November 18, 2011

Text Message Tango (13/13) Master List


Title: Text Message Tango
Rating: R
Authors: Iheartvsnark & Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe, Clark/Lois, Emil/Tess
Word Count: 73,315
Part: 13/13
Story Banner: By Andi
Chapter Banners: By Juliete
Dedication: For Andi, I don’t know about Mandy, but I totally blame this story on you. Haha
Summary: Things are quiet in Metropolis until the members of the Justice League are faced with an internal communication malfunction. (Based on Texts From Last Night prompts.)
Warning: Mostly canon through Fortune and then AU, meaning we pick and choose what we wanted to change based on our writing needs.

(Chapter One: Dirty Little Secrets) ( Chapter Two: I Want To See Your Peacock( Chapter Three: Trading Favors) ( Chapter Four: Gives You hell) (Chapter Five: Gimmie More) (Chapter Six: Blame it on Bart)(Chapter Seven: Rumor Has It(Chapter Eight: Wicked Game(Chapter Nine: Capes and Leather(Chapter Ten: Rock You Like A Hurricane)  (Chapter Eleven: Hit Me With Your Best Shot(Chapter Twelve: Grapevine(Chapter Thirteen: Confessions)

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