June 9, 2011

When The Levee Breaks (17/17)

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Chapter Fifteen: Alas We Aspire

‘Look After You’

Three Years Later

“There now, steady love, so few come and don't go. Will you, won't you be the one I always know? When I'm losing my control, the city spins around. You're the only one who knows, you slow it down. It's always have and never hold, you've begun to feel like home. What's mine is yours to leave or take, what's mine is yours to make your own.” –The Fray

Chloe squatted down next to Maura as the 3-year-old placed the small bundle of flowers on the grass covered dirt. She watched as he daughter sighed lightly and patted the tombstone. She turned her head towards Chloe, big green eyes giving her a questioning look.

Chloe watched as her blonde curls were ruffled by the wind, Maura’s tiny hands holding the bottom of her green dress as her Mother spoke. “Do you want to say anything?” The toddler tilted her head to the side and scrunched her nose before turning back toward the stone in front of her.

She lifted one small hand and waved, voice soft and slightly bored. “Hi Daddy Jimmy…” She turned back toward her Mother and arched an eyebrow. Chloe pursed her lips before speaking. “Is that all?” Maura nodded and let out a puff of air that had her hair flying up slightly.

“Can we go see Daddy now?” Chloe let out a small breath and nodded as she stood. Maura bounced happily, running a couple of steps ahead of Chloe as they walked back towards the car. It had been three years since Maura was born and every year since she had brought her daughter to Jimmy’s grave twice a year.

The anniversary of his death and on his birthday. Chloe knew she was still too young to really understand why they went there, but both she and Oliver thought it was important for her to know where she came from. They didn’t want to be those parents who kept their child in the dark.

She pressed the keyless entry as they got close to the truck and when the locks slid back, Maura stood by the door bouncing on the balls of her feet. “Mommy huwwy huwwy…I wants to see Daddy.” Chloe grinned lightly as she lifted her daughter from the ground and blew raspberries on her stomach.

She giggled, pressing her palms against her Mother’s cheeks and smiling. Chloe pulled open the door and deposited her in the car seat while speaking. “So you didn’t tell me, Munchkin, did you have fun at preschool today?” She nodded her head as she gripped the small stuffed bear from the seat next to her.

“Yup, we made pretty pictures. I made one for Daddy.” Chloe smirked and nodded as she finished buckling her daughter in before shutting the door and hopping into the driver’s side of the car. Maura was currently going through a bit of a Daddy phase.

Two months ago while on a mission, Oliver had gotten pretty hurt and ever since then their daughter had practically attached herself to his hip. It was Daddy this and Daddy that. Chloe started the car and glanced in the review mirror with a smile as she spoke.

“Okay, Munchkin…off to Watchtower we go.” She clapped her hands as she smiled at her Mother, several ‘yays’ coming from the back seat as they pulled away from the curb and headed in the direction of the center of town.


Tess glanced at the screen in front of her, headset in her ear. “No…Dinah it’s on the left side…no…yes…perfect.” Oliver glanced over his shoulder at the redhead and smiled softly as he shook his head. Some days he still couldn’t believe how everything had worked out. When they had first rescued him and Tess he hadn’t trusted her, let alone want to work with her more than he had to.

But Chloe had insisted they give her a chance, especially after she helped bring Lois back. It had taken them two weeks and a trip to the future, but Lois was finally home safe and sound, memory intact, which had been the only reason she was initiated into their little super hero club.

Tess must have felt his eyes on her because she turned and raised an eyebrow in his direction. “Can I help you?” Oliver rolled his eyes and lifted another arrow from the holder next to him as he loaded it in his bow. “Yea…so tell me where is Emil taking you for your one year anniversary? Anywhere nice?”

Tess glared at the man in the middle of the room. “That’s none of your business and excuse me, but I’m in the middle of walking Dinah through a mission.” He made a face, but kept his mouth shut and she smiled. Tess would never admit it, but she enjoyed her banter with Oliver almost as much as she enjoyed being a part of the team.

When Chloe had first suggested it, she had nearly laughed in the smaller woman’s face, but surprisingly being a part of something larger than her…it had been exactly what she needed at the time and here she was three years later with a purpose, friends, family and an amazing man who loved her.

Life didn’t get much better. She was knocked out of her thoughts by a gust of wind. She let out a sigh as her papers scattered and she turned, catching sight of Bart on the couch with a bag of chips. She glared at their youngest team member before speaking.

