December 7, 2008

Three Minutes Chapter (15/18)

Chapter 15 
(Chloe POV)

Uhg…I’m never going to get this…it’s impossible! I hate Oliver Queen! Ok…I don’t hate Oliver I just wish he would have made this stupid message a little easier for me to crack. I sighed and leaned back in my chair. I placed my hands on my stomach. It was huge…I just had a doctor’s appointment last week and apparently I’m right on schedule. I’m eight months pregnant…oh and a week and I feel like a house. I heard my cell phone ringing and rolled my eyes. If that was Clark again I swear the boy was gonna be in trouble. I answered it.


“Hello Miss Sullivan”

I raised an eyebrow…what could Lionel want.

“Mr. Luthor…to what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call…and by the way it’s Kent now…remember?”

I heard his chuckle.

“Right you are and please there’s no need to be so formal. Call me Lionel. I was calling because I spoke with Clark and he told me you were at The Planet. I have some papers for him and I was wondering if I could stop by and give them to you so you can bring them home to him. Is that alright?”

I sat up in my chair.

“Sure that’s fine. What kind of paperwork…if you don’t mind me asking?”

I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“Well I suppose it would be futile to hide it from you since Clark will probably show you. I’ll explain when I get their…see you soon.”

And the line went dead. I shook my head and got up to go to the vending machine. When I came back over to my desk Lois’s phone was lighting up. I scrunched up my face and picked it up. There were two new messages.

I opened them and it was filled with numbers. What is this? Hey it’s from the same number as before…oh my god…I did it I did it! I wrote down the information on a piece of paper and then deleted the messages. It was a series of numbers and what I think might be an acronym. I heard footsteps and looked up. Lionel was walking through the door and I smiled.

“Hey Mr…I mean Lionel. How are you?”

“Fine and you? You’re looking quite lovely this evening.”

“I’m good.”

He came over and his eyes landed on my protruding belly.

“How are you feeling? Looks like It’ll be any time now.”

I nodded and rubbed my stomach.

“My due date is in three weeks…I’m a little nervous.”

He gave me a small sincere smile.

“I’m sure that’s perfectly normal…but I’m sure you’ll want to be getting down to business.”

He held up a folder labeled top secret. My eyes widened and I practically grabbed it from his hand.

“Oh my god…is this what I think it is?”

I glanced at his face and gave him an impressed look.

“These are files on all the 33.1 locations…I thought they would be of some use to you and our young hero.”

I sat down in my chair and raised my eyes to meet his.

“How did you get this? I can’t imagine Lex just handing these over to you…what…what did you do to get this?”

I saw him gaze around the room before his eyes fell on me.

“It’s not so much what I did…it’s information that I hold that would be detrimental to my sons marriage should it be exposed to his wife, so he thought he’d keep me happy for the time being so I don’t…spill the beans.”

Something that will destroy their marriage? They were practically attached at the hip lately and after everything that Lana knew about Lex I can’t imagine what would make her turn away from him. Curiosity buzzed inside of me.

“What is it?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t expect me to tell you that…do you?”

No I didn’t but the reporter in me had to ask.

“Not really but I had to ask. I’m actually glad you stopped by though. I’ve been researching something and I hit a dead end. Nobody knows anything about it. Do you think I can give it to you so you can look into for me?”

He nodded.

“Of course.”

I smiled. I sat down for a secondly and quickly flipped through the folder before closing it. I stood up to grab the papers for Lionel. When I took a step I felt a sharp pain shoot into my lower back and I faltered. Lionel must have caught it because I saw a look of worry cross his face as he took a step toward me.

“Chloe…are you alright?”

I frowned and put a hand on my lower back.

“I don’t know…”

He touched my arm and I felt the pain shoot up my back.


I glanced up at him with a frantic look on my face.

“I think something’s wrong…I have to call Clark.

He started leading me out of The Planet.

“Don’t worry…we’ll call him on the way to the hospital.”

I nodded and let him help me into his limo.

The pain was sharper now and I was trying to keep calm…oh god…am I in labor? Is this what it feels like…kill me now…

I saw Lionel take out his phone and push a number…I hope he’s calling Clark…I don’t think I can do this without him…

(Clark POV)

I was in the living room reading a baby book when I heard the phone ring. I reached over and answered it.

The voice on the other end was tense.

“Clark…it’s Lionel…you need to meet Chloe and I at Metropolis General.”

I sat up anxiously and I could hear the worry in my own voice.

“What’s going on what happened?”

His voice was hesitant as he spoke.

“I’m not sure…she stood up to grab something for me and she said she was in pain. I thought it best to take her to the hospital. We just got here now I’m going to check her in I think you should get here right away though.”

I tossed the book I was reading and stood up.

“I’ll be right there.”

I ended the call and super sped to the hospital. Oh god…was everything ok? Was this normal or was something wrong with the baby? Crap…maybe she was in labor…but she can’t be it’s too early… I got to the hospital and ran around in a frenzy looking for Chloe. I got to the front desk and tapped on it hurriedly a few times to get the nurses attention.

“Hi…hello…I’m looking for my wife Chloe Kent….she’s eight months pregnant and she was just brought in here by Lionel Luthor…is she ok what’s going on?”

She halted me with her hand.

“Sir calm down. I need you to relax give me her name again please.”

I gave a frustrated sigh.

“Chloe Kent.”

I saw her type it and search the screen. She frowned.

“Are you sure she was brought here? Did we call you?”

I shook my head. Chloe needs me I don’t have time for this!

“No Lionel Luthor called me and told me they had just gotten here.”

“Well she isn’t in our system maybe they haven’t finished checking in yet. You can wait right over there and when I can find her in the computer I’ll give you a call over.”

I looked at her with wide eyes. Did she really think I was going to sit in the waiting room while my wife could be in labor or worse…I swear everyone is going out of there mind. I shook my head and walked past her. I heard her calling out to me but I ignored it. I needed to find Chloe. I concentrated and looked for either her voice or Lionel’s and I found it…well I found his. I super sped to where they were and I appeared just as the doctor was walking away from Lionel. I grabbed onto his arm lightly.

“What happened? Nobody will tell me what’s going on. They said she wasn’t even in there system.”

Lionel was nodding and patting my arm reassuringly.

“I’m sorry about that Clark…I had them rush her up here right away for a doctor to look at her. Her physician wasn’t on call so I got the best doctor here.”

He paused and placed a hand on my shoulder. He gave me a smile.

“Son, everything is fine. She was having what they call Braxton Hicks contractions. I guess the easiest way to explain it…”

I cut him off. I knew what they were. I’ve been reading up on things and sometimes it happened to first time mothers…even people who have had a few kids but they usually know the difference because well… they’ve had kids…

“It’s fake labor…I know. So everything’s fine?”

He nodded. I felt relief over take my body. Thank god…I don’t know what I would have done…

“Where is she? I want to see her.”

