December 7, 2008

Three Minutes Chapter (16/18)

Chapter 16 Part A
(Lex POV)

The monitors were all set up. I could see them positioning the Luthorcorp satellite. The screen switched to a section of the underground tunnels that I wasn’t in. I saw our team of soldiers preparing for a firefight as sires all around us blared. We were in the Project Ares headquarters and about to do a test run. The microphones were set up so we could communicate with the team and know what their progress was.

I walked out into the tunnel and stood by Bartlett. He was making sure everything was secure and that all of our men were where they were supposed to be incase of a breech.

Unfortunately the only thing I could think of was Lana…She should be here right now…well not here but involved in this. I mean we have been working on this together from the beginning. I haven’t been able to speak to her in thirteen days…it feels so much longer than that though…When I heard Bartlett speaking it knocked me out of my thoughts and I turned my attention to the project.

“Take your squad. Sweep the perimeter.”

I heard the security guard leader speak in a commanding tone.


My voice came out loud even to my ears.

“What's our status?”

Bartlett spoke with caution.

“Security breach -- Northeast sector.”

I nodded.

“What have the surveillance cameras picked up?”

He spoke with a mixture of fear and pride.

“Not a damn thing.”

I banged my hand on the wall softly and my voice was harsh.

“Anything comes down this tunnel, kill it.”

I walked quickly away from all the commotion and then into the command center where the lead scientist for 33.1 was waiting. I spoke in a commanding tone.


As we watched the computer terminals, the threat level raised into successive sections of our facility. The surveillance camera for each section was quickly turning to static as the word compromised popped up.

Bartlett spoke with a heavy voice.

“Tunnel 7. Wait.”

The computer turned up and spoke.

“Section "F" compromised.”

Dammit! I shook my head.

“Lock it down.”

I could hear the sirens continuing to blare behind me as I watched the firefight on the monitors. The computer spoke again.

“ Section "D" Compromised.”

I could hear the gunfire as Bartlett spoke in a concerned voice.

“That's only 30 meters from here.”

The computer with its irritating voice spoke up yet again. I was about three seconds from breaking it in half.

“Section "C" Compromised.”

As we watched the screen Bartlett counted down the how far the intruder was from the command center.

“20 meters. 10.”

The computer was barely audible now over all the yelling and gunfire.

“Section "B" Compromised.”

The scientist next to me started to get nervous. His voice came out quiet.

“Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.”

“Section "A" Compromised.”

Again with the damn computer…I pulled out my gun as the door to the command center burst open and I emptied a clip on the intruder. The bullets were stopped in mid air by a force field which advanced on me. I took a few steps back. Then all of a sudden a soldier appeared, uncloaking himself . he turned on me and then stopped. Wes Keenan stood before me. his voice robotic when he spoke.

“Mission accomplished. Standing by for further instructions.”

The scientist next to me was losing his nervousness as he spoke to me.

“Vitals are steady. He didn't even break a sweat.”

I grinned. Of course he didn’t…He was after project Ares…Wes Keenan…the unstoppable soldier. I nodded. My voice came out smug but well trained.

“2 minutes, 18 seconds to infiltrate a secured facility, disable my best men, and eliminate the target.”

I chuckled. Lana would surely be impressed. I turned back to face the scientist and Bartlett.

“Not a bad test run. Get some fresh guards. I want to see him do it again”

And again we’d do it…until I was sure it was perfect. Soon he’d be out doing my bidding, Lana…would be home with me and Chloe…Chloe would be my newest member of 33.1…

(Clark POV)

It’s been thirteen days since Lana moved in. Well temporarily moved in. I have to admit that when she first came here…I thought it was all some plan to get to Chloe…to get to me. But as the days have gone on she’s been feeding us information on Lex’s projects. Telling us what she knows. Granted we learned a lot from the files Lionel gave us but still it was helpful.

Lately I have been seeing the old Lana…the one that Chloe and I loved. I have been keeping a close eye on her though…making sure she isn’t up to something and from the looks of it so far she hasn’t made one move against us…I was starting to think that this…her leaving Lex was really true…

I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother cooking while Chloe and Lana lounged in chairs at the table. I smiled. Chloe looked radiant. She’s almost nine months along and her due date is in a week and two days. I’m nervous…Chloe’s been a real trooper through everything.

