October 7, 2011

Hot and Cold


Banner By: Franica
Title: Hot and Cold
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Michael/Maria
Word Count: 885
Prompt: Cold

A callused hand slid up her leg brushing against her knee before dipping under the hem of her uniform. Maria moaned as she arched her body off the dingy couch and against him. She could feel his lips curl into a grin against her neck as his other hand cupped her cheek, peppering kisses up to her chin and then grazing her lips with his.

She wrapped an arm around his neck deepening the kiss, plunging her tongue into his mouth in an attempt to establish some kind of control over the situation. He shifted spreading her legs slightly wider to accommodate his body.

Michael broke away from the kiss and fingered the edge of her panties before pressing one long finger against her slit. He could feel her material moisten beneath his touch and he licked his lips as his name fell from her mouth. He watched as her eyes slid shut, face flushed with arousal, teeth ensnaring her bottom lip as soft breathy moans filled his ears.

He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything more beautiful than Maria sprawled beneath him. It was in moments like these that Michael could show Maria how he really felt. Here, he didn’t need long speeches or fancy gifts. He didn’t need to showcase every emotion he was feeling or everything she made him feel.

With one brush of his hand or flick of his finger he could make her feel loved and special all in the same moment. One kiss was worth a thousand words. This was how he told her what he couldn’t say out loud. He bent down running a tongue over her collarbone before latching onto her pulse point with his lips.

Maria threaded her fingers through his hair as she rocked her hips forward attempting to increase the pressure of his fingers against her body. Michael took the hint and drew his finger to the side of her panties before slipping it beneath them and inside of her in one quick motion.

She gasped and moved her hips to meet his probing finger. After a few thrust he added a second one and quickened his pace while his other hand caressed her body softly almost lovingly. Maria let herself sink into the sensations he was creating inside of her.

It was times like these that she was able to see the real Michael…normally he was so cold. She knew that he cared about her, but he never knew exactly how to show it and she was pretty sure that frustrated him. So instead of offering her affectionate words and awkward dates he took her to new levels of pleasure.

Maria had never let anyone touch her the way Michael has. Sure she’d had the occasional boyfriend, but none of them had ever taken their time to get to know her body. Michael on the other hand…he was an artist. He caressed and stroked her as if he were creating a masterpiece.

All thoughts few from Maria’s head as she felt his thumb press against her clit and rub it roughly. A light sheen of sweat graced her body as she slid a hand down to his belt unbuckling it as her breathing quickened. Michael groaned when he felt her hand slip into his boxers, small palm curling around his shaft, stroking him lightly.

“Jesus Maria…”

She grinned as she sucked on his jaw, hand tightening against him as her ministration became bolder. Michael could feel a tingling sensation at the base of his spine and he knew he was close to coming. He added a third finger, thrusting harder inside her body as his thumb made circular motions around her clit.

Maria could feel the pressure building low in her belly as her muscles tensed and she arched up her head falling back against the pillow of the couch, her had clenching around his shaft as she stroked harder and faster.

Michael swore and with two more jerks of his hand Maria came crying his name, her inner muscles clenching around his fingers, as she spasmed around him. As she caught her breath she slid her palm up and down his length two more times before he exploded in her hand.

His body shivered above hers and a couple of seconds later he reached over for a tissue and handed it to her. She took it as he sat back on his heels readjusting his pants and then reaching forward to fix her uniform. Maria tossed the tissue in the garbage and when she looked back at Michael he was staring at her.

She arched an eyebrow a small smile tugging at her lips. “Can I help you spaceboy?” He grinned, a spark of mischief and something else she couldn’t quite place in his eyes. “You’re beautiful…” her face softened as he continued talking. “You’re also a pain in my ass Deluca…now come on get back to work before we get caught and I get fired. Some of us have an apartment to pay for.”

He pushed himself off the couch in the back of the Crashdown and headed towards the bathroom to wash his hands before firing up the grill for the day. Maria watched him go, standing up and shaking her head, amusement in her eyes. Same old Michael Guerin.

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  1. Love it! M&M are one of my favorites TV couples. Haven´t read a Michael/María story in a long time...
    Glad that check LJ today and found this.


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