He pointed to the room right across from where we were standing.

“The doctor said just to be on the safe side that he was going to do a full blood panel on her to make sure everything is in the right order.”

I nodded. I started to walk into the room and then I paused. I turned and glanced at Lionel. He really came through tonight.

“Thank you…thank you for being there for her when I wasn’t. I really appreciate all you’ve done for Chloe. The hospital after her accident…the other stuff, and now this. I hope you know how grateful we both are. I know I’m not always the friendliest person to you…but don’t misconstrue that. I do like you…I just don’t like you with my mom.”

I gave him half a smirk and he chuckled.

“Yes I have noticed that…well you have a very special woman waiting in there for you. I’ll let you attend to that. The papers that I wanted you to have I placed them into Chloe’s bag as we were leaving for the hospital. You should take a look at them. Tell Miss Sullivan I hope she feels better.”

I nodded.
“Will do…and it’s Kent…she only uses Sullivan at The Planet because she thinks it would hurt her career to change it…so yea.”

He smiled and nodded.

“I’ll see the two of you at dinner on Friday.”

I nodded and he left. I took a deep breath and went into Chloe’s room. She was laying there reading the paper out loud…I’m assuming to the baby. I grinned. She’s nuts…that kid is gonna know more about investigative reporting than he does about anything else. He’ll probably be trying to help his mommy on stories before he can even walk. I moved further into the room.

“Hey there.”

She craned her neck and glanced at me. I saw her smile.

“Hey. I’m glad you made it…I wasn’t sure you would.”

I sat next to her and kissed her hand.

“Sorry it took so long. I got here about fifteen seconds after Lionel called but they were running me around downstairs and then when I came up here Lionel was telling me what the doctor said…False alarm huh?”

She glared and then her face turned innocent as she gave me a shaky smile.

“Yup…but let me tell you if that was a false alarm and the real deal feels worse…I think I changed my mind about having the baby….can we give it back?”

I chuckled. She was scared…well she didn’t have to be everything was gonna be just fine. I’d make sure of it.

“Your just nervous…when you see him everything will change you’ll be so glad you decided to have him Chlo.”

She nodded.

“Yea I know…I just…don’t want the pain part…since I carried him for almost nine months do you wanna have him? We’ll call it even…”

She grinned.

I shook my head.

“No…that’s ok but thanks for offering.”

She slapped me lightly and we laughed. The doctor wanted her to stay here until her blood results came in just to make sure everything was fine. Which I’m sure it is. Doctor Rhinehouse told us everything was fine with Chloe and the baby he took blood about a week or so ago…so there’s no reason to worry…

(Lex POV)

My dad took copies of all the 33.1 locations on file…I couldn’t stop him and that pissed me off more than anything. But, there’s one location that isn’t in any files…one location that’s top secret to everyone but three people. It’s where I plan to take Chloe when everything is on its way with project Ares. Lana helped me pick the place out. Its secluded location would do wonders for us. The last thing we needed was people nosing about.

I picked up the papers from my desk and started shredding them. I heard the door open and I glanced up. It was Lana. She was wearing a red satin robe and it looked amazing on her. I smiled.

“You’re up.”

She nodded and came over to the desk. She sat on the edge and rubbed her stomach.

“I’ve been up for a little bit, but I didn’t feel like getting out of bed…to much work.”

I chuckled and she glared at me. the laughter died on my lips and I turned so she was between my legs.

“Lana…you’re absolutely stunning…you know that right? Pregnancy definitely agrees with you.”

She shrugged and I saw sadness cross her face and her eyes teared up. Crap…I hated when she cried it made me feel horrible and somehow it was always me that made her cry…even if I didn’t say anything upsetting.

“Please don’t cry…”

She gave me a small smile.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s all these damn hormones! I wish I could just have the baby already so we wouldn’t have to deal with this…I just…I wanna see him you know?”

I smiled. I absolutely knew. I couldn’t wait until Lana had the baby…we’d finally have a family and I’d have he best of both worlds from my hallucination two years ago.

“Of course I know. I’m excited too. What do you say I take the day off of work and we just camp out here in the mansion. I’ll run out and get ice cream, popcorn, and some movies and we can just stay in like normal people do. I’m sure Luthorcorp won’t fall apart without me for one day…”

She grinned.

“That sounds amazingly normal but I kinda can’t see you doing it.”

I smiled. That could be because I never have done it but with Lana it’s different…and can do all those things and it doesn’t feel awkward or weird. I shrugged.

“Well…that’s because I don’t usually do thing’s like that. But I should get accustomed to it because our son will probably want to do things like that…and I know you like it…I’ve just never had anyone I felt comfortable doing stuff like that with…until now.”

I saw her eyes water and if it’s possible the smile on her face got brighter. She stood up though and gave me a wicked grin. Her smile turned into a smirk as she walked away. She spoke playfully.

“Mmmm I see what you’re doing Mr. Luthor…trying to sweet talk me…it won’t work…I’m not that easy…”

I chuckled.

“You’re gonna need more than words…you’ll need…Chunky Monkey ice cream…popcorn with movie theater butter…Milk duds…and our night wouldn’t be complete without Starburst.”

She was walking with a small skip to her step and she stopped at the door and turned quickly to me. she could see the grin on my face.

“Hmmm…did you want to add to that list Lana?”

She could see the amusement in my face and I saw a glint of mischief in her eyes as she spoke.

“Oh and don’t forget the movies…get The Notebook and the other two are your choice…but since I’m an evil woman I will force you to endure two whole ours of chick flick drama…so we’ll need tissues too.”

I shook my head.

“I will not watching The Notebook Lana…I draw the line there.”

She scrunched up her face and tried to looked commanding…it was adorable.

“You will watch it Lex Luthor and you will like it.”

I laughed. I tried to make my voice stern but I couldn’t

“When did you start ordering me around hmmm?”

She smiled.

“The day we got married remember?”

She grinned and moved out of the room quickly and I heard her voice calling out not to forget the tissues. I shook my head and grabbed my jacket. I didn’t understand…I could stand up to Meteor Freaks…Officers…Army personnel…some of the greatest criminal minds in the world…and yet my twenty-year-old wife occasionally scares the crap out of me. I sighed and stood up. Time to go to the store…The Notebook…who in the world makes a movie about a notebook…how is that interesting? I walked out to my car and headed out.

(Chloe POV)

Clark and I were sitting in the hospital room playing a game of cards when the Doctor came into the room. I glanced up and smiled.

“Can I go home now?”

he had a stern look on his face and he stood in front of Clark and I glancing back and forth between us for a few minutes. I saw Clark frown and sit up straighter.

“Doctor…is everything ok? What’s going on?”

He opened up his file and glanced over the words then looked at me.

“Mrs. Kent…have you been taking any kind of drugs during your pregnancy?”

