July 26, 2010

It's Complicated

Banner By: Andrea
Title: It’s Complicated
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe Lois/Clark
Word Count: 1540
Prompt: “Did Oliver Queen just proposition my cousin?” from Calie15 written for the Chlollie Summer Lovefest

Clark sighed, adjusting his tie as Lois dragged him toward the bar. He hated black tie events, but working for the Daily Planet sure had him attending his fair share. At least this one was being hosted by Queen Industries. Now if only he could find Oliver they could make their way back to the farm that much sooner.

“Stop sulking Smallville, we just got here. Have a little fun, here, take this.”

She turned toward him, grin on her face, and handed him a glass of champagne. He took it as he glanced around the room.

“Have you seen him yet?”

Lois frowned at him.

“What’s the rush? Got a hot date?”

Clark smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“I just thought maybe we could grab a late dinner. We haven’t had much time together lately. I thought it might be nice.”

She studied him for a minute before her face softened.

“I’d like that.”

He smiled and she slipped out of his arms, mischievous gleam in her eye.

“Let’s go find us a billionaire!”

She lifted the glass to her lips, downed the rest of the wine and took off like a rocket. Clark shook his head, placed his glass on the bar and followed after her.


“Good evening Miss Sullivan, might I say you’re looking quite…delectable this evening.”

A grin slid onto her face as Oliver reached around from behind her, a glass of champagne in his hand. She could feel the heat from his body behind her and it took every ounce of her willpower to not push against him in favor of physical contact.

She took the glass and turned slowly, eyeing his wardrobe choices before meeting his eyes with a raised brow. God he sure does know how to work a suit. She could see humor in his eyes and as they grazed down her body, they darkened with desire.

“Mr. Queen, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

His hand reached out discreetly trailing a finger down her arm, causing a shiver to course through her body as she licked her lips. There was just something about his hands that seemed to drive her crazy. This thing between them was still new and they were still in that every touch makes you want to fuck like bunnies stage.

“Though I’m partial to green, I have to say Professor; you might be making red my second favorite color.”

She grinned.

“It’s more of a maroon than a red, but I suppose I can let that slide…”

He shifted, his hand grazing the curve of her ass as he turned to face the room.

“You almost had me thinking you weren’t going to show.”

She nodded as she took a sip of her drink.

“I almost wasn’t.”

“What changed your mind?”

Chloe shrugged.

“Not really sure. It was a slow night I guess.”

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and watched her taking in the room and the people. He sighed. Always watching, that’s what she did. He cleared his throat and she gave him a questioning look.

“How about a dance?”

She hesitated, brows furrowed.

“It that a good idea?”

Oliver rolled his eyes.

“It’s not like we’ve never been seen in public before. You realize we’ve been friends for three years now right? Did you not know you’ve been in the inquisitor?”

He chuckled at the confusion on her face as he led her out to the dance floor.


He nodded as he pulled her against his body, her arms slipping around his neck.

“Yup. You’ve already been speculated about and it turns out we’re nothing more than friends.”

He could see a glint of amusement in her eyes as she let him lead her around the dance floor.

“I see. Well that was good of them to do their research.”

“Indeed. It gives me the opportunity to put my hands all over without them being any wiser.”

She chuckled lightly at his leering as he spun her away from him and then pulled her back. The minute her body was flush against his warmth filled her. It was like a surge of pulsing energy surrounded them where their bodies touched.

She flushed, glanced up at him, his arms tightened around her and it was clear on his face that he could feel it too. She swallowed hard. They were definitely in trouble.


Lois had been weaving in and out of people when she froze in her tracks, eyes rooted on the dance floor. Clark let out an ‘oomph’ when he knocked into Lois’s back. He gripped her hips steadying them as he looked around trying to figure out what had frozen her to this spot.

“What’s wrong Lois?”

“Is that Chloe?”

Clark glanced in the direction Lois was squinting and sure enough he saw Chloe in the middle of the dance floor with Oliver. He frowned. What was she doing here…The song ended and he watched as they moved in the direction of a small table by the bar.

