August 17, 2014

Never Know What Hit You 7/8

Title: Never Know What Hit You
Authors: Sxymami0909 & Xtremeroswelia
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Timeline: Set after 3.18 'Riddled' AU from there.
Rating: R - for extreme violence
Pairings: Stiles/Lydia, Scott/Kira, Allison/Isaac, Eventual Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa, Derek Hale, Aiden, Ethan, Alan Deaton, Chris Argent
Summary: Stiles is in a race against time to figure out the latest mystery in Beacon Hills before he can no longer remember his friends and family. But when Stiles heads down a dark path, Scott and Lydia have to work with the pack to find a way to save their friend and save Beacon Hills. But are both possible? Or will they have to choose? Does one life outweigh the many? Or will a sacrifice be made to protect what's left of the town? Friendships will be tested, bonds broken, and lines drawn. And when all is said and done, nothing will ever be the same again.
Parts: 7/8
Previous Chapters: | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six |

Chapter 7

Everything in his entire body hurt. And not just a little bit. It felt like he’d been run over with a semi-truck -- twice. His brain was muddled, too, like he’d been drugged with the strongest sedatives ever made and it took him several long moments just to open his eyes. All he could see was a white ceiling. Where the hell was he? His eyes drifted shut again as he tried to remember why he felt so damn terrible.

It took his senses a few more minutes to realize that the antiseptic smell invading his nose meant he was in the hospital. A slight groan escaped him and he rolled his head to one side, the heart monitor he was hooked up to beeping a little faster with his movement. He lifted one hand -- bandaged for reasons he couldn’t remember and brought it up to his face, feeling the oxygen tube on his nose and pulling it off without really thinking about it.

Michael sat straight up at the sound of his son groaning. “Stiles?” he asked as he leaned forward swallowing hard. It had been a long few days of sitting in uncomfortable plastic hospital chairs and Michael knew this probably wouldn’t be the last time either. He and Melissa had been switching off who stayed with Stiles since they both still had a lot of work to do helping clean up the town. So much had been destroyed with explosions and freak accidents, but at least that was all over now.

“Scott he’s awake,” he called out to the teenager on the other side of the bed who had somehow managed to fall asleep in said chair.

Scott grunted, scrunching his nose as he shifted, his eyes blinking open lazily confused as to what was going on for a solid minute before he saw Stiles blinking in the hospital bed. Scott sat up fast a grin pulling at his lips, “Dude, you scared the shit out of me.”

Michael shook his head as he leaned forward resting a careful hand on his son’s arm. “How are you feeling?” He asked his brows drawing together.

Stiles looked at his dad, then rolled his head over to look at Scott, confusion furrowing his eyebrows. “Like I got hit by a truck,” he mumbled, trying to sit up and wincing as pain shot through him. “Oh my god. Did I get hit by a truck?” That would really suck. He groaned again, giving up the idea of sitting up and rubbing a hand over his face. “How long have I been here?”

Scott frowned and glanced over at the sheriff, “Did the doctors say he wouldn’t remember?” He asked worried already taking over the relief he felts moments before seeing his friend awake again.

Michael shook his head, “They weren’t sure. No one’s ever been brought in alive after such a bad electrocution, let alone two people.” He explained before glancing at Stiles and squeezing his arm gently. “No,” he said with a tired smile, “You weren’t hit by a truck. I’m going to go get Melissa really quick, she’s going to want to know you’re awake and give you a once over,” the sheriff stood and leaned down pressing a quick kiss to Stiles forehead, “You have no idea how happy I am that you’re okay.” He didn’t know the whole story about what happened, but he knew his son was no longer possessed and that was what mattered.

Stiles was more than a little confused at his dad and his best friend’s conversation. He’d been electrocuted? How the hell had that happened? He watched uncertainly as his dad headed out the door, then he turned his head to look at Scott, mild anxiety beginning to take hold. “I was electrocuted?”

Scott’s eyes widened, “Uh,” he glanced around the empty room, but there was no one there to tell him what he was allowed to say and what he shouldn’t say. He rubbed the back of his neck and scraped his chair closer to Stiles, “It’s a really long story don’t remember anything?” He asked quietly, maybe that was for the best, thought Scott.

Stiles watched him, could practically feel his hesitation. Whatever had happened, had been really bad. Scott never hesitated to tell him what was going on. Not in the entire time they’d been friends. But at his best friend’s question, he closed his eyes, trying to remember the last thing he’d been doing before he’d woken up in the hospital moments ago. “I remember...uh, studying with Lydia at my house?”

Confusion crossed Scott’s face for a few seconds before realization kicked in, “You mean when you asked her at lunch to help you?” He asked his chest tightening. When Aiden was still alive, and Allison wasn’t in the hospital recovering from an arrow laced with wolfs bane, and Lydia was still awake. He sighed. This was not good.

His gut churned at the look on Scott’s face. “Scott, what the hell is going on?” His voice was a little louder now and he grimaced as he put his hands behind him, fire shooting through his shoulder as he forced himself to sit up.

Scott stood up and pressed a hand to Stiles chest, “Please don’t get up,” he said quietly gently pressing his friend back into the mattress. “’ve been out for about three days. You’re missing a lot of time, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with things. It’s been--you haven’t really been yourself lately.” He finished lamely. Scott didn’t think telling him about the Nogitsune right now was a good idea.

It wasn’t like he was strong enough to resist werewolf super strength on a good day. And this definitely wasn’t a good day. He’d been unconscious for three days? And he’d been missing time? He stared at his friend, heart beating harder in his chest. You are suffering from dementia, his brain suddenly reminded him. He shut his eyes, rubbing his hand over his face again. But he’d been electrocuted. Wait. His dad had said two people had been electrocuted.

Stiles opened his eyes again. “Were you hurt, too? Electrocuted? My dad said there were two of us.” But no, that didn’t make sense. Scott would probably recover from that more quickly on his own than in a hospital anyway. That left out Isaac and Derek, too, though he couldn’t really fathom the latter had spent any time around him lately. “No. Not you. Who?” he asked worriedly.

