December 7, 2008

Three Minutes Chapter (13/18)

Chapter 13 
(Chloe POV)

I shot up in bed and I was drenched with sweat. I felt rustling beside me as Clark rubbed his eyes and sat up. His voice was clouded with sleep when he spoke.

“You ok Chloe…is it the baby?”

I shook my head. Oh god…I haven’t dreamt about that since I was a little girl. I felt Clark’s hand rub my stomach so I turned to face him.

“No…no the babies fine…I’m gonna go get some warm milk.”

I moved to get out of bed but Clark stopped me.

“No. I’ll get it it’s ok.”

I put a hand on his arm and shook my head.

“No…I need to get up and…just please…I’ll get it you go back to sleep I’m fine.”

He looked at me for a while before nodding.

“Ok…yell if you need me.”

I nodded and got up. I walked silently down the stairs and into the kitchen. I got out the milk and a mug. While I was warming up the milk my mind drifted back to the dream that startled me awake.

It was March 29, 1995

I ran through the front door to my old house in Metropolis yelling in excitement.

“Mom! Mom! Mom, mom, I want you to be the first to read it. "Long live the Loch Ness monster." By me Chloe Sullivan”

I grinned from ear to ear.

“Mr. Hedgis said it was my best story yet -- even better than the one about the alien abduction.”

I looked closely at my mother’s face and she’d obviously been crying. She looked like she might start up again too.

“ Something tells me those aren't happy tears. What's wrong?”

Her voice was soothing but sad.

“I'm so proud of you... my little cub reporter. Chloe, I'm so -- I'm so sorry.”

I frowned.

“Wait. For what? You didn't do anything.”

I saw some men come up by us and speak to my mom.

“It's time, Mrs. Sullivan.”

I glanced over at them then back at my mom. I spoke softly.

“Mom, who are those people? Where are you going?”

I heard her sniffle as she spoke.

“Mommy's just going on a little vacation.”

I gave her a confused look.

“By yourself?”

She gave me a sad smile and wiped at her eyes.

“Don't you worry. Your daddy's gonna take good care of you.”

I was sad and I wanted to cry but I also wanted to be strong for my mom.

“But nobody goes on a vacation by themselves. When are you coming back?”

She leaned in and hugged me and I held on as tight as I could. The whistle of the kettle brought me back from the memory. I leaned in and pulled it off the stove. I poured the milk into a mug and sat at the table by myself. I sighed. I haven’t thought about that day of my life in years…I wonder what in the world would make me think of it now…

(Lex POV)

I was on my way back from one of my many late night runs to get Lana her craving of the week. I was driving down the highway flipping through stations on the radio when my cell phone rang. I looked at my phone and answered it in a commanding tone.

“I hope you're calling with good news, doctor.”

His voice was hesitant over the phone.

“The patient still denies having any powers.”
I snorted.

“Yeah, well, she wouldn't be the first freak who refused to show her true colors. Keep pressing. I want answers.”

I looked up when I saw a bright flash of light in front of me. I saw a large truck flashing its lights and heading straight for my car. I turned off the road at the last minute and my car spun out of control. It finally stopped in a muddy field. I saw a person get out of the truck and start walking over to my car. I couldn’t get out…shit. The driver walked up to my door and I glanced up.

“What do you want?”

The figure smashed in my window and shattered glass all over me. I held my arms up in front of my face so it wouldn’t cut me. Then I saw everything go black when I was whacked in the head with something hard. Why are these things always happening to me? was the last thought I had before passing out.

(Clark POV)

I walked into the bedroom just in time to see Chloe getting out of bed. I smiled.

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty.”

She gave me half a smile and I saw her look over by the window in confusion.

“Clark…why are my rain boots covered in mud?”

She glanced at me.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

I frowned.

“No. They were there when I woke up this morning. I thought you used them for something.”

She shook her head and it was my turn to frown. I moved over to her and picked up the boots. The mud was still a little wet, which means they must have been used some time this morning.

“Are you sure you didn’t use them Chloe?”

She glanced at me and I could see the look of concentration on her face.

“I…I don’t remember. The last thing I remember doing was going downstairs and warming up some milk because I couldn’t sleep.”

Hmmm that’s weird I don’t remember her coming up right away either…I didn’t bother her because she seemed to need some time alone when she woke up. I knew she had been having a nightmare because she was tossing and turning a lot before she was startled awake. I’m sure this doesn’t mean anything…I’m sure it’s fine. I shrugged and tried to be nonchalant.

“Maybe you're sleepwalking.”

I was kidding but the look on her face was somewhat disturbed.

“Possibly last night, but this isn't the first time this has happened.”

And she was just telling me now? I swear…

“Two days ago, I was typing on my computer at the Daily Planet, and then, boom, I'm being woken up by your mom for dinner.”

Her voice was hesitant when she spoke next.

“Clark, do you think maybe something's starting to happen to me, like in a krypto-freak kind of way?”

I really hoped not…not because it would bother me but because I don’t want her getting hurt and her developing powers is something right up Lex’s ally…and now that he has Lana working with him there’s no telling what they’d do to Chloe if she had powers.

She’s a little over seven months pregnant and I didn’t want anything endangering either one of them. Lana has always been hell bent on how bad Meteor mutants were…if she finds out that Chloe might finally be coming into her powers…she might even give the order herself to bring Chloe into 33.1…That thought scared the hell out of me…I gave her half a smile and spoke lightly.

“Hey, don't reporters usually deal in facts, not jumping to conclusions?”

She nodded and her voice was soft as she avoided eye contact with me.

“Yeah, I know and I know we haven’t really mentioned any of this lately because there has been so much other stuff going on…but it's just that ever since I found out that I'm a member of the meteor-infected masses, I've been secretly freaking out. Not knowing what my powers are, if I’ll get any at all…if I’ll hurt the people I love…”

She trailed off and I sighed, went over to her and pulled her into my arms.

“I don't blame you those are some scary thoughts…but you don't have to go through this alone, all right? I’m right here…with you every step of the way. We’ll do whatever it takes to figure this thing out ok…Now why don’t we get you two some breakfast?”

I saw a small grin on her face.


She moved into me and I put my hand on the small of her back and led her down into the kitchen.
I wanted to be reassuring for her…but on the inside I was nervous. I need everything to be ok…because I don’t know what I’d do without Chloe…

(Lana POV)

I was lying in bed awake when I saw Lex walk in. I smiled and sat up but my smiled immediately became a frown.

“Oh my god Lex what happened?”

He put his hand up when I went to get out of bed and came over to me.

“I was in a little fender bender last night.”

My frown deepened. A fender bender…he should have told me right away god he could have been really hurt.

“Why didn't you wake me?”

He sat down on the bed and ran a hand over my arm.

“Lana, you've been dealing with so much lately barely being able to get out of bed and I wanted to let you rest….your more than halfway through this pregnancy and I just want to make sure things keep going as well as they have been.”

I nodded and took his hand into mine.

“Understandable…and I appreciate that…but next time in matters of life and death Lex…you need to tell me what’s going on. God forbid something worse had happened…you have a family to think about now…got it?”

My voice was stern and his face held a smirk as he looked at me.

“Got it.”

I nodded. He moved onto the bed and leaned against the headboard as he laid next to me. I glanced over and smiled. He was already dressed for work.

“Whatcha doin?”

He shrugged.

“Sitting next to my wife.”

“Don’t you have work?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Trying to get rid of me are we…”

I laughed.

“That’s exactly it…”

I paused for a minute before I spoke.

“So where are we on the project Lex?”

He sighed.

“She still claims she has no powers. I keep trying to explain to her that we already know what her power is but she just seems to ignore me when I talk about anything power related. She keeps asking for Chloe…But the doctors at the facility are working at it.”

