August 25, 2010

Waking Up in Vegas (1/15)

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Waking up in Vegas
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: ? (so far it's close to 13,000 words)
Part: 1/15
Prompt: “A mistake is simply another way of doing things” from Miss_Morrygan


A light insistence buzzing noise sounded in Chloe’s ear making her shift and groan as she turned over burying her head further into her pillow. She felt the bed move, an arm tightening its hold around her making her eyes pop open.

Her heart started pounding in her chest and she lifted her head confusion settling on her face as she glanced around the unfamiliar room. Where the hell was she and why did it feel like she’d been hit by a two ton truck?

She pushed the heavy arm off of her causing the body next to her to grumble and burry both hands under the pillow his head was on. She slid out of the bed and padded through the room looking for the bathroom. She found a door on the left side of the bed, pushed it open and shut it behind her. She flipped on the light and winced.

Chloe turned on the faucet, eyes squinting as she splashed some cold water on her face. Her head was throbbing. She shut the water and ran her hands over her face while glancing at her reflection. What she saw in the mirror caused her eyes to widen.


His head jerked up at his girlfriend’s startled cry and he stumbled out of the bed stubbing his toe on the side table. He swore as he glanced around the room confused. Where the hell was he?

He made his way to the door next to his side of the bed and pushed it open as he rubbed his eyes frown on his face. He hid from the light and spoke in a sleep addled voice.

“What’s wrong? Is everything okay?”

She was wide awake now and almost positive she was having some kind of panic attack.

“No Oliver, everything is not okay. What the hell is this?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose and blinked a few times trying to wake himself up. Chloe’s shrill voice was hurting his head, which was already pounding.

“What is what?”

She glared at him and pointed to the hand she was holding in front of his face. He caught a glint on her finger and raised an eyebrow at the large diamond he saw sitting there.

“Uh, a ring?”

She slapped him on his arm and his brows furrowed.

“Ow! Chloe cut it out. What is your problem?”

She gaped at him, glanced at her finger and then looked back at him.

“I have a diamond ring on my finger Oliver. A diamond ring. Do you not see my problem? What happened last night? Where the hell are we?”

He opened his mouth and shut it quickly before looking around the room. He caught sight of a bar of soap, reached over lifting it off the counter and read the wrapping on it. He gulped and held it up a nervous smile on his face. She wasn’t gonna like this.

“Apparently we’re at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.”

Chloe gripped the sink, knuckles going white.

“Oh my god…do you think…I mean…”

Her voice trailed off as panicked eyes met his and she continued in a whisper.

“Did we get…married last night?”

He turned the soap around in his hand when he noticed what looked like a silver band on his ring finger. Oh yeah, she was definitely going to freak out. He held one hand out, palm up in what was meant to be a calming gesture.

“Now Chloe…don’t freak out.”

She bent at the waist hands holding her sides as she took several quick breaths, her chest clenching tightly.

ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod

Oliver reached out placing a large hand on her arm when her body shot up, eyes turning to slits as she started whacking him. He backed out of the bathroom attempting to get away from her flying arms. Who knew someone so tiny could be so lethal.

Ouch Jesus Chloe, cut it out! Would you stop!”

He glared at her as he gripped her arms and yanked her forward against his chest, trapping her arms beneath his as she struggled to get away.

“Let go.”

“Not until you calm down. In order to figure out what happened I need you to calm down. Can you do that for me?”

She took a few deeps breaths before nodding.


He nodded and let her go. She moved back and plopped down on the bed, pout on her face. Oliver glanced around the room taking note of the clothes strewn haphazardly across the floor and furniture. The room was big, and well furnished, which was the first odd thing he noticed.

Not that he didn’t travel in style, he most certainly did, but normally when he went away with Chloe she didn’t like him flashing his money around so they always went for the more downplayed rooms and accommodations.

Next he glanced down at Chloe, taking note of her attire for the first time. He swallowed hard at the sight she presented. She was wearing a shear white negligee with beaded straps and a plunging neckline that stopped not far above her belly button a single strip of silk under her breasts holding it together. With a beaded heart dangled from it.