Scott pursed his lips, “’s probably not the best time,” he said letting his voice trail off as he glanced toward the doors wondering where the hell his mom and the sheriff were. He really didn’t want to be the one to tell Stiles about Lydia, then again maybe now was a good time since he didn’t remember anything else about what happened. Scott pondered the thought for a minute before glancing at Stiles, “Do you need some water or anything? I can pour you some,” he suggested.

“Scott. I need you to tell me what’s going on.” If there was one thing Stiles didn’t deal well with, it was being kept in the dark. “Please. Come on, man. It’s me.” He looked at his best friend with pleading eyes.

Scott sighed, sat back in his chair and shifted closer to Stiles, taking his friends hand in his. “The other person is Lydia,” he said quietly. “ make a really long and crazy story short, you were sort of possessed by the Nogitsune.” Scott said the words like some kind of joke, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t anywhere near a joke. “A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks.” He squeezed his hand. “And it’s really not good man.”

Stiles stared at him, suddenly feeling nauseated. The Nogitsune. The thing they’d been looking for. It had been him all along? How was the possible? How hadn’t he known? And more importantly, what the hell had he done? “Lydia -- are you saying. Oh god. I hurt her?” His voice was barely audible, horror written on his face. “Is she okay? Where is she?”

“Relax,” Scott said holding up a hand. “You didn’t hurt her. She’s sort of the one who electrocuted you...both of you.” He sighed and leaned forward his face serious. “I swear I didn’t know she was going to do that or I would have stopped her. I tried...Derek and Chris held me back. But she was right Stiles. She was able to get the Nogitsune out of you.” He gave his friend a halfhearted smile, “She saved your life.” Scott whispered.

The fact that he hadn’t hurt her only made him feel a fraction better. She was still hurt because of him even if he hadn’t actually done the hurting. And the fact that his best friend hadn’t told him if she was okay or not didn’t make him feel any better either. “Scott, is she okay? Is she gonna be okay?”

Scott nodded, “Yeah,” he said carefully, “Lydia’s okay, she just, she hasn’t woken up yet. But you just woke up now,” he said rushing on, “So I’m sure she’ll be waking up soon too. I can go check on her if you want. I think Derek is with her right now or maybe Isaac, we’ve all been taking shifts between everyone.” He said as he reached back and rubbed his neck.

There was more that he didn’t know and he was too afraid to ask. He swallowed hard, squeezing his eyes shut as his head started to hurt. “Yeah you...should probably go check on her,” he murmured tiredly.

Scott frowned, “Are you sure? Because I don’t mind staying here...I” he paused glancing down, “I’ve really missed you man.” His voice was quiet and Scott couldn’t seem to stop the burning in his eyes.

Stiles recognized that slight waver in Scott’s voice and his stomach tightened again, opening his eyes to look up at him. He reached out and put a hand on Scott’s arm. “Whatever happened...I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Scott glanced up and met Stiles gaze, he nodded. “You don’t need to apologize, we don’t blame you. I don’t blame you...Lydia doesn’t. It’s going to be okay.” Scott felt his gut clench, “I’m sorry for not figuring things out sooner, but I never gave up on you, you’re my brother, I’d take down anyone who tried to hurt you,” he swallowed hard, he almost had. “But you’re going to get better now and things will get better,” eventually, he added silently wiping away the tears the slipped from his cheek.

Stiles had a feeling that all of this would make a lot more sense if he could actually remember whatever it was that he had done. He swallowed hard, trying to bury the sense of unease. If Scott was this upset, this distraught, he must have done some pretty terrible things. He shifted slightly on the mattress. He squeezed his friend’s arm, trying to will himself to believe Scott’s words. “Okay,” he whispered, chewing on his lower lip.

Scott sent him a halfhearted smile right as his mom walked in.

Melissa walked over to Stiles and brushed his hair away from his forehead, “Don’t ever do that to me again,” she said matter-of-factly, “I was worried out of my mind.” She told him softly as she brushed her thumb against his cheek. “How are you feeling?” She asked as Michael moved into the room behind her.

A faint smile touched Stiles’ mouth as he turned toward her, closing his eyes as she gently brushed her fingers across his face. “I have a feeling it could be a lot worse?” he tried.

Melissa nodded, “You were lucky,” she said quietly moisture prickling at the corner of her eyes. She cleared her throat, “I’m just going to take your vitals and see how you’re doing,” she glanced over her shoulder at her son, “Scott why don’t you and Michael go grab something to eat while I do this,” she suggested.

Scott swallowed hard, nodding and reaching out, squeezing Stiles’ arm lightly. “We’ll be back.” He moved over putting his hand on Sheriff Stilinski’s shoulder and guiding him out of the room.

Stiles looked from her to the retreating figures of his dad and best friend. “It was really bad, wasn’t it?” he whispered, voice strained.

Melissa watched Stiles for a minute as she hooked the stethoscope around the back of her neck. “It was pretty bad,” she told him softly, “but Stiles, we love you. We love you so much and if and when you remember what happened,” she paused, “remember that we will always love you. We don’t blame you and we are so happy you’re back.” She leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to the corner of his head. “Can you do that for me?” She asked knowing that once his memory came back things would probably get worse.

Scott had basically just told him the same thing and both members of the McCall family telling him that in such a short time span made his chest tighten. He swallowed hard, afraid of finding out what he’d done, afraid of remembering, afraid of everything. He nodded, but it was shaky and his eyes were burning now. He closed them, forcing himself to take a deep breath and exhale. “Lydia? Is she really okay?”

Melissa smiled as she reached out brushing Stiles hair back again. “Lydia is a very special girl. I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about when you boys were younger,” she admitted, “But I understand now.” She told him softly. “Physically Lydia seems to be doing just fine. She had less injuries than you, but that’s to be expected.” Melissa explained. Lydia hadn’t been running around the woods lately being shot by Argents and jumping out of glass plate windows.

