June 25, 2011

The Waltz (5/5)


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Chapter Four: The Sky Is Dalling

Chapter 5
‘I Want You To Know’

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another." -Anonymous

Lois pushed open the door to the Talon not bothering to shut it behind her. She was meeting a source in less than a half hour for her story on the corrupt DA. She was already conjuring headlines in her head. ‘Sacks gets Sacked.’ She grinned to herself and moved into the bedroom only to be hit in the face with a flying green dress.

She paused frowning as she pulled the material off her head and glanced towards the closet. Chloe was on her knees leaning forward yanking things out of the closet and tossing them behind her. “What in the world are you doing Chlo?”

Her voice startled the blonde and Chloe jerked up hitting her head on the side of the closet. Lois winced and bit her lip as her irritated cousin pulled her body out of the closet with a grunt sending a glare her way. “Owe.” The brunette gave her a sheepish smile. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to scare you, but seriously…what are you doing? It looks like a bomb attacked the closet.”

Chloe huffed and glanced around at the clothes strewn across the floor. What was she doing? She wasn’t exactly sure, but she could tell her cousin what she wasn’t doing…hanging out with Oliver. She groaned internally and sat back against her thighs.

They’d had plans today to grab lunch and then head to a concert at night, but that obviously wasn’t happening. She hadn’t seen Oliver in close to two and a half weeks. Hell she’d barely spoken to him and when she did, it was awkward and strained. Just thinking about it made a lump form in her throat.

“Earth to Chloe.” The blonde blinked and glanced up at her cousin before letting out a sigh and standing up slowly, brows furrowing. “What does it look like Lo’? I’m cleaning out the closet…organizing things and what not…I thought you were spending the weekend at the farm.”

She nodded as she wadded through the clothes and moved towards the drawers and pulled out some things. “I am, but I got a lead on the whole Sacks thing for my article. Now that he was fired and his trial is this upcoming Monday I’m going to be talking to one of the people he worked with and getting all the dirt.”

Chloe nodded a small grin slipping on her face at her cousin’s enthusiasm. “So much for that quiet weekend at the farm huh?” Lois smirked and shrugged. “Smallville doesn’t mind…he’s tagging along and wait a minute…didn’t you say you had plans today too? You’re going to that rock concert in Metropolis aren’t you?”

Chloe pursed her lips and shrugged. “I was going to…but probably not anymore…” Lois frowned. She’d noticed that Chloe had been off the past couple of weeks and though she’d asked her cousin about it several times the blonde insisted that nothing was wrong and she was fine.

Lois glanced at the clock on the wall. She didn’t have much time, but Chloe was family. She crossed her arms over her chest and gave the woman in front of her a stern look. “Okay…that’s it. I’m tired of all this moping around. What’s going on Chloe? And do not say nothing…I know you better than that.”

Chloe bit her bottom lip, not exactly sure what to tell Lois. It’s not as if she had been hiding hanging out with Oliver…but at the same time everyone had been busy lately and she hadn’t exactly come out and told Lois about it either. She let out a long breath and sat on the edge of the bed as she eyed her cousin.

“There’s this guy…” Lois’s eyes widened as she cut her off. “Oh my god you’re seeing someone?! That’s great! What’s his name? What does he do? Is he hot? Tell me everything…” Chloe raised an eyebrow at Lois. This had been a bad idea. She shouldn’t have said anything, but it was too late for that so she might as well explain the situation to the brunette, minus names of course.

She swallowed hard and spoke. “No Lois, I’m not seeing anyone. This person and I were strictly friends…and then well…things got complicated and now…we’ve sort of been avoiding each other…” Her voice trailed off and Lois frowned.

