April 19, 2011

Streaks of Green

Banner By: Juliete

Title: Streaks of Green
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1,510
Prompt: “Green” written for the Porn Battle

Oliver glanced down at the blonde panting beneath him, body looming over her as one large finger drew swirls of green around and over her nipple, as his other hand left a trail of paint down her stomach and to her thighs.

Chloe arched up slightly, tongue running seductively over her bottom lip as a smirk slid onto his lips before his head dipped forward, mouth tracing the colored circle on her breast and latching onto her nipple, sucking it leisurely.

She moaned pressing her chest further into his mouth as her hand threaded through his hair. Oliver groaned, his mouth bursting with the taste of watermelon as he sucked the color from her body. Her breathing was ragged and her head fell to the side, eyes roaming to the clock on the bedside table.

He’d been going at this for forty-five minutes and Chloe wasn’t sure how much more her body could take. Just when she thought she couldn’t come anymore he’d drag her to the edge and pull her over it again. She was pulled from her thoughts when she felt him thrust two fingers inside her tight channel causing her walls to immediately clench around them.

Her body arched off the bed again and he smirked when she let out a whimper. “Ollie…” He could hear the pleading in her voice but he ignored her as he released her breast and made his way down her body, his lips and tongue following the trail of thick green paint against her creamy skin.

She was intoxicating, that was the only word he could think of to describe the woman currently in front of him. He lifted himself on one hand while the other continued to slip in and out of her body. He watched her, chest rising and falling quickly, her breathing becoming labored, flush with arousal, streaks of green littering random parts of her body as she bit her lower lip, hips thrusting to meet his probing fingers.

He’d already made her come three times and they hadn’t even gotten to the main event yet, but he just couldn’t stop himself from touching her. He licked his lips, desire coursing through his body as he leaned forward and pressed an open mouthed kiss to her stomach, tongue darting out capturing the mixture of watermelon and a taste that was uniquely her own.

He pressed his thumb against her clit as he added a third finger and quickened his pace. She shuddered beneath him as he spoke, voice husky. “You’re so amazing…do you know what you look like right now…” She moaned pushing against his fingers harder despite her body’s protests.

“Oh god Ollie…harder…” He moved his hand faster as he bit her stomach gently and pinched her clit making her explode around his fingers, her body sucking him in and clenching around him as she came for the fourth time. He continued to rub her clit as her legs tightened together trying to fight the overwhelming sensations coursing through her body.

But Oliver was having none of that. He shifted slipping his fingers from her body and slipping them into his mouth, sucking off the combination of her juices and the sugary edible paint. He moaned low in his throat as he glanced down on his exhausted girlfriend and nudged her slightly.

Chloe pried her eyes open and grunted. He let out a playful chuckle as he placed a kiss against her cheek and then moved his lips to her ear, voice low, warm breath caressing her skin. “Keep those eyes open gorgeous…we’re nowhere near done yet.”

She moistened her lips and shook her head. “Ollie I can’t…” He slid a hand down her body caressing her stomach as he nipped at her neck before bringing his lips to her breast once again. Chloe unwittingly felt her body responding to his ministrations and she let out a small cry as he slipped a finger back inside her sensitive body, causing a fresh wave of heat to course through her.

He grinned against her breast and then lifted his head, mischief in his eyes. “Liar…it looks like you can.” He slid down her body ignoring the messy state his sheets were in as he moved between her legs. He pressed his body flat against the bed, wincing slightly at the hardened state of his cock.

He spread her legs pulling one over his shoulder as he reached to her other side dipping his finger in the small jar and bringing it back to her body. He glanced up from between her legs and caught her eyes as he pressed the thick paint against her clit.

Chloe’s body jerked up as the cool paste hit her sensitive flesh and she could already feel her body preparing for another orgasm. She squeezed her thighs trapping his head between them and he chuckled. “Stop…let me have my fun Sidekick…I promise I’m almost done, now open wide for me.”