“But she hasn’t woken up yet, which is a little troubling, but her stats are all good, so hopefully she’ll wake up just like you did.” Melissa said with a smile. “According to Deaton it might take her a little longer because of what she is,” not that Melissa knew what that meant.

Stiles relaxed as she stroked his hair, his heart aching at the soothing touch. Like Mom’s, before she had gotten sick. “I need to see her,” he murmured. “Can I see her? Can you take me to her? Please.” He didn’t know what good it would do, really, except Stiles needed to see her and make sure with his own two eyes that she was still breathing. That she was going to be okay.

Melissa hesitated, “Sweetie, it’s going to be really hard for you to get out of bed right now, you’ve got a lot going on,” she motioned to his body. Melissa paused at the look on his face. Her heart clenched and she sighed. “You’re in a double room right now alone...What do you say I see if I can get you a neighbor in here?” She asked lightly.

His heart sank until she mentioned bringing Lydia to him. “Yeah?” he asked hopefully. “That would be really awesome.” He wasn’t sure how Lydia would feel about it when she woke up, but right now he just needed to see her. He’d deal with her anger later. Hell, he’d be happy to see her angry. It meant she was awake and okay.

Melissa nodded and patted his hand. “I’ll see what I can do. I’m going to get the doctor now,” she said squeezing his hand before walking out of the hospital room in search of the doctor.


Scott placed a card down carefully on the pile on Stiles bed, “How does crazy eights work again?” He asked as he threw out yet another card, not sure if he was supposed to keep it or not. It was just after six at night and Stiles had woken up again about an hour ago. It felt weird to be sitting there playing cards after everything that had happened, but a part of Scott felt like he needed this, like they all needed this. Something normal and mindless even if it was just for a couple of hours.

The sound of the small television overhead traveled through the room, the volume low, some kind of old show on, Scott didn’t know what it was, but Derek seemed to be watching it from the other side of the room across from Lydia’s hospital bed, which Scott’s mom had brought in earlier in the day.

“The eights are crazy,” Derek deadpanned. “You’re matching suits and eights make the other player put down whatever suit you want,” he explained, eyes never leaving the television as he sat arms crossed over his chest in the small chair.

Stiles arched an eyebrow at that, glancing at Derek and then Scott. He hadn’t really figured Derek to be a fan of crazy eights. Or cards in general, for that matter. Stiles looked over his cards, and then down at the Queen of Hearts that Scott had laid down. “Dude you never discard the Queen of Hearts.” He shook his head, tossing down an eight of hearts.

“Why not?” Scott asked Stiles, “What’s so great about the Queen of Hearts? What suit do you want?”

Stiles looked back at Scott. “Because the Queen of Hearts is the luckiest card of the deck. You never give away your queen.” His gaze drifted over to where Lydia lay in bed, still and silent, unconscious. He swallowed hard.

Scott arched an eyebrow and followed his best friends gaze. His chest tightened and he reached out and squeezed Stiles’ arm before changing the subject trying to take that look off his friends face. “Maybe we should have Derek play with us,” he joked glancing briefly behind him before looking back at the pile of cards.

Derek huffed, “I don’t play cards anymore,” he commented his gaze shifting briefly towards Scott and Stiles. His chest tightened slightly. He hoped Stiles never remembered what he did, Derek had a feeling if he did the next game the two friends played wouldn’t be for a very, very long time.

“Why not?” Stiles asked Derek, looking over at him with a frown. He sensed a story there. Or maybe Derek just didn’t want to play with them. Frankly he was surprised Derek was there at all. He didn’t actually understand that part very well.

He considered Stiles question not sure if he wanted to answer it, but figuring he might as well. “I used to play with my Mother,” he commented.

At that, Stiles’ chest tightened and he nodded, feeling bad that he’d asked at all. He wasn’t sure he’d want to play a game that he’d last played with his mom either. Especially with people he didn’t actually like that much. “We could play something else,” he offered, glancing over at Derek again.

Derek paused and looked back over at Stiles. The difference between the last few weeks and now was astronomical. Stiles looked like the old Stiles again and surprisingly Derek was glad. The gesture he’d just extended was incredibly nice of him and Derek knew it came from the common ground they shared. They had both lost their mother’s way too soon. He was silent for a minute before he stood up slowly and walked over to where he and Scott were.

Scott’s eyes followed Derek’s movements curiously as the other man approached Stiles.

Derek clasped a hand on Stiles shoulder, “I’m glad you’re back.” He said briefly before stepping back from them. “I’m going to get some coffee. I’ll be back. If either of you want anything text me.” He said not giving them a chance to answer before he was gone.

Stiles blinked in surprise when Derek had clasped his shoulder and then headed out, looking at Scott with confusion. “Okay, seriously, man. What…” He shook his head, speechless, which rarely ever happened to Stiles Stilinski. He looked toward the door where the older man had vanished.

Scott chuckled. “I think as much as he doesn’t want us to know it, he cares.” Scott admitted quietly. “He helped a lot when you...weren’t you. He stayed with Lydia when I couldn’t…he even saved your dad and Lydia at one point.” Scott told his friend with half a smile. He hesitated, “Derek’s not so bad.” He said with a shrug as he glanced down at his cards.

He even saved your dad and Lydia at one point. The words echoed in Stiles’ mind. Saved them from him? Had he done something that had put his dad and Lydia in danger? He shifted on the mattress, looking over at Lydia again, his eyes troubled. Why couldn’t he remember anything? He chewed a thumbnail. “I guess I owe him a thanks,” he murmured. Scott shook his head, “I wouldn’t do that, you know how he gets.” He told him, “I just...I thought you should know.” He said with half a smile. Scott’s eyes shifted to Lydia briefly worry filling his gaze and he swallowed hard before turning back to face Stiles and tapping his fingers gently against the bed. “My turn or yours?”