She’s been taking it easy lately, she already started her maternity leave from The Planet so she’s been going a little stir crazy. But I keep her entertained as much as I can. We have a doctor’s appointment today and I think Lana does also. So I’m taking both of them…I have to say it’s a little weird to have my pregnant ex girlfriend in my house. I’ve been wondering if Lex knows Lana is here. I mean I’m sure he does but I half expected him to walk in the door any minute. I was startled out of my thoughts when I heard Chloe speaking to me. her voice was soft and calm.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

I smiled and shook my head slightly. I walked into the kitchen and kissed my mom on the cheek. I cam to the table and sat by Chloe. I placed a hand behind her chair kissed her good morning and rubbed her stomach a bit.

“Nothing just thinking. We have a doctor’s appointment in Metropolis with Dr. Roberts today. Remember the doctor who saw you when Lionel brought you into the hospital a few weeks back?”

I saw her nod and Lana placed a hand over her mouth. When her voice came out it was concerned.

“Lionel brought you into the hospital? That must have been scary. Is everything alright?”

I saw Chloe looking a bit uncomfortable but she nodded.

“Yea…it was just Braxton Hicks contractions. The doctor told me to take it easy for a little while but everything would be fine.”

Lana nodded and lifted her drink to take a sip. Her voice was reassuring and calm when she spoke next.

“Something similar happened to me. Well I mean I wasn’t having contractions or anything but it was pretty bad I was rushed to the hospital and I’ve been on bed rest ever since. I’m only aloud out of bed for five to six hours a day.”

The look on Chloe’s face was stricken. She spoke with compassion.

“Is that why you aren’t up that much around here?”

Lana nodded and rubbed her stomach.

“Yup…it’s a pain and extremely boring but in the end I know it’ll be worth it.”

My mom put some food down in front of us and the girls started digging into their plates. I chuckled softly and Chloe slapped me.

“Don’t be a jerk Clark Jerome Kent…or you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

I put up my hands up in defeat. My mom smiled at the scene in front of her. She glanced at me and I caught her eye. She spoke in a clear tone.

“I have to get going. You’ll be alright with me gone for a few days won’t you?”

I grinned at her.

“We’ll be fine mom. Knock ‘em dead at the senate meeting.”

She smiled and gave Chloe and I each a kiss before waving to Lana and leaving.

“What time is our appointment today Clark?”

I scrunched up my face trying to remember. I knew this…crap…

“Ummm…oh two o clock.”

I glanced at Lana.

“When’s yours Lana?”

She looked down at her food.


I nodded. I thin were all going to the same place so Lana could just come with us when we left. I looked back over at her and she still hadn’t raised her head. Chloe must have noticed also because she spoke before I could.

“You alright Lana?”

She gave a soft shake of her head and looked up with teary eyes. I swear Chloe and Lana cry more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. You know it’s bad when I’d rather be hanging out with Lois then sitting with the blubbering twins. I love Chloe but I had absolutely no idea what to do when she started to get hysterical.

“Yea…yea I’m fine…I just…”

She shrugged.

“This is the first doctors appointment I’ll be going to alone…I just feel so…so alone…I’m sorry you guys. I’m just gonna…I'm gonna go outside for a little bit.”

She got up and slowly walked outside onto the front porch closing the door behind her. I heard Chloe sigh next to me. She glanced in my direction and I smiled at her. Her voice quivered slightly.

“Clark promise me…promise you won’t leave me…no matter what happens say you’ll always be there…”

I frowned. What was bringing this on. What would make her think that I was going anywhere? I took her hand in mine and brought it to my lips.

“Chloe…I have no clue what you’re afraid of…or what’s been bothering you lately…but I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. You have nothing to worry about…I’m here…I’m yours…and I’m not going anywhere. I promise you…”

She seemed satisfied with that for now and she gave me a small smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I accepted the kiss and when I saw that she was trying to get up I helped her.

“I should start getting ready. I think Lois is stopping by in a bit. I know she wanted to come to the appointment with us plus I think she wanted to talk to you about Oliver.”