“Why?” Chloe gave the brunette a sheepish look before speaking. “We might have kissed…a few times…then we were interrupted and it’s just been really weird since.” Chloe glanced down and played with her hands, voice soft as she continued speaking. “I didn’t realize I had feelings for him…and then when I did…well it all happened so fast and then we were kissing…but I should have known better…”

Lois’s brows furrowed as she watched the sadness that clouded over her baby cousin’s face. “What do you mean?” Chloe shrugged and glanced up.

“We are friends Lois…or at least we were until I ruined it by kissing him. I finally had a nice guy who was there for me and cared enough to be around…and I completely blew it by turning it into something more than it was. I mean…I thought he felt it too…but it’s been almost three weeks and he hasn’t said anything so obviously I was wrong. Besides…he’s completely out of my league…I was kidding myself with this one.”

Lois pursed her lips trying to figure out who Chloe was talking about. Ever since everything that happened with Jimmy her cousin had taken to keeping to herself more often than not. Then these past couple of months she’d be going out more and Lois hadn’t thought to ask what was going on, she was just happy that Chloe was finally letting lose a little.

But now…she was more curious who Chloe was letting loose with. Lois wracked her brain as she stood there silently for a good three or four minutes before something in the back of her mind connected with Chloe’s words. A friend…someone she’d been spending time with…someone she considered out of her league. Holy crap.

Her eyes widened as she addressed her cousin. “It’s Oliver isn’t it?” Chloe’s head jerked up and the look on panic on her face said it all. Lois shifted and moved so she was leaning against the wall. She shook her head surprise on her face as she chuckled lightly. “Wow, I didn’t see that one coming…”

Chloe made a face. “Yeah, apparently neither did he.” Lois studied her cousin’s face and then let out a small sigh. “Did he kiss you back?” The blonde blinked and frowned. “What does that have to do with anything?” Lois shrugged. “You and I both know that Oliver’s gotten a bad rap with woman…and sure a lot of it is true…but he’s changed a lot since those days…if he kissed you I’m sure he meant it…”

A small tendril of hope curled inside her. “You think so?” Lois gave her a genuine smile. “I really do…if he’s going out of his way to spend time with you Chlo then it’s more than possible he cares…he’s a busy guy…” Chloe gave her cousin a small smile but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“He’s been avoiding me since it happened…and…” she heisted slightly before continuing, “I miss him.” Lois rolled her eyes slightly. Chloe had a habit of going with the flow of things when it came to men. She never took leaps and she could see how much this whole thing with Oliver was bothering her cousin so it was time for some tough love.

“Then go talk to him. No, don’t say anything. Look I know it’s scary because Oliver’s you’re friend and you help him with his green arrow stuff or whatever sometimes so it’s not like you can really avoid him…but I’m telling you Chloe if you don’t at least try you’ll never know if something could have happened and you’ll regret it.”

Chloe moistened her lips and looked away from her cousin. It wasn’t that simple. What if she and Lois were both wrong and Oliver didn’t look at her that way at all. Then what? How would they get past that? It would be awkward, not just for them, but for the team.

“It isn’t that simple Lois. There’s more to it than that…and I don’t want to ruin what we have.” Lois shook her head and brows creasing as she spoke. “You’re lying…what you don’t want is to get hurt and I get that…but you can’t keep doing this or you’ll end up alone. It’s time to break the cycle Chloe. Fight for what you want…it’s possible Oliver is just as scared as you are.”

Chloe stared at her cousin for a minute before a smile broke out on her face and she stood up quickly. She moved forward and gave her cousin a tight hug. “Thanks Lo’.” She pulled back seconds later grabbing her purse and keys from the dresser and Lois blinked. “Where are you going?”

Chloe yelled over her shoulder as she headed towards the front door. “I’m taking you’re advice…I’m going to break the cycle.” The brunette heard the door open and close and stood there for a few minutes surprised her speak had worked. She grinned, grabbed her stuff and heading for the door. Huh it looked like she could add cupid to her resume under her list of day jobs.