I gave him a horrified look. Why would he ask me that?

“Absolutely not. I’d never do that to my baby…or myself. I have never done drugs a day in my life doctor.”

He frowned.

“I’d like to speak to your husband privately for a moment if that’s ok.”

He glanced at Clark.

“Can we speak in the hall?”

He gave me a weird look but got up and did as the doctor asked.

He glanced at me, came over and placed a kiss on the top of my head. He gave me a reassuring smile.

“I’ll be right back.”

I nodded. They walked out of the room and I carefully and as quietly as I could got out of bed to I could go by the door an eavesdrop…What? Hello Investigative…Reporter…me…did you think I wouldn’t? I opened the door a smidge and I saw Clark’s head slightly tilt my way. He knew I was listening…Sometimes I hated having a husband with super hearing…

(Clark POV)

I could hear Chloe by the door and I smiled on the inside. First and foremost she was a reporter…that will never change and I didn’t want it to. It was one of the many reasons I loved her.

“What’s going on doctor? Is everything ok with Chloe and the baby?”

He gave me a once over appraisingly.

“Mr. Kent…if there is something you aren’t telling me now is the time to come clean.”

I frowned. What the hell was he talking about?

“What are you talking about?”

He shook his head.

“There are two different toxins that are shown in your wife’s blood results…she claims she hasn’t taken anything…but these chemicals didn’t just appear here…they were put there.”

My eyes widened. Chloe was being drugged…

“You think…I…drugged her? You think I’d hurt my wife and child like that?”

My anger was starting to build at this guy’s audacity. He didn’t even know me…I would never hurt Chloe or the baby…I’d do anything to protect them.

“Is the baby ok?”

His expression softened.

“The baby is fine…the chemicals haven’t seemed to alter or effect him in anyway. But the cells seem to be…unique…I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Crap…that really can’t be good…

“What are the chemicals? How would they have gotten inside her? I just don’t understand…”

I trailed off and he flipped through papers.

“It was ingested. I’m not sure how but that’s why I asked if she had been taking drugs. If you come back here in a week we’ll check in on things. I’m sorry for accusing you…we have to explore every angle.”

I nodded.

“I appreciate you telling us. We were at Chloe’s regular doctor about a week or so ago and he didn’t mention this to us. He said everything was fine and on schedule.”

The doctor frowned again.

“Who’s your primary doctor on the pregnancy?”

“Dr. Rhinehouse.”

He shook his head.

“I’m not sure he’s the greatest person to go to. Come back here next week and we’ll make sure everything is still fine and we’ll work on trying to get the toxins out of her system.”

I nodded and shook his hand.

“Thank you doctor…”

He walked away and I went back into he room and caught Chloe making her way back to bed. She had tears in her eyes and I came over next to her. I put my hand on hers and squeezed.

“Hey…everything is fine. I know you heard what he said…but the baby is fine…and we are going to come back here next week and he’ll help us.”

She shook her head. Her voice was loud and I could hear the panic in her voice.

“Clark…everything’s not ok…did you hear the doctor? Someone has been drugging me….right under our noses and we didn’t know. Who the hell knows what that drug does…maybe it’s not supposed to hurt him…maybe it does something else! Who knows…god…he’s not even born yet and I’m failing as a mother…I can’t even protect my own child while he’s inside of me.”

I hugged her to me and made some comforting noises. Her head was buried into my neck when she spoke quietly.

“Who could do this Clark? Who would want to hurt me that much…”

She cried softly into me and my whole body tensed. Lex…he has mentioned Chloe and the baby several times…as did Lana…he was drugging Chloe…it had to be him…didn’t it? I was sure as hell gonna find out. I moved and kissed Chloe’s head.

“Listen Chlo can you call Lois to bring you home? There’s something I need to do…”

She gave me a strange look but dried her tears and nodded.

“Sure…be careful Clark.”
I nodded and kissed her once more before I left. I was going to the mansion and Lex was going to tell me exactly what was going on…and if he denied it…I’d just have to pursued him to tell me…it’s one thing to go after me and even Chloe but our son was innocent…he had nothing to do with this and I wouldn’t let Lex hurt him in his crusade to hurt Chloe…

Chapter 15 Part B

(Lana POV)

I had changed into a smallville high t-shirt and an old pair of sweatpants. Lex was wearing a black t-shirt and gray sweats. I’d never seen him so casual before…I don’t think any one has. Even most of his pajamas were silk. But this…this was nice. I was snuggled up next to him, with his arm around me and he was pointing at the screen in confusion while he placed more popcorn in his mouth.

“Ok…I don’t understand why they call this movie The Notebook…I mean I haven’t seen any notebooks and that girl…she is insufferable…If I were in her situation and it was you leaving I wouldn’t have let you go…I would have done whatever I needed to convince you to stay…that’s what love is…”

I chuckled. He’s been making comments like this throughout the whole movie…it was cute. I patted his arm.

“I know you would…just watch the movie. You’ll understand everything in the end.”

He shrugged and we continued to watch it. About five minutes later we heard some noises from outside in the hallway. I sat up a little and frowned at Lex.

“What is that?”

He shook his head and shushed me. He got up and listened to the commotion. Security was yelling at someone and all of a sudden the door to our bedroom burst open and Clark came storming in. One of the guards followed.

“Sir I tried to keep him out…”

Lex waved him out and moved between Clark and me.

“Who the hell do you think you are exploding into our home like you have a right to be here. Get out. Now.”

I saw Clark advance on him and push him into the wall. His voice was hard when he spoke.

“What the hell are you playing at Lex?”

Lex shook his head.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about Clark…care to explain what you’re accusing me of this time?”

Clark’s eyebrows drew together, his eyes were closed, and his voice came out frustrated.

“I know you’ve been drugging Chloe! I don’t know how you’re doing it…and I don’t care. If anything happens to her or the baby…I swear Lex…you’ll regret it.”

Oh my god. How does he know about that? Lex wasn’t drugging her. He was using the chemicals to try and figure out what Chloe’s powers were. Lex’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know who told you something that posteriors but it’s not true. I have no reason to drug Chloe…and the fact that you have the audacity to accuse me of this while you barge into our home…our bedroom is unacceptable. If you don’t get out right now I’m calling the police. I can’t imagine this would look good for the new Senator of Kansas.”

Clark moved away from him and Lex brushed himself off.

“Go home and don’t come back. You are not welcome here.”

He glared at Lex glanced over at me and then turned his head back to Lex.

“If it was Lana would you leave? Would you let this go if someone had drugged her? Because I don’t think you would and trust me…I won’t either. This isn’t the end of this conversation Lex. I’m gonna find proof Land when I do I hope you rot in jail for it.”

He turned on his heel and stormed out. Lex shook his head and walked over to me. I was sitting there in shock. He touched my arm and my headed whipped away from the door and to him.

