October 17, 2010

Being A Hero

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Being A Hero
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver, Clark implied Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1975
Prompt: Tag to Episode 10.4 ‘Homecoming’

“It’s not every day a billionaire admits to parading around in leather playing cops and robbers…why do it? Seriously were you just getting too bored sitting around counting your money and decided to play dress up and it just stuck? How does that work exactly?”

“I lost someone…she meant everything to me…”

“So what…for that you want what a merit badge and special rights?”

“No…no, you’re right I’m not special, but this isn’t about who I am…it’s about what I do. You asked me why I’m coming out to the world…and she’s why…and you asked why I’m doing this…and I don’t think I’m the first rich boy who felt that way. It was John F. Kennedy who once said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’”

“So now you’re…comparing yourself to a fallen hero of this country?”

“Well, why not? He saw the hero in all of us. I’m not dwelling on revenge for past atrocities, or looking ahead to what I can personally gain from a few tax breaks…drilling oil wells in the ocean, putting up razor-wire fences to keep out immigrants who only want what our grandparents wanted…in this world of arm chaired bloggers who’ve created a generation of critics instead of leaders I’m actually doing something. Right here…right now, for this City…for my country…and I’m not doing it alone…You’re damn right I’m a hero…and my parents…the woman I love…they’d be proud of the man I am.”

Clark leaned forward and clicked off the TV before placing the remote down gently and facing his friend. He swallowed hard at the faraway look in Oliver’s eyes as the older man brought the half-full glass to his lips, the amber liquid sloshing against the side of the glass before he consumed it in one sip.

He cleared his throat, thinking back to what Brainiac 5 had shown him yesterday during their little trip through the present and his heart clenched. “I’m sorry I didn’t return your calls…you needed a friend, and I haven’t been a very good one lately.”

Oliver tilted his head in Clark’s direction and nodded, half a smile gracing his lips, but not reaching his eyes, “It’s fine Clark…you’re here now. That’s what matter’s right?”

He nodded and gave Oliver a tight smile before glancing around the darkened office. After the interview Clark had gone back to Oliver’s apartment with him he could see how much his friend was hurting and he didn’t want to be the man that was blind to that pain anymore.

Oliver needed him, so he’d be there…help and guide him back to the hero he was because it was the right thing to do. Oliver leaned forward pouring himself another scotch, his eyes briefly moving to Clark. The expression on his face was thoughtful and Oliver wondered what was going through his head.

Oliver’s back hit the soft leather of the chair as he leaned into the cushion, his refilled glass in his hand. He stared at the blank TV, his voice conversational, “How was the reunion?”

Clark turned giving him a startled look. “Lois told you?”

Oliver gave Clark a sideways glance and swallowed hard while shaking his head, he tried to keep control of his voice when he spoke, but Clark could hear the hitch in between his words. “Chloe and I were going to go together…she didn’t want to, she said it was silly but…”

He paused shifting in his seat as the heavy feeling in his chest deepened, “I think she could see I really wanted to know that part of her…Smallville was such a big part of her life and I just wanted to see what helped make her the amazing woman she is now…you know?”

Clark swallowed the lump in his throat at the pain he heard in Oliver’s voice. “Yeah…I get it. There were a couple of reporters who were hoping she’d be there too…made a Welcome Back Chloe sign and everything…it was…weird. I didn’t really say anything to Lois but being inside those hallways again without Chloe…it just didn’t feel right.”

Oliver looked away from Clark and down at his drink, a burning sensation starting in the back of his eyes. Talking about her was hard…but he’d rather take the pain then pretend she never existed. There were signs of her all over the apartment and he’d leave them there, because taking them down was like giving up hope that she’d ever come back and that was something Oliver wasn’t ready to do yet.

Clark could see the tension building in his friends body and he sighed. Sure he missed Chloe, but it was different for Oliver. Clark knew that he cared about Chloe a lot…but he hadn’t realized how deep his friends feelings had gone.

When he first walked through the door of Oliver’s penthouse, he’d paused. It looked like Chloe had been there recently, but he knew that wasn’t possible. There were heels strewn on the living room floor, papers scattered on the coffee table…one of her favorite mugs on the kitchen counter near the coffee maker.

