May 29, 2013

Wanting More

Banner by: Corina

Title: Wanting More
Pairing: Angel/Cordy
Rating: PG-13
Fictable Prompt: #022 Agony for Hellzz_on_earth
Word Count: 920
Summary: Angel finally wants something set during ‘To Shanshu in LA’

Angel gazed down on the distraught brunette, her eyes red and blurry as she stared out into nothingness. His chest constricted as he reached out and took her hand in his. Her skin was clammy as he squeezed her hand gently trying to force himself to focus and not get too emotional.

This was exactly why he didn’t get attached to people. Somehow the people he cared about always wound up getting hurt because of him and this time the person he cared about most didn’t even know it. Angel swallowed hard at the thought.

He typically spent his days acting like Cordelia’s presence was a nuisance, but the truth was it was what got him through most days. In his 242 years he had never met anyone like her. At first glance she came off as selfish, ditzy, and sometimes even a little rude. But when you look past all that you see the real Cordelia.

This amazing, independent, charismatic, loyal, brave young woman and Angel was lucky to have her in his life. He just wished he would have seen it a little sooner. He shook himself out of his thoughts and leaned over her slightly. “Cordelia…I’m gonna fix this.” He paused. “Promise.”

He could feel the emotion building inside of him as he watched her lips quiver. Angel knew she couldn’t hear him, but he hoped that somewhere deep down she knew he was there. “I’m gonna get you back…I need you back,” he whispered as he dipped his head down while moisture built in his eyes. He turned Cordelia’s hand over and his body tensed as he caught sight of a mark on her hand.

Angel ran his fingers over it before looking up at her shocked. He finally had a clue, something that might be able to lead him to whoever did this to Cordelia. He sucked in a deep breath even though he didn’t need it and squeezed her hand one last time before rushing out of the hospital room. He was going to figure out who did this and he was going to kill them.


The flash of white light filled her vision blocking out the visions and pain that had been filling her body for hours. Cordelia gasped and then blinked when the hospital room came into view. A small noise left her throat and she turned her head stiffly, her body sore and the first thing she saw was Angel’s face.

He smiled pretty much the brightest smile she’d ever since on his brooding face and said ‘Hey’. She did her best to return his smile. “Angel,” she whispered her voice hoarse. The smile on her face faltered as she thought about all the people around the world who needed help, all the people who were in pain and her chest tightened.

“Welcome back,” she heard him say before a nurse said something about getting a doctor. God how long had she been out of it? It felt like forever? She turned her head and glanced at Wesley smiling as she tried to get her thoughts together. She felt Angel’s hand squeeze her shoulder lightly and she turned her head back in his direction. She wanted to say thank you, to tell him that she knew he would save her and she was lucky to have him in her life even though she didn’t always act like that was the truth. But that wasn’t what came out when she finally spoke. “I saw them all…and there’s so much pain,” she paused as her heart clenched, “We have to help them.” She insisted.

Cordelia watched as Angel nodded quickly. “We will,” she saw him lift his hand and stroke her cheek and she leaned into his touch wondering how she could take comfort in such a small action when there was still so much agony running ramped in her head. Angel squeezed her hand tightly and she squeezed it right back. She knew everything wasn’t fixed and there were still so many people that needed to be helped, but for the moment she was okay and she was with the one guy she cared about more than anyone.

Cordelia hadn’t realized it at the time, but Angel meant a lot to her and she was going to make sure that she was around for a long time to help him until they helped every last person they possibly could and maybe even help each other in the process. She shook herself out of her thoughts and glanced at Angel. “Can we go home now?” She asked softly.

Angel laughed, something she rarely heard and nodded. “As soon as the doctor clears you and Wes, I’ll get you guys back to your place…where I might have to stay for a little while since our office sort of got blown up,” he said almost sheepishly.

Cordelia arched an eyebrow, “I guess I really did miss a lot, huh?” She asked with a small smile, her hand still in Angel’s as they waited for the doctor. She caught Angel’s gaze as Wesley started talking and there was something there that she couldn’t quite make out. A spark of something she didn’t understand, something that made her heart skip a beat. He broke the gaze a second later and Cordelia almost thought she had imagined it, but even if she had, the pressure on her hand was still there. She had a feeling that Angel finally wanted something and she couldn’t be happier about it.

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