“You ok?”

I nodded.


He sighed.

“I’m sorry you had to see that. I don’t know how he found out. Doctor Rhinehouse wouldn’t say anything since he’s working with us…I’m at a loss. I should really look into this…I’m sorry. I know this was supposed to be our day but I have to take care of this before it gets out of hand.”

I nodded.

“It’s fine. This is important. Go and take care of it. The last thing we need is this getting out. It would affect Luthorcorps stock and probably send you to jail… which is a bit inconvenient at the moment.”

He glanced at me and had a strange look on his face. His voice was soft.

“Have I ever told you how incredibly lucky I am to have you? No one else in this world would understand the things I do…and they’d never understand what it takes to follow through with everything…but you get it and that means so much to me.”
I smiled and leaned up to kiss him.

“Lex as long as you’re always honest with me…I’ll never give you trouble with the things you do because even though you don’t always go about doing stuff the right way…your heart is always in the right place and that’s what matters.”

He nodded kissed my forehead and left the bedroom to do some damage control. I shook my head. Our lives would never be normal and we’d probably always have some one or other barging in on us with accusations…but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love Lex and that’s all that mattered to me.

(Lois POV)

I was walking down the halls of Metropolis General looking for Chloe’s room. She called a few minutes ago asking if I could pick her up from here and I nearly had a heart attack. But she assured me she was fine. I finally found the room and walked in. Chloe was dressed and sitting on the bed reading the paper. That girl always had a paper in her hand. I shook my head.

“Where’s Smallville Chlo? I figured he’d be hovering at your side with you in the hospital and all.”

I noticed the worried look on her face.

“He was here…he umm had an errand to run.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“An errand? You’re in the hospital and he’s running around what…buying milk and picking up laundry?”

She smirked and carefully got off the hospital bed. I helped her out of the room and as we were on our way to my car I saw her expression grow darker.

“No. I’m pretty sure he went to look into something the doctor said earlier.”

The elevator dinged, we got out, and walked into the parking lot to my car. I frowned. Something is wrong. Chloe seems off. I hope everything is all right with the baby.

“What’s going on Chlo? Is the baby ok?”

She nodded but the look on her face was disturbed. I helped her into the car, got in and we headed back to Smallville. I glanced at her a few times on the drive back. She was quiet, which was unusual.

“Chloe…tell me what happened?”

She looked upset and when she spoke her voice was soft.

“While I was in the hospital the doctor thought it would be good to run a full blood panel just to make sure everything was alright with the baby. When he got the results back it showed chemicals in my system that shouldn’t have been there. Someone’s been drugging me and Clark…I think he went to find out who it was…”

I stared at her in shock for a full minute before turning my eyes back to the road. Someone was drugging my cousin…not if I could help it. I’m gonna find out who is doing this and I’m gonna make them pay! We got to the farm a few hours later and when we walked in Mrs. Kent was just starting dinner. She turned when she heard the door.

“Oh Chloe honey…how are you? Lionel called and told me what happened.”

She walked over and gave Chloe a hug. I saw Chloe smile.

“I’m fine Mrs. Kent just a false alarm.”

Mrs. Kent looked over and saw me. She smiled.

“Lois it’s good to see you. Will you be staying for dinner?”

I shrugged.

“Why not.”

I sent Chloe into the living room to relax while I helped Mrs. Kent get everything ready. I glanced at the clock it was getting late. Where in the world was Clark…

(Clark POV)

I left Lex’s and sped to the farm. I’m sure Chloe would be home by now. I shook my head. I hate that he’s getting away with this. I was determined to find some kind of proof that it was Lex who drugged Chloe, but if nothing is wrong with her what are the chemicals doing?

I shook my thoughts away when I heard people laughing inside the house. I walked in and there was my mom, Lois, and Chloe sitting around the table eating dinner and laughing. I smiled.
It was moments like these that I cherished.

This is why I was constantly fighting with Lex. Chloe has been smiling less and less lately and I haven’t got a clue how to fix that. She’s been through so much and a lot of it was because of Lex. This past year and a half has made us all grow up way more than we should have.

Other people our age are out partying, going to college, living their lives the way they want. Not me…and not Chloe…and every now and then it bothers me…but Chloe…I know it bothers her everyday. They obviously didn’t know I had come back because no one even looked my way.

Everyone looked up. Chloe and my mom smiled Lois just rolled her eyes. I walked over, gave Chloe a kiss and sat next to her.

“What did you make mom?”

She got up to get me a plate.

“Fried chicken honey.”

My moms chicken was the best. Chloe got up to help my mom and Lois scooted closer to me. I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Can I help you Lois?”

She gave me a hard look.

“Yea. You can tell me what you found out about these drugs Smallville. Why wouldn’t you tell me? I know Chloe’s your wife and all but she’s my cousin…my blood. You should have said something. This is serious.”

I sighed. I knew Lois was going to give me trouble with this. I don’t want her involved in this because I didn’t want her getting hurt…thus the reason I didn’t say anything.

“Lois…I’d rather you didn’t get involved in this. I know Chloe is your cousin and I’m glad you want to help but I don’t want anything to happen to you. Plus think about Chloe…she’d be inconsolable if you got hurt or worse.”

She shook her head and frowned at me.

“Oh and she won’t care if you’re traipsing around and wined up getting yourself blown up or something? You’re just as important to Chloe as I am…we have a better shot at figuring this out if we work together.”

I knew Lois was right…but if she was around then I wouldn’t be able to use my powers and it would take me longer to do everything. Plus I wouldn’t be able to zip in and out of places undetected. But she’d never accept not being involved with this.

It was to close to her and if I was in her position and she refused to let me in I’d find my own way and that’s the last thing I wanted her to do…she could get hurt. At least if I was around I’d be able to protect her. I sighed.

“Fine Lois you can work on this with me but I really don’t want to bother Chloe with all the details. She has enough going on right now without having to deal with this.”

I saw Lois raise an eyebrow.

“Smallville do you actually think that’s gonna fly with my cousin? She’s like the ultimate snoop…She’s gonna wanna be involved with this every step of the way.”

Again she was right…but I could convince Chloe to let me handle it…for her safety and the baby’s.

“Let me handle Chloe.”

I gave her a serious look and my voice was stern.

“Listen Lois, if you’re going to help me that’s fine…but that means we’re a team. No running off half cocked or without letting me in on what you’re doing. We do this together ok?”

She gave me a frustrated sigh but nodded.

“Ok Smallville you got a deal…hmmm us teaming up…Lois and Clark…has a quaint little ring to it doesn’t it?”

She smirked, stood up and went over to the sink to help Chloe and my mom. I shook my head. She’s crazy this was going to be a one-time thing I was not teaming up with Lois every time something bad happened…I think I’d rather let the world end…

(Lex POV)

I left Lana and got dressed in my normal attire. I knew the day was too good to last. I got in my car and drove out to check on how project Ares was coming along. I flipped open my phone and called doctor Rhinehouse. He answered after three rings.