Oliver hung up the phone and glanced at the clock. It was close to noon and he couldn’t help the scowl that marred his features. He’d spent the morning working to try and distract himself from the fact that his plans with Chloe obviously wouldn’t be happening today.

He opened the top drawer to his desk and glanced at the tickets. He sighed. He’d bought them last month when he saw that one of Chloe’s favorite bands would be playing. He shoved the drawer shut and leaned back in his chair. He was such an idiot. He should have never kissed her.

Not only was she avoiding him now, but he’d probably ruined their friendship beyond repair. He hadn’t been able to help it though. The night he’d almost been shot by Sacks was still fresh in his mind. Her lips had felt achingly good against his and the way her body fit in his arms drove him nuts. She was so tiny and yet Chloe Sullivan was a force to be reckoned with. But she was his friend…his teammate…and he was pretty much terrified of losing her. If she took off and left the team where would that leave him?

He let out a frustrated sigh and pushed his chair back before getting up and making his way out of his office and into the hallway. He walked to the living room and headed towards the small bar pouring himself a glass of scotch.

He was just about to bring it to his lips when he heard the elevator sound. Oliver frowned put the glass down and moved towards the hallway right as the door slid open revealing Chloe. She walked out of the elevator with purpose and paused in surprise when she saw him standing there.

She’d practically broke the speed limits to get to his place and now that he was standing right in front of her she suddenly had no idea what to say. His brows furrowed in concern. “Chloe…what’s going on are you alright?”

She snapped out of her thoughts and licked her lips as he swallowed hard. “No…I mean yes I’m okay. I just…I need to talk to you.” He nodded his chest tightening slightly as he motioned for her to follow him into the living room. “Sure…”

She followed him into the room and stood there hands fidgeting as he waited for her to say whatever she needed to say. He wasn’t sure what to expect and it made him nervous. He might have been lying to himself when he said she was avoiding him…more like they were avoiding each other, but obviously she was done doing that.

Chloe’s heart was beating quickly in her chest and she knew if she didn’t come right out and address the issue she’d lose her nerve. So she skipped beating around the bush and powered through with the reason she’d come by his place unannounced.

“We kissed…no don’t say anything because I’m not done and if I don’t get this out now, I’ll never be able to say it.” He nodded his stomach coiling in knots as she continued. “These past couple of months have been so great…I love how much our friendship has grown…and I’m not entirely sure when it turned into more for me…but Ollie…I can’t stop thinking about you.”

She wound her hands together, fear shooting through her body as she spoke, letting her guard down and telling him how she felt. “I miss you…these past two weeks haven’t been the same without you…and I’m sorry I avoided you, but I was scared of what this would mean for us…and then I thought…maybe it was just me…that you didn’t care about me like that.”

She met his eyes and tilted her head to the side as she spoke. “Until I realized you were the one who kissed me…it was you who initiated it Oliver…and I know you didn’t just do it because…we have a connection…I know you feel it too…so why have we been avoiding each other…if…if this is something we both want…what’s stopping us?”

He could see the tears in her eyes and he slipped his hands into his pockets and swallowed heavily. He had no clue what to say to that. He was still slightly surprised that she was standing in his apartment talking about what happened. He had expected her to ignore it, brush it aside, and pretend it never happened.

Never I a million years had he thought she’d come to him. She saw his brows furrow and when he didn’t say anything right away she grew slightly anxious a hint of pain flashing across her face as she spoke again thinking that from the expression on his face his response was going to be negative.

Chloe took a few steps closer, green eyes glistening as she spoke softly. “Maybe you’re scared…if that’s the case trust me I understand that. My track record with relationships isn’t any better than yours…but we’re different…and I honestly think this could work if we gave it a chance Oliver…”

She paused letting her hand slip to his chest as she gave him a watery smile. “You and me…we’re two of a kind…it took a lot for me to come here…but I’m done letting those fears control me…I want to be happy Ollie…and the happiest I’ve been since everything that happened is the time I’ve spent with you… just one chance…it’s all I’m asking.”