I nodded my head. I felt the baby moving around and it kicked. I smiled. I took Lex’s hand that I was holding and placed it on my stomach with my hand over it. He glanced at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Someone wants to say good morning to his daddy.”

I knew the exact minute Lex felt him kick because his eyes got a bit wider and I saw an honest smile gracing his lips. He moved closer to me and rubbed the little bump where the baby was.

“That’s amazing Lana…god…thank you..”

I gave him an inquisitive look.

“For what?”

He looked around and then back at me.

“For this amazing gift…for marrying me, for believing in me, for loving me, for carrying my child…just for giving me a family. You’re the only person Lana who has looked passed everything I’ve done and still loves me…you’ll never know what that means to me.”

I looked into his eyes and could see them wet around the edges. Believe it or not Lex was a very emotional man…he might be stoic with every person in the outside world…they might all see him as a tyrant. But me…I see the real Lex Luthor…the boy who lost his mother and is just looking for someone to accept him with all his faults and mistakes he’s made…and I do…completely. I’ve never given this much of my self to someone else…not even Clark…I smiled.

“Don’t thank me Lex because you’ve done the same thing for me and I love you so much for it.”

He grinned and his phone rang. He sighed.

“I knew it was to good to last.”

He glanced at the number on his phone.

“It’s the office…I have to go. If you need me for anything just call I’ll make sure to leave my phone on.”

I nodded.

“Have a good day.”

“You too.”

He leaned down and kissed me before walking out the door. Today was going to be boring just like every other day I was stuck in bed…but at least today Lex had Dr. Rhinehouse coming here to discuss the last stage of the plans with me.

Lex said I needed to be briefed because it was going to be an intense invasive procedure. I wasn’t sure what that meant…but it didn’t sound good for Chloe and the fact that I was taking part in this and not feeling as guilty as I probably should was making me physically sick…even if I didn’t want anything bad to happen to Chloe…

I just couldn’t turn around now I was too deep into this and I wanted answers…If Chloe didn’t make it through these experiments and procedures…I’d be heartbroken, completely inconsolable…but Lex and I would have our answers…and that’s what mattered now…

(Chloe POV)

We finished breakfast and I was moving around the kitchen bugging Clark while he dried the dishes.

“Please…pleeeaase Clark come on….please…”

I gave him my best pout and he looked over grinned and shook his head.

“No Chloe…I’m not going. Take Lois with you.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Clark Kent…don’t you care about my son!”

He finished the last dish put it away and turned to face me while he was leaning against the sink.

“I know you didn’t just pull that card with me Chloe…and he’s OUR son not just yours. You’re awfully confrontational today…must be something in the water…”

He was still grinning ear to ear. I slapped him lightly so I didn’t hurt myself.

“Fine…I know you care…I just want you to come pick up some stuff with me. Clark he’s gonna be here in two and a half months…and…and...we’re not ready…oh my god…two and a half months.”

He must have heard the panic in my voice because he turned quickly to diffuse the major freak out I was about to have.

“Shopping sounds great let’s go Chloe…two and a half months is a long time and you forget I can get everything ready in two and a half seconds…come on let’s go…”

I nodded quietly as he led me to his truck and we drove into town. On the way there we he brought the topic back to this mornings discussion. I really didn’t want to talk about but I knew we had to.

“Chloe, when you blacked out at the Planet, do you remember what you were working on?”

I shrugged. I doubted that had anything to do with it but I told him anyway.

“Just a story about tree planting in Circle Park. I mean, nothing controversial.”

He nodded and I looked out the window. As we drove by a field on the way to town I thought I saw Lex’s Mercedes out in the middle of the mud and surrounded by police. I spoke to Clark with curiosity.

“Is that Lex's car out there? Let's go see what's going on.”

He gave me a look. It was Clark’s “are you out of your mind” look that I usually got when I said something a little crazy.

“Chloe, no offense, but I think Lex can get his own Triple-A. Besides I don’t want him around you…even more so now.”

I shook my head. Like I wanted to go be Lex’s BFF…something was weird about this…we needed to check it out…

“Something doesn't seem right. Let's turn around. Come on.”

He sighed but pulled the truck into a U-turn and pulls to a stop along side the scene.

He glanced around at everything and spoke.
“Looks like the police got here before Lex's cleanup crew could mop up.”

I noticed someone from Luthorcorp answer his cell phone and I brushed Clarks are to get his attention.

“That Luthorcorp security guard just grabbed his cell phone. It's time to perk up those ears super stud.”

He smiled affectionate at me and I was him concentration on the guy I pointed out.

I saw him frown. I was anxious.

“What is it?”

He glanced at me and his voice was low.

“Lex didn't crash by himself. He had a little help. And whoever it is stole his flash drive.”

Who would want a flash drive? Maybe Oliver was back in town? No he would have told one of us.
I spoke to Clark with an intense voice.

“Do we know who Racer "X" is?”

He shook his head.

“No, but their vision's only 20/20.”

Huh…does that even make sense. I was him concentrating on the car and then he spoke mostly to himself.

“What's that?”

I obviously couldn’t see what he was seeing so I asked him with confusion.

“What's what? Did you find Lex's flash drive?”

I was looking out the window when I started my sentence and as I turned toward Clark I felt a quick wind rustle my hair and Clark was sitting there with something in his hand. I frowned.

“Did you just –“

He cut me off.

“I found something. It's a button.”

I looked at the button and my eyes went wide. I looked down to the jacket that was around me and it was missing a button…I remembered that from when I left with Clark because I was cold and I couldn’t button it all the way.

“That's my button.”

His face got extremely worried. He spoke slowly trying to keep the worry out of his voice.

“Chloe, either this is some bizarre coincidence, or you –“

I cut him off and spoke in a shaky voice.

“Or I was here last night.”

He nodded.

“We need to go back to the farm Chloe….see if there’s anything there…”

I knew he was right we had to look…but what would happen if we found the flash drive…does that mean I some how left the house last night without anyone knowing it, took Clarks truck and ran Lex off the road without even knowing it…oh god I hope not…if I was doing things without remembering them I could seriously be putting not just me but the baby in unnecessary danger…

(Clark POV)

I drove us back to the farm and after we walked in I started searching around the house for a flash drive. She was starting to get somewhat hysterical and I was trying to calm her down it wasn’t good for the baby.

“Do the math, Clark. The muddy boots, the missing button. It's me. I'm the road warrior.”

My voice was soft.

“Chloe please calm down. Before you throw the book at yourself, there's probably another explanation. I know this is upsetting let’s just see if we find it and then if we do…well we’ll just go from there. But again you need to remember that it’s not just you in that body…the baby feels what you’re feeling so calm down.”

She nodded and took a few deep breaths. I saw her go over to her purse and search through it a bit. I saw her eyes widen a bit and her hand pulled out something small. Oh god…that’s not it…it can’t be…Her voice was very soft and somewhat nervous.

“Clark…Can you explain this? Let's face it. I'm guilty as charged.”

She put it down and I saw her face crumble. I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her.
“Shhhh shhh I know it seems bad Chloe, but whatever you did, you clearly weren't yourself.”

She jerked away from me.

“Obviously I mean…I almost killed Lex, not that that’s a horrible thing but Clark…I put the baby in danger…I put myself in danger…I attacked someone…what if…what if I’m turning into one the Meteor freaks…I mean the bad ones…”

I took a deep breath. I can’t believe that…and I won’t.

“I don’t know what’s going on Chloe…but maybe the thing you…borrowed will have some answers.”

She gave a tiny chuckled when I said borrowed and I smiled. She wiped her tears and got her computer. She set it up at the kitchen table and plugged in the flash drive. It brought up a list of files.