When her legs didn’t release their grip he used his hands to push them down slightly as he moved in tongue sliding over her slit before he moved his hands and used his fingers to spread her. Oliver darted his tongue out and sucked her paint cover clit into his mouth.

He could already feel her inner walls fluttering as he slid a finger inside of her and continued sucking hard. Chloe bucked her hips against his face hands curling into the sheets as she tried to catch her breath. “Ollie please…oh god…oh god….”

He hadn’t even been down there five minutes and he could tell she was minutes away from creaming all over his face. Her clit was swollen with arousal and every flick of his tongue made her even wetter. He knew the area was sensitive and after each new orgasm is took her less and less time to climax.

She tasted amazing and he shifted against the sheets to try and ease the tension in his body. He needed to be inside of her and soon. He could hear her moans getting louder and he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard as he thrust two fingers inside of her hard.

“OLLIE!” Chloe’s body arched off the bed crying out his name as she came, her stomach clenching as her body collapsed against the bed, sweat dripping from her as she sucked in several deep breaths. She felt the bed shift as he crawled up her body settling between her legs and spreading them gently.

He leaned down and pressing his lips against hers, coaxing her mouth open and slipping his tongue into the warm cavern of her mouth. Chloe returned the kiss her arms caressing his back as he reached down and gripped his shaft guiding it to her entrance.

He mated their foreheads together, voice soft as he spoke. “God I love you…” She winced when she felt him nudge at her entrance eliciting a tingling sensation starting in her body again. She brushed her nose against his. “I love you too.”

He captured her lips again at the same time he slammed inside of her causing a gasp to leave her lips as she wrapped her legs around him. He knew he wasn’t going to last long so he set a quick pace, moving hard and fast inside of her.

Chloe met him thrust for thrust as he slipped easily in and out of her body. She was so wet that he could actually hear each time he entered her body and that alone was enough to make him almost come. Oliver could feel the tingling at the base of his spine, his balls tightening and he slipped his hand between them spinning his finger hard and fast over her clit until she was canting against him hard.

“Oh god Ollie I can’t…not again…please oh god please it’s too much…” He grunted and only shifted pushing into her at a different angle harder as he spoke through clenched teeth. “Just let go Sidekick…last time I promise.”

She let out a sob as her entire body tensed muscles clenching, nails digging into his back as her inner muscles squeezed his cock until he exploding inside of her. He swallowed large breaths as he shifted their bodies and dropped down on the bed beside her.

They laid their silently, panting as they gazed at the ceiling. Five minutes later Oliver turned his head towards his girlfriend and arched an eyebrow. “Chloe…are you okay?” She grunted and her eyes opened once again as she moved to her side so she was facing him and even the sensation of rubbing her legs together sent a wave of pleasure to her overly stimulated body.

The sheets were wet and sticky beneath her and as she lifted her head glancing around the bed all she saw was a mess of green. Chloe gazed at her boyfriend with a glare, but there was a hint of humor in her eyes as she spoke. “Never again will I buy you edible paint Oliver Queen…”


  1. Never again??? Fool woman. lol That was fantastically sexy. I'm just gonna go dump ice over my body.... ;)

    Nice work!

  2. @the-bluesuede HAHA I'm sure she doesn't mean it LOL Aw, so glad you thought this was so hot! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! :)

  3. oh my - how hot was that? think Im off to find a glass of chilled water to cool down :-)

    Great job Cori

  4. @sjwwHaha, I dunno how hot was that? *giggles* JKJK I'm really glad you enjoy the sexytimes. I'm always looking for new and inventive ways for them to have sex during Porn Battle time haha :) Thanks for reading!

  5. I'll look for some edible paint myself so I can have some green fun with my hubby lol
    Great fic

  6. Love reading a playful, sexy, and hot as hell Chlollie in the bedroom.
    Thanks for sharing


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