January 31, 2011

Guys Night Out

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Guys Night Out
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1,215
Prompt: “Drunk Oliver, hilarity ensuses” from Soapfan101
Sequel To: Girls Night Out

The sound of things being shifted on the dresser woke her. A light constant throbbing sensation vibrated throughout her head and Chloe groaned as she shifted burying her head further into the pillow before prying one eye open.

“Oh god…”

Oliver chuckled.

“Well if it isn’t sleeping beauty. Finally decided to wake up did you?”

She gripped the sheet and pulled it over her head to block out the bright light streaming through the window.

“Ugh…what are you doing here Oliver?”

Her voice was hoarse and she felt the bed dip with his weight as he lifted the sheet slightly so he could peak at her. She pouted and he shook his head.

“Take a look around Sidekick. You’re at my place.”

She frowned. “It feels like someone whacked me in the head with a two by four…”

“Well I for one have no sympathy for you. You are a tease. So pout all you want, but eventually you’re going to have to get up.”

Chloe glared at her boyfriend as she tried to remember how she got to his apartment last night. She shifted, moving the covers off her head, glancing down and taking note that she was still in her clothes from last night. Oliver shifted as she pushed herself into a sitting position and rubbed her eyes. “How’d I get here?”

He turned arching an eyebrow at her as concern crossed his face, “Are you telling me you honestly don’t remember?” She paused and hesitated slightly, “Is that bad?”

Oliver sighed, “Well it’s not good. Apparently you took a cab here. And as much as I appreciate you wanting to see me I would have come to pick you up if you would have called. I don’t like you running around Metropolis alone and drunk…and I’m slightly peeved that Clark just let you take off.”

Chloe smiled at his rant, her eyes watching him affectionately. He paused and frowned, “What?” She reached out running a hand against his arm. “You were worried about me.” Oliver chuckled softly as he gripped her hand and brought it to his lips.

“I always worry about you Professor.”

She smirked, pushing herself onto her knees and wrapping her arms around his neck, peppering his face with small kisses before capturing his lips with hers. His arms came around her as he returned the kiss before breaking apart from her for some air. Her voice was light when she spoke, warm breath hitting his cheek. “I like that you worry about me…and I’m sorry I fell asleep on you last night.” Oliver tilted his head back and smirked.

“Is someone’s memory finally starting to come back to her?” Chloe shifted closer to him, brushing the front of her body against his chest. “Mmm it might be…and it’s possible I’m willing to make it up to you.” He trailed his hand over her back as his palm came to rest on the curve of her ass.

“As much as I’d love that…I’m meeting the guys at Watchtower in twenty minutes, but maybe you can hang around here…and make it up to me when I get back.” He waggled his eyebrows and she scrunched her nose. “Is it time for you to go already? How long have I been asleep? Why didn’t you wake me?”

He shrugged, placing a kiss against the side of her head before getting up and moving towards the mirror to finish buttoning up his shirt. “Yeah, the guys decided to meet up at two so we can bullshit a little with just the league before taking Clark out for the less exclusive bachelor party with some of his co-workers. You slept a good eight and a half hours.”

He turned to her with a smirk on his face as he moved to the bed, cupping her face in his hands and placing a chaste kiss against her lips. “And I didn’t wake you because you looked utterly adorable snuggled up in my bed.”

She grinned as he moved back and grabbed his keys from the dresser before turning back and raising an eyebrow at her, “So you gonna stay and hang out?”

Chloe nodded throwing the rest of the covers off her body and getting up slowly. “Yup, I’m gonna go take a bath and then possibly go back to bed if the headache I’m sporting doesn’t go away.” She wrapped her arms around his waist, lifted herself on her toes and captured his lips in a short kiss. “That way I can be nice and rested for when you come home.”

Oliver smiled as he ran his hands up and down her back, “I think that’s the most promising plan you’ve had in day’s professor.” She gave him a cheeky grin and moved out of his arms and she walked backwards towards the bathroom. “Got enough dollar bills for the club Mr. Queen?”

He pursed his lips at the mischief in her eyes when she spoke, “I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about Chloe.”

She grinned, “Mmm I’ve got some extra singles in my purse if you need them…” Oliver’s lip twitched at the corner, humor in his voice. “It wasn’t my idea…it’s a bachelor party…” His voice trailed off and Chloe shrugged with a lightly chuckle.

“I don’t care if you go to a strip club Ollie.”

He arched an eyebrow, “You don’t?” She shook her head. “Nope…I trust you. I never understand why woman get so bent out of shape about things like that. It's all foreplay...you're coming home to me after." She waggled her eyebrows and winked a sly grin slipping onto her features. "Though if Lois finds out you guys are taking Clark to one…”

Oliver smirked and nodded, “Enough said. I’ll see you later.” She gave him a small smile as she watched him go waiting to make sure she heard the ding of the elevator behind him before going into the bathroom. She couldn’t help shaking her head as she started the tub. She couldn’t believe she’d come to Oliver’s after Lois’s bachelorette party. She’d meant to go home, but apparently that hadn’t worked out for her.