She frowned and shrugged.

“There's only one document on here, and it's a krypto-freak's case file.”

I glanced over her shoulder.

“Is there a name?”

She shook her head.

“No, it just lists an I.D. Number.”

Oh my god…that’s one serious ability…controlling all Meteor infected people…I didn’t even want to think of what Lex could do with someone like that…

“With a serious ability. They're suspected of being able to control meteor freaks.”

Chloe’s face looked hopeful.

“Look, whoever this is, I think maybe…they were controlling me last night…it makes sense right…as much as I hate Lex I’d never get up in the middle of the night and take a joy ride to kill him bringing our unborn son along for the ride…that’s just not me…”

I looked at her skeptical for a second even though I wanted to believe what she was saying.

“Lets think about this…I mean Chloe, of all the people in the world, why would they choose you to run Lex off the road?”

I glanced at the screen and read off the date of birth. Chloe’s eyes got that curious look in them.

“Date of birth -- September 20, 1960.”

She spoke next with a shiver in her voice.

“Born in Granville, Kansas.”

She clicked on an icon and it brought up a picture of the subject. She was a pretty woman dark hair older. I heard Chloe’s gasp and looked down at the shock and horror written on her face. I put my hand on her arm and her eyes were glued to the screen. Her voice seemed far away and it came out as barely a whisper.

“Oh, my God, Clark…That's my mom”

My eyes got as big as saucers. Lex had Chloe’s mom? Is this part of what he’s been working on all this time? Oh god…if he finds a way to control Chloe’s mom then he’ll be able to control Chloe…and everyone else who was Meteor infected…

Oh no…Lex was going to try to use Chloe’s mom to gain control of all the Meteor freaks in Smallville and around the world…Oliver was right he is building some kind of an army…

Chapter 13 Part B

(Lex POV)

I walked into a heavily fortified area of 33.1 and went down the long winding hallway and ended at the only door in this wing of the facility. We had to be careful with this one…she had to be kept away from the other Meteor infected people. I opened the immensely heavy door and inside on a bed in the corner sat Moira Sullivan…Chloe’s mom. She glanced up at me as I entered.

“I want to see my daughter.”

Like I didn’t know that was coming. Every doctor in this place was saying the same thing…she wouldn’t give us anything until she saw her daughter…and that’s why I’m here to rectify the situation.

“You'll get to see Chloe. We just need to take things slowly. The drug you've been given is still in its experimental stage. We wouldn't want your ability to throw you back into a catatonic state.”

She shook her head.

“Whatever ability you think I have is a figment of your imagination.”

Fine she wanted to feign ignorance…I’d play her game and give her facts.

“In your medical file, you claimed you committed yourself because you had the power to control your daughter. Whenever you touched one of her possessions, you could make her do whatever you wanted.”

She glanced around the room and when her eyes fell on me they were hard and her voice was clipped.

“I was sick, mentally ill. Whatever I said was the product of a delusional mind.”

I stuck my hands in my pocket and walked in front of her leaning against the wall. I spoke lightly without menace.

“Delusions don't short-circuit your brain. You can thank your incredible power for that. And maybe -- maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm willing to bet you can use that power to control others just like her.”

She stood up and I watched her pace back and forth for a minute or so before turning and facing me.

“Whatever connection I have to Chloe is because I'm her mother. We have a bond.”

I nodded. They most certainly do…and I can’t wait to see what a third generation Meteor freak is like.

“You certainly do. You both happen to have traces of meteor rock in your bloodstream.”

She looked to the side and spoke quietly.

“I have to see Chloe.”

I sighed. I’d get what I want one-way or another…I spoke in a friendly voice.

“Of course. I'm not one to stand in the way of a mother-daughter reunion. I just need you to demonstrate your powers for me.”

She sighed and I could hear the frustration bubbling in her.

“There's nothing to demonstrate. I've never been able to control anyone but Chloe.”

That’s probably because she’s never tried…well she was going to or I’d keep as far away from Chloe as any person could be…

“Well, I suppose there's a first time for everything.”

She turned around and looked about ready to protest but her body deflated at the last minute. Good this wouldn’t have to be forced…we could get to the forcing part later for now she’d do what I wanted and that was good enough…

(Chloe POV)

I glanced out the window as the scenery passed up by…or we passed the scenery by. I wasn’t sure which. My body felt numb and I had the kind of headache that feels like someone opened your skull and poured hot lava into it.

After we saw a file on my mother on Lex’s flash drive I freaked out. Could you blame me? Seriously…my mother’s a Meteor freak…and so am I which means it’s genetic and my son was probably going to be one to…The first third generation Meteor infected baby, at least that I know of.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Clark suggested we go to the institution that my mom was in to make sure everything was ok. I didn’t want to go but I needed to know…if it was true…if she was ok. I glanced at Clark and his expression was hard to read.

He was trying to be strong for me but I could see he was scared. I wasn’t sure what part of all this scared him most…but for me…it was the possibility of hurting the people I love. I never want to be that kind of person I’d die before I let that happen…

I felt Clarks hand on my arm and my eyes snapped to his.

“We’re here.”

He helped me out of the car and we walked into the institution. Clark was quiet for a second before he spoke. His voice was soft.

“Chloe, wasn't your mom catatonic the last time you saw her?”

I nodded and continued walking to the front desk.

“Yes but Clark…”

I sighed.

“Look, I don't often play late-night bumper cars. She was obviously controlling me. The question is why. What could have been so important that she needed me to find that flash drive ”

He shook his head and I could tell the next words were forced from his mouth.

“We don't know anything for sure yet.”

He was agitating me and I really didn’t have the patients for this today. When I spoke my voice came out as frustrated as I felt.

“My mom can manipulate krypto-freaks, and whether we want to admit it or not, I'm part of that demographic.”

He took my hand and kissed it in a gesture of comfort…or acceptance I wasn’t sure which. We got to the front desk and I got the man's attention. I smiled and tried not to let my anxiousness show.

“ Hi. Chloe Kent. I'm here to see my mother, Moira Sullivan.”

The man at the front desk looked at me hard and I saw his hand reach under the desk. His voice was hard.

“ Did you not understand us the first time? You were asked never to come back here.”

I frowned and Clark spoke up with a frown of his own.

“I'm sorry. There must be some sort of mistake. My wife hasn't been here for months.”

He gave Clark an appraising look. His voice was sarcastic when he spoke.

“ Your wife created a huge scene yesterday. We don't want a repeat performance.”

That’s not right…I wasn’t here yesterday. I was at the Planet and then I was at the farm…Clark and I even had some down time and we watched a movie. There must be some kind of mistake.

I moved in front of Clark a little and spoke to the man myself.

“Well, there's no matinee scheduled. I just want to see my mom.”

He shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. His voice was threatening.

“ Security's on its way. I suggest you leave before they have to escort you out.”

I shook my head and started moving closer to the desk. I’m not going anywhere until I see my mother…they can try to through me out all they want…I’m not going…I need to know what’s going on…

“My mother is here.”

Clark moves over to the desk and I could hear anger in his voice as he glared at the guy.

“ You can't prevent her from seeing her own mom.”

I saw him glance up and the he pulled me aside and away from the front desk.

“Chloe, come here.”

I pushed his arm off and frowned.

“Clark, what are you doing? I'm not gonna let them tell me –“

He waved me off.

“Chloe be quiet…I have a plan…Just wait for me outside. Trust me…ok?”