“Yours,” he answered distractedly, gaze flickering to the television up above.

Scott nodded and put down a card before following Stiles’ gaze to the television. Derek made his way back into the hospital room and took up residence in the same seat he’d just vacated. “I saw Allison and Isaac heading in this direction,” Derek commented his tone holding an underlying hint of tension.

Scott straightened up, “I didn’t know they’d taken Allison out of intensive care,” he commented briefly. Derek gave an answering grunt and turned his gaze back to the television.

Stiles sat up in bed, wincing immediately. “What? Allison was in intensive care?” There was alarm in his voice and he looked from Scott to Derek and back again, fear in his eyes now. What the hell?

Scott pursed his lips and Derek shook his head, “You’re an idiot.” He said with a sigh.

Scott held up a hand, “Please lie back down,” he said quietly. If this was going to be Stiles’ reaction to everything, not that he blamed him in the slightest; he hoped they didn’t let him out of the hospital anytime soon. Scott would hate to think what would happen if Stiles saw the state of Beacon Hills right now.

“Calm down. There was a mishap with an arrow, It caught Allison, but she’s doing a lot better,” which apparently no one felt the need to tell him about.

A mishap with an arrow. Something just didn’t seem right. If that’s all it was, why had they kept it from him to begin with? He must’ve been involved in some way. But he was pretty sure he didn’t know how to shoot a bow and arrow. He wasn’t even sure he had the arm strength to shoot one. Unless it was some kind of crossbow. He stared at Scott. “Did I…” He looked over at Derek. “Was I involved?”

Scott glanced at Derek and he gave a one armed shrug. Scott sighed. “The Nogitsune set a trap for me in the woods. He laced an arrow with wolfsbane and, but you broke free of the Nogitsune’s control and tackled me to the ground so the arrow wouldn’t hit me, but Allison and Isaac were behind us and Allison didn’t get out of the way in time.” Scott explained quietly watching his friend’s face closely for his reaction.

Horror flickered over his features. “I -- Scott.” He laid back in bed, his face draining of all color. He’d tried to kill his best friend. And he’d ended up almost killing his best friend’s ex-girlfriend instead.

Scott could hear the beeping on the monitor speed up and even if he couldn’t his friend’s heart was beating loudly in his chest. “Stiles calm down. It’s okay. I’m okay and Allison is okay now too. I know it’s a lot to take in, was the Nogitsune.” He insisted as he reached out and squeezed his friend’s hand.

It wasn’t okay. How could it possibly be okay? He’d set up a trap with a wolfsbane-laced arrow and had tried to kill Scott with it, and got Allison with it instead. How the hell was that possibly okay by anyone’s standards? He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to fight back the sudden nauseated feeling that he had. “I’m gonna throw up,” he muttered, body twisting in the bed as he reached for the garbage can beside him.

Scott helped him reach the garbage so he didn’t hurt himself before glancing at Derek, “Where did you see them?” He asked quietly.

Derek tilted his head, “They’re coming down the hallway now,” he said his brows drawing together when he saw Stiles being sick.

Stiles gripped onto the garbage can tightly as he threw up the very small amount of jello he’d eaten earlier that day. He willed for Allison and Isaac to get sidetracked. How the hell was he supposed to face Allison after he’d nearly killed her? How was he even supposed to look at Scott? His anxiety amplified with the thoughts and he threw up again, his body shuddering violently with the effort.

Worry filled Scott and he glanced at Derek. The other man stood and put down his coffee. “I’ll tell them now isn’t a good time.” He said straightening to his full height as he walked towards the hospital room door, pausing briefly before pushing it open and stepping into the hallway.

He spotted Allison and Isaac and made his way down the hall a few feet, stopping in front of them. He gave Allison a once over, “Nice to see you vertical.” He commented gruffly.

Allison arched her eyebrows at him. “Believe me; I had to fight with him about not bringing a wheelchair.” Her voice was guarded, but civil enough. “How’s Stiles? How’s Lydia?”

“That’s because you should have a wheelchair,” he said pointedly. Isaac shook his head, she could pull stitches or sprain something or get hurt even worse, but no Allison had to do things her way, he sighed...but that was one of the things he lo-liked about her.

Derek hesitated, “Stiles isn’t really up for company at the moment,” he said glancing between Isaac and Allison. “Lydia hasn’t woken up yet...we’re still waiting.” He said quietly trying not to focus on the fact that, that actually bothered him. Lydia had been nice to him. She had taken the time to care for him while he was injured, she hadn’t sent him away when he said he wanted to help...and she’d put her trust in him, which not many people did nowadays, not that Derek blamed them.

“Is he okay?” Allison asked, eyebrows furrowing as she looked at Derek, then at Isaac. She knew that he was awake because Melissa McCall had come to visit her and filled her in. She knew that he was talking, even if he wasn’t supposed to be up and around for awhile. She’d also known that Lydia hadn’t woken up yet, and she didn’t know exactly what had happened, but she knew it involved Kira’s powers.

Isaac winced, “He’s throwing up.” He said using his hearing to listen in. “Is he still sick?” Isaac asked tightening his arm around Allison.

Derek shook his head, “Lydia killed the Nogitsune,” he told them as he rested his arms over his chest. “Stiles is sick because Scott just accidentally told him that he was the reason you got shot with an arrow.” Derek explained, “He doesn’t remember anything that happened.”

Isaacs’s eyes widened, “Nothing?” Derek shook his head.

Allison looked toward Stiles’ room worriedly. “But he knows I’m okay right? I mean it wasn’t Stiles. I know that.” Guilt washed over her as she remembered how she’d chosen her dad’s side on the whole issue. She pursed her lips. “Maybe I should just...come back another time.” When he was ready to see her. She was pretty sure Isaac wasn’t the problem, after all.

“I’m not leaving you,” Isaac said quickly.

Derek let his hands fall, “I think giving him some time is a good idea. We did tell him you’re okay, he just...he’s not ready to face what he did.” Derek said quietly.