Her presence was strong all around them and that was the moment it had hit Clark, just how lost and alone his friend was right now. There were photos of Chloe and Oliver throughout the apartment, silly ones, sweet ones, and there was even one of the four of them that was taken at the McDougal Inn.

Why hadn’t he seen how much pain Oliver was in? Had he really become that blind to the people around him? He shook his head, his eyes once again falling on Oliver, who was staring at his drink. His hesitant voice broke the silence around them.

“She would have been proud of you, you know…if she were here to see you today standing up for what you believed in…” Oliver glanced up and Clark grinned, “though she probably would have suggested you go about it a different way…but still.”

Oliver’s lips lifted at the corner as he nodded, “She would have been pissed…I’ve got no doubt that she’s out there tonight using all kinds of creative curse words that include my name…she probably wouldn’t have wanted this…”

Clark frowned, “She used to tell me the people need a hero to believe in…that maybe it was time the world saw their hero’s…”

Oliver nodded. “Yea, she wanted that, but not like this. She wanted the blur to come forward…and Green Arrow and our other identities to come out to the world…show them we’re here to help…that we aren’t the bad guys…but without blowing our cover.”

He moistened his lips and shifted so he could meet Clark’s eyes, “She used to tell me her biggest fear was that someone would find out who we all were and they’d use that against us…they’d destroy the people we are…that knowing what’s under the mask was dangerous and that’s why she worked so hard to protect it…I wonder if she’ll ever forgive me for doing the one thing I promised her I’d never do.”

He let out a bitter chuckle as he looked away from Clark and back at his glass, “Then again…she promised she’d never leave me…so I guess now we’re even.”

Clark pursed his lips, “Oliver…I doubt Chloe’s mad at you…wherever she is. She put on Doctor Fates helmet…she had to know what was going to happen…I’m sure she saw this…and if she didn’t leave you some kind of warning then maybe…maybe this is the way things are supposed to be right now.”

Oliver nodded, “Chloe always has a plan…I just…I wish her plan included me. I know she’s doing what she’s doing to protect us…I don’t doubt her motives…or her loyalty…or her love, but doesn’t she realize I’m a better man with her by my side? I need her Clark…more than I’ve ever needed anyone.”

He closed his eyes as he leaned forward, placing the drink down on the table, voice soft and emotional, “She’s the only woman I’ve ever loved…who’s ever known every side of me and accepted it all without question. I feel…incomplete for lack of a better word. When she traded herself…it was like she took a piece of me with her…and no matter how hard I try I can’t get it back…I can’t fill that void.”

Tear filled eyes met Clarks as he shrugged, “I can pretend to be okay…but some days…waking up seems like a chore. I dream about her Clark…sleeping or awake it doesn’t matter…she’s always on my mind…like flashes of a memory…a dream that was never really there. A forgotten embrace or whispered kisses and I can’t express the pain that’s etched into my heart each time I wake up and realize it was just a dream and she’s not here beside me.”

Clark swallowed hard, he was pretty sure Oliver was expressing it just fine. He looked broken, his body worn, mind tired and over stressed and yet he still got up every day and went to work, patrolled the streets as Green Arrow and managed to save people even though it seemed like his pain was consuming him.

Clark stood, moved over to Oliver’s seat and placed a hand on the other man’s shoulder squeezing lightly. “It will get better…I can’t imagine what you’re going through…but it will get better Oliver and maybe one day when she’s ready she’ll come back to you. I’ve known Chloe practically half my life…and I’ve never seen her look at someone the way she looks at you.”

He let out a heavy breath before continuing, “I get that you’ve moved on to being slightly angry with her…but just remember if she loves you even half as much as you love her, she’s probably out there feeling the same way as you right now except she’s alone and you…well you have me, and Lois…I know it’s not the same, but we’re your friends and I’m here if you need anything.”

Oliver glanced up at the man next to him and his some of the pain ebbed out of his chest as Clark grinned down on him, “I know I’m no Chloe…but hopefully I’ll be an adequate substitute until she makes her way back.”