I looked into his eyes and could see how bad he wanted to help so I nodded. He gave me a small smile and leaned into kiss me. He handed me the keys to his truck and I went outside to wait. I sat in the car with my head leaning back…

I can’t believe my mother has a Meteor power. I just assumed that I got mine from being exposed all those times…I never imagined that it was in my blood. Maybe that’s why Lex kidnapped me…maybe he thought I had the same power as my mother…oh god…what if I did…

Lex would never leave me alone and my family would always be in danger… everything is just happening so fast…and even with Clark by my side I felt so lost and alone…I mean how do you deal with something you know you can never change?

(Lex POV)

I watched as some guards marched Moira down the long hallway and to this room. I have a young man in here with me who is Meteor infected. There was a camera feed set up in the corner so Lana could know what was going on. They brought her in here and when she walked in I grinned at her.
“Time for a little show-and-tell, Mrs. Sullivan.”

She got a nervous look on her face frowned and wouldn’t sit down.

“What do you want from me?”

I smiled at the guy next to me and waved him on.

“Give her all you got, Lowell.”

I saw him rip a desk off the wall and hurl it across the room at Moira. I watched and grinned. She didn’t want to tell me about her powers…that was just fine with me…but she better believe she was going to show me…or she wouldn’t make it through the night.

She jumped out of the way and as Lowell advanced on her I saw her reach down and grab the pen he was holding onto when she first came in. When she spoke her voice was soft but commanding.

“Stop. Sit down.”

And he did exactly that…I grinned at Lana through the camera. We have exactly what we want…she can control Meteor freaks…not just Chloe which would definitely come in handy but all of them…this should be very interesting…

(Lana POV)

I watched through the feed as the guards opened the door to bring Chloe’s mom in the room. She was a beautiful lady. I saw Lex talking to her for a couple of minutes and when she didn’t cooperate I saw the Meteor freak that was sitting by Lex attack her.

I watched her doge the attack then pick something up and speak to him in a calm but strong voice. He stat down and started at her. Lex looked into the camera and smiled. I was shocked. Any person who could have that amount of power has to be extremely dangerous.

I mean…she god get these Meteor freaks to do whatever she wanted. If she chose not to help Lex I wasn’t sure what we were going to do…just then I heard a knock on the door and I glanced up as the door opened. I closed the laptop screen a bit and spoke.

“Yes Richard?”

He gave me a small smile. He was new here and looked to be younger the rest of the security team. He didn’t seem to be much older than me.

“I’m sorry to bother you Mrs. Luthor but there is a doctor Rhinehouse here to see you.”

I nodded.

“Send him on in Richard, thank you.”
He gave me another small smile and walked out. A couple of seconds later Doctor Rhinehouse walked in. He grinned at me and spoke in a loud voice.

“Good morning Mrs. Luthor. How are you today?”

I smiled.

“Fine and yourself?”

He came over and started taking stuff out of his bag.

“Quite well. Now let’s see how the baby and you are doing this afternoon.”

He checked my blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, and all that good stuff before he started feeling around my stomach. After about fifteen minutes he was done.

“Well everything looks good. Are you getting nervous? 26 weeks along you’re past the halfway point no…no going back.”

His voice was friendly and I chuckled.

“I can’t wait for him to be born…it’s the birthing part that is a little nerve racking.”

He nodded with a smile on his face as he put his instruments away and pulled out some files.

“It usually is for first time mothers. Now…here are the files that Mr. Luthor wanted me to give you. Everything is all there. He wants to try and isolate the gene inside Miss. Sullivan that has her Meteor defect in it. I’m not so sure it’s just one gene though as you’ll see there are traces of Meteor rock in her blood. Low levels of course.”

I was glancing at all the paper work and my gaze froze on one page im particular. Oh my god…is this…is this true? But…how…it’s not possible…it can’t be…I looked up at Dr. Rhinehouse and he must have noticed the pure shock on my face because he a worried look crossed his face.

“Mrs. Luthor…are you alright? Should I call Mr. Luthor?”

I shook my head no.

“Is this right? I mean…it’s accurate?”

I handed him the page that I was looking at and he nodded. When he spoke his face showed pride.

“I engineered it myself. It’s the very first successful one of the bunch. I‘m proud to say that I was the one that figured out how to do it.”

Oh god…Lex hadn’t told me this…or at least I don’t think he did…this…changes some things I mean…not really and yet it did. This was how Lex planned to get me my answers…this is why he was so adamant on letting me into this part of his life…I finally had the last piece of the puzzle…and the only conclusion that I could draw from it scared the hell out of me…

(Clark POV)

I came out of the institution with a copy of yesterday’s security tapes. I walked to the truck and we drove back to the farm in silence. Chloe looked lost. I had no clue what to do to make her feel any better and to be honest I was worried about her.

And this time it had nothing to do with Lex…at least not directly. I was worried about her emotional state and how all of this was affecting her. She’s been trying so hard to keep it all in and I could tell the dam was getting ready to break.

We got back to the farm and I parked. I helped her out of the car and she finally spoke once we walked through the door. Her voice was somewhat snippy but I knew it was just her nerves.

“Well…are you going to tell me what’s going on or you want me to guess.”

I rubbed her arm.

“Calm down.”

I held up the security tape and she frowned and gave me a confused look.


I smiled.

“Security tape…from yesterday.”

Realization hit her and she grinned.

“Do you know how much I love you?”

I laughed.

“I do now. Come let’s see what there talking about.”

I walked in the living room popped the tape in and played it. We sat there and I saw Chloe walk in.
We listened to her talking to a doctor on the video…

“I already told him. I'm here to pick up my mother…”

I saw Chloe standing there in the outfit she had on yesterday. Her eyes looked angry and her face was determined.

“Apparently, per her doctor's orders, Moira Sullivan's been transferred.”

The man in the white doctors coat wasn’t even looking at Chloe until her voice started to rise.

“Without notifying me?”

“You'll have to ask her psychiatrist.”

“Fine. Where is he?”

“I'm afraid he's out of town at a conference.

“You're lying.”

She started to walk into a restricted area and the doctor followed and called out to her.

“You can't go in there.”

He grabbed her arm and she decked him right in the face and almost stumbled to the ground in the process. The doctor screamed out behind him with a bloody lip. My girl can hit pretty hard…if you’re not invincible…


I took a chance and glanced over at Chloe. Her eyes were wide and the expression on her face was priceless if this were a different situation I might have even laughed. Her voice was soft and disbelieving.

“I can't believe I did that.”

I nodded. Me either…but now we knew what had happened. Her mom must have sent for her…this wasn’t Chloe’s fault…

“Your mom must have sent you to the sanitarium for help. She didn't know she had already been transferred.”

She nodded understanding my thought process.

“So, she had me steal Lex's flash drive so I could find out where she really was. Well, either way, she's sending out an S.O.S. She needs my help Clark I have to go to her…help.”

I shook my head and looked at her.

“She needs OUR help Chloe…you can’t do this alone it’s too dangerous…I won’t risk you and the baby…you’re gonna have to let me help. But one way or the other we got her message Loud and Clear…I’m gonna go talk to Lex.”

She got up and started to protest.

“No Clark let me come…I need to do this.”

I turned around.

“No…when I find out where your mom is I promise to come get you Chloe…but I don’t want you around Lex…not right now…please…please do this for me…”

She sighed and I could still see there was some fight left in her but she nodded. I kissed her and sped off. I would find out where Chloe’s mom is…no matter what…Lex has finally hit a little to close to home for me to sit back and ignore…

Chapter 13 Part C

(Lex POV)

I walked back down the hall to Moira’s room with a shirt clutched in my right hand. One of our Meteor infected people escaped earlier today and I need her to bring him back. From what I could tell if she had something that belonged to the person then she could control them. I opened the door to her room and she stood up immediately. She glanced in my direction and spoke quickly.

“I swear to you, I never knew I could control anyone else.”

