December 13, 2010


Banner By: Andrea
Title: Intolerant
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe, Clark/Lois
Word Count: 1715
Prompt: “No Towels” from Lynzie914

Lois Lane could tolerate a lot of things; sneaky sources, car bombs, being thrown off buildings, and even her fiancé of five months being Superman. But the one thing she could not and would not tolerate was being stood up by her favorite cousin, especially when it was due to certain blonde billionaire boyfriends not respecting the sanctity of girl time.

It had been a long few weeks and with all the commotion and attacks on Metropolis recently she and Chloe hadn’t had much free time lately, so Oliver being the nice person that she used to think he was took her, Clark and Chloe away for the week to a private Villa in the Caribbean.

Clark and Oliver said they’d be able to find something to do while the girls pampered themselves at the local spa on the island. And of course Lois had been excited at first, planning facials, massages and mani, pedi’s…that was until her cousin kept conveniently missing all their appointments.

At first Chloe made excuses saying she got caught up or she was at the gym, but this afternoon Lois caught Chloe in the act and now knew exactly what had been making her cousin late and or absentee. And that something liked to run around Metropolis in green leather and tights.

Well Lois was done playing nice. Clark had tried to stop her, said she was being silly and that they were on a romantic island she should be spending time with him, but Lois didn't want to hear it.

She made her way out the back of the villa, walking down to the private beach where she could hear her cousin’s laughter floating across the empty beach. It was late and Chloe was supposed to meet her inside for a movie marathon and some vegging a half hour ago.

Lois ducked down as she descended into the sand, hiding behind a large rock as she glanced out onto the darkened beach, narrowing her eyes until she could see the ocean. And there they were, skinny dipping and splashing each other like a couple of teenagers.

Under normal circumstance Lois would think their antics were amusing…adorable even, but not tonight. Her cousin had stood her up for the last time. She slouched down moving across the sand to where their clothes lay piled on their towels.

She rolled one up, then the other gripping them in her hands as a mischievous smirk settled onto her lips. Looked like someone was going to get a surprise when they finally decided to come up for air. Lois headed back towards the villa, bundles in hand as she pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number of the resort they were staying at.

“Yes hi…I’m staying in one of the private villas on the island and I went out to get some fresh air on the patio when I saw two people swimming naked on the beach! Oh yes…please…thank you so much.”

Lois grinned and she shut her phone pushing it back into her pocket. She pulled open the back door, smirk on her lips as she mumbled to herself pleasantly. “That’ll teach you to blow me off.”


Chloe wound her arm around Oliver’s neck a grin on her face as his head dipped down lips pressing against her pulse point. “Mm Ollie we really should head inside…I’m supposed to be having a movie marathon with Lois…you know that.”

He shrugged as he pulled her closer, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist bringing their bodies flush against each other. He groaned at the contact, his lips moving to capture hers before shifting back and mating their foreheads together.

“We never get to take vacation’s together Sidekick…just a little longer…please?”

He pouted, giving her the most pathetic puppy eyes she’d ever seen and Chloe sighed, shaking her head. “You’re horrible…five more minutes Oliver I’m serious. Lois is feeling extremely neglected and that’s never a good thing.”

He grinned and nodded as his lips found her neck and moving down to her chest, his words punctuated by sucking kisses across the top of her breasts. “Lois. Can. Wait.”

Chloe groaned as he proceeded to lavish her body with attention. Five minutes had turned into ten, which had turned into fifteen. They had just broken apart from each other’s bodies when they heard the sirens. Oliver frowned glancing towards the beach as he caught sight of a small jeep with flashing lights ridding along the shore.

He opened his mouth to say something when someone in the jeep stood, a megaphone in hand. “The beach is closed, please come out of the water, hands in the air where we can see them.”

Chloe’s mouth dropped open, a look of horror on her face as she gripped Oliver’s bicep. “Oh my god…is that the police…here? For us?”

Oliver gulped as they made their way out of the jeep and stood at the edge of the water. He let out a nervous chuckle, “I’m gonna go with yeah…well shit this wasn’t in my original plan.”

Chloe slipped further under the water, panic in her voice. “What are we going to do? Can you see our clothes from here? Oh my god…this isn’t going to be in the papers is it?”

Oliver winced, he hoped not. It certainly wouldn’t look good for the reformed image that he’d been displaying lately. He could hear them speaking again telling them to get out of the water and he sighed.

