December 27, 2010

Waking up in Vegas Chapter (15/15)

Banner By: Andrea


Chloe stood in front of the mirror, teeth gnawing on her bottom lip as she stared at the picture she made. Her hair was curled lightly, make-up natural, the strapless white satin dress hugging her curves, deep, sage green sash tied behind her, at the waist.

Three months. That’s how long it had taken to get everything ready for their wedding. It was small just close friends and family, Chloe hadn’t wanted anything big. She brushed a hand over her dress smoothing it down as she took a deep breath.

She heard the sound of the door being pushed open and she turned catching sight of Lois in her strapless green dress. She grinned, “What took you so long to get back? Any chance you were able to find me something borrowed?”

Lois wrinkled her nose, "Dinah offered her necklace for you to borrow..." She replaced her frown with a smile, "But Ollie had something better..." She held up her hand, dangling a silver chain with two rings on it.

Chloe scrunched her nose as she reached out taking the delicate necklace from Lois. "Whose rings are these? They aren't ours."

Lois pursed her lips, "I've seen them before...You have too. I asked you to investigate them when I snatched them off the Green Arrow."

His parent’s rings. Chloe smiled her heart warming as she nodded and turned the rings over in her hands looking at them. "You're right....I completely forgot." She opened the chain, lifted it, and clasped it around her neck. She looked back in the mirror and took a deep breath, her hand falling over the necklace as her eyes caught Lois's. "How much time do we have left?"

"What's the rush? You're already Mrs. Queen..." Lois glanced at the clock, "Ten minutes and you'll be walking down aisle."

She spun around to face Lois her dress swirling around her as she chuckled, "No rush, just curious. Have you seen Oliver? And where is Mia? I swear that girl is harder to keep track of then Bart..."

She paused and bit the inside of her cheek. "Sorry...I'm nervous which is ridiculous because we're already married." Chloe grinned at her cousin, "Have I mentioned I'm glad you're here Lo'?"

Lois chuckled, "I don't know how you're nervous your first wedding had over thousands of hits. You've only got twenty people out there." She grinned, "I'm glad I could be here for this ceremony."

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Lois I don't even remember the last wedding so it doesn't count...and I'm really glad you could be here for this one too." She pulled Lois into a tight hug right as a knock sounded on the door. Chloe pulled back as the door was pushed open.

Mia popped her head in, a large grin on her face as she glanced at Chloe. " look awesome…Oliver’s so gonna be drooling on the other end of the ready? I was told to come fetch the bride." She nodded, "Yup ready." Mia nodded as Chloe grabbed her bouquet and motioned for Lois to head out in front of her.

As they made their way down the short hallway to the double doors Chloe spotted her Father waiting patiently for them. She grinned, "Hey Dad." He turned swallowing hard as his eyes widened slightly, "You look beautiful ready to get this shindig started?"

She made a face, "Duh...I've been ready." He held out his arm and she lopped hers through it. Mia and then Lois lined up in front of her. The double doors were pushed open, the music starting to play as Mia took her cue and headed down the aisle.

Lois went next and two minutes later she heard the wedding march begin to play. She gripped her father’s arm tighter and Gabe pressed a hand over her arm in a calming gesture as he glanced at her and she nodded.

They moved through the doors, their closest friends standing up beside them as she glided slowly down the aisle. Her eyes took in the orchids decorating the pews, the smiling faces of their team, Lois and Mia flowers in hand grins on their faces.

She caught sight of Clark and Victor before her eyes landed on Oliver. He stood there a look of pure adoration on his face as he stared at her in what she could only be described as awe. Green eyes met brown and a smile lit up her face.

How could she have ever questioned her relationship with Oliver? She could clearly see the love written on his face and wondered why she hadn’t been able to see it before now…they made it to the front of the church and she watched as her Father shook Oliver’s hand before giving her a kiss on the cheek and placing her hands in Oliver’s.

She squeezed his hands lightly, making a small face at him before trying to give him a serious look as the minister began to speak. This was it…She knew technically they were already married, but now she’d finally get to experience it.

“We are gathered here today to witness the joining of Oliver Jonas Queen and Chloe Ann Sullivan-Queen…”


Chloe chuckled, shaking her head lightly as she stood near the table that held their team, Victor and A.C.’s antics having everyone in fits of laughter. She tilted her head to the side and glanced across the ballroom floor to see Oliver talking to his friend Hal Jordan.

She let out a content sigh, her eyes shifting to the dessert table where Mia was talking to Bart, who seemed to be laying the flirting on thick, which only made Chloe’s smile widen. Clark and Lois were on the dance floor, her Father was speaking with Hal’s Mother, Jessica and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The ceremony had only lasted a little over an hour and then they’d gone straight to the hall, but not before taking a slight detour so they could consummate their ‘marriage’ on the way to the reception. She grinned at the memory of the look on his face when she’d nearly attacked him in the limo.

Chloe glanced up at the clearing of a throat over the loud speaker. The music stopped as the D.J. spoke, a wide smile on his lips. “It’s time for the happy couple to have their first dance of the evening…ladies and gentlemen please clear the floor. Presenting to you not entirely for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Queen.”

There were a few chuckles among the people in the room as humor filled Chloe’s face. She caught Oliver’s eyes as she moved forward towards the dance floor beckoning him to her with a crook of a finger. Oliver grinned, strolling over to his wife as he extended his hand out to her.