I groaned. Lois has been trying to get out of me for days how Oliver found out about me and if I still talk to him…it’s tiring. Chloe just chuckled and went upstairs to get ready. I sighed. Today was going to be a long day…

(Lex POV)

I was sitting at my desk looking at the calendar. Today’s was Lana’s last appointment before her due date…and I wouldn’t be there…maybe this whole thing was a bad idea…on the other hand if they hadn’t believed her I’m sure she would have called me by now. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. Bartlett opened the door and stuck his head in.

“Sir, Senator Burke has arrived.”

I nodded. Just in time…I had to concentrate…Lana would be home soon.

“Show him in.”

He brought him in and then closed the door behind us. His voice was tempered.

“I hope I didn't interrupt anything important…where is that lovely wife of yours?”

I almost rolled my eyes. People have been asking me that a lot lately. I’ve been telling them that she is visiting her aunt Nell. It’s worked so far. Lana sure had made quite an impression on my employees and business partners…it made me love her even more than I already did.

“Not at all Senator…and my wife is visiting family for a little bit…relaxing the pregnancy has been rough on her.”

He nodded.

“I'm sorry to hear that. I won’t keep you longer than needed. I just, uh... swung by for an update on Ares”

Of course he did.

“The prototype is in the final stages of testing. Everything's on schedule.”

He looked at me skeptical for a second before puffing out his chest.

“Really? I heard everything was ahead of schedule -- way ahead. I stuck my neck out to get the Armed Services Committee to allow you access to military resources and personnel to R&D a single prototype, but you've started gearing up for mass production.”

Hmm this wasn’t good. One of my little birdies must be spreading too much information…that or he has someone watching us. I’d have to take care of that. I shrugged.

“Just looking towards the future, Senator. I assumed a visionary like you would understand that.”

His shook his head and his voice came out gruff.

“How long do you think you're gonna be able to keep what you've really got going on here a secret? See... one of my own men believed he uncovered a mole right in your backyard.”

A mole…please…no one was stupid enough to betray me. Not if they wanted to keep their life.


He gives me a dark smirk and shrugs.

“Well, I wish I could tell you, but my boy doesn't talk too good with a bullet through his heart.”

I chuckled. That was amusing…my voice held a sternness when I spoke.

“Senator, if there are leaks in my security, I assure you, I will have them taken care of.”

His voice came out hard.

“Well, doesn't that just fill me with the warm fuzzies? Do you know what'll happen to me if the Senate ever got wind of what you're up to now?”

I sighed.

“I assume they wouldn't care for it... just like they wouldn't care for all the money I've transferred into your Cayman account over the last year.”

The look on his face was hard and his voice took on a commanding tone.

“Project Ares is over. I'm shutting it down.”

Who was he kidding…did he really think that he had any say over this project? If he did then he was delusional. I spoke calmly but tension underlined my voice.

“That would be ill-advised.”

“No. What's ill-advised is you ever opening your mouth about our arrangement. I so much as hear a peep out of you, I'll make sure the Committee reviews every business deal Luthorcorp has made in the last 20 years, and you'll be lucky to keep that fancy shirt on your back. Do we understand each other... Luthor?”

My body tensed and my eyes turned cold. My voice was hard when I spoke to him.


As he walked out Bartlett came into the room and I spoke to him in a cool manner.

“Get the head scientist of Project Ares on the phone…tell hi I have Wes’s first target.”

“Yes Mr. Luthor sir.”

He left the room. I don’t know who Senator Burke thought he was dealing with but I wasn’t one of his lackeys. He worked for me not the other way around…and he just got himself killed. No one threatens me and lives to tell the tale…he’ll be dead before sunset…

(Chloe POV)

We were on our way to Metropolis…the three of us didn’t fit in Clark’s truck so Lois offered to drive us there. So here we were driving to Metropolis, all of us. Lois and Lana were sitting in the front and Clark and I were in the back. I was about to break the silence but Lois beat me to it.

“So…how do you like living with to pregnant females Smallville? They giving you a run for your money?”

I saw her glance at him through the rearview mirror. A small smile appeared on my face and I heard Lana chuckle. Clark glared at Lois.

“Very funny Lois it’s not nearly as annoying as living with you.”

He grinned and she scoffed at him. I rolled my eyes and spoke good humouredly.

“Knock it off children. We only have another fifteen minutes or so until we’re at the hospital. Can the two of you try to get along until we get there?”

Clark frowned and mumbled to himself and Lana’s laughter got louder.

“Is that all you two do? Fight?”