I smirked. Sure she didn’t…

“Come on. You're more talented than you give yourself credit for. And now it's time to put those talents to good use. This man is a violent psychopath.”

She looked at the shirt and then back at me. Her voice was sarcastic and sounded just like Chloe’s…for some reason that grated on my nerves.

“Good for him. What does that have to do with me?”

I walked around her and leaned against the wall. My voice was calm.

“He escaped from this facility last night. I need you to send him back here.”

She glared in my direction. Her voice was hard when she spoke.

“I am not going to be used.”

Of course she wasn’t…she would do this willingly or I wouldn’t let her see Chloe…simple as that.
I raised an inquisitive eyebrow at her and a small smirk appeared on my face.

“Really? See, I had this notion that seeing your daughter was a high priority. But considering you were able to abandon her when she needed you the most, maybe not. I know what it's like to lose my mother, Mrs. Sullivan. You don't get over it. Bring this man back to me... and I'll make sure you see your daughter.”

I held out the shirt to her. She grasped it gently.

“This belongs to him. Just tell him to come back here.”

She nodded slightly, closed her eyes and concentrated. Her eyes were moving rapidly behind her eyelids and when they popped open she looked at me.

“It’s done.”

I nodded.
“Thank you.”

I took the shirt back from her and walked out of the room. I was working on finding a way to control Moira…so far the first two things we tried didn’t work. When I did figure it out, and I would, I’d use her to get Meteor infected people to come to me…willingly submitting themselves for testing.

I have been wondering if Chloe inherited this power from her mother…if so she’d be more useful then I originally thought and I’d have to change around my plans a bit…but we’ll see right now I needed to find a way through Chloe’s new and improved indestructible skin…that was going to be an issue when I brought her to 33.1…fortunately I think I’ve her Achilles heel…

(Lana POV)

Lex hasn’t been home in hours, Doctor Rhinehouse left about two hours ago and I was getting restless. I needed to do something. I’m aloud to be out of bed a few hours a day and this was the time. I got up carefully and slipped on my robe.

I went into the study and started searching through Lex’s books for one to read. As I was pulling out one of the larger volumes the double doors to the study slammed open. The sudden noise startled me and I turned around to see Clark waltzing in looking extremely pissed off.

Terrific just what I needed. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve told Clark to stop barging in. I even had Lex change the locks…apparently that doesn’t seem to help. I kept my cool because I had my son to think about I couldn’t just start screaming at Clark…my pregnancy is giving me enough problems without me adding to them. My voice was non-confrontational as I looked at him.

“Clark…I haven’t seen you in quite some time. How can I help you?”

He glared at me and his voice was hard.

“Where’s Lex? I have something to discuss with him.”

I walked a bit closer and then leaned against the front of Lex’s desk. I shrugged in an un-caring way.

“Sorry…he isn’t here at the moment. You’ll have to come back some other time…maybe call next time see if he’s here before you burst through other people’s doors. Unless there’s something I can help you with…”

I raised an eyebrow at him and I saw his fists clench. His voice was cold.

“Where is she Lana?”

I shifted my legs and placed the palms of my hands flat on the desk on either side of me. I gave him an innocent smile and my voice came out sugary sweet.

“I’m not sure I know who you mean Clark..”

He moved a couple of steps closer and I smirked.

“Tell me Lana…tell me what Lex did with Chloe’s mom or I swear…”

I cut him off and my smirk turned into a glare. It was my turn for my voice to be hard.

“Or what Clark? You’re going to hurt me? Go ahead Clark…come over here and make me tell you.”

He stayed in his place and I gave him a knowing grin.

“That’s what I thought…you don’t have the guts to do anything to me Clark…I’m not afraid of you so take your threats and righteous indignations elsewhere. Now get out of my house!”

I turned and started to walk away when he grabbed my arm and forced me to turn around. I glared at him and he held my eye.

“Don’t walk away from me Lana…I want to know where Chloe’s mom is…tell me…now”

I chuckled and pulled my arm out of his grasp.

“You didn’t actually think that would work did you? I won’t betray Lex’s trust that easily Clark. My Jeykle and Hide routine isn’t as fickle as yours. I don’t know where Moira is.”

“You’re lying.”

I shook my head and shrugged again.

“So what if I am…you can’t do a damn thing about it…I’m serious Clark get out now.”

He gave me a hard glare.

“Or what Lana? I’m not afraid of you either…this little change of attitude you’ve had since you married Lex…doesn’t phase me. I came here for answers…and I’m not leaving without them.”

I raised my brow and glanced him over.

“Fine…you want answers? Well so do I.”

I circled slowly around him.

“Tell me Clark what are you hiding? What’s the big secret that you’ve been keeping all of us except a select few in the dark about?”

I smiled and stopped in front of him.

“Does it have anything to do with where you come from? Or possibly what you are?”

He tried to hide his reaction to my words but he was doing a poor job. His voice was tempered when he spoke.

“We’re not here to talk about me…I’m here for answers.”

I nodded and spoke in a friendly manner.

“Ok…let’s trade information…you give me the answers I want to my questions and I’ll give you the ones you want…deal?”

Not like he’d say yes…I knew Clark better then that…I grinned and he frowned.

“Wow Clark hesitation? I wonder what Chloe would think if she knew her husband could find out exactly where her mom is but chose not to because he wanted to save his own skin…”

When his face looked back at mine his eyes were glacial.

“I’ve had about enough of you Lana…you were right…I never did trust you and that’s why I never told you my secret. Somewhere deep down I must have known what a self absorbed backstabber you were.”

He shook his head and for a minute my heart hurt. He continued and his voice got harder the longer he went on.

“I thought I was so in love with you…that you were the one for me and nothing could ever make you think less of me…I was so wrong. I can see now how fake that really was…I wasn’t in love with you I was in love with the fantasy…the dream…but now I’m living a reality that makes the dream pale in comparison.”

I wanted to yell at him for bringing up a past that still gets to me every now and then but I couldn’t…I was too angry. I stood there and now it was my hands clenching into fists but still he went on.

“You’ve done a lot of things lately that will never be forgotten or forgiven…but I think you should take a long hard look around you and see if this is the life you want your child to be a part of Lana…before you cross the final line of no return…”

I gave him a bitter laugh.

“I’m glad you’re happy with your life Clark…your perfect wife and child on the way…”

I looked into his eyes and his face paled when he looked in mine as I spoke.

“Make sure you enjoy it while you still can…because at some point…the other shoe is always ripped out from underneath you…and when it is they’ll be nothing let to keep you standing…”

As I finished the doors to the study burst open for the second time that night. I sighed and looked at over at the door. What now?

(Clark POV)

I couldn’t believe she was standing there threatening me. I glanced over at the doors that just burst open and a ragged looking man was standing there frantically looking around the room. His voice came out loud and scratchy.

“Where's Lex Luthor?”

I glared over at him.

“You’re gonna have to take a number on that one.”

He glanced at me and all of a sudden I felt myself being lifted off the ground and tossed across the room. I heard Lana’s voice and although her face was calm I could hear the shutter in her voice.

“Who are you?”

She went to move for the side of the room as I was getting up and I saw him lift her into the air and throw her backwards onto the ground. She fell heavily onto her back and was knocked unconscious. The guys voice was uneven when he spoke again.

“Tell me where he is.”

I rushed over to him from behind and pinned him against the wall then threw him into the opposite wall knocking him out. I moved over to Lana and I heard Chloe’s voice behind me.

“Clark, she needs a doctor…we’ve got to get her to the hospital right now.”

I turned around and my jaw went slack. What the hell was she doing here? I could have sworn I told her to let me take care of this.

“Chloe what are you doing here?”

She rolled her eyes.

“We don’t have time for you to go all over protective on me Clark.”

