May 28, 2011

When The Levee Breaks (12/17)

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Chapter Ten: The Longest Night

Chapter 11

“One night to be confused, one night to speed up truth. We had a promise made, four hands and then away. One night of magic rush, the start, a simple touch. One night to push and scream, and then relief.” –Jose Gonzalez

Oliver sat in his desk chair glaring at the TV that he had on mute while holding the phone between his shoulder and ear. This wasn’t going away like he’d hoped, instead the fact that he refused to comment only seemed to make it that much more of a big deal.

He was going to have to tell Chloe. He sighed as Jenny, the head of his Public Relations department, droned on in his ear. He could see images of him and Chloe leaving the hospital as he ushered her into the limo away from prying eyes.

He shook his head at the words popping up on the screen since it was on mute. He read through them and snorted slightly. Apparently the current theory was that he had knocked her up while on one of his drunken binges and was now trying to stay sober for the sake of his ‘heir’. Sometimes he really hated reporters…it was all such a crock of shit.

OLIVER!” The shrill shout of his name in his ear made him wince and brought him back to the conversation at hand. “Sorry Jenny…what was that?” The tall brunette counted to ten briefly as she leaned forward in her desk chair gripping the phone tightly.

“Oliver…listen to me. I have worked for you for years and lately I haven’t really had too much to do which has been a nice change…but you need to issue a statement. I don’t care what you say, but you need to say something. I’m going to call you before quitting time…I expect you to have a statement ready for me to throw to the hounds or so help me god I’ll make one up myself.”

He swallowed hard and nodded even though she couldn’t see it. “Alright Jenny…I will talk to her and give you a statement to issue…happy?” She rolled her eyes on the other end of the line at his antics. “Ecstatic…I will speak with you later.”

He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything the dial tone sounded in his ear. He glanced at the phone and hung it back up before turning his eyes back on the television. He’d made sure to keep Chloe away from the news. He didn’t need to worry her with that on top of everything else, but Emil had stopped by three days ago to check on her and said she was doing surprisingly well.

He had thought it would take more than a week for her to fully heal, but apparently not. He’d taken her off of bed restriction two days ago and Chloe had been acting slightly more off than usual. He leaned back in his seat a thoughtful look on his face.

Speaking of the blonde in question, ever since he’d brought her back to his place after the attack he couldn’t seem to help the subtle differences in the way he looked at her. He’d never noticed it before, but she really was beautiful.

Not model beautiful, but real beautiful. Like the girl next door, but with a hint of darkness thrown in. Her eyes sparkled, but not in a corny way, more like he could see a spark of life in them when she smiled or laughed. It was slightly intoxicating and he found himself wanting to bathe in the warmth that surrounded her.

He shook his head a frown appearing on his face as he sat up. See…these were bad thoughts. He stood, walked around the desk and attempted to shake the stress off his shoulders. He couldn’t be thinking of Chloe in a way that was any other way than he’d been seeing her for the past few months.

Chloe was his friend and he truly valued that friendship. It was the most honest relationship he’d ever had and he planned to keep it that way and if he was being honest with himself, every time he thought of Chloe in a more than platonic way, which had been happening more often than not these last few days, he felt guilty.

Oliver groaned and moved out of his office, glancing around the apartment. It was a little after eight and Chloe was still asleep. He needed to do something about the mounting tension in his body. He glanced over at his yoga mat before stripping off his shirt and heading towards the living room. Hopefully a little morning yoga would de-stress him enough to talk with Chloe about everything that was going on.


Chloe moaned and shifted in bed reaching out for Oliver, finding nothing but cold sheets. She frowned her nose scrunching as she pried her eyes open blinking several times before sitting up slowly. She glanced at the clock noting it was about eight forty-five. She groaned and tossed the covers off her body and got up.

She was in and out of the bathroom in less than ten minutes, face washed, teeth brushed and facilities used. She stopped in front of the mirror glancing over herself in her green night gown, turning sideways and making a face at her protruding stomach.

Even though Emil had said she was smaller than most women at this point, it had done nothing to make her feel better about her current lack of feeling attractive. She made her way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. She was about to call out for Oliver when she froze.

There he was across the room in front of the balcony doors sunlight streaming in onto his sweat slicked body as he balanced himself in a yoga pose. Chloe leaned against the wall and she could feel her heartbeat pick up speed at the sight of him.

She licked her lips eyes darkening slightly as she watched his muscles ripple beneath his skin. Was it warm in there or was it just her? Lately no matter what she did she couldn’t help her body’s reaction to the man across from her.