Isaac could understand that. “Okay, we’ll come back then. Maybe tomorrow,” he said lightly, “Okay?” He glanced at Allison.

“Yeah, okay,” she agreed softly. She looped her arm through his, not liking that she needed to use him for support but the walk had taken quite a bit out of her. She looked up at Derek, hesitating. “Tell him I’m not upset?”

Derek nodded, “I’ll deliver the message.” He said simply.

Isaac nodded as he wrapped his arm more tightly around Allison and started guiding her back down the hallway.

Derek watched them go before turning around and heading back into Stiles’ room.

Scott glanced up, “How are they?” He asked anxious.

Derek nodded and went back to his seat. “They both look good,” he glanced at Stiles, “They’re worried about you. Allison wants you to know that’s she’s not upset and she doesn’t blame you.”

Stiles shut his eyes, lying back against his pillows. “Thanks,” he mumbled, shifting so he was lying on his side, arm wrapped around his stomach.

Scott pursed his lips as he watched Stiles for a minute. “Is there anything I can do?” He asked quietly, desperately wanting to fix whatever he could for his friend. Scott felt so useless and he hated it.

Stiles shook his head, not looking at him. “I think I just...need to sleep for awhile,” he mumbled. “You should go visit with Allison and Isaac.”

Scott swallowed hard. “Yeah...okay.” He reached forward and squeezed his friends arm gently before standing and shifting forward. “I’ll be back soon.” Scott said hesitating one last time before stepping out of the room and doing as Stiles asked.

Derek watched Scott go and he stood running a hand down the back of his neck before walking over to Lydia’s hospital bed and blinked, his eyes glowing as he gave her a once over checking everything, listening.. But like last time everything seemed fine, outside of the fact that she wouldn’t wake up.

“She’s gonna be okay, right?” Stiles’ voice was barely audible, but he knew Derek was still in the room, had heard him approach Lydia’s bed. He wasn’t sure exactly how Derek would know one way or another, but maybe his wolf senses could pick up on something that the doctors couldn’t.

Derek didn’t turn around, “I hope so,” he said quietly hesitantly placing a hand on Lydia’s arm for a brief moment, before pulling his hand back and walking back to his seat. “Her vitals seem to be good. Strong and steady.” He commented, “I’m not sure why she isn’t awake.” Derek told him honestly as he sat down in his chair.

Stiles squeezed his eyes shut more tightly. “Is she in any pain?” He knew that he’d know the answer to that. He knew how it worked.

Derek glanced at Stiles, “Not any physical pain,” he said thoughtfully. “It’s like...she’s just sleeping.” He said a hint of confusion in his voice, “Which is why I don’t understand why she’s not awake yet.”

Stiles forced himself to sit up, knowing Derek wasn’t likely to rush over and make him lie back down the way Scott kept doing. He gave himself a moment to breathe before gritting his teeth together and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, looking over at Lydia with worried eyes. He still felt nauseous, but he didn’t feel like he was going to throw up again. “Are we sure that the Nogitsune didn’t...just jump from me to her and stay there? How do we know for sure?”

Derek pursed his lips and motioned to Stiles, “This whole thing where you’re getting up and trying to move probably isn’t a great idea.” He said ignoring the other man’s question for the moment, “I probably won’t drag you off the floor if you fall on your face.” Derek told him matter-of-factly before turning his gaze on Lydia.

“It’s definitely out of her, trust me. As someone who was there when it happened, her scream nearly made us all deaf. But it was more than that,” he paused trying to figure out how to explain it, “It’s a feeling, she felt like Lydia afterwards the Nogitsune inside of her was gone.”

Stiles ignored Derek’s pointed comment, but he didn’t try standing up for the time being. His gaze was locked on Lydia’s prone form on the next bed. “Did I feel like me when it was in me?” He didn’t look at Derek.

Derek shook his head, “Not after it took possession of you, no. Even before it had you fully, Scott and I realized what was happening, but not soon enough,” he explained.

There was another, more pressing question on his mind and he was struggling not to ask it. It wasn’t easy, but he knew it wasn’t one he could ask Scott, either. “Why didn’t you stop me, Derek?” he whispered. It wasn’t accusing, he just didn’t understand why Derek or Chris Argent hadn’t killed him. Surely there had been opportunities.

Derek took a heavy breath and let it out slowly. “You didn’t deserve to die like that.” He glanced at Stiles, “You’ve saved my life on more than one occasion and most of those times I didn’t deserve it. Had this happened a year or two ago, I probably would have killed you.” He told him not at all apologetic.

“But I’m not the same person as I was and as strange as this sounds you and I are a lot alike.” He paused, “Loyalty is a hard quality to find, but you have it in spades and you never let Scott down, not once. You’re like a brother to him and he couldn’t lose you.” Derek said simply, pausing for a moment before continuing.

Stiles was starting to wonder if that was exactly what he deserved. Sure, he’d saved Derek’s life a couple times, but it wasn’t like they were actual friends. Hearing Derek say they were a lot alike kind of caught him off guard. Not because it wasn’t true, but because he figured Derek would find it insulting to be compared to him in general.

Stiles chest tightened at the mention of Scott being like his brother. Yeah. He was like Scott’s brother who’d set a deadly trap and almost gotten him killed at least once while he’d been on some kind of rampage, apparently. He’d just gotten really lucky that the wolfsbane arrow had hit someone who wasn’t Scott. Yeah, really lucky for Allison. He rubbed a hand over his face, feeling tired.

“It wasn’t you, and no one blames you for what happened. The people who care about you most risked their lives for you. Scott wouldn’t let Chris kill you,” he said quietly, “But in the end he helped us cure you.” Derek pursed his lips and scratched the back of his neck. “And Lydia...she wouldn’t let anyone touch you. She chose you over everyone else.”