When the water was hot she tossed in some bath oils, stripped off her dress, and slid into the tub with a groan. Chloe’s head lulled to the side as she let a content sigh slip from her throat as her body relaxed into the water all thoughts drifting from her mind.


“Man come on can you lift your feet? You’re too freakin’ heavy for me to drag.” Oliver chuckled his arm thrown haphazardly around Hal’s shoulder. “Hal…Hal can you hear me?” Oliver moved his head over to his friends ear, voice loud and Hal reared back slightly as he glared at Oliver.

“Cut it out, I don’t want you breathing all over me. Jesus how many shots did you do?” Oliver snorted, “Not too many, stupid yellow bird…thinking he could drink me under the table…me…doesn’t he know who I am?”

Oliver stumbled slightly and Hal stopped him from falling. Oliver patted his friend’s chest a couple of times, “Good man…now come on help me find my sexy little siren…she’s around here somewhere. She owes me some sex.”

Hal chuckled and shook his head. Oliver would be lucky if Hal could get him to his bedroom with him falling on his face, he was pretty sure there’d be no sex for his friend tonight. They’d gone out to a strip club and somehow Oliver, Carter, Clark, and AC all found the need to see who could drink who under the table first.

It had come down to Oliver and Carter, but eventually the older man had bowed out, but not before Oliver was practically falling on his face all over the bar. That was about the time the bouncers had kicked them out. Oliver knocked into the bedroom door, the noise causing Chloe’s eyes to shoot open.

She glanced around the darkened room realizing she had fallen asleep while waiting for Oliver to get back. She shifted the green silk sliding against her body as she yawned and stood up, before speaking. “It’s about time you got home Romeo,” she leaned over flicking on the light switch as she continued to speak. “I’ve been waiting for you and boy do I have a--”

She glanced up and caught sight of Oliver practically being held up by a wide-eyed Hal who mumbled a short ‘Damn’ under his breath before averting his eyes as Oliver smirked, “Baby, did you wear that for me…God Chlo, you’re so fucking hot…”

Chloe flushed bright red as she quickly moved over to the bathroom door and grabbed her robe, pulling it on and tying it quickly. She walked over to them and sighed, a small embarrassed smile on her face. “Hi Hal…thanks for bringing him home.”

He cleared his throat attempting to act like seeing her practically naked hadn’t stirred his libido in the slightest. “Are you decent?” She laughed lightly, “Yeah…sorry about that I didn’t realize Oliver would be coming home with company.”

She glanced at her fumbling boyfriend as he grinned at her. She returned his smile and rubbed his arm gently, “Hey there Romeo…how you holding up?”

“Better now that I’m with you.” He shifted away from Hal throwing an arm around Chloe, bringing her body flush against his before losing his balance and crashing them to the ground.

Her back hit the floor and she let out a small grunt while wincing. Hal frowned as Oliver laughed, his lips brushing feather light kisses against Chloe’s neck. She cleared her throat and patted his back. “Ollie…Hal is still here…come on get up.”

He grunted and glanced over his shoulder as his friend moved in their direction, “Go away Hal I’m trying to get some from my hot girlfriend.” Chloe blushed again as Hal shook his head and grabbed his friend’s arms lifting him off of Chloe. She sat up quickly and helped him get Oliver into the bed.

He grumbled and she pressed a hand against his chest as he attempted to get up. She smirked, “Relax tiger, I’m just gonna walk Hal out and then I’ll be right back.”

Oliver nodded, tossing his hands behind his head, “Sounds good professor. Hurry back, I’ve got something to give you.” He winked and she chuckled as she motioned towards the door ushering Hal out of the room. When they were out of earshot, Chloe glanced at Hal eyebrow raised.

“Well, what happened?”

Hal chuckled and scratched the back of his head, turning to face her and pausing in front of the elevator. “He and Carter got into it of course, but what else is new.” She sighed, but there was affection in her eyes, “Well thanks for making sure he got home okay.” He nodded leaned forward and placed a kiss on her cheek before stepping into the elevator.

“Tell him to call me tomorrow,” She inclined her head and smiled, “Will do.” She waved as the door’s slid shut before turning and heading back towards the bedroom. She flicked the light off on her way into the bed before climbing onto the soft mattress and straddling Oliver’s body.

She unwrapped her robe and tossed it to the floor as her hands rested against his shoulders, mouth coming down to his ear, warm breath brushing over it as she spoke, voice soft and seductive. “You ready for some quality time big boy?”

When he didn’t answer, she pulled back slightly the moonlight from the window illuminating his face and her shoulders slumped. Oliver was fast asleep. Chloe let out a heavy sigh as she shifted and moved off of him, plopping down on the bed next to him.

It looked like she wouldn’t be getting any tonight. Chloe grumbled as she attempted to get comfortable. Her movements must have disturbed him because he grunted, shifted, and pulled her into his arms before burying his head in the crook of her neck.

She smiled at the warmth coming from his body and let her eyes slide shut. Sometimes she really hated guys night out…but tonight…well tonight was not one of those nights.


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