January 26, 2011

Moonlit Rides and Friendship


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Title: Moonlit Rides and Friendship
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Angel the Series (takes place during Season 3 ‘Birthday’)
Pairing: Angel/Cordy
Word Count: 1750
Prompt: "Horseback riding’ written for aak88's Birthday

Cordelia was startled awake, eyes blinking rapidly as a large palm caressed her arm lightly. Her brows furrowed, the form in the darkened room finally taking shape as she yawned and shifted slightly. “Angel?” He pressed a finger to his lips and ‘shushed’ her pointing to the infant that lay next to her on the bed.

A warm smile settled on his lips as he spoke, voice barely a whisper. “Get dressed…I have a present for you.” She gave him a strange look, but sat up carefully, inching off the bed slowly so as not to wake Connor. She watched him head out of the room and moved towards a drawer where she kept a couple of sets of spare clothes.

She took off her sweats and sweatshirt pulled on jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and slipped on a pair of her heeled boots. She glanced into the mirror and ran her hands quickly through her hair before moving out of the room and into the hallway.

Fred stood there smile on her and waved. “Angel’s waiting in the lobby…don’t worry I’ll watch Connor while you guys are gone.” Cordelia gave the young woman a strange smile, but nodded. “Thanks Fred.” She nodded excitement on her face and disappeared into Angel’s suite.

She made her way down the stairs and arched an eyebrow in Angel’s direction as he turned to face her, grin on his face, her jacket in his hand. She walked off the last step and he helped her with her jacket. A small smile slipped onto her face.

“What’s all the secrecy about? And where are you taking me in the middle of the night?” She turned around arms crossing over her chest as she gave him a mock suspicious look. He laughed lightly and held out his arm for her. Cordelia only hesitated a second before taking it and letting him lead her out the front door of the Hyperion towards his car.

The cool night air hit them and he inhaled deeply when her scent whirled around them. She smelt amazing. He cleared his throat as he reached over, unlocked the car door and opened it for her. “With all the craziness that went on today, I never got a chance to give you your birthday gifts.”

Cordelia gave him a startled expression as she got in the car. He shut the door before moving around to the driver’s side and getting in. Her face softened and he started the car as she placed a hand on his arm, voice soft. “You know I was only joking when I made a big deal about my gift right? Angel I had an amazing birthday…well the out of body experience aside.”

He frowned as he pulled out a scrap of silk and shifted in her direction. “That really isn’t something to joke about Cordy…if you had seen what we saw…” His voice trailed off and he swallowed hard and shook his head. “Well I’m just glad you’re awake and okay…or as okay as you can be. Wesley is going to start researching the whole part demon thing tomorrow.”

She nodded and waved him off. “I know…it’s gonna be fine Angel, don’t worry so much.” He sighed and nodded before holding up the blindfold. She raised an eyebrow at him. “Kinky…” He chuckled and rolled his eyes in true Cordelia fashion.

“I don’t want you to see where we’re going…it’s a surprise.” She nodded and he leaned over tying the silk gently over her eyes before shifting back in his seat, starting the car, and pulling away from the curb. Angel was nervous. Lately between Connor and Cordelia he’d been starting to feel more and more like he had a family.

His feelings for the young brunette by his side had somehow managed to get the better of him. He wasn’t sure when he had started looking at her as more than a friend, but it had happened and now well he was just trying to find the right time to tell her.

They rode in comfortable silence, some kind of classical music floating through the car, top down, wind brushing through their hair. It didn’t take long to get to get to their destination and fifteen minutes later Angel was pulling into the parking lot of Griffith Park.

Normally it wasn’t open at this time of night, but a few weeks back they had saved the care taker of the grounds and he owed Angel a favor. When Cordelia felt the car stop she reached up to pull her blindfold off, but he stopped her.

“Not yet. Just wait here a second. I’ll come around and get you.” She leaned back in the seat and nodded as she listened to him get out of the car. She could hear the crunch of his shoes against the ground and then he was talking to someone.

