August 8, 2010


Title: Complicated
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: True Blood
Pairing: Eric/Sookie
Word Count: 1,715
Prompt: Written for Marissa. See I got to it eventually….and week #30 at Fandom_Friday’s “The road to darkness is a journey not a light switch.”

Blue flames burst from his back, both beautifully hypnotizing and yet horrifying at the same time. Arms held up, spread wide as he met the sun, eyes closed smile on his face. Sookie stood close to the stairs, tears streaming down her face as the fire consumed him.

Not once did he make a sound as the flames spread, traveling across and down his body swirls of different shades of blue encompassing him until there was nothing left but a light breeze carrying away any sign that Godric was ever there.

Sookie closed her eyes letting lose a few more tears as she said a silent prayer for Godric before moving toward the stairs, sparing one last look at the empty roof in the silhouette of sunrise. Her chest felt tight, as if she couldn’t breathe and she frowned.

She couldn’t understand why her physical and emotional reactions were so strong for him. He was honorable, kind and brave. He saved her life, she owed him, but still that didn’t explain why she felt so much pain at his lose.

When her foot hit the last step she froze. That’s when she realized it wasn’t her pain that was bubbling to the surface inside of her. She was feelings Eric’s pain at losing his maker. Sookie didn’t fully understand the bond between maker and makee, but if the pain she was feeling was any indication, it was very powerful.

“You will care for him…Eric?”

Godric’s words echoed in her head and she couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Eric. He was cruel, manipulative, occasionally disgusting and damn irritating, but no one deserved the kind of soul crushing anguish she was currently feeling.

Sookie took a deep breath and let her legs guide her to Eric’s hotel room. She raised a hand and hesitantly knocked on the door. She knew it was daylight, but she had to try. There was no answer and when she shoved on the door lightly it popped open.

She glanced curiously at the knob and noticed that it hadn’t been locked in the first place. Sookie slowly made her way into the darkened room swallowing hard as she walked further into the lion’s den. She caught sight of him on the bed, back facing her and she moved forward.

She didn’t know what had possessed her, but she reached a hand out stroking his arm lightly and in the blink of an eye she was against the bed on her back, his hand pressed against her throat, fangs elongated as he glared down on her.

She gripped his wrist eyes wide. When he realized it was her, his hold on her throat disappeared entirely as confusion settled on his face.


She coughed and rubbed her neck gently before sitting up and leaning against the headboard.

“What was that for?”

He opened and closed his mouth several time before speaking.

“I didn’t realize it was you. I apologize.”

“I thought you could sense me or whatever it is you do.”

He nodded and sighed as he shifted away from her before leaning back one hand behind his head.

“Yes well, I’m a little off my game I suppose. Is Godric…did he…”

Her voice was soft and full of compassion when she spoke.

“Yes, I’m so sorry Eric. Are you alright?”

He swallowed hard at the genuine concern he heard in her voice. When he first met Sookie Stackhouse he would admit to only wanting her because Bill seemed so taken with her, but it was different now. There was just something about her that intrigued him.

She was unlike any human he’d met in all his years and a part of him, the he didn’t let out too often, the part that had cried for Godric tonight, longed to get to know her better.

“It’s difficult to explain to you how it feels. You wouldn’t understand the connection between us and I’m not sure my description will give it justice.”

She nodded and laid beside him, head on the opposite pillow.

“I don’t think you need to. I can feel it. I can feel you. I don’t understand any of this. Why do I even know what you’re feeling?”

Eric shrugged.

“It happens sometimes.”

They lay there quietly and when she moved her hand and banged into him accidentally suddenly her mind was filled with images from her earlier dream. Her heartbeat picked up speed as she remembered what his hands had felt like against her skin, warm and slightly coarse as they glided across the contours of her body.

Sookie could feel the heat on her face as her body responded to the images in her head. She heard Eric’s deep intake of breath signifying that she wasn’t the only one who could feel things.

She needed to get out of there and quick. She sat up and right as she was about to move off the bed his arm came up, hand gently closing around her arm. She tilted her head and glanced at him. His voice was barely a whisper.