For the past three days every time she looked at Oliver the only thing she could think about was sex. It wasn’t just Oliver either…it pretty much seemed to be every man in a ten mile radius. She’d caught herself subconsciously stroking Emil’s arm the other day when he came to check on her.

He had chuckled lightly and told her to go easy on Oliver before leaving. At the time she had frowned, not understanding what the hell he was talking about, but now…easy was anything but what she wanted to be. Rough sounded better…and hard. She let out a small moan in the back of her throat and Oliver glanced up.

He smiled and let his body fall out of the pose before standing. “Hey…I didn’t realize you were awake.” She cleared her throat and nodded. “Yea…I woke up alone and slightly cold…” He grinned as he walked towards her placing a quick kiss to the top of her head as he moved into the kitchen.

“Sorry Sidekick, I had some business to take care of…speaking of which I need to talk to you about something. You hungry?” He pulled out a frying pan and some plates before moving around the kitchen to grab the eggs. She followed him ignoring the stools as she stood beside him while he got things ready.

“I could eat…” she said as he nodded with a smile and spoke. “Good.” Chloe stared at his back as he went about making eggs and she couldn’t help herself. She stretched out a palm caressing his back lightly. Oliver didn’t think anything of it and he kept cracking eggs and beating them together as she moved closer to him and spoke softly.

“Mmm, you smell nice…” He chuckled lightly sending an amused look her way while pouring the eggs into the pan letting them cook. “I smell like sweat…but thanks.” She shifted her hand stroking his arm bringing his attention to her finally. His brows furrowed as he took in her dazed expression. “You okay?”

She blinked and glanced up at him, nodding quickly as he added cheese to the eggs and moved them around the pan. “Yeah…I’m good…” He gave her a strange look, but nodded before turning off the stove and splitting the eggs between both plates. He motioned for her to follow him to the island and she took the seat next to him as he put one plate in front of her.

She watched as he immediately started eating and after a few minutes she took a bite, bringing the fork to her lips and swallowing. Her eyes were practically glued to the way his mouth was moving and she couldn’t help but briefly wonder what kinds of things that mouth was capable of.

She swallowed heavily and made a small noise in the back of her throat. Oliver glanced at her, a small frown marring his lips. “What’s wrong?” Chloe cleared her throat meeting his eyes. “My back…it’s hurting a little…that’s all.”

His frown deepened and he took another bite of eggs before shifting on his stool and pressing one large palm to the middle of her back and kneading it lightly. His touch sent a shiver down her spine as a wave of arousal flowed through her. Her eyes fluttered shut as his hand moved up and down her back, working on the knots he found there.

He pushed himself off the stool and moved behind her to get a better angle. Chloe’s hands gripped the edge of the table, a small moan leaving her throat. “Oh god…that feels good.” He paused for a second, the tone of her voice startling him.

He focused on her; taking in the tension in her body, her quick breaths and the way she gripped the counter. He swallowed heavily as he slipped a hand to the small of her back, rubbing light circles there. She felt his hesitance and she turned on the stool so she was facing him.

He glanced at her, a hint of confusion on his face as he arched a questioning eyebrow at her. She reached out, her warm palm pressing against his abs causing him to suck in a breath as she gripped his side and pulled him closer to her into the cradle of her thighs.

Darkened green eyes met warm brown as she whispered. “God you’re beautiful…” The way her hungry eyes roamed over him sent his blood directly downward as his hand continued to caress small circles into her back, more to calm his rapidly beating heart than anything else.

“Chloe--” But he never got a chance to finish his sentence. She had gripped the back of his neck as she leaned up and pressed her lips against his, crushing their mouths together. It took him a second to respond but when he did she moaned into his mouth.

His hand came up, gripping the side of her face as he deepened the kiss, stroking his tongue against hers and she eagerly responded as he moved in closer to her. A minute or so later they broke apart and her body was humming. He leaned in, pressing a kiss to her cheek and then her neck as she gripped the hand at her back and moved it around her body lifting it to her breast.

His hand automatically cupped it, squeezing lightly and brushing a thumb over her already hardened nipple. Chloe let out a loud moan. “Yes…Ollie harder…more…” It was her words that broke through his arousal as he jerked away from her, putting several feet between them leaving her dazed and confused.

Chloe blinked. “Ollie…what are you doing?” He stood there, taking several deep breaths as he ran a hand over his face. Holy shit…he had just made out with Chloe…no forget that…he had just practically molested Chloe…his pregnant friend. What the hell was wrong with him?

“God, Chloe…I’m so sorry…I have no idea what got into me…please don’t be mad…” Chloe frowned as she spoke. “The only thing I’m going to be mad about is if you don’t get your ass back over here and finish what you started.” Oliver blinked, not sure he heard her correctly. “I’m sorry…what?”