They were stopped a few times along the way before finally reaching their destination. Lois snapped out of her stupor and grabbed Clark’s hand as she powered forward in their direction.

“Looks like we found him! I wonder what Chloe’s doing here.”

“Yeah, you and me both,” he mumbled lightly.

The music had started up again and Chloe and Oliver were facing away from them. Lois got within three feet of the table when she stopped dead in her tracks. She watched as Oliver’s hand slid down Chloe’s back before moving around and gripping her cousin’s thigh.

Her eyes bulged as Oliver moved his head towards Chloe’s year, smile still firmly planted on his face for his guests.

“How’s about you and me find a nice quiet corner and have our own private party Sidekick?”

Lois gaped at them before looking over her shoulder and Clark and whispering furiously.

“Did Oliver Queen just proposition my cousin?”

“Uh…I’m pretty sure he did.

They watched as Chloe grinned, but it was clear she wasn’t in the least bit upset with the idea he’d proposed.

“Ollie…you’re horrible.”

Lois’s mouth dropped open as Oliver’s hand slid further up her cousin’s dress until it disappeared from sight all together. Chloe gasped her hand shooting out to grip his arm as shock registered on her face at his action. He gave her a wicked grin.

“Come on Professor…one quick…lesson.”

Chloe bit her lip before standing slowly. When she reached down to pick up her glass she dipped her head, voice low and seductive when she spoke.

“Meet me in the bathroom in ten minutes.”

He tried not to look smug as he stood and nodded. They turned ready to head off in separate directions when they took in the two people behind them balking in their direction. They froze and Oliver let out a nervous laugh as he glanced at Clark, who didn’t look to happy.

“Uh…hey guys. What brings you here?”

Lois pointed at them, an accusatory glare on her face.

“We were supposed to interview you.”

He nodded.

“Right uh…well I’ve got a little spare time right now…shoot.”

Chloe glanced at Lois and then toward Clark who was giving her a strange look. She cleared her throat and waved at Lois.

“Well I’ll let you guys get to your interview. See you later.”

Lois’s attention was now on her cousin.

“Don’t you dare move.”

Chloe froze and Lois turned back to Oliver and pulled out a pen. Clark frowned before handing her a pad of paper. She couldn’t seriously be going through with the interview after what they just heard. She looked at the paper as she scribbled against it.

“First question. Are you sleeping with my cousin?”


She scowled at him and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Well we aren’t deaf and could you be more of a perv? For godsake you’re in public. You should try keeping your hands where people can see them!”

Chloe blushed, her eyes finding Oliver’s as he bristled at Lois’s statement before taking a step toward her. He spoke through gritted teeth.

“First off maybe you shouldn’t be spying on people, then you wouldn’t have seen my hands at all and secondly do you think you can keep your voice down? This isn’t something we need in tomorrow’s tabloids.”

She raised an eyebrow.


He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Yes, Chloe and I.”

“There’s a Chloe and you?”

“Yes.” “No.”

They spoke in unison and Lois had to hide her smile.

“Which is it? Yes or no?”

They sighed glanced at each other and then spoke together.

“It’s complicated.”

Lois grinned, walked between them and put an arm around both of them and she moved them towards Clark.

“Luckily Smallville and I were just about to grab dinner. You guys can tell us all about it over chicken chow mien.”

Clark, Oliver, and Chloe groaned. Oliver glanced at the ceiling before shaking his head and as they moved further out of the room the possibility of bathroom sex became slim to none. Damn Lois and her stupid meddling ways…he was blackballing her from any and all future charity events.


  1. hahah that was very naughty and funny. Poor Chloe, she's always getting her fun crashed. :P But gotta love Lois. She's always direct and she always has Chloe's best interests at heart. :)

    Being run into by Clark. I'm surprised Lois wasn't bruised or asking questions about the mack truck that came out of nowhere. :D

  2. Loved this! Very cute!


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