The knowledge that Lydia had put her own life on the line for him wasn’t unexpected. When it came down to it, Lydia Martin was one of the bravest people he’d ever met. It was unsettling though. No. Upsetting. He simply nodded at Derek’s words, eyes drifting shut.

Derek walked over to Stiles’ hospital bed, “Don’t fall asleep sitting up,” he said quietly, “Come on, lie down.” he carefully guided him back into the bed. “I’ll never hear the end of it from Scott if I let you topple over out of bed.” He said.

He wasn’t going to topple over, but he didn’t have the energy to argue. He let Derek push him back against the pillows and he sighed heavily. “Thanks.”

Derek nodded, “Sure.” He stepped back and studied Stiles. “Don’t be too hard on yourself,” he said knowing it really only got worse from here. What would happen when he found out he killed Aiden or when he finds out he tried to kill his dad.

Derek took a step back from Stiles, “Get some rest, I’ll keep an eye on things while you sleep.” He told him.

“Yeah. Okay.” Stiles curled up on his side, facing Lydia and closing his eyes. He just hoped he didn’t have any dreams. He fell into a restless, troubled sleep within moments.


“I just don’t think I’m ready yet.” Stiles didn’t look up at his dad or at Scott as they sat in chairs at the end of his hospital bed. He’d been in the hospital for a week and while he had gained a couple of pounds back that he’d lost the last few weeks and that was enough to satisfy the doctors, there was one very large issue that made him want to stay. And that reason was still lying unconscious in a hospital bed across the room.

The bandages on his hands were off now, but the marks from the wire that the hunter had tied him up with were still there, just more faded. They were probably going to scar. A permanent visual reminder of the terrible things he’d done. And he had a feeling he didn’t even know the half of it yet.

They hadn’t been letting him watch the news or read the newspaper. They hadn’t even brought him his laptop. He was also missing his phone. He had no idea what happened to it. He literally had no access to the outside world to find out what the hell he’d done that he couldn’t remember, aside from getting Allison shot and almost getting Scott killed.

Stiles still didn’t feel well, mentally or physically. He was still tired all the time, like the Nogitsune had literally sucked most of his life force right out of him. Maybe it had. But his sleep wasn’t restful when he managed it. He wasn’t dreaming, though and he was glad for that at least. He had a feeling he never wanted to dream again. He also rarely felt like eating even though he was managing to choke down little bits of food here and there. Apparently being possessed really screwed up your body all the way around.

As awful as he still felt, he was a lot more worried about Lydia. The doctors couldn’t figure out why she was still unconscious, as there wasn’t any physical trauma to her body aside from some burn marks on her hands from the electrocution. They had no idea what was wrong with her and Stiles was starting to think the only doctor that might have an idea was actually a veterinarian.

The sheriff sighed as Scott rested his hands on his knees. “Son, right now home is where you need to be. You’re healed enough that you can finally sleep in your own bed again...Don’t you want to come home?” He asked quietly. Michael still didn’t know why Stiles didn’t remember what happened, but he was grateful. His son was the kind of person who felt everything, and somehow he didn’t think Stiles would process everything that’s happened being the Nogitsune’s fault. He would take it on himself and the sheriff didn’t want that, not for his son.

Scott leaned forward, “Your dad’s right and I’m gonna hang out for a bit too, spend a couple of nights like we used to do when we were kids,” he said with a smile. Derek had gone to surprisingly help Chris take care of some last minute things like making sure there were no more traps in the woods or around the school.

Allison had been released from the hospital two days prior and Isaac had gone home with her, but mentioned that he’d be coming back home probably the next day, which Scott’s mom was glad about. Scott knew they had yet to address the issue of him and Allison siding with Chris and trying to hunt down Stiles, but he just didn’t have it in him right now. He was too tired.

Stiles wanted to go home. That wasn’t even a question. He just didn’t want to leave Lydia. He swallowed hard, looking over at her silently and then at his dad, expression pained. “I don’t want her to be alone, okay? She’s here because of me and she shouldn’t have to be alone.” Even if she wasn’t awake. He raked a hand through his hair, not even noticing the way his limb shook with the movement. He’d gotten used to the trembling. Plus he knew that Scott needed a break, even if he was acting enthusiastic about staying over at the Stilinski household. He’d barely left the hospital since Stiles had been in there. He knew if their situations were reversed he wouldn’t have left either, but his best friend needed some sleep. Actual sleep that didn’t involve a plastic chair.

Michael pursed his lips. He had figured that was what his son’s issue was, but he was hoping he’d get him to go anyway. Michael was immensely grateful for what Lydia had done. Scott said she’d saved Stiles life, putting her own at risk in the process and there was nothing that he could do that would ever show his gratitude. “We can visit Lydia any time you want Stiles,” He said the words softly.

Scott pursed his lips, “I can stay with her if you want...or I can call Derek. He won’t mind and she won’t be alone.” He told his friend. “Lydia would understand Stiles...I promise you she would.”

He shut his eyes, struggling to come to a decision. He knew Scott was right --- Lydia would understand. He had to weigh his dad and his best friend’s health against his own instincts to stay with her by any means necessary. What if she was in there for the unforeseeable future? What if she never woke up? He felt the nausea building at the thought and he swallowed hard, forcing himself to take a deep breath. Dammit, why couldn’t anything ever just be easy?

“Call Derek,” he said quietly.

Scott nodded, “I’ll call him now,” he said as he stood slipping his hand into his pocket and pulling out his cell phone and moving into the hallway.

The sheriff watched him go and then turned back to Stiles, “Lydia is going to be okay son, she’ll wake up, Melissa has been watching over her and she’s doing better.” He said quietly.

“There’s nothing physically wrong with her,” he told his dad, not looking up. “So whatever is wrong with her is probably supernatural and that is my fault. She did this for me. To save my life.”