“Hello, Doctor Rhinehouse speaking.”

My voice was cold.

“Hello Doctor.”

His voice held no nervousness, which seemed odd to me.

“Have you seen Clark or Chloe lately?”

“I saw them last week at their scheduled appointment. Why do you ask?”

I frowned.

“You haven’t seen them recently? Well then can you tell me how they know about the drugs we’ve been pumping into Chloe?”

He was breathing hard and his voice held a small quiver when he spoke.

“They…they know about the drugs…but how? There isn’t anyone else who knew. Well except you and your wife.”

I raised an eyebrow as I drove. If he was trying to imply that Lana said something to them he was going to die quicker then I had originally planned.

Lana would never betray me…I know that for a fact which only leave one other explanation…he must have gotten nervouse and told them…

“Doctor…be very careful how you answer my next question…did you tell them? Did you possibly let it slip?”

His voice came out squeaky.

“You think I said something? I wouldn’t do that Mr. Luthor…the last time I spoke with them I told them everything was fine and on schedule which it is. I…I wouldn’t back out of our arrangement.”

He didn’t seem like he type that would lie to me. But if it wasn’t him then who could have told him? I shook my head. I turned onto the dusty road and finished my drive down to the abandoned warehouse building. There was frustration in my voice when I spoke.

“Then how? How did he find out? Is there any possible way for them to figure it out without some kind of test results stating what is in her body?”

He was quiet for a few seconds before speaking again.

“Not that I know of. I mean they drugs can only be detected if you run a full blood panel. They don’t have any kind of access or reason to do that.”

I nodded and then a thought accrued to me.

“What if she got sick or something happened and she was taken to a doctor for it…would they call you before they did any blood work on your patient?”

His voice was thoughtful.

“Well they would call me to come in if she was brought anywhere but that’s only if she gave them my name and then if they couldn’t get in touch with me they would use the doctor on call. He’d do whatever he felt necessary as long as he had her permission to do so.”

I shook my head and banged on the steering wheel as I parked. Dammit! That’s probably what happened. I couldn’t be sure but it’s the only thing that makes sense…there isn’t any other way they could have found out.

I got out of the car and walked into the facility. I slammed the phone shut on Doctor Rhinehouse and continued through the dark hallways. If they flushed that compound out of her system it was not only going to make our job a hell of a lot harder it would make it more painful for Chloe…good thing I didn’t mind hard work…

(Chloe POV)

It was early and I could hear Clark whispering on the phone. His voice sounded slightly frustrated. I moved my head slightly towards the clock. Red numbers shined back at me. 5:45. I’m gonna kill him. What was he doing up this early. He didn’t even get up this early to do farm chores and yet he’s on the phone with someone.

I perked up my ears and tried to hear the conversation. I couldn’t make out the words but it sounded like a female on the other end. So best way to figure out what’s going on? Listen to Clark’s end of the conversation. The fact that he hadn’t noticed I was awake yet meant he was extremely occupied by whoever was on the other line.

“No…I can’t right now. Because Chloe is sleeping. If I get up and leave she’ll wonder where I went and you know how she gets. She’ll keep calling until I answer and that will only interrupt us. Yes.”

I saw his headshake and his hand slid down his face in irritation.

“No. My mom’s staying home today. She’s taking Chloe shopping. So when they go out I’ll meet up with you ok?”

I heard him sigh.

“Yes I know…I will…she doesn’t need to know…she has enough to deal with right now…I will tell her…ok yea me too. Bye.”

I heard the phone slap shut and I could feel tears building in my eyes. Was Clark cheating on me? Who was he talking to? Oh god…no…Clark wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t risk our family for some fling…. he loves me.

He got up and started to get dressed. I sat up in bed and he must have heard me this time because he turned around and his face looked like a deer caught in headlights. He gave me a nervous grin.

“Morning…how long you been up Chlo?”

His voice was casual but I could hear the underlined tension in it. I wanted to lie…I wanted to tell him I just woke up but I couldn’t. I wanted to know who he was talking to and I never was one to shy away from the issues.

“A while…Clark…are you cheating on me?”

He sputter and then started laughing. I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for him to stop. I know he wasn’t cheating on me because Clark just wasn’t the type to do something like that…but reassurance never hurt anybody. When he noticed I wasn’t laughing he got serious.

“Chloe…why would you ask me something like that? I take our marriage very seriously…I would never cheat on you…I love you.”

I smiled and rolled my eyes.

“I know…I just wanted to hear you say it. Now tell me my intergalactic traveler…who were you on the phone with so early in the morning?”

His stance was defeated and he gave me that sheepish half smile I love so much.

“Lois. We uh…kinda teamed up.”

I raised an eyebrow and gave him a curious look.

He sighed and came to sit on the bed by me.

“You told her about the drugs…and she wanted to help. I told her no and she threw one of her Lois fits. So I told her that she could help me but only if we work as a team…no running off and doing dangerous things on her own.”

He shrugged.

“That way she’s satisfied because she’s helping and I’m happy because I can make sure nothing happens to her. I was gonna tell you…but there’s been a lot going on and then with the false labor…I kinda just wanted you to take things easy for a while.”

He really was my hero…I placed a hand on his arm and gave him a small smile.

“I appreciate it Clark really I do…but someone has been drugging me. No one wants to find out who more than me.”

He went to say something but I cut him off.

“But I understand your concerns and they are valid. I won’t nose around into this…if you keep me updated at all times and if there is anything I can do to help from home you let me know…deal?”

He grinned and kissed me.

“I’ve never heard a better deal.”

He got back up and finished getting ready. I followed his example and got dressed.

“Why are you guys leaving so early?”

He put on his shoes and turned.

“Because we are trying to get into Doctor Rhinehouse’s office before he comes in and unlike normal people he goes in at seven in the morning.”


“I see. Well go ahead then. Get it over with so that you can come back already.”

I started to walk out of the room when I glanced back at him.

“Oh and don’t worry your mom and I will wait for you…I’m sure you won’t be to long.”

I grinned when I heard him groan and walked downstairs. I enjoyed bothering Clark…was that bad? I don’t think it is…it’s all apart of what makes our relationship healthy…ok and it was amusing…

(Lois POV)

Where the hell was Smallville? I glanced at my watch for the third time. It was six fifteen. This guy was gonna be here in forty-five minutes and we haven’t even searched his place yet. I felt a slight breeze by my back and I turned around and saw Clark walking up the pathway. I shook my head

“It’s about time Smallville…what took you so long?”

He glared at me.

“I was talking to Chloe. She heard our conversation this morning. She promised not to get involved if we keep her updated on everything that’s going on. Plus if there is anything that can be done from home like research or anything she wants dibs.”