I looked down at Lana and then over to the guy who attacked us.

“What about him?”

She spoke reassuringly.

“I can handle him. Clark, she's pregnant. Go. Now.”

I looked at her like she had three heads.

“Chloe…just in case you haven’t noticed…you’re pregnant too. There’s no way I’m leaving you alone with him. We can call an ambulance.”

I stood up and started to walk to the phone when I heard the frustration in Chloe’s voice.

“Clark he’s unconscious…Lana can’t wait for an ambulance…she needs a doctor now. It will only take you a couple of seconds to speed there make sure she gets help and speed back.”

I knew she was right…but I didn’t want to leave her…and for the first time…a small part of me didn’t want to help Lana…I glanced at Chloe’s face and spoke softly.

“She wouldn’t help you…she’d leave you here like this Chlo…baby and all.”

I saw her face soften and then I saw pain cross it. Her voice was sad but strong when she spoke.

“That’s what makes us different from them Clark…we wouldn’t…Lex and Lana would probably have left me…but you and I…we’d help. Now go…please I’ll be right here when you get back.”

I sighed and nodded. I lifted Lana up gave one last look at Chloe and made sure the guy was still unconscious before I sped off to the hospital. This moment…right now…is how I know Chloe is my reality…she pushes me to be the man I know I can be…to put aside petty things and look at the whole picture…Lana never did that…she wanted me all to herself but Chloe was willing to share me with anyone who needed me…

(Chloe POV)

I kicked the guy a few times because I knew Clark would be back soon. When he woke up I was pointing a loaded gun at him and his eyes went wide.

“What the hell are you doing?”

I eyed him dangerously.

“Believe me, I can pull this trigger a lot faster than you can flinch.”

He looked confused.

“The last thing I remember, I was running on the train tracks.”

My mother was obviously controlling him…which means he had to know where she was…I spoke knowingly.

“And when you woke up, your memory was gone. You know my mother. Moira Sullivan -- where is she?”

He shook his head.

“Lady…I don't know who you're talking about. I was kept in this facility with a bunch of other people with powers.”

He was in one of the 33.1 facilities…if my mom was controlling him she had to be from the dame one right? I kept the gun pointed at him and spoke in a strong voice…stronger then how I was actually feeling.

“Where is the facility?”

He stood up and backed away from me.

“It’s…it’s in an old abandoned hospital on paper mill road…now let me go…”

I shook my head.

“Not so fast…”

I was cut off when he threw out his arms and I was knocked off my feet. The gun flew in the air and landed about five feet from me and I landed in a pair of solid arms just as the guy took off. I glanced up and there was Clark. I gave him a tiny smile.

“My hero.”

But he didn’t look happy. There was a large frown on his face as he put me on my feet.


I cut off his lecture. I couldn’t deal with it right now.

“Clark…if this was your mom what would you do? You can’t just expect me to sit on the sidelines while Lex has her…it’s completely unfair!”

Clark gave me a hard look…he was pissed.

“You’re right if it was my mom I’d do the same but I’m not seven months pregnant…Dammit Chloe!”

He sighed and got his emotions under control.

“Of course I don’t expect you to sit on the sidelines but I also don’t expect you to come out here gun toting and all trying to get information out of a dangerous Meteor mutant! I want to help you but in order for me to concentrate and be there for you I need you to be ok and safe…that can’t happen if you are forever running head first into trouble. I love how you tackle everything head on Chloe…I admire it really I do…but not right now…run around chasing all the bad guys you want after you have the baby and I’ll be by your side if you need me…but you can’t do this now…not while you’re carrying our child…I wont let you. We’ve both lost enough for one lifetime…we don’t need to lose anything else…”

The last part of his speech was said quietly and I walked over and rubbed his arm. He was right…I was plunging in without even considering the consequences…if I wanted to get my mom out of this then I needed to work with Clark and let him handle the things that I shouldn’t be handling…

“You’re right Clark…I’m sorry…let’s go back to the farm I have some news about were my mom is and we can draw up a plan to get in the facility.”

He sighed but nodded and led me out of the Luthor mansion. I was anxious the whole ride back…I wanted to find my mom…I missed her so much and if she’s controlling people that means she’s awake…and maybe I could finally have her back in my life…in my family…

(Lex POV)

My feet slammed on the empty hallway floor and you could hear the echo of my steps down the corridor. I went to Moira’s room and pulled open the door. She stood up and I glared in her direction. I just received a phone call saying my wife was brought into the hospital by Clark Kent because of an attack at the mansion…My words were tinged with coldness.

“When my pregnant wife ends up in the hospital, that means you've made a grave mistake.”

She looked shocked. Her voice was hesitant.

“I didn't mean for anyone else to get hurt. I just wanted you to suffer.”

I walked around the room. When I turned to her my eyes bore into hers and my voice was sarcastic

“Well, clearly Chloe gets her brazenness from her mother's side. But as meddlesome as she can be, I've actually come to admire her - that's what makes what I’ve been doing to her so difficult.”

She stood up and gave me an icy stare.

“You stay away from my daughter.”

I raised an eyebrow and gave her a small sadistic smirk.

“Oh, it's too late for that…you haven’t seen your daughter in a while Mrs. Sullivan…let me know what you think when you finally do see her…hmmm and to think I thought I was going to have to go through more trouble then this trying to get her into 33.1. I guess I was mistaken…enjoy the rest of your evening.”

I gave her one last look before I left the room. I had people collecting Chloe I’d be back to deal with that problem later…right now I had to go make sure Lana and my son were ok…

(Clark POV)

We got back to the farm and Chloe sat down at the kitchen table. I leaned against the wall and spoke.

“So…what'd you find out?”

She turned to me and her voice got serious.

“My mom was playing Simon Says with that guy at the mansion, which means she's desperate. He told me where I could find her.”

I raised an eyebrow…the question is…was he telling the truth or was all this a set up.

“Can we trust him?”

She shrugged.

“Well, there is an old, abandoned hospital on Paper Mill Road, so he wasn’t lying about that…and if I had to take a guess I’d say it's owned by –“

I cut her off and nodded.

“Luthorcorp. It's probably another 33.1 franchise.”

She glanced at me and spoke softly.

“I was gonna go check it out, but maybe you could come with me and take point that way if anything is going on you’ll be there to take care of it?”

I nodded.

“That’s a good idea Chloe.”

I glanced at Chloe and her demeanor immediately changed. Something was going on. She got up grabbed her keys and started to walk out the door. I was so confused. I grabbed onto her arm and she faced me. my voice held confusion when I spoke.

“Where you going?”

She looked at me like that was the stupidest question I’d ever asked her.

There was a frown on her voice and her voice seemed somewhat robotic.

“I have to leave.”

I didn’t let go of her arm and my voice was hesitant.

“Chloe –“

She cut me off and snapped.

“Let me go, Clark. I have to leave town.”

Huh…leave town was she crazy?

“I'm not letting you go anywhere. Do you hear yourself? Leave town…Chloe you’re seven months pregnant…we’re married you can’t just leave town…”

I saw her face clear for a second and she looked confused.

“What's going on?”

That’s when I realized it. Her mom…something must be wrong and instead of wanting Chloe’s help she wants her as far away from her as possible. It’s gotta be Lex…that’s the only explanation.

“It's your mom trying to control you again.”

She took a sharp breath.

“Oh, my God.”

She started to sway and it was making me nervous. I steadied her and frowned.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded and touched her head.

“Yeah, I'm just dizzy. Can you get me a glass of water?”

I gave her a tiny smile and rubbed her arm for a second.

“Yeah. I’ll be right back.”

I came back in and she was standing there holding the lead box in front of me….my eyes went wide.