Chloe glanced up when he didn’t say anything and frowned.


He shook his head and gave her a small grin.

“You look kinda hot.”

She seemed startled by his comment and glanced at herself before blushing. She stood up crossing her arms over her chest and gave him a reprimanding look.

“Oliver, now really isn’t the time for that. You were right. We need to think about this calmly and rationally. Try to retrace our steps. Starting off with why in the world are we in Las Vegas to begin with.”

He nodded before walking over to the bathroom door, pulling down a robe and handing it to her. She nodded her thanks, pulled it on and started searching the room. She glanced over the contents of the dresser and froze.

She lifted the piece of paper in shaky hands as she called out to him.



She turned and held up the paper. He nodded, picked up what looked like a DVD box from the bedside table, and held it up to her. They spoke in unison.

“We got married.”


It was official she was freaking out. She sat at the wet bar in the room watching Oliver talk on the phone as he paced back and forth in front of the conference room in their suite.
Apparently not only had they gotten married last night, but Oliver purchased the Cosa Bella Wedding Package, which was the most expensive package at the Bellagio. If that wasn’t bad enough he’d proceeded to upgrade it so instead of the penthouse suit that comes with the package they were staying in the presidential suit.

After realizing what happened they had gotten dressed and Oliver was attempting a little damage control. Her cell phone buzzed again in her hand but she ignored it. Chloe had 87 messages and she was dreading listening to them.

Oliver clicked the phone off and sighed before sitting across from her at the bar. She raised an eyebrow and he pursed his lips before speaking.

“So do you want the bad news first or the worse news?”

She groaned.

“What about the good news?”

“The good news is that I’ve got my PR people all over this and things should be calm enough for us to head back to Star City in a day, two days tops.”

She frowned.

“Star City?”

He nodded and smiled.

I Miss Sullivan figured out how we got here. Well technically my secretary told me, but I remembered some of it afterwards.”

“Care to share with the class?”

“You remember flying out to Star City for the charity Gala the other night?”

“I remember you practically forcing me to come for the gala yes.”

“Technicalities…anyway I had a meeting with a prospective business partner here at the Bellagio last night and I took you with me. I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but I’m going to go ahead and say we drank a bit too much and wound up getting hitched.”

“You think?”

He grunted and she motioned to the phone.

“Bad news?”

He winced before meeting her eyes.

“Well last night in our drunken stupor we thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of all the services the wedding package offered…including the live broadcast of our nuptials on the internet.”

Her eye’s bulged, mouth dropping open. He cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck.

“Looks like we’re one the top ten most watched videos on YouTube.”

He let out a small laugh and she shook her head as she stood and started pacing in front of him, voice hard when she spoke.

“How can you laugh at this? Oliver this is serious. We are married. Do you realize how big of a deal that is? I don’t like my life splashed on the front page of the news and if Lois calls me one more time I might actually scream.”

He wiped the smile off his face and took a moment to take in her demeanor. Her hands were fidgeting with each other as she bit her lip and moved around erratically. He knew she was scared, but he had hoped that if they could discuss this they’d be able to work it out and now…well he wasn’t so sure.

He reached over and took her hand pulling her gently towards him so she was standing between his legs. He nudged her under the chin and she glanced up as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“I know this is unexpected, but--”

“Unexpected? Oliver this was a mistake.”

He frowned. Okay yeah, so maybe he didn’t plan on getting drunk and marrying her in some hotel in Las Vegas, but that didn’t mean his feelings were any less real or that the idea of marriage hadn’t popped into his head.

He wasn’t going to let her run away from this, from him. He knew she was afraid, but they’d been together for three years now. That was a record for him and he knew it was one for her too. This wasn’t the type of thing that just ended, this was the type of relationship that lasted.

He cleared his throat and spoke, voice soft, but confident.

“Chloe…a mistake is simply another way of doing things.”

Confusion settled on her face.

“Wait…are you suggesting that this,” she motioned between them, “marriage not be taken care of?”