“Hey Speedy Gonzalez…take it down a notch will you? Some of us have paperwork lying around.” He smirked at Tess and tossed a few chips into his mouth chewing before talking. “Well then, Red, maybe you should put them away…”

Oliver chuckled at Bart’s quick retort and Tess sighed. “I swear sometimes you guys are worse than children.” Oliver released the arrow and it sailed across the room, hitting the target with a whoosh before he spoke. “Hey…I take offense to that. My kid is awesome.”

Tess gave a small eye roll as she typed in a code to bypass the security system. “That’s subjective…perfect, Dinah, now go through the first door on your left.” Oliver had just loaded his second arrow into the bow and taken aim when the double doors were pushed open.

Maura held a juice cup in her hand and Chloe trailed behind her, bag on her arm as they made their way into the room. The 3-year-old’s eyes went wide when she saw Oliver poised with his bow. She screeched slightly in excitement, “DADDY!” before running across the room right as Oliver let go of the arrow.

Chloe, Tess and Oliver all turned, eyes wide, fear creasing their faces while all shouting a simultaneous ‘NO!’ as Maura ran directly in the path of the arrow. Oliver blinked, taking a step forward as the arrow hit the target. He frowned and turned, only to see Bart sitting on the couch with a giggling Maura on his shoulders as he popped more chips into his mouth.

He met Bart’s eyes and the younger man grinned and winked. “No worries, Uncle Bart’s on the job…” Oliver put a hand to his chest and let out a sigh of relief. She was going to give him a heart attack one of these days. Chloe rushed over, her hands automatically moving over her daughter, checking her for signs of injury, but she didn’t have a scratch on her.

Maura grinned while clapping her hands. “Again!” Oliver let out a breath and a deep chuckle as he shook his head. She grinned and held her hands out for Oliver. “Daddy, can I shoot my arrows too?” He beamed at her and walked over to Bart, pulling his daughter off the younger man’s shoulders.

“You sure can, Princess, why don’t you run over to Aunt Tess and ask her to get them for you.” She nodded before running in Tess’s direction. Oliver watched as she tugged on the redhead’s skirt, smiling big. He watched as Tess’s face softened and she bent down to talk to her quietly.

Surprisingly, Tess was good with kids as was the rest of the team, something that they had only realized after Maura was born. Originally, Chloe and Oliver had thought it was going to be a lot harder working a baby into their hectic lives than it actually had been.

The team had been supportive from day one and had all taken their turn helping with the toddler. She had a whole arsenal of superheroes at her beck and call. He shook himself out of his thoughts and when he was satisfied that Tess was helping Maura, he turned in Chloe’s direction and smirked, pressing a hand to his chest as he mock gasped. “Oh my god…is that my wife, the award winning writer?”

Chloe chuckled as she took a few steps forward, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Hey there, Handsome.” His arms slid around her waist, pulling her closer as he placed a kiss on her lips. She moaned into his mouth as she cupped his cheek.

Oliver had just deepened the kiss, letting his hand slide to the curve of her ass when the doors burst open yet again, Lois’s voice echoing through the room. “Where is she?” Oliver groaned as he pulled back from his wife right as Lois caught sight of them.

She grinned big and made her way over to them, practically shoving Oliver out of the way so she could pull Chloe into a hug. “I’m so proud of you, cuz…” Oliver frowned. “Yes, don’t worry I wasn’t hugging my wife or anything.” Lois snorted and waved him off. “When’s the recipient dinner?”

Chloe smiled at her cousin’s excitement. “It’s this weekend.” Lois nodded and smirked. “We’re gonna have to go shopping.” The blonde laughed as Tess and Maura made their way back out from getting her mini bow and arrow. Oliver had had it specially made for her a few months back, the second she showed an interest in playing with ‘Daddy’s arrows.’

The points were suction cups and they went with a special target, nothing that she could get hurt with, he had made sure. Maura held it up proudly and Oliver opened his mouth to say something when his 3-year-old noticed Lois. She let out another loud squeal. “Antie Lo’!”

The brunette turned and glanced at her niece. She smiled big. “Well if it isn’t my favorite niece.” She giggled and made her way across the room to hug Lois. Chloe watched them, eyes warm. When they had first gotten Lois back, she’d been surprised to not only find out that Chloe and Oliver were a couple, but that she was an Aunt.

