December 23, 2012

The Words

Title: The Words
Author: Sxymami0909
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Rating: PG-13
Fictable Prompt: #041 Words for Kenmath01
Word Count: 835
Summary: Chloe reflects on her life with Oliver.

Words. People thought they were so important, but Chloe knew better. She glanced to her side at her sleeping husband and smiled. She wasn’t a relationship expert by any means and she and Oliver still had their moments when they disagreed or argued, but they always got through it. Lois always said it was creepy how she and Oliver practically shared a wavelength, but Chloe didn’t think it was.

She and Oliver had always been pretty in sync and she figured it was because they were a lot alike. Their connection had always been strong, but it wasn’t until after she traded herself for him and came back that things between them became really serious. Chloe who had been afraid of getting too close, couldn’t seem to bring herself to leave his side for longer than a few hours.

It was uncanny how much closer a near death experience could make people. It wasn’t just that though. Chloe hadn’t accepted how much Oliver meant to her until she had traded herself for him and spent all those months without him. When she came back things weren’t perfect, but she and Oliver worked on things until they were pretty damn close.

Now, she never needed the words to let him know how much she loved him, or that she missed him. She didn’t need words to settle an argument or make decisions. They had their own way of communicating and Chloe wasn’t sure how to explain it, but it worked for them. Actions spoke louder than words, they always had with her and Oliver; she just hadn’t seen it at first. Sure it was nice to hear the words every once in a while, but there were more important things than words.

Oliver made a noise in his sleep pulling her from her thoughts and she froze not wanting to wake him since he’d been out patrolling until early that morning. When he just shifted beside her she let out a short breath and smiled. Chloe did her best to let him sleep in on the weekends even if his idea of sleeping in was getting up at seven or eight.

Chloe shifted carefully turning onto her back and resting against the pillows as she let her eyes slip shut and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the early morning hour.

Oliver had felt her shift beside him and he quietly opened his eyes only to see hers closed and a small smile pulling at her lips. His expression warmed at the look on her face and he found himself wondering for about the millionth time how he had gotten so lucky.

He moved his arm and ran his fingers down her arm carefully grinning when her eyes fluttered open. Oliver smiled warmly at his wife. “Morning, Sidekick.”

Chloe’s brows drew together and she sent him an apologetic look. “I woke you up,” she said with a sigh as she leaned into his touch.

Oliver let out a deep chuckle, his voice thick with sleep. “All your thinking woke me up. I could practically feel your brain running a mile a minute,” he teased lightly as he tugged her closer to his body.

Chloe shifted and rested against him dancing her fingers up and down his chest. “I was just thinking about us,” she tilted her head slightly so she could see him, “And how awesome we are,” she joked.

Oliver nodded, “That’s true,” he commented as he studied her expression. By now he knew them all and he was glad because his wife had a tendency to tell him half truths sometimes in order to protect him, not that she did that too much these days, but still. “You know I think we got through everything pretty damn well,” he said lightly.

Chloe glanced at him again and her lip turned up at the corner not at all surprised that he knew where her mind had drifted. “I think we did too.” She told him as she leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to his lips while tightening her grip around him.

Oliver returned the kiss as he held her, only breaking it when air became an issue. He held her gaze and smiled slightly. “I love you too,” he said softly and he watched as her face brightened.

“You always know what I’m saying,” she said quietly as she pressed several kisses along his jaw and down his neck.

Oliver groaned and threaded his hand through her curls as he nodded. “I do,” he said as a smirk pulled at his lips. “Now let’s see if you know what I’m saying,” he quipped before using his body to roll them over until he was on his knees above her, parting her legs as surprise filled her eyes.

Chloe’s laughter filled the room as Oliver bent down and ran his tongue over the shell of her ear, making her shiver with excitement. Oh yeah, she knew what he was saying. Words were definitely overrated.

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