Oliver stood there completely still and just a little bit dumbfounded. Chloe wanted to be with him? She wanted them to attempt a relationship? He had spent the last two and a half weeks agonizing over the fact that he kissed her, thinking he ruined everything because she wouldn’t want anything to do with him romantically when all the while she’d been on the same page as him.

He Couldn’t believe this was happening. Between her warm palm on his chest and what she’d just told him he was in a daze. He and Chloe were going to be together…he hadn’t scared her away, if anything he’d brought her out of her shell.

Chloe tilted her head and watched him for some kind of reaction. She could see several emotions crossing his face, but he just stood there, not saying anything and her stomach dropped. This had been a bad idea, obviously he didn’t think of her that way and he was trying to come up with a way to tell her that didn’t hurt her feelings.

She held back a small sob and sucked in a deep breath. She could do this…she could pretend that it didn’t matter…and give him an easy out. It was something she was used to doing by now. She swallowed heavily. “You know what…I’m just…I’m gonna go…”

Oliver blinked when he felt her hand move away from him. He frowned as he opened his mouth and watched as she started walking away. His heart started pounding when she disappeared into the hallway and he knew if he let her walk out that door things would never be the same. She’d never open up to him like this again…this was his only chance.

Oliver jerked forward his body moving quickly catching sight of her right as she was moving into the elevator. “Chloe wait!” She barely had a chance to turn around before he gripped her arm gently and spun her to face him. She opened her mouth but before she could say anything his lips were on hers.

Her body tensed for a second before she wrapped her arms around his neck as his slid around her waist pulling her body closer. She groaned into his mouth as he deepened the kiss, tongues dueling for dominance as lips molded together.

When they finally broke apart he mated their foreheads together, cupping her cheek as his other hand gripped her hip. “I’m sorry…You shocked me…I was…I couldn’t believe you actually wanted to be with me…”

He grinned and laughter bubbled in her throat eyes still full of tears, but shining in happiness as she spoke. “Is it that hard to believe?”

He smirked caressing her cheek lightly with his thumb. “Well you’d be surprised…even I didn’t think I had a shot with you…but…if your done running out on me and the offer still stands I’d really like it if we could give us a try.”

She nodded. “I’d like that…” His smiled widened as he brought her lips to his again before pulling back a minute later.

“Good…so now that that’s cleared up.” He wound an arm around her shoulders guiding her to the elevator as she laughed. He knew they had more things to talk about, but for right now Olive just wanted to live in the moment. “How about you and I go grab some lunch and then catch a concert later tonight?”

Chloe wrapped an arm around his waist as she glanced up at him. “I think that sounds like a perfect idea Mr. Queen.” He leaned forward and pressed the button before placing a kiss against the side of her head and as the elevator doors slid shut Chloe smiled as warmth filled her. It looked like Lois was right every once in a while you needed to take a leap of faith.

That first night she’d spent with Oliver at the party had been magical. It had opened a world of emotions and possibilities that she had never known existed. It healed her heart when she thought it was impossible and gave her not only Oliver’s friendship, but so much more...it gave her happiness…contentment…who would have thought that she’d owe all that to one little Waltz.


  1. I can't believe this one is done. This was such a beatiful story...I just love the push and pull these two have.

    Can I be greedy and ask what you will be posting next? All of your upcoming look so great but I have to admit I am intrigued by Bewitching.

    1. Aw, thanks so much! They really do have crazy push and pull haha.

      I know this comment was left a long time ago, but there will be more updates soon on stories lol. Thanks for reading! :)

  2. This Story was so great, I have read this a couple of times now.

    Is there a chance to get a sequel in the Future?

    1. Aw, thanks Anja! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

      Probably no sequel to this, but there will be other stories! :)

  3. They are so adorable :-) I love the slow build of their relationship in this story. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you loved the build up to their relationship. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. :)


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