She opened it and put the kryptonite in my pocket. I fell to the floor writhing in pain. I could see her grab he stomach in pain and bend over a bit. She bit her lip and made her way to the door. the further she got from me the better she looked. She was still getting sick from the kryptonite. I can’t believe that she risked herself like that so I couldn’t follow her…my voice was strained when I spoke.


She shook her head and I could hear pain in her voice.

“I’m so sorry Clark…”

And she left…this wasn’t good…

(Chloe POV)

As soon as I got out of the house and away from the Meteor rock I felt a lot better. I got into Clark’s truck and took off. I sped down the road and drove out of town. I was driving for about five minutes when I came to a roadblock. What the hell is this? They have to move I have to get out of town…

I got out of Clarks truck to ask the two men what was going on.

“I need to get through.”

The first one shook his head and spoke in a deep voice.

“Sorry, Miss. No.”

I waved frantically. My voice as a pitch higher and I was practically yelling.

“You don't understand. I need to leave town right now.”

He raised an eyebrow and spoke calmly.

“I'm afraid we're gonna have to reroute you.”

Reroute me…why? It didn’t look like there were any problems ahead of me on the road.

“What are you –“

I was cut off when I felt something sharp stab me in the neck. I put my hand up and there was a syringe there. Oh god…no…I did it again…Lex…he…must…I……I could feel my body swaying and my lids were getting heavy. The last thing I remember seeing was the two men getting ready to carry me to the car in front of me…and then everything went black…

Chapter 13 Part D

(Chloe POV)

I stirred. I moved around and felt something soft under me. I opened my eyes, looked up and sitting there next to me was my mom. My eyes widened and I sat up as quickly as I could.

“Mom? Mom!”

I laughed and practically jumped in her arms. She smiled at me

“Chloe. You're even more beautiful than I remember”

She glanced down at my body, looked back up at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me Chloe?”

I blushed slightly.

“Umm…I’m pregnant?”

She nodded.

“I can see that…”

I looked down and then glanced back and spoke in an excited voice.

“Enough about that mom…I just can't believe you're awake and you're talking. I thought I'd never get to speak to you again.”

She smiled but shook her head.

“Honey, you shouldn't be here especially in your condition...if I had known…this is all my fault.”

I rolled my eyes.

“No, it's not. You needed my help and I’m here.

She was frowning and her voice was self-deprecating when she spoke.

“You're suffering because of what I made you do, just like when you were little.”

I gave her a confused look.


She wasn’t making any sense she never made me suffer…I glanced back at her and her face had a far off look on it. Her voice was soft when she spoke.

“Remember when you were 8 and you hurt your hands?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, how could I forget? I had to wear those bandages for weeks. You know, I've never played kickball since then.”

She shook her head sadly and looked into my eyes. I could hear the guilt in her voice.

“You didn't hurt your hand playing kickball. You came home from school, and your hands were all covered in ink. So, I told you to go wash your hands, and instead, you -- you went to play with your computer. I was so frustrated. I sent you to go wash your hands and scrub them till all the ink was gone.”

I gave her a confused look. My mom would never hurt me intentionally…

“Mom, what are you saying?”

She came over to me and placed her hands over mine. Her eyes were apologetic as she looked at me.

“I found you in the bathroom. There was blood everywhere. You had scrubbed your hands raw. That's why I left -- to protect you from me. And now I have to protect you from Lex Luthor. This man that brought you here -- he knows you're infected Chloe…He’s been doing something to you…I don’t know what. You have to get out of here. I can’t take the chance that he’ll hurt you…or you’re baby.”

She tightened her hold on my hands and her looked turned desperate.

“When you were younger…I did what I needed to do to protect you, and now you need to do the same for your child.”

She placed her hand lightly on m y stomach and tears pooled in my eyes. I shook my head. I knew she was right…but I couldn’t lose her again. I couldn’t leave without her.

“No. We have to get out of here. Mom, you can control people with powers. Is there anyone in here whose ability could free us?”

I saw her look thoughtful.

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea Chloe…”

Her voice trailed off.

“Mom…tell me”

I was going to get all three of us out of here safe and sound…Lex would not win this.

(Clark POV)

I was on my way to losing consciousness when I heard the front door open. My mom’s voice floated over to my ears but I was in too much pain to call out to her.

“I'd love to. Yes, lunch before the meeting is perfect. Okay. Bye-bye.”

I new the minute she hung up the phone because I heard her heels running over to me as she cried out to me. I felt her hands rolling me over and pulling out to Meteor rock from inside my pocket. She threw it in the open led box on the floor and tossed the box into a draw.

“Clark! Sweetie, wake up! Clark!”

She shook me a bit I and felt my strength coming back to me. I opened my eyes and my voice came out softly.


She helped me sit up and her voice was frantic and there were tears in her eyes.

“Oh, baby.”

She pulled me to her and stroked my hair. I grabbed onto her for a second to steady myself. I moved away from her and coughed a little bit.

“Mom…I have to go…”

She was shaking her head.

“Clark, no you can’t go anywhere like this…what happened?”

I stood up and my mom followed.

“Chloe’s in trouble…she…she did this but mom it wasn’t her fault. I don’t have time to explain everything but her mom is controlling her. She has the power to control Meteor infected people. I need to help her…but first I have to find her.”

I started walking out when my mom stopped me.

“Clark…maybe you should…”

I cut her off.

“No! I need to find Chloe…I’ll be back.”

And I super sped away. I didn’t matter what it took. I’d find Chloe…I wouldn’t let her down this time…her, the baby and her mom would be fine…I’d make sure of it…

(Chloe POV)

I saw two guards leading a guy from down the hallway in our direction. This was our chance mom could have him help us. I came out of the room and started to call for the guards.

“Help! I need help in here, please! Help! My mom -- she's sick. She needs a doctor.”

The guy looked over with a skeptical look.

“What's wrong?”

“I don't know, but you have to help her please…”

I saw one of the guards rush into the room I ran out of. I moved closer to the other guard and grabbed something from the Meteor mutant next to him and ran back to my mom. The guard started yelling.

“Hey! Hey! What the hell?”

I got my mom’s attention by yelling her name.

“Mom! Mom!”

I tossed it to her, she caught it and I saw a faint glow from her hands. She spoke in a soothing voice.

“Protect me and my daughter. Set us free.”

He turned around quickly grabbed the two guards and threw them down the hall. Two more came around the corner and started to fire tranquilizer darts at him. Crap…this isn’t going to work if we don’t have help out of here. He hit the floor with a thud and the headman yelled out to us.

“Stop! Hold it right there.”

I moved my mom and we started to run down the hall. Oh god…this certainly wasn’t the smartest move…I’m not the most athletic person and on top of that I’m seven months pregnant…have you ever seen a women try to run when she’s that large? Not fun…I heard my mom’s startled voice and turned around to see one of the guards holding on to her.


My eyes widened.

She shook her head and her voice was stern.

“Go! Get out of here!”

No…no I couldn’t leave her…not when I just found her again…the guard spoke.

“Take her back to the cell.”

I saw my mom concentrating.

“Chloe, whatever you have to do, get out now.”

I heard her voice and I immediately started moving through guards to get out of the facility. One grabbed me so I leaned back and punched him. He fell to the ground and I bent down and grabbed his gun. I started walking toward the exit and I ran into Lex. My eyes hardened and I spoke with venom in my voice.

“Lex, get out of my way.”

He spoke calmly and stood there without wavering.

“I'm sorry. I can't do that. Don't let your mother make you do something you'll later regret –“

I cut him off when I raised the gun and fired several shot’s at him. I saw one bullet hit him in the arm before I was out of the room and in strong arms. I felt wind gush around me as I ended up at the Kent farm. I stumbled around and looked all over the room. I turned and saw Mrs. Kent standing there. I gave her a confused look.