He finally took a minute to look at her. She was sitting on the stool, legs slightly spread, nightgown scrunched up from where it rode up when he pushed against her, pupils dilated, nipples hard against the satin of the nightgown. She was turned on…and that only seemed to make him harder, which then made him feel even guiltier.

Her voice broke through his internal conflict, a slight whine to it. “Ollie please…I need…I’m so frustrated. Help me…” She reached a hand out to him and he opened and closed his mouth not sure what to say or do. What exactly was it that she needed him to do?

“Chloe…I think we should take a step back here…and focus on something else…I uh…I had something to tell you…it’s about the news.” She shook her head and slid off the stool before walking towards him. “I don’t want to talk about the news…I want you to show me exactly what it is that makes every woman around Metropolis want you….”

Jesus…” For every step she took closer, he took one back until the back of his leg hit the couch and he tumbled back. He groaned internally, real graceful Queen. When did he even get in the living room? Before he could sit fully up, Chloe was straddling his waist and he bit his lip as the tiny blonde manhandled him.

Oliver had absolutely no clue what to do…in his twenty-eight years nothing like this had ever happened to him. He was trying to figure out how to get her off him without hurting her or the baby. She bit her lip as she felt him slightly hard against her. “Just one time…come on Ollie…”

He closed his eyes to try and focus as he felt her body move against him. It took all his will power to grip her hips, sit up and pull her off his body. He pushed himself up so he was standing and put several feet between them. He held up a hand keeping her from moving.

“Stop! Chloe…you’ve been acting awfully weird these past few days…and now…well this isn’t you and it would be wrong if I took advantage of you….so stay where you are and talk to me.”

She let out a small groan as the ache inside of her worsened. She pouted in his direction. “Look…we’re friends and friends do stuff like this all the time…” His eyes widened and he pointed to the couch. “Friends don’t straddle friends on the couch.”

Her face flushed as a hand flew to her mouth. She had the decency to look sheepish for about a second before frustration took over. “Look…I’m sorry about that, but Oliver…these past few days have been horrible.” His face softened as he took a step closer. “Why?”

She nibbled on her bottom lip before blowing out a long breath. “I’m…aroused…” He nodded and pointed to the general vicinity of his crotch as he spoke. “Yeah…apparently that seems to be going around.” She shook her head. “No…I mean all the time…these last few days have been unbearable…I need some kind of release…please.”

She took a hesitant step towards him and placed her hand slowly on his stomach. “I’m comfortable with you…and,” she glanced down at his crotch before looking up slightly amused, “I think it’s safe to say you’re marginally attracted to me…neither of us are in a relationship…so...”

Her voice trailed off and his brows furrowed as he spoke. “So…” She moved in and pressed a kiss to his chest that made him suck in a deep breath before whispering against his skin. “Let’s have sex.” He moved a hand into her hair and blew out a long breath.

“Chloe…” She was busy pressing small kisses against his chest and it was seriously distracting him from his point. He needed to be strong…he gripped her hair slightly tighter and pulled back gently so her head was tilted up as he spoke. “I think that this is a step we’re not ready to take with each other.”

She let out a frustrated growl and moved away from him. “Oliver you don’t understand how bad I need…my body is so sensitive…it probably wouldn’t take much.” She gave him a hopeful look and he groaned. She wasn’t helping his will power any.

A part of him wanted to take her, throw her on his bed and have his way with her until she begged him to stop and then he’d give her a little more just for good measure, but he couldn’t do that. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Chloe…no.”

She nodded and he saw her sniffle slightly before her eyes pooled with tears and she spoke. “It’s because I’m fat isn’t it? You find me repulsive…” Her shoulders started to shake as tears coursed down her cheeks. He looked up at the ceiling and cursed under his breath as he walked over to her and pulled her into his arms.

“Chloe…stop crying…come on. I don’t find you repulsive…you’re far from… I think you’re beautiful.” She glanced up from his chest and sniffled slightly, voice soft. “You do?” He smiled. “Yeah…I do.” She frowned at him a skeptical look on her face.

“If that’s the truth…kiss me.” He sighed. “Chloe.” She pressed a finger against his lips and spoke quietly. “Just a kiss…” He swallowed hard cupping her cheek, leaning in and pressing a kiss to her lips. She returned it and he deepened it slightly before pulling back and resting his forehead against hers. “See…”

She smiled and pressed another light kiss to his lips as her arms wrapped around his waist. “Will you at least think about it? Ollie you’re the only one I can trust.” He made a face, but nodded. “Yeah…okay I’ll think about it…now can you hold back the hormones long enough for me to tell you what’s going on?”