“I can’t…Bill…”

“Is asleep…he’ll be there come night fall.”

His presence was intoxicating. She couldn’t look away from his eyes and she wasn’t sure if he was trying to glamour her or if her actions were due to his blood still coursing through her veins. But she moved in and kissed him.

He didn’t even have a chance to respond before she pulled away pushed herself off the bed. She hadn’t walked two feet when he was in front of her, hands on her arms holding her in place. She turned her head up to tell him to let go, but she never got the chance.

His mouth descended, crushing his lips against hers. She struggled briefly before the feeling of his lips parting hers made her groan and lean into him, yielding to the soft strength of his mouth. His lips molded to hers engulfing her, and gaining intensity until she found herself wrapped up in him, body and mind.

His hands traveled down her naked shoulders leaving a spark of heat along each part of flesh he touched. Eric wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her against him before capturing her lips again. Their tongues battled for dominance and when he finally pulled away her breaths came in gasps.

He moved his lips down to her throat and his mouth clamped on her pulse point and sucked, Sookie threw her head back and moaned.

His hand slid down from her cheek to her neck and then further to the curve of her breast. Her lips parted and another low moan escaped her throat.

"Oh god...Eric..."

She could feel his grin against the flesh of her neck as his soft lips left a trail of wet kisses to her collar bone. His fingers gently brushed over her breast before cupping it and running a thumb over her nipple.

Sookie’s body shivered in pleasure and Eric moved back to take in his handy work. There she stood breathing hard; nipples erect against the cotton of her dress, and flushed with pleasure. The look of pride on his face was intoxicating.

He took her hand and led her over to the large bed. When they reached it he grabbed her by the waist and gently pushed her until she fell back on it. He settled his body over hers, pushing her dress up around her waist.

She shook her head and spoke even as she spread her legs to accommodate his body.

“We can’t do this.”

He nodded as his fingers danced over her panties and she sucked in a loud breath.

“Of course we can.”

Eric reached for the straps of her dress, and pulled them down slowly. He slid the garment down her body, and she wiggled helping him get it off leaving her clad in only her white, cotton panties.

She met his predatory gaze and he swooped down taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking hard making her body arch into his touch.

She ran her hands over his back, digging in her short nails, making him growl. At that moment his grip tightened on her and took charge of the situation by pressing her down into the mattress.

With a snap of elastic her panties were gone and his fingers delved inside her heat in quick rough motions. Her body unwittingly moved against his hand as she let him have his way with her. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

How had she gotten into this mess? He was doing sinful things to her body and she was enjoying every second of it. It was like her Gran told her when she was younger; the road to darkness was a journey not a light switch.

And boy was he takin’ her on a journey. One she’d most likely never forget. She was pulled from her thoughts when he thrust his length into her in one movement.

Sookie’s sweat slicked body arched against him at his sudden entrance. A delicious ache filled her as he started moving inside of her, picking up the pace when she lifted her hips against his. He groaned, her body latching onto him like a vacuum.

He moved inside of her, hips thrusting hard as he quickened his pace. He could feel her inner walls clenching and pulsating around him. He reached between them, thumb pressing against her clit as she cried out muscles contracting around him, milking him as she came.

Eric growled, his fangs appearing as he brought his face down and clamped onto the side of her neck. Sharp teeth pierced her skin as he slammed into her body one more time before following her over the edge come spilling inside of her.

Their bodies stilled, as Sookie caught her breath, her mind finally coming down from its high and processing what she’d just done. She swallowed hard as she met his eyes. Pools of green stared back at her, his voice tinged with barley restrained possession as he spoke.

“You’re mine now Sookie…only mine.”

And as she gazed at him she couldn’t help the chill that went through her. Sookie sighed. She had a feeling that things were about to get very complicated.


  1. She had a feeling that things were about to get very complicated.

    Oops... LOL

    That was lovely... I'd use better words but I have a headache and it's past midnight and I have a head full of Dean...



  2. DragonflyLady-

    Hehe this was my first ever True Blood story that I wrote for one of my best friends. Hehe so glad you liked it!



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