“Mrs. Kent? What happened?”

She came over and hugged me.

“I’m not exactly sure…”

Her words were cut off by a gush of wind and Clark came through the door with my mother in tow. I ran to her and she held me tight in her arms. God it felt good to be in her arms…he went back…Clark did everything in his power to make sure I was happy and safe and I love him more and more each day for it. I glanced up at Clark and he gave me a small half smile. I saw my mom glance around the Kent kitchen and release me.

“Well Chloe…you have quiet the…talented boyfriend here.”

I smirked and Clark laughed as he walked over to me. His voice was tired but happy.

“Actually Chloe isn’t my girlfriend…”

My mom gave Clark a look and he continued.

“She’s my wife.”

I saw her eyes go wide.

“Well…I sure have missed a lot…haven’t I?”

We laughed and I introduced her to Mrs. Kent. We all talked for a while and then Clark wound up leaving with my mom to Oliver’s old apartment in Metropolis to keep her safe until I spoke with Oliver about assisting me in getting my mother out of town and as far away from Lex as possible. I wouldn’t let him hurt her again…not if I could help it…

(Clark POV)

I lead Chloe’s mom into Oliver’s empty apartment. I glanced around and it basically looked the same.

“You should be safe here until Chloe can get in touch with Oliver.”

She nodded and sat on the couch. She patted the couch next to her.

“Come…sit with me Clark. Tell me about yourself…about my daughter.”

I smiled and moved over to the couch. Chloe was something I had no trouble talking about.

“Ummm…well I met Chloe back when…”

She cut me off.

“Tell me about the two of you.”

I shrugged and looked down.

“I’m not really sure what to say.”

I glanced into her face and my voice held admiration when I spoke.

“But I can tell you that you have an amazing daughter Mrs. Sullivan. She is the least selfish person I know. She is hardworking, kind, loyal, and always does the right thing no matter what. She has saved my life too many times to count and she’s an absolute whiz on the computer. I’d be completely lost without her.”

She smiled at me.

“You love her.”

I looked startled at her.

“Of course I love her…is that what you’re worried about? Mrs. Sullivan I am so in love with your daughter. I would do anything and everything to make her happy…and I’d move heaven and earth to keep her safe…”

She placed a hand on me and her facial expression softened. Her voice was reassuring.

“Clark…there’s no question of how much you love my daughter…because I can see it on your face. I’m so glad she found you…I’m glad my baby has someone to lover her the way she deserves to be loved.”

I smiled.

We talked for a while longer and I super sped and got some copies of Chloe’s articles from The Planet so her mother could see some of her articles. As the hours went by…Mrs. Sullivan seemed to be slowly shutting down. I called Chloe twice but there was no answer. Hopefully she’d get here soon…because I had no clue what to do…

(Chloe POV)

It took a while to get everything settled. I didn’t wind up getting to Oliver’s apartment until about nine in the morning. I smiled when I saw Clark and my mom. I went over and kissed Clark then put the bag I was carrying on the counter.

“Hey! I brought sandwiches. And I realized I don't know which ones you like, mom, so I just bought one of each.”

Clark’s voice was soft.

“Chloe, I don't think your mom's hungry.”

She shrugged and faced me.

“Hey Clark, I talked to Oliver. He said that he would set up a safe place for her to stay in Star City.”

I grinned but when I looked at Clark’s face the smile left my lips. He spoke hesitantly.

“Chloe, we have a problem.”

I frowned and looked over at my mother. She was sitting on the couch very quietly staring out the window. I walked over and stood in front of her.

“Mom? Mom?”

She glanced at me and gave me a small smiled.
“I-I wanted to see a blue sky... one last time.”

I gave a small laugh.

“Well, their will be plenty of blue skies where you're going, mom. You're not gonna be locked inside anymore.”

Her eyes focused on mine and she gave me a sad smile.

“Sweetheart... I'm slipping back.”

Clark came over and stroked my arm. His voice was soft.

“The drug that Lex used on your mom -- it takes several doses to make her lucid but it only lasts 24 hours. Chloe, she doesn't have much time left.”

No…well we’ll just have to get Lex to give us the drug he used.

“Well, I'll go talk to Lex. I'll make a deal with him.

My mom and Clark spoke simultaneously.


I glanced back and forth between them and then my mom took my hand and spoke.

“No deals with that man. I can't allow it.”

“Mom, I already lost you once. I'm not gonna do it again. If this drug is out there, I can get it, trust me. I have some pretty amazing resources at my disposal.”

She chuckled.

“Being with you again...”

She grinned and paused.

“It's the greatest gift I could have ever been given. But I'm dangerous, Chloe.”

I shook my head.

“No, mom. That's not true.”

“My ability to control people with powers, it's like I'm a human weapon. And I-I can't -- I can't allow it.”

“But, mom, it doesn't have to be like this.”
She touched my cheek.

“My little cub reporter. This... this belongs... to you.”

Tears gathered in my eyes and my heart ached.

“No, mom. Please. Please don't go, mom -- not yet, not again.”

Her voice broke as she spoke and I could hear her going in and out of lucidity.

“I... love you... Chlo-- Chloe.”

I whimpered and the tears came cascading down my face.

“I love you, too, mom”

She didn’t answer me back and that only made my tears come out more. Clark put his hand on my arm and pulled me to him. He held me while I cried. I could hear him whispering comforting words in my ear…but nothing was helping…I lost my mother for the second time…and I think this was worse than the first time. This was all Lex’s fault…he couldn’t get away with this…I wouldn’t let him…

Two night’s later…

(Chloe POV)

I was sitting at my desk at The Daily Planet typing when I heard a voice behind me.

“"Luthorcorp Crimes Against Humanity." That's catchy. Too bad it'll never make it to print.”

I turned to face him and my eyes were shooting daggers at him. His left arm was in a sling from the bullet that caught his shoulder. When I spoke my voice was cold.

“Lex, what can I help you with? Come here to kidnap another member of my family? Or are you here to thank Clark and I for intervening on Lana’s behalf?”

I heard him sigh and he shook his head.

“I'll tell you, your audacity's impressive, Chloe, especially given your recent late-night activities and the fact that you shot me a couple of days ago.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You mean the late night activities where I was controlled by my mother who you transferred from a facility illegally and used an experimental drug on?”

He smirks.

“ Tell me, how many years do you get for aggravated assault -- 10, 20?”

I glared.

“For what you've done, they're gonna throw away the key.”

He walked closer and raised an eyebrow.

“What I've done? You don't have a shred of proof about any of this, and you never will. But rest assured, the evidence I have against you is locked away safe and secure. Make that article disappear, and you'll remain a free woman. Deal?”

I took a step forward.

“I’d never make a deal with you Lex. You have been messing with Clark and I for a while now…but you went to far this time. My mother was innocent in all of this…and you used her…brought her back and then took it all away again…I won’t let you get away with this…you’ll pay for it. My mother sacrificed everything to protect the world from scum like you. And if taking you down means spending some quality time behind bars, sign me up.”

His eyes got cold and he was right in my face.

“You know, I thought you might say that. That's why there's a Plan "B" firmly in place... a plan that makes prison look like a picnic. You better be careful Chloe…you wouldn’t want anything happening to you or that baby of yours…your about seven months along now aren’t you? It’d be a shame if something happened…”

I shook my head again.

“I’m not afraid of you Lex…what ever you’re planning…it’s not going to work…”

He smirked and started to walk away.

“It already is Chloe…it already is…have a nice night…”

As I watched him walk out I couldn’t help the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach…something big was coming…I only hoped Clark and I would be able to handle it…

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