She grinned brightly and nodded as he guided her over to the couch. They sat down and his face turned serious. “First thing’s first. The guy who attacked you, after he was arrested he was being transferred the other day and never made it to the other prison…He escaped somehow.”

She frowned, anger filling her. “How is that even possible? What the hell is wrong with these people? Do we have to do everything ourselves?” He chuckled lightly and spoke. “Apparently…but I think it’s time we brought in the Calvary…Did Dinah and Bart get back to us yet?”

She shook her head. “No just Victor and AC which you already know about. They’re willing to do a video chat…talk about things but I haven’t heard a peep from Bart or Dinah.” He nodded with a frown. Her eyes drifted back towards his chest as he continued speaking.

She reached out a hand brushing it along his pecs and when he spoke her name rather loudly she blinked, looking back up at him lips pursed. “Yeah?” If he wasn’t so incredibly tense he’d laugh. Chloe had never been distracted by his body before and yet it seemed as if right now it was the only thing she could focus on.

He placed a hand under her chin, lifting it so she was looking into his eyes. “Focus…one last thing and then I want you to go take a cold shower and get dressed. Last week when I took you to the hospital…it’s become a big deal…I need to issue a statement to the press, but before I did, I wanted to know what you want me to say.”

Chloe frowned and arched an eyebrow. “About what?” He motioned between them. “About you…the baby…me…us.” She tilted her head to the side watching him closely. “Us?” He shrugged and looked away from her. “You know what I mean…” Chloe moistened her lips, suddenly feeling nervous. “No…I don’t think I do.”

He glanced up and met her eyes. “They want to know who you are to me…they think you’re carrying my illegitimate child.” He snorted slightly. She placed a hand on his knee, face serious as she spoke. “Say whatever you need to say to get them off your back…I trust you and Maura and I aren’t going anywhere…you’re stuck with us for as long as you want us.”

His face warmed and he leaned forward pressing his lips to her forehead. “Good…I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anyone else…now go…I’m going to make a few phone calls and you’re gonna get dressed.” She nodded and patted him lightly before standing and making her way down the hall towards the bedroom. He let out a sigh and stood. He moved into his office, closed the door and sat at his desk. He lifted the phone and dialed Emil’s number. Several seconds later he picked up.

“Hello.” Oliver glared at the phone. “Thanks for the warning.” Emil frowned as he packed his bag. “Oliver…is that you?” He leaned back in his seat as he spoke. “Yes it’s me. I need you to come over right away and give Chloe something.”

He frowned as he paused in his office. “Give her what?” Oliver shrugged even though Emil couldn’t see him. “I don’t know…something…she’s having urges…” The dark haired man grinned and he spoke. “Ah, yes, well that’s not really something I can prescribe--” his words were cut off by Oliver.

“I don’t care…you have to do something. She’s sexually harassing me…and I like it! Look, do you understand how completely mind fucking it is to want to have sex with a woman you care about who is pregnant with another man’s kid? I feel dirty…I feel like a goddamned pervert and what’s worse is I feel guilty for wanting her…for caring about her…”

Oliver sighed and Emil could hear the frustration in the younger man’s voice. “Oliver--” But yet again his words were cut off by the blonde haired man. “No…just get here soon Emil…I’m serious.” And to illustrate his point he hung up the phone and glared at it. Oh he would come or Oliver we lock himself in his office until he did.


Chloe glanced at the computer screen in front of her, checking on the progress of her search for Lois. It had been months and nothing. It was seriously starting to weigh on her. She glanced at the clock and it was already after five. Oliver was hiding out in his office, although he claimed he wasn’t hiding, just busy with some work.

She sighed, checking a few more things and adding some more characteristics to the profile on Lois to eliminate some more possibilities. She had just pressed enter when she heard the sound of the elevator chime. She frowned and turned so she could see the doors.

They slid open to reveal Emil and Chloe stood immediately to greet him. “Emil…what a surprise…what brings you here?” He smiled at her. “Oliver called…how are you?” She pursed her lips and shrugged as she motioned for him to follow her in the living room. “I’m doing alright…”

He nodded and before he could say anything else, Oliver made his way out of the office. “Emil hey…good to see you. So were you able to find any solutions to our problem?” Chloe’s head jerked in Oliver’s direction, eyes wide. “You told him?”

Oliver waved her off. “It’s fine Chloe, he’s a doctor he can help.” Emil nodded as he glanced at her, voice soft. “I just want you to know that what your feeling is very common. You shouldn’t be ashamed. It’s perfectly natural in this point of your pregnancy.”