It took several days of explaining and quite a few visits with Maura before Lois decided to forget everything else and just concentrate on what was. She had been less than surprised about Oliver’s team of heroes, although she had been slightly pissed that she was the last one to find out.

Two weeks after she came back, she was reinstated at her job at the Daily Planet and she and Chloe had been working there together since. Chloe snapped out of her thoughts when she felt Oliver’s hand stroking her back lightly as he watched Lois and Maura talking with big hand gestures.

He leaned towards her ear and whispered against it. “You know…I was thinking maybe you and I can have our own little private party tonight where I can congratulate you over…and over again.” Chloe shifted and bit her lower lip before placing a kiss against his neck, voice equally as low.

“I say that sounds very promising…” He grinned and was about to kiss her again when there was tug on his jeans as Maura spoke with a slight whine, pout covering her small lips. “Daadddy…arrows.” He glanced down at the tiny blonde lifting her up easily and placing a wet kiss on her cheek, making her giggle as she hugged his neck and leaned her head against his shoulder.

“Arrows you say?” She nodded as she yawned slightly, hiding her face by his neck. He rubbed her back before walking them over to the targets. Hers was on the wall not far from his. He placed her on the floor and Chloe watched as handed her the small bow and showed her how to hold it.

The 3-year-old stood there, legs slightly apart, brow furrowed with the most adorable look of concentration as Oliver squatted beside her, helping her lift her arms into position before standing up and taking the exact same pose. He cocked his head slightly to the side as he spoke.

“Do you know what to do?” She nodded, her curls bouncing with the movement of her head as she spoke. “Keep eyes on target.” Oliver grinned. “Ready…set…go.” They released their arrows simultaneously; Oliver’s hitting dead center while Maura’s struck the ring right outside the center, the suction cup sealing around the target.

Oliver grinned and gazed down on her with affectionate eyes. “You’re badass, kid.” Maura opened her mouth and pointed at Oliver while shouting. “Ohhh Daddy said ass! A dollar for the swear jar!” Chloe shook her head and gave their daughter a reprimanding look as her husband tried to hold in his laughter.

“So did you, sweetie…now two dollars for the swear jar.” She frowned and shuffled her feet while mumbling a soft ‘poop’. Oliver shook his head and nudged her slightly. She noticed him getting out another arrow and she followed suit.

Lois slid up to Chloe’s side as she caught her staring at her family in the middle of the room. She nudged her cousin lightly and the blonde turned her head and let out a small ‘hmm’ before her eyes fell back across the room. Lois spoke quietly as she gazed in the same direction as Chloe.

“He’s so good with her.” She nodded before addressing the brunette. “He really is…since the minute she was born…” Lois gave her a warm smile and wrapped an arm around her. “You’ve got a great little family here, cuz…sometimes I don’t know how you do it.”

Chloe laughed lightly. “Well we have all of you helping out…” Lois gave her cousin a soft glare. “You know what I mean.” Chloe shrugged. Some days she had wondered the same thing. They’d had their fair share of ups and downs, but when Oliver had proposed a year after Maura was born, Chloe had readily accepted.

Adjusting to married life wasn’t as challenging as she had expected and even though she still went by Chloe Sullivan while writing, everywhere else she was known as Chloe Queen and she relished in it. Knowing that she and Oliver were going to spend the rest of forever together…well it sounded cheesy, but it made her heart warm.

Knowing he’d chosen her…that they were husband and wife and no matter what came their way they’d face it together…it was such a fulfilling feeling. Her daughter’s voice broke her out of her thoughts. “Mommy, look! Bullseye, bullseye!”

Chloe glanced at the target and arched an eyebrow at Bart standing by her desk whistling as he glanced at the magazine. He must have felt her gaze on him because he glanced up and winked. Chloe smiled. “I see…wow I’m so proud of you honey…”

She nodded, pride gleaming on her face. “Ima be just like Daddy and saves people with my arrows…but I doesn’t want to wear green I wants to wear purple!” She giggled while twirling around, her dress swirling around her. “I can bes the purple arrow!” she spun a few more times before plopping down on the floor and lying on her back, breathing heavy.