Michael sighed, “Stiles, this isn’t your fault. Scott was there when it happened so he knows more than me, but from what I heard,” which hadn’t been much, “You begged her not to save you. Not to help you because you were worried about her.” He paused, a lump forming in his throat. “But she did it anyway because of how much she cares about you.” He was silent for a second, “It’s rare to find two people with the kind of connection you and Lydia have. I always thought...well I never really understood her appeal for you outside of the obvious.” Young teenage boys liked pretty girls.

“But after these past few weeks I can understand better why she means so much to you. Lydia obviously thought this would work and it did,” he pointed out, “Trust her judgment.” He said quietly.

Stiles felt the tears beginning to sting his eyes the more that his dad said, and he felt terrible that he even knew any of this to start with. That he knew that Stiles had apparently begged Lydia not to try and save his life, that his dad, whom he’d tried for so long to protect from the insanity that surrounded his life, was now as wrapped up in said insanity as the rest of them. He nodded, quickly brushing the back of his hand over his eyes. “Can we just...can we wait until Derek gets here to leave?”

Michael nodded; “Of course.” he said patting him on the arm. He stood up, leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “I love you, Stiles.” The words were whispered before he straightened up.

Stiles squeezed his eyes shut. “I love you, too,” he whispered almost inaudibly.

Scott made his way back into the room seconds later slipping his phone into his pocket. “Derek’s on his way and he’s bringing Deaton to look at Lydia.” He said with a tight smile before sitting back in his seat.

He looked over at Scott, chest tightening. He was glad that Scott and Derek had apparently read his mind about Deaton being a good choice to try and figure out what was going on with Lydia. “Thanks, Scottie.”

Scott swallowed hard trying not to think of the last time Stiles had called him that. “Any time. Derek figured it would be a good idea since we’re still a little unclear about what he told Lydia. She forgot to share,” he said his eyes darting to the bed.

“Not surprised about that,” Stiles said, glancing over at Lydia’s bed, as well. Somehow he had a feeling if she had shared; she wouldn’t be lying in that bed. Because someone would have stopped her, surely. If not Scott, then Derek or Chris.

Scott looked down, clenching his hands together.

Michael glanced between the boys and cleared his throat, “I’m going to go find Melissa and fill out all the discharge paperwork while you boys wait for Derek,” he said before heading for the doorway.

Scott glanced up watching him go before looking back at Stiles. He was silent for a minute, “I’m sorry I didn’t stop her. I promise once I realized what she was doing I tried.” He told his friend quietly.

Stiles swallowed hard, watching his dad head out the door and then turning his attention to Scott. “Don’t, Scott. It’s not your fault. If there’s one thing I’m sure about right now, it’s that none of this is your fault, okay? I don’t blame you for anything.”

Scott’s chest tightened, “You shouldn’t blame yourself either,” he held up a hand, “and I know what you’re going to say, but Stiles we know you. Never in a million years would you have done the things that the Nogitsune did. We don’t blame you and,” Scott paused swallowing heavily, “we’re all sort of afraid if and when you remember you’re going to blame yourself...but Stiles, man, it wasn’t you.” He wanted to make sure his friend knew that he didn’t see him any differently...and he didn’t not really.

It was easy for everyone to say that it wasn’t his fault, that he wasn’t to blame. But they weren’t the ones who’d had their body literally used against them and against the people that they cared about. They weren’t the ones who were apparently so mentally weak that they ended up possessed by evil demons. “I’m not sure if not knowing and imagining what I did is worse than knowing and just living with it,” he admitted, not quite meeting Scott’s eyes.

Scott hesitated, “I think your dad just wants to give it some time and let you heal up before we fill you in,” he explained. They knew they had to because well, how else would they explain what’s been going on around town? They couldn’t. “We just want you to keep getting better that’s all.”

Stiles understood the reasoning behind why they were keeping it from him. He just wasn’t sure he liked it. He wasn’t sure if his imagination was more horrifying than the reality and he was scared to find out the answer. So he simply nodded, exhaling slowly and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. At least he could get up and move around some now, even if the doctors advised he take it easy for awhile still. He glanced at Scott momentarily, then moved over and sat down on the edge of Lydia’s bed, hesitantly reaching out and laying his hand on top of hers.

Scott’s heart clenched as he watched his best friend. He could see the pain on his face mingled with confusion and guilt. All Scott wanted was for this to all go away, for the bad things never to have happened so his friend wouldn’t need to deal with the fallout.

Before he could open his mouth to ask Stiles a question there was a knock on the hospital room door and without waiting for an answer it was pushed open. Derek made his way into the room Deaton following behind him.

Scott sat up straight, “Hey guys.”

Stiles picked up Lydia’s limp hand and held onto it silently, turning his head to look at Derek and Deaton as they entered. He sure as hell hoped Deaton had some answers about Lydia and what was going on because he sure as hell didn’t.

“Scott. Stiles.” Deaton nodded at them. “Stiles, how are you feeling?” There was concern in his voice.

“I’m fine,” he answered without hesitation. “Just worried about Lydia right now.”

Derek scratched the back of his neck. “That seems to be a common thing,” he said lightly and Deaton glanced over his shoulder at the older werewolf a hint of amusement in his gaze despite the situation.

“Yes, it does seem quite a few people are worried about Miss Martin, would you mind if I come over there and take a look?” He asked Stiles.

Stiles shook his head, pursing his lips and reluctantly letting go of her hand and moving away to give Deaton room to check on her. He stood silently beside the chair where Scott was sitting, glancing at Derek and wondering when he and Deaton had started becoming more friendly. Then again from what Peter had told him and Cora a few weeks ago, Deaton was technically Derek’s pack’s emissary. Maybe Derek was finally coming around and realizing he couldn’t do everything himself.

Deaton walked over to Lydia’s bed glancing at the girl resting almost peacefully in it. He slipped his hand into his pocket taking a penlight out and flipping it on. He leaned forward raising Lydia’s eyelids one at a time and flashing the light in them. The response from her pupils was immediate. Deaton slipped the light back into his pocket and pressed a hand to her arm focusing on her body.