“Stay here I’m gonna swim in and talk to them real quick.”


But he was already heading for the shore. She watched him walk out of the surf, water dripping off his naked ass, hands in the air as he spoke and motioned towards her before turning back to the men in front of him. They stood there for a few minutes before they led Oliver onto the beach and she watched as he glanced around the sand.

She frowned as he motioned around and one of the men shoved him and pointed back to the water. She could see them arguing and she started to make her way back to the beach pausing just before the water lifted from her breasts.

Oliver called out to her, “Stop…do not come out of the water yet.” He glared at the man in front of him and Chloe couldn’t hear what he said but the man paled, then turned reaching into the jeep and pulling out a shirt and shorts.

He tossed them at Oliver who pulled the shorts on before walking to the end of the water, shirt in hand as the small waves crashed over his feet. Chloe arched an eyebrow and he motioned for her to walk towards him. He met her half-way until the water was up to his knees.

Chloe stood directly in front of him as he quickly pulled the shirt over her body. It fell to her upper thighs just barely covering her ass and clung to her wet body. She shivered lightly as she glanced over his shoulder before raising an eyebrow.

“What’s going on Ollie? Where’s our stuff?”

He shrugged.

“Don’t know…no clothes, no towels…nothing.” He cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head, “So…we’re sort of getting arrested.” Her jaw dropped, “What?” He sighed as they wadded through the water back to the beach.

“Trespassing, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest for me…we’ll call Clark and Lois as soon as they give us our phone call…”

He led her over to the jeep her eyes still wide as one person grabbed Oliver and another one grabbed her pushing them against the side of the car. Oliver glared at the men whose hands were on Chloe. “Watch it pal…”

Chloe frowned, “This is ridiculous.”

They cuffed and herded them into the jeep, before driving down the beach and towards the police station. Chloe sighed as she sat there, cuffed, wet, and cranky. This was definitely not how she pictured their vacation.


Clark was in the kitchen head in the fridge trying to figure out what he wanted to drink when the phone rang. He frowned as he glanced at the villa phone. Who knew they were there? As far as he knew Oliver hadn’t told anyone where they were going.

He walked over, lifting the phone from its base. “Hello?”

Oliver sighed in relief, “Good you answered, I was worried you wouldn’t. Listen I need you to go in my room and grab my wallet, mine and Chloe’s passports and come down the local police station. Clark’s eyes practically bugged out of his head.

“The police station?”

“Well it’s more of a hut type thing or small cement building…but yeah.”

Clarks sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Do I want to know why you guys were arrested?”

Oliver pursed his lips, attempting to hide the amusement in his voice, “Probably not.”

Clark shook his head. “We’ll be there soon.” he hung up the phone and moved into the living room where Lois was sitting, editing an article. He opened his mouth and paused when he saw the balled up towels and clothes covered in a light layer of sand resting next to her on the couch.

He didn’t remember her going out to the beach. She’d went out back about forty minutes ago to see if she could find Chloe, but aside from that…Clark’s eyes widened his gaze falling back on his girlfriend. “Lois...”

She glanced up, “Hmm?”

He pointed to the towels on the couch, “Whose stuff is that?”

A slow smirk slid onto her face and his mouth gaped at her. “Were they…Did you take their stuff?”

“I might have…”

“And the police? Did you call them?”


“Lois! They got arrested…now we have to go bail them out.”

She shrugged tossing her article aside as she stood, “Good maybe next time they’ll think twice before blowing me off…”

Clark watched her head towards the car and shook his head. Sometimes his girlfriend drove him nuts, but a small part of him couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his throat at the thought of their friends getting arrested for skinny dipping in the Caribbean. At least they’d have a good story to tell when they got home.


  1. Needs a part fic

  2. Haha, that was funny but Chloe is seriously going to be pissed. lol

  3. lol that was a funny fic. You definitely need to continue this. Oliver and Chloe needs to make Lois pay. Something like this. Someone needs to teach Lois that no one crosses Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan. Part 2 please! :)

  4. Yay I finally could read it :)
    Thanks again for sending me the link
    God, Lois is such a bitch
    You read should write Chlollie's revenge lol
    And speaking of Revenge, can't wait to see JH on tv again. I'll even start watching the series just to see him ;)


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