March 24, 2011

Of Quality Time and Board Games


Banner By: Franica
Title: Of Quality Time and Board Games
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe Clark/Lois
Word Count: 1545
Prompt: ‘Scrabble’ written for mystic_blue17 (thanks for inspiring this little one-shot hun)

Oliver sighed as he glanced down at the scrabble board in front of him. Eight hours. That’s how long he and Chloe had been hanging out with Clark and Lois and that was just today. He understood that a lot went into planning a wedding and he even understood that as Best Man and Maid of Honor he and Chloe had to be around for most of it.

But what he didn’t understand was why all of their spare time lately was spent with their two friends. Between attempting to get his company back, helping with the wedding and going back to his regular schedule of patrolling he and Chloe had barely had any time alone since their botched anniversary dinner.

He pursed his lips as Lois made her way towards the kitchen table with four glasses of ice tea, a large grin on her face. She placed one in front of Chloe, then Clark and him before moving the last one in place in front of her seat. She dropped down into the seat next to Clark as she spoke.

“Drinks are severed…whose turn is it?” Chloe nudged Oliver and he arched an eyebrow as she motioned to the board. He cleared his throat and tried to keep the annoyance out of his voice when he spoke. “Ah, right…it’s my turn.” He sat there trying to piece together a word when really all he wanted to do was go home with the woman he loved and spend some quality time with her, preferably naked

Oliver glanced over the board when an idea hit him. He smirked, his eyes dropping to his letters as he pulled out a couple before leaning over the board to use one of Clark’s words. He dropped his letter’s down and then smirked as he spoke. “Condom.”

Clark choked on his ice tea while Chloe pursed her lips in an attempt to hide her grin. Lois arched an eyebrow. “O—kay…my turn….Hmm oh!” She placed her letter’s down and gave Clark a cheeky grin. “Farmer.”

He gave her an affectionate look before moving forward and placing his letters on the board with a small smile. “Reporter.” Lois grinned. “Aww Smallville…” Oliver rolled his eyes as he made a motion with his hand. “Okay, come on love birds keep the game moving…”

Chloe chuckled and then glanced over her letters before pulling a few out and using the ‘e’ in Lois’s word. She pointed and spoke. “Leer.” Oliver eyed Chloe and leaned back in his seat. She sent an inquisitive look his way. “What?”

He shrugged, but she could see the spark of mischief in his eyes as he leaned over to pull a few more letters from the bag. “Nothing.” The room was quiet as Oliver went through his pieces arranging them before leaning over the board and putting his letters down. “Aroused.”

Clark eyed the man across from him and sent him a glare. “Really?” Oliver shrugged. “What? We’re all adults here…and it’s a word…plus it’s a triple word score…that’s 24 points for me.” He gave Clark a smug look as his alien friend let out an annoyed sigh.

Lois smirked and arched an eyebrow at Oliver. “I see how you wanna play Queen…it’s on.” She studied her letters intently before her face lit up and she pulled several letters from her stand. She used the ‘o’ in the word reporter and dropped down her letters. “Fondle…that’s 10 points for me plus two more for the double letter score.”

He nodded and glanced at Chloe. She squinted at the board taking in all the letters before glancing back at her pieces. She knew Oliver had been getting antsy and she had been wondering if her boyfriend was going to come out and say something, but apparently he decided he was going to try and make everyone uncomfortable instead.

Not that she had a problem with that, it wouldn’t be the first time she and Oliver turned their games dirty. The only difference was normally they were alone when they did it. She lifted her pieces and dropped them onto the board. “Fellatio…that’s 11 and with the double word score 22.”

Oliver grinned as he sat back in his seat head cocked to the side. “I didn’t realize we were divulging our plans for later Sidekick…” Chloe snorted and took a sip of her ice tea. “You wish Romeo…” He let out a dramatic sigh. “Oh how I very much do…”

Clark winced and Lois smiled as she watched them banter. It was nice to have Chloe home again. She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed her cousin until she was back in town, plus it was nice to see Oliver smile again. The last five months had been slightly unbearable, but things were definitely looking up.