“Scott, can you tell me what happened the night Lydia saved Stiles?” He asked not taking his eyes off the young woman.

Scott drew in a breath, shutting his eyes for a moment. It wasn’t a memory he really had any desire to relive but if it was possible it was going to help Lydia, he’d do it. He glanced up at Stiles, not sure he was ready to hear about it. Then he shot a look at Derek before he started to speak.

“We took him to the Hale house basement. It was Chris’s suggestion.” He pursed his lips, looking down at the floor. “They chained him up just in case that stuff wore off. And it did, but it just woke Stiles up. The Nogitsune didn’t wake up again. Lydia and Kira got there and Lydia asked about a live wire that Kira could use to channel her powers.”

He sighed, looking up at Deaton. “So Lydia wrapped her arms around Stiles and Kira…” His voice trailed off. “Stiles passed out almost immediately after he screamed, and Lydia fell down before she started screaming.”

Deaton pursed his lips. “Was she breathing after the scream ended?”

Derek arched an eyebrow. “Of course she was breathing or she wouldn’t be here right now,” he said gruffly motioning towards the bed.

Deaton shook his head, “Not true, that being said, I told Lydia this might happen.” He said as he glanced between the three boys. “When using the foxfire to take the Nogitsune into herself she essentially stopped Stiles heart for a minute. The Nogitsune cannot live in a dead host. Drawing it into herself wasn’t the challenge, once it was inside of her she had to keep her sense of self long enough to destroy the Nogitsune with her scream,” he explained.

“Banshee’s are an incredibly complex creature, because the voices inside of her are made up of other Banshee’s she’s technically already got a passenger if you will in her body and two entities cannot latch on to one person.” Deaton explained calmly. “So her banshee side casted the Nogitsune out, but sometimes when you do that you can lose yourself a bit.” Deaton explained with a frown.

“I told Lydia that if she didn’t hold on to her purpose and think of nothing else...she could be lost within her own mind,” Deaton paused giving them a minute to take that in, “Derek mentioned you don’t remember what happened Stiles...I believe that’s because your memories are in there with Lydia.” He stepped back from the young woman and once again glanced between the boys in the room. “When she took the Nogitsune into her, she took everything of that timeframe. I believe once she finds herself again she’ll wake up.” He said simply.

Stiles was livid. He was tired, but now he was pissed, too. “So you told her to do this. You gave her all this information and you allowed her to do this incredibly dangerous thing that could have fucking killed her!”

Scott’s eyes widened and he pursed his lips, his body tensing. “Stiles I don’t think it’s that simple. Lydia...Lydia wasn’t really in the right state of mind; she wasn’t thinking clearly.” He told his friend. Scott was almost positive she would have done just about anything to save his life. And the truth was, so would he.

Derek arched a brow crossing his arms over his chest. He was with Stiles on this one. He didn’t dislike Deaton, but Deaton had a way of not telling people everything at once. He felt people should figure some things out themselves and while that was probably true it was also dangerous.

Deaton cleared his throat keeping calm in the face of the young man’s angry words. “Actually I advised against it.” He said calmly. “I explained the process and how it works, but I expressed concern that she might not be advanced enough in her own abilities to accomplish the entire process successfully.” Deaton pursed his lips.

“Lydia didn’t take kindly to my interference and while Kira is a sweet girl, she wanted to help Lydia because she felt responsible for what happened to you, Stiles, and so, was I supposed to not give them what they needed before leaving? They were going to do it anyway so I offered what I could. The poison and the process.” He explained. “What happens now depends on Lydia. She’s still alive so she’s fighting to come back. If she’d lost herself for good she would be dead already...give it time, have a little faith in the girl who pulled you back from darkness.” Deaton said quietly.

Stiles rubbed his hands over his face, trying to calm down his nerves, and let go of his anger. It was easier said than done though, when the girl he’d loved since third grade was lying unconscious for no reason in a hospital bed. He tried to reason with himself that Deaton didn’t know Lydia that well, that he wouldn’t know how she’d react. But the vet had this habit of keeping information to himself until it suited him to bring it forward. It was frustrating as hell. At the end of the day, he knew there was exactly one person who was responsible for Lydia’s condition: himself. And as much as he didn’t want that to be true, it absolutely was and he was going to have to find a way to deal with it and not blame Deaton or anyone else for it.

“I’m gonna go get dressed.” He moved away from the group, just needing to get away from all of them for a few minutes, to try and get himself under control, to pull himself together. He headed for the bathroom, grabbing the bag his dad had brought to the hospital and disappearing inside the smaller room.

Scott opened his mouth, but closed it a few seconds later as he watched Stiles close the door behind him. He sighed and glanced at Deaton, “You’re sure Lydia is going to wake up...right?” He asked worry on his face not just for Lydia, but for Stiles. If she didn’t wake up Scott was positive his best friend would never forgive himself.

Deaton nodded, “I believe if she wasn’t going to make it she would have already succumbed to death. Right now it’s just a matter of her finding her way back, which can take time.”

Derek pursed his lips as he crossed his arms over his chest. “How much time?” He asked quietly, “Are we talking days, weeks, months...longer? And what kind of damage is that going to do to her body?” He asked.

“It’s sort of all up to Lydia, really,” Deaton explained quietly. “It’s all in her hands. As long as her body is nourished with food and water, she shouldn’t suffer any real side effects provided that she wakes up in the near distant future. After that, we’re looking at possible muscle weakness when she does wake up.”

Scott nodded and scratched the back of his neck, “Okay,” he glanced at Derek, “You’re sure you don’t mind staying here? Stiles doesn’t want Lydia to be alone.” He told him.

Derek nodded, “I don’t mind. I’ve got a book.” He motioned to his back pocket. “We’ll be fine.”

Stiles emerged from the bathroom a few moments later, his expression totally drawn and guarded. He moved over and sat back down in the chair beside Lydia’s bed, tossing his bag onto his own bed. They were leaving soon, but while he was still there, he was staying by Lydia’s side.

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