“Taken care of?”

“Oliver! We need to get an annulment.”

He gave her a thoughtful look.

“I’m pretty sure in order to get an annulment there can be no consummation of the marriage and knowing me, we consummated the hell out of it last night.”

She glared, hand on hip.

“Then we lie.”

“Now Chloe, it’s against the law to lie in a court of law.”

“Olive Jonas…”

Chloe Anne…”

She threw up her hands in the air.

“Gah, you’re insane! We are not staying married. We’ll just…get a divorce.”

She moved away from him and he leaned back in his stool against the bar, arms crossed over his chest.

“I refuse to sign divorce papers.”

She whipped around indignation on her face.

“So help me God Oliver.”

He shrugged.

“I won’t agree to a divorce.”

“You can’t trap me in a marriage I never wanted!”

Her voice echoed through the large room and she saw the hurt cross his face. Hurting Oliver was the last thing she wanted to do. She cared about him, loved him even, but marriage was a big deal. It seemed like all it did was ruin good relationships. And she didn’t want anything ruining what she had with Oliver. He meant too much to her.

“Wow…tell me how you really feel Sidekick.”

She sighed, her anger deflating.


“Seriously Chloe…is the thought of being my wife that repulsive?”

She moved so she was back between his legs and cupped his face in her hands as she met his eyes.

“No…of course not Ollie. It’s just…why fix something that isn’t broken? We’re happy, why do we need marriage?”

He shook his head.

“It’s not that we need it Chlo, because we don’t, but I want it. You know me…the real me. All I’ve ever wanted is a family. You and me…we’re it. You had to know that. You had to know that eventually I’d want it all.”

Tears pooled in her eyes as she looked away from him. She had known, but she just didn’t expect it so soon. Her voice was soft.

“I’m scared.”

He smiled.

“I know. It might not seem like it, but I’m a little scared too. Just give it a chance…give us a chance and I promise I’ll do my best to never disappoint you. I can’t promise we’ll always be happy or that we’ll never have problems, but I can promise I’ll always do everything I can to be there for you. What’dya say? Wanna stay married to me?”

A small grin appeared on her face and he tilted his head to the side, eyebrow raised. She sighed.

“I’m so going to regret this.”

He smirked and pulled her closer hands clasped right above the curve of her ass.

“Nah, you and me Professor, we make a good team.”


Oliver was inside the conference room, doors closed as he spoke to the Board of Queen Industries who’d called an emergency meeting via conference call to discuss his latest rash of ‘youthful incidents’ and how they would affect the company. They were pretty pissed with the whole marriage debacle and Chloe supposed she couldn’t blame them.

She bit her lip and glanced away from Oliver towards her blinking cell phone. She couldn’t hide forever she was going to have to start calling people back. She might as well start with Lois. Chloe took a deep breath, lifted her phone and pressed her speed dial for Lois.

It rang once before the line was picked up and her cousin was barreling question after question at her.

“It’s about time you called me. What the hell is going on Chloe? You leave town to go to a charity Gala in Star City and you decide to get married? Do you know that you and Ollie made the news?”

Chloe winced.

“Oh god, The Planet picked it up?”

“Every damn paper in a hundred mile radius picked it up! Oliver Queen playboy billionaire marries his…what the hell are you at Queen Industries again?”

Chloe groaned as Lois kept on talking.

“I can’t believe you married him, but what I really can’t believe is that you didn’t invite me or Smallville! You’re my baby cousin…I would have walked you down the damn isle all you had to do was ask! Jeez I don’t know why the two of you insist on doing things the hard way.”

Confusion crossed Chloe’s face as she listened to Lois rant. Her cousin wasn’t pissed that she married Oliver…she was pissed that she hadn’t been invited to the wedding. Did everyone think this would inevitably happen but her?

“Lois take a breath. And this thing it was not planned not in the slightest. Oliver had a business meeting in Vegas last night. We had a little too much to drink and one thing lead to another…neither of us knew this was gonna happen.”