She tried to place the voice, but she wasn’t having any luck, so she relaxed and waited for him to make his way back over to her. Less than five minutes later she heard the car door open and felt his hand on her arm guiding her out of the car.

He shut the door behind them and they walked forward a few feet when she paused. Cordelia took a deep breath and her eyes widened slightly under the blindfold. She knew that smell. She remembered it from all those days she had spent out on the trails when she was younger.

He nudged her forward two more steps before reaching behind her and untying the blindfold. When it fell from her eyes, she gasped slightly as she took in the two beautiful horses in front of her. One was pitch black, possibly a stallion and the other was deep tan, gorgeous and majestic looking.

Cordelia unconsciously took a step forward; hand carefully outstretched as she slowly pet the animal on its head, hair soft beneath her finger tips. A smile lit up her face as the horse nudged her hand and her heart warmed as her mind drifted to Keanu, and wondered where her sweet horse was these days.

She glanced over her shoulder at Angel, a hint of awe in her voice as she gazed at him with affectionate eyes. “How?” He took a step forward and smiled pointing at the man standing between the horses holding their reins.

“Lou here owed me a favor…and I remembered how when you first came to LA you used to talk about your horse all the time…and I don’t know…you’ve seemed a bit down lately. I thought maybe a ride would cheer you up…It’s still your birthday for another hour or so…what do you say? Wanna go for a ride with me?”

He watched as that 1000 watt smile he loved so much lit up her face as she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes!” Lou shifted as Angel helped Cordelia mount the horse she’d been admiring, and after making sure she was settled he moved over and lifted himself up mounting the other horse.

She arched an eyebrow at him smirk on her face. “It looks like someone’s been keeping secrets.” He returned her smirk and winked feeling slightly more liberated on his horse as he spoke, voice light. “I’ve been known to ride a horse or two in my day…race you to the trail?”

Cordelia laughed, leaning forward and nudging the horse forward. Angel grinned and did the same, hot on her heels. They spent fifteen minutes attempting to out gallop each other and she was in the lead, but Cordelia had a feeling that Angel was letting her win.

The followed the trail up the large hill, laughing and talking once they finally slowed down to a trot. He motioned for her to follow him, a light breeze causing the trees to sway and making the smell of grass and nature surround them.

It was refreshing and as they reached the end of the trail she could see a small clearing. She followed closely behind Angel and when he came to a stop by a few large rocks she did the same. Her head turned in the direction he was looking and her eyes widened again.

They were on some kind of cliff and she could see the entire Los Angeles skyline. It was gorgeous. Cordelia couldn’t believe that he had remembered her words from years ago and had gone out of his way to make her birthday special.

Her heart warmed as she glanced at the man on the horse next to her, eyes scanning the city. Her voice was soft when she spoke afraid to break the peacefulness of the moment. “It’s breathtaking up here Angel…thank you”

He gazed at her with a smile that lit up his face and she had to keep herself from staring. He really was beautiful when he smiled. “For?” She motioned around them. “For being my friend…and listening to me…for taking the time to bring me here…just…for everything.”

He nodded, watching her closely. “You’re welcome…” He hesitated and for a minute she thought he was going to say something else, but the moment passed and he looked away from her and back at the skyline. She licked her lips and turned her eyes towards the city as well.

A few minutes passed before she broke the silence between them. “Angel…” He tilted his head towards her a low ‘hmm’ coming from his throat. “I’m really glad I ran into you at that party two years ago.” He looked away from the city and gave her half a smile.

“I’m really glad you ran into me at that party two years ago too…We should probably head back soon…” His voice trailed off and she bit her lip before giving him a hopeful look. “Ten more minutes?” He smiled something he seemed to be doing that a lot around her lately.

He nodded. “Ten more minutes.” Angel watched her as she gazed out at the city in wonder. He couldn’t help thinking that for the first time in hundreds of years not only did he feel accepted, but genuinely loved for who he was and he owed it all to the brunette in front of him.

Someday soon he would work up enough courage to tell her exactly what she meant to him, but until then he’d take what he could get, and if moonlit rides and friendship was all there was he’d cherish every second of it.

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