November 25, 2010

One Day

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Title: One Day
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Lost Girl
Pairing: Kenzi-Centric implied Sean/Kenzie
Warning: Angst
Word Count: 1020
Prompt: Tag to Season 1 Epsiode 9 of Lost Girl

The candlelight flickered against the walls of her bedroom making the shadows from the sparse amount of furniture look as if it were dancing...Kenzi lay atop the bed fully clothed staring at the nothingness in front of her as her mind unwittingly played through the events from earlier in the night.

‘I told you so…’

His last words to her echoed through her head and she sucked in a deep breath squeezing her eyes shut, shifting until her knees were pulled into her body, hands grasping the pillow under her tightly as she tried to make the images of Sean’s bloody body lying on the ground in some dingy ally go away.

But she couldn’t…his death played through her mind’s eye like a movie reel, mocking her, showing her she was stupid to believe in happy endings…foolish to have given him hope that the night could truly end in peace and nothing more.

Kenzi’s eyes clouded over with tears a small sob leaving her throat as she curled into herself more, wishing for once that things could have turned out like she hoped. They hadn’t…hell they never did so she should be used to it, but she had been convinced they’d fixed it this time…made everything right again…which just made Sean’s death that much more painful.

It had only been one day…she’d spent less than twelve hours with Sean Cavenaugh, but that was all it had taken for him to get under her skin…for her to open up to a complete stranger. It wasn’t something she normally did, if anything Kenzi was overly cautious. She didn’t trust many people…but there was just something about him…and now…he was gone.

Bo had stayed on the couch with her for close to an hour, just holding her until the tears ran out and the fact that she stayed…whispering words of comfort had only made Kenzi cry harder. Until she met Bo…she’d never had that. She’d never had someone to hold her tell her everything was going to be okay…to brush her tears away, stroke her hair and be there for her unconditionally.

Kenzi wasn’t na├»ve, if anyone knew that life wasn’t all candy canes and gumdrops it was her. When she was five her Father had baled leaving her with an alcoholic Mother who cared more about her booze than she did about her own daughter.

So after years of being her Mother’s punching bag both verbally and physically, when Kenzi was fourteen she ran away and had been on her own ever since, looking out for herself because she knew no one else would.

She didn’t have much faith in the goodness of people, but when someone proved to be the kind of person she could trust, she was an unfailingly loyal friend. She shifted reaching up to wipe away the tears angrily. This wasn’t her. She wasn’t the type of person who dwelled on the bad things that happened in her life.

Shit happens, that was a motto she practically lived by. She didn’t let it bring her down. Kenzi refused to dwell on things she couldn’t be changed, but this…it shouldn’t have happened. She didn’t know why she let Sean in…why she trusted him.

It had started out as something to do to pass the time while Bo and Dyson hunted down the poor sap who was gonna bite the dust, but something changed along the way and it was almost like she could see the purity of his intentions…the goodness in him. It sounded strange and almost comical even to her.

But Sean just exuded something that made Kenzi comfortable with him. Whether it was his naivety or his warm heart she didn’t know. But when she’d seen him wallowing at the bar she felt this need to be there for him, to help him through it. To hell with destiny…

And even though he hadn’t believed her words at the time he went along with every task she set out for him. Not once complaining, only living for the moment and enjoying every second he had left. The hope on his face when he’d finally reconciled with his brother, his whispered words to her as his arms enveloped her.

It had touched her in a way that was different…unexpected, but not unpleasant. As they were walking out of the club before she and Bo started to talk, he took her hand and mentioned something about grabbing dinner after they said goodbye to his brother, which Bo and Dyson had seconded.

Another wave of moisture pooled in her eyes as she remembered the smile he’d given her before squeezing her hand and falling behind to walk with his brother. To Kenzi, it still seemed so unreal. Everything had happened so fast…and then he was gone.

She couldn’t really place what went down after it happened. There was a flurry of activity and when it was all over Dyson had driven them home. A slight shiver ran up her spine and she couldn’t hold back the next sob that left her throat as she laid there beating herself up over her incredibly girly behavior.

She felt the bed dip as Bo climbed onto it from behind, draping an arm over her midsection. Kenzi’s palm found Bo’s and she placed it over her hand as the flood gates once again opened. An exorbitant amount of tears streaming from her.

It had been one day…one day. And she couldn’t understand how she’d gotten so attached in such a short amount of time. It made her think back to something she’d once read.

‘People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Some come into our lives and quickly go and others stay for awhile leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.’

At the time she’d thought it was stupid. She’d snorted at its preposterousness…but now she found herself thinking maybe they’d known what they were writing about after all. She hadn’t known Sean for long, but she knew no matter what she did or where she went he’d be in her heart forever.

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