Lois snorted and Chloe could almost see her rolling her eyes.

“Oh yeah? Tell me cuz if this wasn’t planned where’d you get that pretty little rock of yours? Rings like that take more than a six hour window at Vegas to commission. In your drunken stupor last night, and by the way nice dress, you were flashing it all over. I had it appraised this morning from the photo. The jeweler said he couldn’t be sure until he saw it in person, but it was definitely a specialty design.”

Chloe’s mouth dropped as she glanced back toward the conference room, Oliver moving around like a caged animal, waving his arms irritation on his face. It looked like his meeting wasn’t going as well as he had hoped. Too bad for him, his day was about to get a little worse.

“Lois I’m going to have to call you back.”


She pushed the end button, tossed her phone on the table and walked towards the room with purpose. She pushed open the door and a barrage of noise assaulted her. She could hear several different voices going on about Oliver’s lack of restraint and idiotic behavior.

How his father never should have left him in charge of the company and how he was going to run it into the ground with all his scandals. Oliver pinched the bridge of his nose and a sudden wave of sympathy hit her. He was in hear arguing with all the suits on their behalf.

He was defending their relationship to a bunch of stock holding bastards and she was coming in here to rip him a new one for staging a drunken wedding when she wasn’t even positive that was the case. She let out a sigh and he glanced up startled.

“Now’s not a great time Sidekick…”

Chloe cleared her throat and the men on the phone must have realized someone else was in the room.

“Excuse me…gentleman. I know you all enjoy verbally berating my husband, but maybe you should turn it down a notch.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow amusement coloring his face as she planted her hands on the table and leaned towards the phone.

“I’ve been following the tabloids and handling most of his PR work from afar for the past few years and Oliver hasn’t had a scandal in quite some time. He was due for one and I kind of hate being lumped into the scandal category anyway. Our relationship has hardly been a secret for the past year and a half.”

She felt Oliver’s hand come to rest on the small of her back as he spoke more calmly then he’d been before.

“Chloe’s right. She’s worked with Queen Industries for the past five years. We’ve been friends for six years and we’ve been exclusively dating for three of those years. The marriage itself was…unplanned and slightly botched, but it isn’t something either of us regret. When we make out way back to Star City I will personally speak to anyone who is questioning our union.”

There was silence from the men on the other end of the line before Jack Wilson, the head of the board spoke.

“We’ll need to discuss this matter further in private when you return to Star City. When do you plan on making your way back?”

Oliver glanced at Chloe and she shrugged. He cleared his throat before speaking.

“Probably a day or so.”

“Right well we’ll set up a tentative for meeting Monday morning at 8 a.m.”

“I will see you gentleman then.”

There were a few short goodbyes and then the line went dead. Oliver pressed the end button and sighed. Chloe rubbed his arm lightly and he gave her a tired smile.

“Thanks for coming to my rescue Sidekick.”

“Anytime hero…listen I know you’ve got a lot going on, but I have something I need to ask you.”

Oliver grinned, pulled her against him, and placed a light kiss against her neck.

“Ask away Mrs. Queen.”

She paused at that and pulled away from him slightly. He raised an eyebrow as her brows furrowed.

“Wow…that sounds so…weird.”

He chuckled and she shook her head to get her thoughts back on track as nimble fingers rubbed circles on her hips, Chloe motioned to the ring on her hand.

“I know you don’t really remember last night either, but Lois seems to think the ring on my finger is an original design. Any chance she’s right about that?”

The smile left Oliver’s face and he pursed his lips together. Her body tensed and she moved out of his arms. He reached for her, but she shook her head.

“I can explain.”

“Let’s have it then.”

“Okay…I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I might have bought a ring a few weeks ago, but I had every intention of waiting until you were ready. I swear this was not planned.”

She smirked.

“I never said it was.”

“You’ve got that look. I don’t know what Lois has been filling your head with but it’s not true. If this had been planned our friends would have been a part of it.”

She studied him carefully and then dropped her arms from her chest in defeat. He tilted his head to the side and she rolled her eyes.

