September 18, 2011

A Christmas Miracle


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Title: A Christmas Miracle
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Lost Girl
Pairing: Dyson/Bo Kenzi, Hal
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: ‘Eggnog’ from dandiandi22

Kenzi leaned over the counter, hand pressing against the top of the blender as she pushed the grind button, the sound of ice being crushed temporarily drowning out the Christmas music that she and Bo had been playing since seven in the morning.

Surprisingly despite her lack of being a morning person she’d woken up at six fifteen and managed to control herself from waking Bo for all of but fifteen minutes. She’d pounced on the bed at exactly six thirty, ignoring the fact that she had a very naked Dyson in her bed.

Bo had been slightly startled, but chuckled. Kenzi couldn’t remember the last time she had a place to call home during the holidays let alone people to spend it with and she’d been excited. Bo had apparently understood that and hadn’t been mad at her for her lack of knocking or rhythmic jumping on the bed.

Dyson on the other hand had grumbled something along the lines of ‘stop bouncing the bed Kenzi or I’ll bite you.’ which led to Bo slapping him lightly before grabbing her robe and getting up. They’d gone downstairs to open gifts and she and Bo attempted to make chocolate chip pancakes while dancing to Christmas music in the kitchen.

Kenzi didn’t think she’d ever had that much fun on Christmas…and that was saying something. Trick stopped by around noon, bringing gifts, but didn’t stay long. Then about two hours ago Hale made his way over. They’d just finished dinner and she was currently mixing up her special eggnog recipe.

She pulled her finger from the button before removing the pitcher and shaking it slightly to test the consistency of the eggnog. She grinned at it before looking up. “Kenzi’s eggnog delight is ready bitches!” Hale chuckled and shook his head before turning towards Bo and Dyson who were currently making out under a sprig of mistletoe.

He winced before looking back at Kenzi and pointing in their direction. “Do those two do anything else?” Kenzi watched them a thoughtful look gracing her features. “Hmm they go at it like rabbits…which seriously I so need to get a better pair of headphones for…but yeah it’s pretty much a lot a that.”

She pulled out four glasses and filled all four up as much as she could before holding a glass out to Hale. He took it nodding his head in thanks as she grabbed the other three glasses and they made their way towards the living room.

Kenzi whistled to grab Bo and Dyson’s attention. They pulled apart and she motioned to the drinks. “Kenzi is not codename for bitch slave and so there’s no way I’m gonna be servin’ your asses all night long…” Hale smiled and took a seat on the couch as her voice trailed off.

Bo smirked, she knew despite the teenagers words she was having a good time and the truth was so was she. In all the years since she left her adoptive parent’s home she’d never had a proper Christmas and sure this one wasn’t perfect.

They’d finished up a case Christmas Eve that just about almost killed her, but they’d all come out of it alive and that's what mattered. After she healed she, Kenzi and Dyson had wrapped a few gifts together and even managed to watch a movie before she’d passed out and Dyson had carried her to her room.

Bo knew they technically weren’t all family, but Kenzi was the closest thing she had to blood and Dyson…well she never knew she could love someone as much as she did him and it was terrifying, but also comforting knowing she had him to turn to if she needed someone.

Dyson’s hand rubbing circles on her lower back pulled her from her thoughts and she rolled her eyes at Kenzi. “Please…what do you think we have those two for? We totally cooked dinner and dessert…we’re hosting…so they can wait on us now.”

She pulled the younger girl with her to the couch and they plopped down on it together sitting side by side. Bo gave Dyson a warm smile, “What do you say about a Christmas movie?” He returned her smile, “I say I think it’s a great idea…”

He turned his eyes on his friend and motioned towards the TV. “You staying for some Christmas movies?” Hale held up his drink and spoke as he winked at Kenzi. “As long as little mama keeps the drinks comin’.” Dyson chuckled and Kenzi glared. “Don’t call me little mama…”

He nodded, “Right right…I gotchu…” She rolled her eyes as Dyson flipped through the channels before settling in a Christmas movie and walking towards the couch. He took the seat on the other side of Bo and tossed an arm around her.

She leaned into his side as Kenzi took one of the small pillows putting it on Bo’s lap and laying her head on it to watch the movie. Hale glanced over at the three of them and he gave them half a smile. He looked around the room taking in the crooked decorations, the smell of homemade cookies, and the soft sound of Christmas music still going on in the background.

The tree was just as crooked in the corner as everything else, but somehow it fit, just like they all sort of fit together. A bunch of misfits…an unlikely family. It looked like his best friend had found a family to call his very own.

And Hale prayed everything worked out because Dyson wasn’t one to give his heart easily, but when he did…he was all in. If looks were anything to go by, then by the way Dyson glanced down at the two women who were cuddled up alongside him…it was clear his friend was already a lost cause.

But Hal wasn’t about to say anything because after centuries of looking…Dyson had finally found his Christmas miracle and who was Hale to mess with fate?

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