March 29, 2011

Big Brother is Watching


Banner By: Nivieniv
Title: Big Brother is Watching
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 785
Prompt: “Caught, Play” written for the Porn Battle

Oliver was exhausted. He’d been in Star City for four days already and all he wanted to do was go home. He dropped his cell phone on the counter and headed down the hallway towards his home office. He had just finished up his fifth meeting of the day and he was burnt out. He plopped down in the chair and reached out booting up his computer so he could check in on the security feed at the clock tower back in Metropolis.

He had told Chloe she should make herself at home and stay there while he was gone. It had taken quite a few days to convince the stubborn blond, but she had finally caved. Oliver typed in his passwords and waiting as the system accessed his video feeds.

The screen lit up several squares popping up on the monitor each one of a different room. He was glancing through all of them briefly running his eyes over the feeds when movement in one feed caught his attention. He frowned, tapping the screen and enlarging the feed to full screen.

His eyes widened at what he saw. He leaned back in his chair his eyes following the blonde on his screen. She was lying among his sheets, one of his button down shirts spread completely open and hanging from her body as one hand was cupping her breast the other clenching against her lower abdomen.

His mouth went dry and his cock immediately sprang to life. He hesitated before reaching out and enabling the volume on the camera in his room. Her breathy moans filled the computer speakers and Oliver nearly shot a load in his pants.

He once again enlarged the screen so it was zoomed into only his bed and he pushed aside all thoughts of invading her privacy as he undid his belt and slid a hand inside his boxers stroking his shaft slowly in time with the hand that was manipulating her breast.

He watched her eyes slide shut as she pinched her nipple hard as her other hand dropped between her legs, thighs falling to the side as small fingers caressed her sensitive flesh. He watched as she teased herself, fingers moving back and forth across her slit, but never entering her body.

“Mmm Ollie…”

His grip tightened on his shaft when he heard her call out his name. She was thinking about him while she masturbated in his bed…God that was hot...Oliver watched as she slid one finger inside her tight hole her moaning growing louder as her other hand continued its assault on her breast.

He picked up his pace hand quickening as he jerked himself off to the erotic images of her on the screen. He should feel bad, but he didn’t. The only explanation was that he was a pervert…because seriously who watched their girlfriend get off on a video feed without permission?

Apparently he did. Oliver could almost see the light sheen of sweat coating her body, her hips thrusting up against her hand as she added two move fingers calling out his name while picking up her pace. He moved his hand harder and faster against himself as he watched her.

Oliver knew by the sounds she was making that she was close to coming. He licked his lips trying to imagine that his hand was her body. Tight, wet, warm…he groaned eyes drooping slightly as he continued to stare at the screen in front of him.

Her body writhing against his designer sheets smooth flesh slipping against silky sheets as he saw her thumb moving quickly against what he assumed was her clit. She bucked off his bed, body arching, breast pushing forward and he swore as he started thrusting into his hand hard.

He could feel his balls tighten and as she tossed her head back against the pillow crying his name loudly. He gave two more quick jerks and came all over his hand, breathing heavy, eyes never leaving the screen as her chest rose and fell quickly.

His eyes followed her movements as she slipped her fingers from her body and ran them up her body. His heart stopped when her eyes stared directly at the camera as she slipped her fingers into her mouth tasting herself, tongue swirling around each digit before pulling them out of her mouth. “Have a good night Ollie.”

She promptly pulled the shirt closed, pulled the covers over her body and closed her eyes with a grin on her features. Oliver stared wide eyed at the screen as the petite blonde snuggled into his covers. He should have known…Game set and match. His girlfriend played dirty and damn if it wasn’t the hottest thing ever.


  1. Hot, hot, HOT! Muy caliente! *fans self*

    Great oneshot, Cori. Well done, and thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Geez, that was smokin'! I really liked how you completely pulled me into the smut, then included that humorous little twist at the end, which totally made me laugh. Great job :)

  3. Come on now Ollie. Your girlfriend in Watchtower. You know she's going to know about the camera feeds.
    What a show though from both of them. lol
    Thank you for sharing.


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