I nodded. That sounded like Chloe.

“Ok let’s get this show on the road.”

I took out two paper clips and proceeded to pick the lock on the door. A few minutes later we were in. Clark moved me and insisted on going in first. I rolled my eyes but let him go. He looked around for a minute or two and then called out to me.

“All clear. You can come in Lois.”

I went in and pushed him aside.

“Of course it’s clear. What exactly were you expecting to find in the good doctors office? The boogeyman?”

He glared in my direction and I grinned.

“Just be quiet and look around Lois. We don’t have that much time.”
I shuffled through some papers on the receptionist’s desk as I spoke.

“Well whose fault it that? I called you at five-thirty. You’re the one who took forever to get here.”

He sighed and I smiled to myself. I enjoyed getting under Clark’s skin…it was too easy. I moved on to the filing cabinets when I didn’t find anything on the desk. I saw Clark disappear into the doctor’s office. I was at the letter M when I heard Clark call out to me.

“Lois…come here I think I found something.”

I moved into the room and Clark was holding a piece of paper. I glanced at it and it was an address. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ok…an address wow…that’s a great find Kent…”

He frowned in my direction and pointed to the letterhead. I glanced at it. It was on Luthorcorp paper. He knows Lex? That could mean…. oh no. When I looked up at Clark the worry in my eyes was mirrored by his own. His voice was hard.

“Lex…I went to see him yesterday and he claimed he had no idea what I was talking about…he’s lying I know he is. I just can’t prove it. We should check this out.”

I nodded and grabbed the paper from him.

“I’ll drive.”

We got in my car and Clark called Chloe asking her to map quest the address. Once we got the directions we headed out. About fifteen minutes later we pulled up in front of an abandoned warehouse. I glanced at Clark and he hesitated.

“Maybe we should call the police Lois…have them look into this. It could be dangerous.”

I shook my head and got out of the car.

“We’re already here…let’s go get out. Don’t get cold feet on me now Clarkie.”

He glared at me but got out and followed me to the building. When we got to the door I tried to pull it open but it wouldn’t work. Dammit! How were we gonna get in? I saw Clark move over to the door and yank for a couple of minutes and then it popped open. I glanced up at him with a bit of shock on my face and he shrugged.

“It was stuck. You just gotta keep on pulling until it comes lose. Most of the locks on places like these have rotted away.”

I guess he was right…it makes sense. I followed him into the building we walked into the middle of the room and everything happened so fast and all at once. I heard gunshots fired from behind me and I felt myself grabbed in strong arms. I felt a breeze in my hair and four more shots were fired but the sound was now coming from in front of me. I heard people yelling, guns hitting the ground, footsteps running, and the doors slamming shut. I still felt the arms around me and I turned my head up to see Clark looking down on me.

I could see his lips moving but I couldn’t hear him. I shook my head and his voice came into focus. It sounded frantic.

“Lois…Lois…are you ok?”

My mouth dropped open and I took a step back from him. There were two bullet holes in the front of his shirt and as I walked around him with my eyes wide I saw another three shots in his back. Oh my god…they shot Clark…and he’s still standing.

He reached his arm out cautiously. His voice was hesitant.

“Lois I can explain…”

I looked at the floor and saw the bullets all on the ground and crushed. Oh my god…all this time I thought Clark was some weird insignificant farmboy…but now…holy crap…he was…bullet proof? I finally met his eyes and he looked worried. My mouth open and closed a few times before I got any words out. My voice held awe and I spoke in a disbelieving tone.

“What…what are you?”

He gave me a nervous chuckle.

“Funny you should ask that…”

Funny…No…funny was going to be when I told Chloe her husband was some kind of Bionicle man…oh man…so many more things made sense now…and to think I never even expected Clark to be anything but normal…and owe he’s normal alright…if he was from some far off galaxy…I couldn’t wait to hear his explanation for this one…

Chapter 15 Part C

(Clark POV)

Oh boy…this was not good…how the hell was I going to get out of this one? Lois was standing there waiting for my response. I took a deep breath.

“Maybe we should get out of here and go back to the farm…”

I saw her head shaking already. Her voice was stern.

“Not so fast Smallville. What. Is. Going. On?”

I shuffled my feet back and forth.

“I really would prefer telling you about this someplace else. Can we at least get in your car a head back towards the farm?”

She glared at me but nodded. I followed her out and we got in her car. On the way home she kept looking over at me. Ok…relax it’s not that big of a deal. I could find a way to cover this up. Ok maybe I couldn’t…by the look Lois keeps shooting me I wasn’t getting out of this one any time soon. Chloe! She’d know what to do. The next time Lois looked at me I gave her a half smile.

All of a sudden the car veered to the side of the road. We jerked to a stop and I raised an eyebrow. She turned her body to me.

“Ok…that’s it. I want answers…”

When she saw that I was going to say something she cut me off.

“No Smallville…I want answers now. No excuses. Let’s have it.”

Could I tell Lois? Would I be able to trust her in the long run? Could she handle the truth if I told her? Chloe trusts her…I had my answer. I took a deep breath and turned to face he as much as I could in her car.

“Lois…if I tell you this…I mean really tell you what’s going on you’re going to have to promise me you wont ever say anything. This secret…it’s a huge responsibility and it can be dangerous sometimes. If you tell anyone what I’m about to tell you…people would come after me…and then possibly Chloe. If you don’t think that you can handle keeping a secret this big tell me know before I say anything else.”

She looked at me cautious at first and swallowed hard. After the briefest moment of hesitation she spoke.

“Clark…I would never put my cousin in danger…but if you expect me to lie to “her…”

I smiled and shook my head.

“Chloe already knows…she’s know for the past three years.”

I chuckled. I can’t believe Lois didn’t think Chloe knew…

“Chloe’s the original investigative reporter of the family Lois…she had my card a long time ago and I probably should have trusted her with my secret long before I actually did.

She nodded and gave me a small smirk.

“Of course Chloe knows…that’s why she’s always covering for you…huh…I can’t believe I never realized it. This…secret…who else knows?”

I sighed.

“My mother…Chloe…Lionel…and…”

I hesitated on the last name because I didn’t want to upset Lois but I suppose she had to know.

“And Oliver.”

Her eyes widened and her voice grew hard.

“Oliver knows? So what everyone is in on the secret except me?

Oh boy…she’s mad. You know…some how this is so Lois…I haven’t even gotten to tell her my secret yet and already she was pissed at me.

“Lois…forget about that for right now. You can yell at me later. You still haven’t answered my question. Can you handle having a secret this big? A secret that if you let slip my life could be in danger?”
She looked thoughtful and then I saw determination cross her face. She nodded.

“Clark…you are my cousin’s husband…you have always been there when I needed you…I won’t admit this to anyone else but you’re my friend…and you are a good man…there isn’t anything that can change my opinion of you. You can trust me. That’s what this is about right? Trust?”