Oliver chuckled and shook his head a smirk playing on his lips, “Somehow I feel like you wouldn’t qualify to fill the role as placeholder…but thanks for the offer…though now I might have to tell Lois her boyfriend is hitting on me…which is awkward.”

Clark let out a light laugh as he moved back to his seat and shook his head, “Nice Oliver…but sorry you aren’t my type…I prefer brunettes.”

Oliver shrugged, “Oh well…” His face turned serious as he studied Clark, “in all seriousness though…Chloe…she can’t be replaced and I wouldn’t want her to be, but I’d never turn away a friend…so thank you Clark. I appreciate you being here…it means a lot.”

Clark smiled and nodded. “Sure…that’s what friends are for right?”

Oliver’s lip twitched, “That’s what I hear…and Clark I hope you realize that regardless of if Chloe is now staying away of her own free will or not…I’m not going to stop looking for her. She can want to stay away all she wants…but I’m gonna find her and drag her back home if I have to.”

He gave Clark an amused look, “I even started a specific mission in the league for it…’Operation Bring Back Watchtower’ goes live next week…she might have a plan, but I’ve got one too…phase one…my coming out party…complete. Now onto phase two.”

Clark felt his chest swell with pride as he heard the determination in Oliver’s voice. He was happy that Chloe finally found someone who was willing to fight for her no matter what. “What’s phase two?”

Oliver grinned, “You’ll just have to wait and see…”


  1. What a great idea you had, to have that conversation between Clark and Oliver, especially in regards to Chloe. I mean they didn't really hit on it all that well in Lazarus like you did. What you just wrote, should have happened. I suppose we have to chalk it up to 'behind the scenes'...but Clark has been on the outside of Oliver's pain every time, never really confronting Oliver about this. Being the final season, that should have happened, and you did it wonderfully.

  2. this was great! I loved the comment of them dating...I prefer brunettes...LOL...great job!

  3. Wow. Loved this! I hope that Clark actually does start stepping up to the plate for someone other than just Lois. It'd be nice to see him being a good friend to people again. Been awhile.

    Oliver's pain here is just palpable and it hurts to read, but his determination to bring her home is there, as well. Loved it. Great job.

  4. just marvelous. I loved the look into Oliver and Clark's relationship that we got in Homecoming, and this little behind-the-scenes piece was very fitting. I hope that that last line means that you're going to continue this. I would love to read it.

  5. This was amazing...I wish they would do this in the show because Clark and Oliver rarely agree and to see them talk and for Clark to see Oliver's pain and be there as a friend for once...very cool! Awesome job!

  6. This just breaks my heart. You can just feel the void and unadulterated pain that's consuming him alive, it is so real. It just took my breath away and I'm all choked up now. I'm also thrilled that the BDA has finally pulled his head out of his ass and is actually being a supportive friend for once. I would quote my favorite parts but it will be silly to repost the whole entire story. I loved every essence of it. Everything was so true to their characters, it was spot on. You do them the justice unlike the show. I'm still waiting for the day when all of the 10 chlollie fans storm Vancouver to kidnap the writers to replace them with people who know a thing or two about continuity and good plot. You think the others will be interesting in an uprising? I'm all up for starting an anarachy. Now I need some sweet and freaking Chlollie loving to cheer me up. FWB update tonight? Pretty please? You can unwrap Ollie from a shiny green bow?

  7. Ollie makes me want to cry :( I love this--in a sad sort of way. I hope Clark really does start being there for his friends, especially Oliver since he's in so much pain and he NEEDS someone to talk to. And I definitely don't want it to be Tess(as much as I love her). Sigh. This is so beautiful!

  8. This should have been on the show. It was perfect showing Olivers pain and giving Clark and Oliver friendship. It would be a great way to show Clark has matured and is a good friend.
    I love that Oliver is going to bring her home. I really wanna know what phase 2 is... hinthint. ;)
    ...though now I might have to tell Lois her boyfriend is hitting on me…which is awkward.”

  9. wow, i really, really loved this story... really amazing... congrats...


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