She shook her head and glanced over her shoulder at me.

“How do you put up with them?”

I shrugged.

“I have an overwhelming amount of patients.”

She smirked and turned back around. About ten minutes later we arrived at Metropolis General. Lois pulled up front and Clark got out. He helped Lana out and then came over and helped me out. he shut the door and stuck his head in Lois’s passenger window.

“You good parking the car or you want to take the girls in and I’ll find a spot?”

I couldn’t see her but I heard her.

“No. I got it Smallville. You get them up there and I’ll be there in a minute.”

He nodded and as the three of us were walking right before we got into the lobby we were bombarded by reporters snapping pictures. I turned my face into Clark and he was trying to move the photographers away from Lana and I. One of them yelled out to Lana.

“Mrs. Luthor…Mrs. Luthor…there are reports that you’ve moved out of the Luthor mansion…is there trouble in paradise? Sources say you’re leaving Lex for an old flame…that the baby isn’t really Lex’s…Do you have any comments…Mrs. Luthor…”

He practically knocked her over. Clark moved him away from Lana and pulled her closer to us. Another reporter shouted out to Clark and I.

“Mr. Kent….there are allegations that you’re leaving your pregnant wife for Mrs. Luthor…is it true? Do the two of you still have feelings for each other? What does the senator think of all of this? Have you heard from Senator Kent since the plane crash this morning? Is she alright?”

What? A plane crash…Lana and I both gasped when we heard that. Clark looked at the reporter confused. He was trying to keep them from taking pictures of us but there were too many. They were shooting off questions left and right. I felt my heart start to beat erratically and I got dizzy. I tried to shake it off but it just got worse. My voice was soft under all the other noise but I knew Clark would hear me.

“Clark…don’t let me fall…”

Everything around me was spinning and I felt myself falling as everything went black…

(Lana POV)

As the light flashed in my eyes I saw Chloe’s body falling to the ground. I screamed out to Clark.


His head whipped around and all of a sudden he had Chloe in his arms. I blinked. Wasn’t he further away then that? It thought…I don’t know what I thought. These reporters were vultures. And what did they mean plan crash…oh god I hope Mrs. Kent as ok.

I felt someone grab onto my arm and I looked up into Clark’s face. He looked like he was struggling to hold onto Chloe and keep me buy him. We were trying to get through the mob of reporters and photographers. I wish Lex was here…Clark’s shouting brought me back to reality. I don’t think I’ve ever heard his voice so hard.

“Get out of the way! Move…My wife needs a doctor…”

He was pulling me with him and I started to feel a cramp in my abdomen. I stopped and bent over holding my stomach. Oh god…no not now…My voice came out frantic.


He turned to look at me and saw the pain of my face. He looked conflicted. He didn’t know what to do.


He glanced at the flashing cameras.

“I have two woman here who need medical attention…you have to move out of the way!”

I heard another voice calling out to Clark that sounded familiar. I turned slightly and saw Lois and Lionel coming towards us. Two very large security guards flanked Lionel. As soon as Lois saw Chloe she ran.

“What happened?”

Clark’s voice was frustrated and scared all at the same time.

“I don’t know…we were bombarded by all the reporters…Chloe passed out and Lana’s hurt…I can’t get through.”

I saw Lois pushing some people out of the way.

“Just push through them Smallville.”

He gave her a stern look.

“I’m trying Lois but I can’t…I don’t want to hurt them.”

The way he said it made me wonder what he meant until another wave of pain struck me. Dammit…how do these thing’s always happen to me…I can’t do this by myself…I need Lex…

(Clark POV)

I had my head in my hands. I was sitting in the small plastic chair that I was too big for and I felt like this was déjà vu all over again. Lionel’s bodyguards helped get the people out of the way so we could get Chloe and Lana into the hospital. When we finally got in they were both admitted immediately.

Lionel told me about the plane crash…he assured me my mother was fine. She didn’t take that plane she was on a private jet from Luthorcorp. No wonder they couldn’t find her…Lois was sitting next to me with her head leaning on one hand and the other hand on top of mine.

Lionel was standing waiting to here from the doctors. I shook my head. I lifted up my head and I saw Dr. Rhinehouse come out of Chloe’s room. I stood up and glared at him.

“What are you doing?”

He smiled at me.