She was waiting for my confirmation so I nodded.


She gave me a tight smile.

“I won’t betray my cousin…she loves you so much and if anything happened to you…I really don’t know what she’d do. I can handle whatever you’re gonna throw me Smallville…so lets have it.”

Ok…well here goes nothing…Lois was about to become a member of the I know an alien club.
I took a deep breath.

“No interruptions got it?”

She rolled her eyes and nodded for me to continue.

“During the first Meteor shower…more crashed on Smallville than just Meteors.”

She gave me a strange look and I continued.

“A ship carrying a young boy crashed down also…I was on that ship. Lois…I’m from a planet called Krypton…I’m…not human. Not really anyway. I have…certain abilities that normal people obviously don’t have. I can…I can run kinda fast…I have…heat vision and x-ray vision…I have super hearing…and I’m kinda invincible. So umm yea…that’s everything…”

Lois’s mouth was wide open. She was gonna catchflies if she didn’t close it. Then the strangest thing happened. She started laughing. I scrunched up my brows and frowned. Why was she laughing? Crap she thinks I’m joking…

“Lois…I’m being serious…”

She chuckled and held a hand to her mouth.

“Sure…you…are...hmmgh…Smallville. An alien…hehehe. Good one. Now tell me the truth. Were you infected by the Meteor rocks?”

I shook my head. She was starting to make me mad. What was her problem? I mean ok I guess it was kind of surreal that I was claiming to be an alien…well intergalactic traveler but it was true. If she didn’t believe me I was going to have to show her.

I opened my car door and looked in the passenger side window.
“Get out of the car Lois.”

She stopped laughing and frowned.


I rolled my eyes.

“Just do it.”

She got out and I walked over to her. I eyed her for a minute before speaking.

“Do you trust me?”

She raised an eyebrow and was about to say something sarcastic by the look in her face so I cut her off.

“No…whatever you’re gonna say just stop. Do you trust me?”

She nodded.

“Yea…I guess so…”

I smiled. I pointed to the tree behind her and she turned. I concentrated and used my heat vision to set it on fire. Once it caught and flames were billowing I glanced at Lois. She looked shocked. I got her attention and she glanced at me. I grinned then I super sped to the tree an put the flames out with my hands.

I sped back to her and stood there. I saw her face pale. And my smiled left. I gave her a worried look.

“Lois…Lois you ok?”

She looked around and shook her head.

“I need to sit down.”

I nodded. I helped her to the car and we got back in.

It was quiet.

We didn’t go anywhere. We just sat in the car silently. It was about another twenty minutes before she spoke. Her voice was soft.

“So…an alien huh? Well Chloe’s taste in men just got a whole lot weirder…and I thought she was in love with some small town farmboy.”

She glanced over at me and gave me a small grin.

“So I guess I can’t call you Smallville anymore huh?”

I chuckled.

“Thanks Lois…we should…get going…I gotta go home and tell Chloe you know…or maybe you could. I know she hated not being able to talk to you about this. I know how close you to are.”

She nodded and started up the car. As we drove down the road her voice was disturbed when she spoke. She was looking at the road.

“That’s why Lex is always investigating you isn’t it? And why you’ve always held back from Lana? You were protecting your secret. He’ll lock you up and throw away the key if he knew about you…wouldn’t he?”

She glanced briefly at me.

I didn’t look at her.


She nodded and the look on her face turned hard.

“Don’t worry Clark…we won’t let that happen…”

I smiled. Lois drove me insane, she was rude, obnoxious, and always had a come back for everything. But right now…I’m glad to have her on my side…because nothing is more important to Lois than family…and even though neither of us would ever admit this out loud…we are family now…

(Lana POV)

I was packing a bag. I walked over to the closet door and pulled out a bunch of clothes. I was tossing them into my bag when I heard a knock on the door. It was probably Lex. It was time…and we had to make this look convincing incase Clark snooped around to see if I was lying. I took a deep breath. I could do this.

“It’s open.”

Lex walked in and gave me a small smile. I turned away fro him and continued packing my bag. He gave me a confused look.

“Lana what are you doing?”

I didn’t answer him and there was another knock on the door. One of the servants walked in and Lex half turned to face them.

“No…not right now.”

“But Mr. Luthor…”

He shook his head and I finally faced him. He was standing in my way. My eyes squinted and I spoke in a cold voice.

“Get out of my way.”


His voice was gentle and it made me wanna cry. Anyone who said Lex was a bad actor…obviously didn’t know him very well. I shook my head and started to walk forward.

“No. Get out of my way Lex! I’m leaving.”

The guy was still standing at the door frozen he didn’t know were to go. Lex moved over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder I shrugged it off.

“Lana what’s going on? Why is your bag packed?”

I glared in his direction.

“How can you stand there and lie to me? How could you do it Lex? I have stood by you through everything I’ve never questioned your motives and I backed you through the whole Chloe and Clark thing even though they were my friends.”

I shook my head and looked down. I needed to just take a deep breath. Lex was counting on me. I could do this. When I looked back up my face was hard.

“It’s one thing to do whatever you were doing to Chloe…we need answers I get that. But you promised me…you promised me you weren’t hurting her baby. That is an innocent child in there!”

I shook my head. When I looked up at him again I had tears in my eyes.

“The only thing I ever asked from you is that you were honest with me. And you couldn’t even do that…Get out of my way Lex…Now or I swear to god I’ll move you myself.”

I saw the pain on Lex’s face and I wanted to cry. He moved slightly to the left and I stormed out of the room as fast as I could at my size. The man in the doorway didn’t know who to stay with so I made his decision for him.

“Derek go tell the chauffer to get the limo ready now please.”

He glanced at Lex and when he didn’t object Derek went ahead of me and called out.

“Yes Mrs. Luthor…right away.”

I took one last glance at Lex. His back was facing me and it seemed tense. I walked outside in front of the mansion and waited for the limo to pull around. When it did Derek helped me in and we took off. The driver asked me where to. I glanced at the mansion one more time and closed my eyes. I spoke tersely.

“The Kent farm.”

The driver nodded and off we went. I felt sick…this wasn’t right and I hate that Lex asked me to do this. It’s one thing to help him with planning what’s going to happen but it’s another all together to be the one to drag Chloe into 33.1.

I remember how one of her biggest fears was always to be locked up somewhere…like her mother was and here I am the iceberg to her titanic…I’d be the one to make her nightmare a reality…I wasn’t sure how I felt about that…but it didn’t matter how I felt because I gave my word to Lex…and he was counting on me.

(Chloe POV)

I was sitting on the porch when I saw Lois’s car pull into the driveway. I smiled. Jeez it took them long enough. They were gone for hours. I thought the guy was supposed to come back at 7. I shook my head and watched them get out of the car.