Oliver chuckled as Bart turned and glanced down at her. “What are you doing ‘licious junior? Wanna grab a snack?” She sat up quickly, head tilting to the side. “A snack? I like snacks…maybe some chocate? Or cookies?” Bart held out his hand and she took it, letting him pull her off the floor as he spoke.

“Maybe…let’s go raid the kitchen and see what’s there.” She held her arms up. “Up up…wanna go zoom.” Bart picked her up as Oliver spoke, brows creasing. “Not too much…I don’t want all the zooming to upset her stomach.” Bart waved him off. “You worry too much, Bossman…I can handle the kid.”

Oliver blinked and they were gone. He heard noise coming from the kitchen and sighed as he glanced over at Chloe and Lois. A slow grin slid onto his face. “Hey Professor…feel like a lesson?” A spark of mischief fell into her eyes as she pushed away from where she was standing and made her way into the middle of the room.

He stood behind her, showing her how to hold the bow, his hands caressing her lightly as he guided her movements. He leaned over her slightly as he helped her hands and when his mouth was by her ear, warm breath hitting it slightly, he spoke in a whisper.

“God, I can’t wait to get you home.” She moaned in the back of her throat as Lois cleared her throat. “Cut it out you two or you’re going to end up with more than just one toddler.” Chloe rolled her eyes and Oliver chuckled as he moved back eyeing her. “To be continued.” She tilted her head placing a light kiss on his chin. “Definitely.”

Lois was about to call out to Tess when there was a loud crash in the kitchen followed by a grunt, a squeal and then the sound of tiny shoes hitting the ground quickly. Oliver, Chloe and Lois turned their heads as Maura ran into the room covered in melted chocolate, holding something in her hands.

She bumped into one of the stands of the mainframe, knocking the plugs out as Tess held her hands over the papers so they wouldn’t fall, right as the double doors opened again, Victor and AC made their way inside.

Bart shouted across the room. “Give it back you little mischief maker!” The 3-year-old ducked her head and tumbled under the desk before leaving chocolate sized handprints on the floor as she rolled over to her mini arrows.

Bart slipped on the chocolate as she tossed a mini arrow at him, the small suction cup getting stuck to the chocolate on his shirt. Maura giggled before running at AC and Victor full force. She slammed into both men, gripping their legs in a hug and transferring the chocolate onto their pants. They ‘omphed’ as the toddler bounced excitedly.

“Hiya! Help help help…Unky Bart’s trying to take my cookie!!!” They blinked before glancing up at the mess around Watchtower. AC lifted her up and smiled. “Hey dudette…you destroying Watchtower again?” She nodded. “Um, a little, buts only cause he’s trying to steals my cookie!”

They turned to Bart who grunted and pulled the arrow off of him. He pointed to the cookie. “I saw it first…it’s my cookie and by the looks of it kiddo, you’ve already had waay too much sugar.” Chloe bit her bottom lip and Oliver turned to Tess. “Sorry about the computers.”

She smirked and waved him off. “No worries, we Maura proofed after what happened last time. When the plugs are pulled, it automatically backs up to the system and the back-up power comes on.” Oliver nodded. He sighed “And the floor…”

Bart glanced around and several seconds later it was cleared. Oliver blinked and Bart grinned as he wiped his hands on the towel. “No harm, no foul, Bossman…all clean.” Lois let out a small laugh. “Superheroes by day, Superbabysitters by night...”

Chloe chuckled. “Thanks guys…We ready for the meeting?” Victor poked at Maura’s stomach playfully, making her laugh as AC pulled the little girl onto his shoulders. They nodded at Chloe. “Yup.” They moved towards the long table that had been added to the back of the room, Lois following behind them. Bart was already sitting at the table as Tess grabbed the papers and started walking them over leaving Oliver and Chloe standing in the center of Watchtower.

He nudged her slightly and she glanced at him with an eyebrow raised. His voice was soft when he spoke. “So…is this how you thought our lives would end up?” She gave him a thoughtful look before wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning up.

“No it definitely isn’t…” He frowned slightly as she continued speaking with a wide grin, “It’s better…” He smirked, pulling her flush against him as he captured her lips in a long kiss, mouths molding together as he cupped her cheek with one hand and deepened the kiss.

When they pulled apart, he mated their foreheads together and pressed a brief kiss to her nose causing her to very much giggle like their daughter. He gave her a soft smile as he basked in their happiness that surrounded them, while whispering. “Good answer.”


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