August 10, 2010

You Were Right

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Title: You Were Right
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver-Centric implied Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,140
Warning: Angst
Prequel: We're Real

Oliver paused before stepping through the double doors, his arm reaching up and flicking the switch on the wall by the entrance. Fluorescent lights illuminated every corner of the large room, drowning it in a glow that made his eyes hurt.

His gaze briefly strayed to the right, taking in the broken computer equipment. He swallowed hard and took a few steps forward. It was late, but somehow he always found himself making his way here at night. Oliver thought maybe it was because he felt closer to her here.

Almost like if he was standing in the same space she used to occupy he’d be able to figure out where she was and how to bring her home. Five months, three weeks, four days, seventeen hours, and twenty-seven minutes. That was how long he’d been searching for her.

In another hour or so she’d be missing for 172 days. Their team thinks he’s gone off the edge, they may be right, but even if they were it didn’t matter. Oliver would not stop until he brought her home where she belonged.

His eyes settled on her desk and he slowly made his way over to it, hands in his pockets. He sat down, reaching up wiping the dust away. No matter how much he cleaned the surface, the next night a new layer of dust would settle, almost as if to prove no one had been working there all day. His hands went to the draw on the left side of her desk, pulling it open, his jaw clenching when he catches sight of the plane white envelope.

His hand shook, fingers curling around it as he lifted it from the draw. Oliver knew he shouldn’t open it…not again. It’s not as if the words would change. He was only torturing himself, at least that’s what the others said.

But he couldn’t help it. The paper was worn, words slightly smudged, no doubt from the amount of times he’d read it. He knew it by heart, probably didn’t even have to look down at it to recite it word for word, but he did anyway.

He liked seeing the curl of her handwriting, the places she hesitated with the pen, or that she rushed over while writing. It was proof that she’d been there, proof that she loved him, and proof that he wasn’t crazy, because some days he wondered.

His eyes slid to the top of the letter and as he went through it he could swear the sound of her voice echoed through his head, reading along with him.



A splotch of water hit the note smearing the small heart near her name. He reached up touching his cheeks. He hadn’t even felt the tears come. By now he thought for sure he wouldn’t have any tears left to shed, but he was obviously wrong.

He looked up and glanced around at their desolate looking headquarters and his jaw tightened. She’d be disappointed in him. He hadn’t been strong for the team. He fought with them…yelled…screamed…said horrible things and yet for some reason they still stuck around.

He thinks maybe they understand his loss better then he originally thought. Bart still speeds around everywhere, but he’s missing that grin that everyone used to think was contagious. That spark that made him Bart. Lois is gone…on an assignment overseas that she couldn’t get out of.

But he thinks it’s just too hard for her to be here knowing Chloe isn’t. Victor hasn’t looked at a computer the same way since he found out she was gone. He does his job quietly, no one there to talk to anymore who understands what he does completely.

A.C and Dinah don’t come to town much, but they still check in with Victor on a regular basis. He knows loosing Chloe hit Dinah hard. She’d never had a female friend before his Sidekick made it her business to get involved with her. They’d made great friends, but now…Dinah had reverted back into her cold outer shell.

Clark…surprisingly was doing better than all of them. He was hurting sure, but he said focusing on becoming the hero the world needs would honor Chloe’s memory more than wallowing over an empty grave. According to him, this is what she would have wanted.

The sad part is Oliver couldn't even argue with him, because he knows he’s right. That’s just how Chloe was, putting everyone before she put herself. That’s why they were in this situation to begin with. Oliver couldn’t be sure, but he thinks maybe hidden deep down the team blames him for Chloe not being there.

They’d never say that and they’ve done nothing but try to help him and be there, but still every once in a while he’ll catch a look or a glance and he knows without a doubt the thought just ran through their head. It’s the same look he gives himself in the mirror at night.

Oliver heard a clock chime in the distance and he glanced up. He closed his eyes and waited for it to stop. The sound echoing softly. The sun would be coming up in a few hours; it was time to head home. He carefully folded the letter back up and placed it in the draw.

His joints felt stiff as he stood heading for the door once more. He took one last glance around the room and determination filled him. Chloe wasn’t dead; he didn’t care what anyone said. If she were dead he’d feel it…he’d know.

She was out there and he was going to find her and bring her home because he wasn't ready for their time to be over. They had their whole life ahead of them…this was just the beginning. He flicked the switch on the wall by the entrance plunging the room into darkness once again as he shut the doors behind him.


Outside in the distance Clark watched as the lights inside Watchtower were extinguished and he let out a heavy sigh. Every night at exactly the same time Oliver made his way to Watchtower and Clark silently held vigil outside keeping the promise he made to his best friend. The words in her letter echoing through his head.

Don’t let him do anything stupid…protect him Clark…show him he can be the hero the team needs…the hero I know he is. Don’t let him spiral down that dark path again…I need to know if I’m not there someone is looking after him…

It had been 172 days since Chloe went behind their backs and traded herself for Oliver. He’d never thought much of their relationship, but he sees now how wrong he was. Their love…it was tangible. He could feel Oliver’s pain every time he was in the same vicinity of the man.

He was pretty sure everyone could. At first Clark thought he’d move on eventually, but as the days progressed…it was the opposite. He was still patrolling…still saving people, but he was just going through the motions. Biding his time until he found Chloe, because Clark knew he was still looking.

And a part of him swelled at the thought that Chloe had found that person. Someone who would never give up on her no matter what. He hadn’t tried to stop Oliver…he thinks in order for him to move on Oliver needs the truth, needs to see with his own eyes what happened.

And Clark understands that. So he watches…and waits protecting from afar, letting Oliver do what he needs to, because if there is anyone who can find Chloe…it’s him.

Part Three: I'm Yours


  1. After "We're real", this is the 2nd time you make me cry =(
    I'm really spechless, it's so intense and heartbreaking, I really can feel Oliver's emotions (hurt,desperation)..
    Really a wonderful fic!!!!!
    I hope there'll be a 3rd one with an happy ending, right?! ;P

  2. My.

    You're making me cry here.

    This is seriously heartbreaking. And beautiful. Gosh, we need happy ending for this.

    Great work! :)

  3. I don't think I can write something remotely close to a good review right now, because I can't even see clear through all my tears. Beautiful and totally heartbreaking!

  4. Damnit, Cori. You are really testing my ability to hold back the tears with this. *deep breaths*

    This was just as beautiful and moving as the first one. I love that Chloe told him that she knew all along because I really think she did and just used her denial as a shield.

    Poor Ollie, blaming himself and assuming everyone else blames him too. I just want to hug him. (Okay, I always want to hug him, but still).

    I love that Chloe asked Clark to look out for Ollie and that he's actually doing it. I'm glad he can finally see how much they love each other. *sigh*

    Off to read the latest part...

  5. Again beautiful and sooooo sad :)


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