Clark looked a little tense but when he saw me I saw a smile light up his face. Lois was trailing behind him and when they finally reached me on the porch I was taking a sip of my iced tea. Lois grinned at me as I was drinking and spoke.

“So Chlo, when were you going to tell me about your husbands extraterrestrial nature? After the baby is born? Or when he decided to go Independence Day on the planet?”

I spit out my iced tea as my eyes widened to the size of saucers. Her voice was playful and I saw a strained smile on Clarks face. I was speechless…I had absolutely nothing to say to that. I mean what do you say to that honestly? My mouth opened and closed a few times before anything came out.


Lois shook her head.

“Oh no cuz…you can’t feign innocence I saw what your super husband over here could do…”

She waggled her eyebrows and smirked.

“I wonder what else he can do…no wonder you keep him around…”
I saw Clark’s cheeks flush red and I gaped at Lois. Oh my god!

“Lois! This…this is serious.”

I looked at Clark.

“You told her?”

He gave me a look and rolled his eyes.

“Obviously. But it was completely unintentional. We ran into a little situation and unfortunately Lois wasn’t unconscious this time…”

I leaned over and slapped him lightly at the same time that Lois did. He winced and I rolled my eyes.

“That isn’t nice Clark.”

He shrugged.

“I tried to lie but it didn’t really work that well…so yeah.”

I shook my head. Of course it didn’t work…Clark was a horrible liar. I sighed and glanced over at Lois. She seemed to be taking this well…I would have thought she would have freaked out.

“So…you know the big secret now Lo…what are you gonna do with it?”

She looked hurt for a second before understanding washed over her face. She sat next to me and put a hand on mine.

“Chloe…you’re my cousin…more than that…you’re like a sister to me. I would never try and rip apart your family. Clark might be a little weird and completely dorky…and a bit ridiculous...”

Clark interjected.


I smiled and Lois ignored him and continued.

“But he is your husband…and you two are gonna be having a baby soon. Plus…”

She glanced at Clark for a minute and then moved her head closer to mine and lowered her voice.

“He’s kinda like the older brother I never wanted or needed. He uses his…. gifts…or whatever to help people. As far as I’m concerned he’s a lot more human then some of the people in this world. So your secret…it’s safe with me…always Chlo…I’ll take it to my grave.”

I had tears in my eyes and I smiled. I grabbed Lois in a hug.

“I’m so glad you know Lo…I hated keeping this from you but I couldn’t betray Clark…”

She nodded her head.

“I get it…but now I’m in…got it…no more secrets?”

She looked back and forth between me and Clark and we both nodded. Lois was fiercely loyal and she’d be a great asset to us. Maybe now she could even work this out with a certain someone who has a green leather fetish. Hmmm that’s something to think about.

I heard the gravel crackling so I glanced up only to see one of the Luthor limo’s heading our way. I placed a hand over my stomach and Clark stood up with extreme anger on his face. Lois was the next person to stand and she placed herself directly between the Limo and me. It stopped. The two of them were practically on top of me.

I stood up and saw the door to the limo open. What I saw choked the hell out of me. There stood a very pregnant, very distraught Lana. There were tears coursing down her cheeks and her hand was pressed on over her stomach and I could see the slight shaking. What in the world…why was Lana here? She looked…destroyed…oh my god…did Lionel tell her what he’s been holding over Lex? Did she finally leave him?

I shook my head. No…it was to easy…that couldn’t be it…I will not put my guard down…she isn’t that girl anymore…the one I considered a sister. That girl is gone. She’s a Luthor now…and Luthor's were devious plotters…I wouldn’t let myself fall for that…She walked over to the three of us and shook her head. Her face landed on me and more tears brimmed in her eyes.

“Chloe…I know…I know I’ve done horrible things…thing’s I can never come back from. I don’t expect you to forgive me…or even believe me…but I am so sorry…Lex…he…he lied to me…I told him all he ever had to do was be honest with me and I’d be by his side…forever…and…and he couldn’t even do that…”

I saw her face crumple and she broke down. Clark glanced at me and frowned. He had no clue what to do. I could see that a part of him wanted to comfort her but the other part was weary. She composed herself a bit before speaking again.

“There’s something you have to know…Lex…he’s building an army…he…he when…when it’s finished…he’s coming for you Chloe…. God…he promised me he wouldn’t hurt you’re baby he swore…he also promised we were researching to help cure the Meteor freaks…he said he had to experiment on them so he could figure out how to cure them…He…he lied. That isn’t what he’s doing…I just…I thought you should know. I should probably go. I’m leaving town…”

She placed a hand over her belly and shook her head.

“I need to leave…he’ll fight me for my baby and I won’t let Lex have him.”

She glanced over at Clark. Her voice was broken and soft.

“You were right Clark…that isn’t a place I want my child growing up…I made so many mistakes and I hope that one day…you’ll all be able to if not forgive me…at least understand why I did it. I should go…”

She went to step down the porch when something made me stop her. I don’t know what it was…I mean maybe it was hope that the girl I loved like a sister was still there somewhere, or maybe it was pity…but I couldn’t let her leave like that…we help people…or at least we try to…

If we started discriminating against who we helped because we didn’t like them or what they did in the past it would be the same thing as leaving someone heartless or evil like Lex to die…it would make us the same as them…and I would never forgive myself if that happened.

“Lana wait…”

Clark and Lois both turned to me. Lois with a look that said I was nuts and Clark with a mixture of pride and hesitance.

“If you’re serious about leaving Lex and you need a place to stay until you can get out of town then you can stay with us. Things between us are nowhere near ok…and I don’t trust you. But you have an baby inside of you that doesn’t deserve my hate or distrust. I won’t throw you out there and let something happen to him because I’m mad at you.”

I sighed and shook my head at everyone perplexed expressions.

“I’ll never forget what you helped do to me…or my family…but maybe with time…I’ll be able to forgive. Until then I’m sure we can be under the same roof without killing each other…so what do you say…Truce for now?”

She gave me a tiny barely there smile and nodded.

“Thank you Chloe…you’re a better person then I ever thought anyone could be. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate this.”

I nodded and looked at Clark.

“Babe…can you help Lana with her luggage? Your mom was called out of town for a while so she can stay in her room.”

He stood there for a few seconds before kissing me on the forehead and moving toward the limo. Lois stood there and sighed.

“Well I guess were ordering take out tonight…Pizza or Chinese?”

She walked into the house as she spoke and I laughed. Lana gave a small smile as we followed Lois inside. Clark brought up the rear and went to put her things down. I really hope I was making the right decision…if I would have let her leave I would have been no different than what Clark and I were always trying to fight. She only gets one chance while she’s here. If I suspect anything even for a second…she’s gone. I’ll help her. But I wont’ risk my life or the lives of the people I love for her…I just hope I wouldn’t regret this decision…

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