  2. I really enjoyed this, especially trying to tidy up the mess that was once a promise of something beautiful that is Chlark :P But Oliver is a good man as Lois so aptly put and he deserves to be happy too and he loves Chloe. Just standing by her and waiting for her to be ready, he's provin that. :D Great take on Escape.

  3. this is a good story. but did you change the past to fit your story or did you make mistake

    He’d been the one constant by her side since Jimmy’s death, becouse one chloe left first she ran away with dave, so she left clark first, and more then a few time clark tried to talk to her and she refused. as for oliver one he left for mouths, clark only 3 week, chloe had to drank his ass back, set up some for him, then olver went after lois, then when she turn him down, then he started with chloe.

    so oliver is far form perfect.

    good story.

  4. Great fic! I'm glad she trusts Ollie and didn't throw away the best thing in her life


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