“Fine, fine I believe you.”

He grinned and walked back over, pulling her into his arms. She lifted hers around his neck as he spoke.

“I say we hang out here for another day and bask in newlywed bliss. We can head back to the real world on Monday.”


“Come on Chlo’. Take a minute. You and I are married…married. Think it’s possible we enjoy it a little bit before we go into panic mode?”

Chloe bit her lip lightly as she stared at the warm smile on his face. He was happy and even though she was freaking out on the inside, the truth was there wasn’t anyone else she could see herself married to. Oliver was it for her. She took a deep breath and smiled as her arms tightened around his neck.

“Okay Romeo, you win. Show this girl what a honeymoon is all about.”

He smirked and she squealed in surprise as he lifted her up and over his shoulder as he headed out of the office and toward the bedroom. He slapped her ass and she chuckled at his caveman tendencies as he spoke.

“We’re doing this Queen style. I need Strawberries, whip cream, chocolate sauce, and tequila.”

He tossed her on the bed as he lifted the hotel phone to his ear. Chloe raised an amused eyebrow.


“For body shots of course.”

“Because we didn’t drink enough last night?”

“It’s a new day Sidekick. Live a little.”

She laughed as he enthusiastically ordered an assortment of desserts which she was certain would be all over the sheets by the end of the day, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Because yesterday Chloe Sullivan had married Oliver Queen…and though she wouldn’t admit it, the thought alone warmed her heart.


  1. Loved it! I am so glad you are posting another multi-chapter fic. I mean you wrote so much already. For a minute I had to go back and make sure it wasn't a one shot. It really seemed like on story.

    You know must people would have made the story about Chloe being unable to deal with it and then them deciding to stay married in the end. But I like how you didn't go that path. They dealt with that already and decided they wanted to be married. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with this.

  2. This was awesome... there is more of these right???
    post soon..

  3. Omg!!!!!! This is super awesome. I loved the entire dynamic of this.

  4. I really aww'd at this...
    i liked the idea of Oliver planning it but I really loved that he said he wouldnt sign the divorce papers.

  5. Omg how adorable! I love that Ollie has been thinking of marrying her.

  6. Calie15-

    I'm so glad you are enjoying this so far! Have I mentioned I <3 you? I feel like we haven't talked in ages! Haha

    Yeah I wanted the prologue to sort of stand alone. Because when chapter one starts they've skipped a few days and the story is told from that point on.

    Chloe will NOT be running away. They will obviously have some issues and there will be some drama, but not with her running away from him.

    The issue of the marriage will still come up, but I'm hoping you'll like the route I took with it. Thanks so much for reviewing love!


    Thanks so much! Yes there is a lot more LoL


    Yay! I'm so so glad you enjoyed this! I appreciate the kind words about their dynamic! :-)


    Haha yeah Oliver is nuts like that. He'd totally return the divorce papers haha. Glad you liked the start of this!


    Yay for adorable Ollie! Hehe :-D Thanks for ready love I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  7. I adore all the nicknames in this the banter, the antics and expressions. Chloe about the call him on his real plan but caving when she realized he was already defending them to the men who helped build his father's company. Men he respected, who he wanted to now respect his wife. :D This was so sweet. I was grinning and smirking nearly the whole way though. The characterizations were perfect. Love it. It would have done fine as one shot, but I'm glad you're continuing their story into domestic bliss. Although I'm sure it will be a bit bumpy.

    Drunk Oliver and Chloe logic behind the broadcasts. Saves a lot of phonecalls and unnecessary long conversations when their time can be used for much more fun and necessary business say, between the sheets!

  8. Okay forget it...This blogger isn't letting me post what I want. Great story.

    Little bit confused by your Chloe because of know.

    One question: Did you have inside knowledge? Really did you? ;)

  9. @justbeyourself Awww I'm sorry blogger isn't working for you :( It can be temperamental sometimes :(

    What are you confused about? Maybe I can help :) And it's funny you should ask that. It's possible I did know Chloe's return storyline :)

    Thanks for the comment!


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