She glanced down at her letters and grinned as she pulled a few out and placed them on the board. “Lubricate…13 points.” Clark glanced at his girlfriend and shook his head. She was always enabling Oliver’s bad behavior…Chloe did the same thing. He let out a short sigh. If you couldn’t beat them, join them.

He lifted a few pieces and used the ‘t’ in Lois’s word. “Stimulate…11 points.” Oliver raised an amused eyebrow at Clark before reaching forward and digging in the bag for more letters. Once he had them in his hand he looked over the board.

He sent Chloe half a smirk as he put his letters down. “Stroke.” Before he could even call out how many points he had his girlfriend gently shoved his hand aside and dropped her pieces to the board, her eyes catching his, voice low as she spoke. “Thrust.”

Oliver swallowed hard at the look in her eyes and when her tongue ran over her lips he couldn’t help but follow the movement. God she was hot and he was pretty sure that by the gleam in Chloe’s eye she knew exactly what she was doing to him…his girlfriend was a complete and utter tease.

Lois went to put her letters down, but before she could even move towards the board Oliver was already adding more letters to it completely disregarding her turn, eyes never leaving her cousin. “Suckle.” Chloe arched an eyebrow eyes diverting to her letters for a brief second before going to the board. A grin slid onto her face as she looked back at Oliver and put the last of her letters on the board.

“Erotic.” Oliver disengaged their stare to look at the board his eyes frantically searching for an opening. His gaze dropped towards the five letters in his hand before he glanced back at her mind working a mile a minute. Chloe could see the exact second he’d settled on his word.

His hand reached out as he pushed the pieces in place before looking back at his girlfriend, cocky smirk in place. “Climax.” She pursed her lips and he leaned in towards her, warm breath falling gently against her lips as he spoke in hushed tones even though Lois and Clark were both near enough to hear.

“Looks like the professor just got schooled…” His eyes darkened slightly as he brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear ignoring the two people openly staring at them. “It’s time to go home…now…” Chloe swallowed hard a wave of arousal coursing through her at the look on his face. She nodded as he pushed his seat back, stood and held out his hand for her.

She took it and he pulled her up before curling his fingers around hers and practically yanking her towards the front door, keys already out of his pocket and in hand. The door slammed shut behind them startling Lois and Clark out of their daze as they glanced at the now empty seats in front of them.

Clark opened and closed his mouth a few times before turning to face Lois, brows furrowed in confusion. “What the hell just happened?” Lois blinked and then a second later her lips slid into a huge grin as she glanced from the scrabble board to Clark.

“We’ve been hoarding an awful lot of time with our blonde couple counterpart…and I’m pretty sure we just witnessed what happens when Chloe and Oliver go too long without a little quality time together…if you know what I’m saying.”

Clark sighed and shook his head at his fiancĂ©. “Lois, an honest to god moron would know what you’re saying…it’s not as if you’re subtle in anyway.” He started moving the pieces towards the bag as he spoke. “We better get this game cleaned up…”

Lois cleared her throat and Clark glanced over at her eyebrow raised, a gleam in her eyes as she spoke. “Orrrr…we could go upstairs and do a little,” she nudged a word on the board with her finger and continued speaking, “stroking of our own…” Clark dropped the bag immediately and grinned.

She nodded as she moved to the stairs gripping both railings and walked up backwards. “That’s right big boy…drop the wooden squares and--” but before she could finished her sentence there was a gust of wind and strong arms surrounding her as Clark sped them upstairs, Lois’s laughter echoing through the empty room.


  1. I love stories with these two couples front and center. The group dynamic is always just great. This particular story was awesome. You managed to make it both funny AND hot, which can be hard to do.

    1. Aw thanks hun! You're the best I'm really glad you liked it! :)

  2. Funny and hot! I particularly liked the wayChollie fell into their own world as the game heated up. Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! It was just a cute little snippet haha. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hot and funny
    Chlollie is so great


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