Chloe bit her bottom lip as her eyes strayed to the doctor’s arms. She never realized how defined they were…she wondered if he worked out. He cleared his throat and she blinked, focusing on him again as he continued speaking.

“Your body is very sensitive right now and things that wouldn’t normally stimulate you are and things that do normally stimulate you are heightened.” Oliver shifted uncomfortably. This wasn’t helping him. He cleared his throat bringing both sets of eyes on him. “We’re looking for a solution Emil…something we can do so…”

Emil arched an eyebrow at the stupidity of Oliver’s question. “In place of sex? There’s oral stimulation…as well as other types…” The man in front of him grunted a glare on his face. “I know that…I meant without that.” Emil shrugged as he glanced between Chloe and Oliver.

“Well in terms of having a lack of a partner there’s always self pleasure to ease the stress…but it’s difficult for most pregnant woman to…maneuver that way…” Oliver slapped a palm over his face and this conversation was officially making him hornier.

That’s it, Emil was obviously the wrong choice…he was just going to have to ride it out…or give in. His thoughts were interrupted by Chloe’s voice as she addressed Emil while reaching out a hand, stroking his leg slightly before moving towards his arm.

“Wow…I didn’t realize you worked out…your arms are…nice.” Oliver frowned as he glared at Chloe. “Cut it out!” She pulled her hand back and pouted. Oliver motioned towards the elevator. “Goodbye Emil…thank you for your lack of help.”

He sighed and stood. “You’ll be fine…” His eyes moved towards her, “Have a good night Chloe…” She winced. “You too Emil.” Oliver walked him out and Chloe watched as he made his way back into his office and shut the door. She sighed. It was going to be a long night.


Several hours later Oliver slowly pulled open the bedroom door and made his way quietly into the room. Chloe was already in bed and he was pretty sure she was asleep. He stripped down to his boxers, walked over to the bed and carefully pulled back the covers before getting in.

He shifted and when he heard her voice his body froze. “You’ve been avoiding me…I don’t like it.” He let out a long breath. “I’m sorry.” She moved towards him hesitantly and he opened his arms. She rested her head against his naked chest, voice soft. “Have you thought about it? I want to be close to you…I trust you Oliver…can we just try…please?”

He licked his lips as her warm body pressed against his side, her leg slipping between his as her hand skirted right above the elastic band of his boxers. He hated denying her…hell he didn’t want to deny her, but the guilt of even thinking about taking things to the next level with her, made his heart ache.

He pushed it down, turned his head toward her and placed a light kiss against her lips. She returned it right away and he rested a hand on her hip slipping his hand by her thigh as she moaned shifting her body so she was half lying on him. He tangled his hand in her hair as he deepened the kiss pulling her over him so she was straddling his waist.

Her palms were planted on his chest and she leaned down, placing a kiss by his neck as he reached up cupping her breast. He could tell she was already erratically aroused and he clenched his jaw. She felt him tense beneath her and she opened her lust colored eyes letting out a hot breath. “You’re stopping…”

He nodded. “I’m sorry Chloe…I am. If things were different…maybe after the baby we can try again…I just…I can’t do this.” She nodded moving off him, eyes brimming slightly with water as she spoke. “Just…tell me one thing…why?”

He sat up and ran a hand through his hair. “Because I respect you...because if something happens between us I don’t want it to be like this…and because I…I don’t deserve you Chloe…and I shouldn’t want to be with you like this…you’re my friend.”

They sat in bed in silence for several minutes before Oliver cleared his throat. “Why don’t I run you a bath…in all the time you’ve been here I don’t think you’ve ever tried it…it’s one of those allusion luxury baths…it’s got 10 TheraPro jets…4 of them are adjustable…” He let his voice trail off and Chloe arched an eyebrow at him.

He shrugged. “Just saying…in case you need to…relax.” She gave him a hesitant look. “Yeah?” He nodded and moved the covers so he could get up, but she stopped him. “I’ve got it…I’m sorry…about this morning and now…for pushing you. It wasn’t fair.”

He gave her a small smile. “It’s fine Chloe…we’re good.” She smiled and leaned in to give him a kiss, but paused. He closed the distance between them placing a chaste kiss on her lips before motioning towards the bathroom. “Go.” She gave him a small grin, got out of bed and shut the bathroom door behind her.

When Oliver heard the water start he immediately plopped back onto the bed and groaned. Wonderful, now all he needed to do was not think about what she was doing in his bathroom while he was less than twenty feet away. He pounded his pillow slightly, a strangled sound coming from his throat. Sometimes he seriously hated his life…

Chapter Twelve: Falling In


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