"Our first dance..." His eyes lit up with his smile once more as she placed her hand in his, Oliver’s other hand rested at her hip as he started to guide her around the dance floor at the first few beats of ‘Feels Like Home’ by Chantal Kreviazuk wafted through the speakers. "Thank you for wanting to be here with me…I love you, Chloe."

She moved her body closer so they were pressed against each other as her other arm gripped his waist. "I keep trying to tell you silly, there's nowhere else I'd rather be…I love you too Ollie."

She leaned up capturing his lips with hers in a soft kiss. There was a smirk on her lips when she tilted her head back, their bodies still moving to the beat.

"So husband of mine...with Mia back in school I'm thinking you, me, and the house should have some uninterrupted quality time. How do you feel about taking that week off of work? I'm thinking...Staycation..."

Her eyes gleamed with mischief as she kissed his jaw lightly.

"Mm..." He hummed in appreciation, "I think that could be arranged...I don't really recall us having a real honeymoon anyways..." He tilted his head back, a small smirk displayed on his lips.

She nodded, "Exactly and I don't need the added distraction of pretty places I've never seen. I'd much rather spend my time with you."

She glanced over his shoulder and caught sight of people joining them on the dance floor and grinned. Clark had Lois in his arms as he whispered something in her ear causing her cousin to smirk. Bart was twirling a chuckling Mia around in circles, and even her Father had brought Jessica on the dance floor.

It had been a beautiful ceremony and as she looked around at their friends and family, her heart warmed at being able to share this with them. She glanced back at Oliver, a content sigh falling from her lips as she slid a hand up brushing a thumb against his cheek.


"Hm?" He smiled down at her curiously as they continued to dance slowly in each other’s arms. Chloe’s eyes softened, voice a whisper as she leaned into him slightly, a brilliant smile brightening her face. “…I’m ready.”

Oliver's eyebrows drew back slightly, "Ready?" His eyes darted across the ballroom before returning to her with a hint of confusion, "Ready for what? The cake cutting?"

She chuckled, affection in her eyes as she shook her head as the second song was on its final beats. "No Ollie, I'm ready..." Chloe smiled as she cupped his cheek trying to make him understand. She leaned up slightly, warm breath caressing his ear. "I said you'd be the first person to know when I was ready...well..." She pulled back their eyes meeting. "I'm. Ready."

His eyes widened, "Ready? Are you sure?" He felt like she had just blind-sided him in the best way possible and he glanced around the room excitedly, "Now?"

Laughter bubbled over from her throat at his apparent excitement and she bit her bottom lip and nodded. "I'm sure...I want us to have a family Ollie..." She took a deep breath her hand rubbing his arm lightly, her voice soft.

"I stopped taking the pill two days ago...tossed them in the garbage. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I wanted to wait until the perfect moment...and this...this just felt like the perfect moment." She smiled.

"It is the perfect moment," he stared at her seriously while maintaining his smile. "This is one of the happiest days of my life..."

He bent down, securing an arm at her back and the other at the bend in her knees as he swept her up in his arms, "Now let’s cut that cake before I decide to forget it and leave the reception to start our honeymoon early."

Chloe let out a loud laugh, earning the attention of several of their guests as she shook her head letting him carry her across the dance floor. "What am I gonna do with you? Then again it's not like I'd object to starting the honeymoon early. As a matter of fact I think we already did on the way here in the limo..."

She winked at him, her arms winding around his neck. "I wonder how many more times we can sneak off for a little nookie without people noticing before the reception ends...Oh we could make it a game!" She waggled her eyebrows at him and grinned.

He chuckled lightly, "Considering we have more pictures to pose for... I doubt we'll be able to sneak away for another session." Smirking, he set her down on her feet, his hands steadying her hips as they stood in front of their green and white decorated, three layered wedding cake.

"Don't worry though, ‘cause I'm ready too," he dropped his mouth to her ear. "And we're going to be incredibly busy trying to expand our family..."

She felt a tingle spread down her spine at his words and she moved closer to him, pressing her body flush against his, lips kissing his gently before she spoke amusement dancing in her eyes. “Tease…”

She moved in for another kiss when suddenly they were surrounded by people. Lois was giving her a chastising look mumbling about getting a room, Gabe was frowning at Oliver speaking to him about something Chloe couldn’t hear over Lois’s constant chattering, and Mia was next to her Father smirking as Oliver laughed.

Chloe just stood there taking everything in…her family…her life. Oliver caught her eyes over Lois’s head and he gave her a warm smile. She returned it their eyes never leaving each other’s despite the happy chaos milling about around them.

Oliver’s words from all those months ago in Vegas when they woke up confused and married, echoed through her head. A mistake is simply another way of doing things. Well if marrying Oliver Queen had been a mistake as she had originally swore it was, then it was the best mistake she’d ever made.


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  5. @justbeyourself Hey there hun, I just wanted to say I got all your comments and thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I know it was a bit of a roller coaster, but I'm glad you decided to stick with he story.

    Thanks so much for all the great feedback and I'm so glad you enjoyed this! :)

    Haha I'm not sure about a sequel. I have several universes I'm currently working in. But you never know LOL :)

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    The way you portrayed both Oliver and Chloe was amazing, in the beginning I wanted to yell at Chloe for freaking out all the time and then at Oliver for not believing his wife about Cynthia. In the end they both went out of this stronger and more awesome than ever!
    It was also nice to see Mia included in the story, I like her and she's not often included in fanfics (IMO).
    In the end i'm glad I finally managed to read this story and it was such a good read! Thank you! :)

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