August 13, 2010

Dropping in Unannounced

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Dropping in Unannounced
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe, Bart
Word Count: 1085
Prompt: “Oliver catches Bart with Chloe’s panties.” written for Brittany2922

Chloe stood in front of the mirror necklace in hand as she attempted to fix the clasp at the base of her neck. She bit her lip slightly as she felt her finger slide against the opening. She was in the process of slipping the hoop through the opening when a gush of wind startled her making her drop part of the necklace.

Chloe let out a frustrated sigh. Oliver was going to be there in less than ten minutes and she still wasn’t ready. She really didn’t have time to deal with Clark and his issues at the moment. She spoke and turned eyes on the piece of jewelry in her hands.

“Whatever it is Clark, it’s going to have to wait I’m on my--”

She stopped and her eyes met the grinning face in front of her. Bart’s eyes ran over her body before he whistled and spoke.

“Hey there mamacita lookin’ good.”

He winked and Chloe chuckled as she moved forward and pulled him into a hug.

“It’s good to see you Bart. What are you doing here? Is everything okay? Did something happen?”

He watched as her brows furrowed and the smile left her face as worry took over the petite blonde’s demeanor. He shook his head in an attempt to dispel her concern.

“Nah everything is good. Sorry for droppin’ in unannounced. I was hoping I could get a copy of that report for Victor from the mission we ran in Japan last week.”

Chloe nodded.

“Sure. Give me a sec and let me find it. Why don’t you go in the kitchen and grab something to drink. I think there might be cookies on the counter. I wouldn’t recommend eating them though. They were Lois’s third batch, but they didn’t really come out any better than the first two.”

Bart laughed as he sped into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He could hear Chloe moving about in her room papers rustling as he sped towards the couch. Right before he sat down he felt his hip hit something and then heard a thump.

He glanced over his shoulder and caught sight of an upturned basket full of clothes. He must have knocked it down. Bart reached down and as he was lifting the basket up he caught sight of a pair of deep blue thong panties, lace trimming the edge.

He swallowed hard and looked toward Chloe’s bedroom before glancing back at the ground. He hesitantly lifted the delicate fabric in his hand, fingers coming in contact with the soft cotton. He was holding a pair of Chloe’s panties in his hand.

Holy crap. Panties that were simple yet sexy and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. He stood slowly the small scrap of fabric dangling from his index finger right as the apartment door was pushed open.

“Hey Sidekick, I brought you something from Germany that I think you are gonna have lots of fun with. Sorry I’m a little late I was---Oh Bart…hey.”

Bart’s eyes met Oliver’s as he gulped.

“A…heya bossman.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I needed the reports from the Japan mission…you?”

Oliver grinned.

“I’m taking Chloe out for…what’s that in your hand?”

Bart pulled his hands behind his back and took a step towards the couch.

“Nothing…I uh water…I was having a glass of water.”

Oliver squinted his eyes and glanced around the room, as Bart’s gaze darted between the taller man and the laundry basket. He opened his mouth and Oliver spoke.

“Are those Chloe’s panties?”

“What? Of course not…I’m not holding any panties.”

“Show me your hands.”





The younger man sighed and pulled his hands out from behind his back. Oliver glared at Bart as he took a step forward yanking the cottony fabric away from him. He scowled voice hard as he spoke.

“What were you doing with Chloe’s panties?”


“Hey Bart I found the—Oh hey Ollie you’re here. I’ll be ready in two minutes.”

Oliver held up the panties and Chloe raised an eyebrow.

“Were you going through my laundry?”

Oliver grunted and pointed to Bart.

“No, he was.”

Bart’s eyes widened as Chloe frowned at him and he shook his head frantically.

“No, no I wasn’t. I knocked into the basket by mistake…they fell out. I was just…picking them up. I swear.”

He held up his arms and Chloe’s face softened.

“I believe you. Here, it’s the reports.”

He took the papers and Chloe smiled. He gave her half a smile back as he attempted to ignore the daggers Oliver was shooting his way.

“Uh I guess I’ll just go…”

Chloe opened her mouth, but Oliver cut her off and motioned to the open door.

“Good idea.”

“See ya later Chloelicious…bossman.”

There was another whoosh of air and he was gone. Oliver slammed the door behind him and turned to Chloe who was trying to hide her smile. She closed the distance between them and placed a light kiss against his lips. He returned it and relaxed against her. She took a step back and she held out her hand.

“Well let’s have them.”

Oliver grinned and held the panties out of her reach dangling from his finger.

“You mean these?”


He looked at them and turned the soft material over in his hand before she reached up on her tippy toes and pulled them from his grasp. She shook her head before turning and tossing them back in the basket. He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her middle.

“It took me a minute to figure out what he was holding…I haven’t seen those before, are they new?”

She spun so she was facing him and lifted her arms around his neck.

“They are.”

“Hmm…interesting and these panties…did they happen to come with a matching bra?”

She leaned up, warm breath against his mouth as she spoke seductively.

“As a matter of fact they did.”

He grinned against her neck before placing a kiss there.

“Any other new items I should know about?”

She pushed away from him and grinned.

“I dunno, we’ll just have to see how dinner goes and then maybe you’ll find out.”

She winked as she lifted her purse off the counter and walked toward the front door. She spoke over her shoulder.

“You coming?”

“Hopefully I will be,” mumbled Oliver as he grinned to himself and trailed behind her out the door.


  1. I love this one-shot. Oliver catching Bart handling Chloe's panties is just too much fun.

  2. Lol really really funny :)


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