“Hello Mr. Kent. Chloe is going to me just fine…she had a small stress induced panic attack…but everything is fine she should be up and ready to go soon. Mrs. Luthor is changing and should be out in a minute.”

My voice was hard as I moved closer to him.

“I don’t want you anywhere near my wife! You stay away from her…you’re the one whose been drugging her haven’t you? There isn’t anyone who’s been closer to her then you…”

Lois and Lionel both tried to pull me away from him when security and another doctor came over.

“What is going on here? Mr. Kent is that you?”

I heard him sigh.

“Why is it that every time you’re in my hospital you’re causing a scene?”

I turned to him.

“I don’t want this doctor near my wife. I think he drugged her. The last time we were here Dr. Roberts said there were drugs in her system he was helping us figure out what happened. Her appointment was with him today.”

The doctor gave me a sad look.

“I’m sorry Mr. Kent…but Dr. Roberts was in a car accident the other day…he didn’t make it.”

My head was spinning. He didn’t make it? Lex…that was the only explanation for all of this. I looked up and saw Lana come out of her room. She glanced up and looked confused.
“What’s going on?”

I stayed quiet and Lionel spoke up.

“Nothing Lana. Everything is fine. Why don’t you come and sit down?”

Dr. Rhinehouse was led slowly away from by the other doctor. I was waiting on Chloe I needed to see that she was ok. I felt Lois squeeze my arm so I looked over at her and she had a smile on her face. I gave her a confused look and she pointed to the other side of the room. I glanced over and saw Chloe slowly making he way over to us. I ran over and hugged her as tight as I could without hurting her.

“You scared me…don’t eve do it again..”

She gave me a small chuckled and then got serious.

“Is your mom ok? I heard what those reporters said.”

I nodded and smiled.

“She’s fine. She was on Lionel’s jet…no worries.”

As we were all standing there I heard shuffling and I glanced over to my left just as Lex was making his way around the corner. He saw Lana and ran over to her frantically.

“Lana…oh god Lana are you ok?”

She turned away from him and spoke.

“Go home Lex…I told you we’re done. I don’t want anything to do with you.”

He frowned and turned her to face him.

“Lana I was worried sick. The hospital called me said you were having problems…I just…I wanna make sure you and the baby are ok.”

She gave him a hard look.

“The baby and I aren’t your concern anymore. After everything you’ve done I’m surprised you even care…leave…please…just leave me alone.”

She turned around and he grabbed her arm again and I saw her wince. That was the last straw…Lana was finally standing up for herself and leaving Lex…I wasn’t gonna let him hurt her. I walked over there and stood by her side. I pushed Lex’s hand off her and glared at him. My voice was cold when I spoke.

“She doesn’t want you around Lex…leave her alone. Stay away from Chloe and Lana…or you’re gonna have to deal with me.”

He glared at me then looked around at everyone. His eyes landed on Chloe and they stayed there for longer then I liked before he looked back at me.

“This isn’t over Clark…I’ll be back Lana isn’t yours to worry about anymore…you have your own wife…so stay away from mine!”

He turned on his heel and walked out. Lana gave me a small smile and then moved over by Chloe. I stood there looking at the spot Lex had just left. I couldn’t deal with much more of him…I’ve been trying so hard to stay calm…but Lex was pushing me and I didn’t know how much longer I’d be able to hold out before I finally just let go…a person can only be pushed for so long before they start pushing back…

Chapter 16 Part B

(Chloe POV)

It’s been about twenty-four hours since I came home from the hospital. I can’t believe Dr. Roberts is dead…Clark thinks Lex did it…well not personally but he thinks he had someone do it so we couldn’t see him again. The files on my supposed drugging mysteriously disappeared and when Dr. Rhinehouse showed my latest results to the head Doctor they were conveniently normal.

I shook my head. I was in the Talon because Lois was working and Clark wanted me to have some kind of supervision while he went to go chat with Lionel. Because I’m five and I need a babysitter now…I know he’s just worried but I’m gonna wined up hurting him if he doesn’t ease up a bit cause I’m going out of my mind.

Lois was smiling and I saw her lips moving. Oops…I should probably pay attention to her.

“What was that?”

She gave me a playful glare and sighed.

“I said Triple espresso mocha cappulatte -- my own invention, guaranteed to put the zip-a-dee back in your doo-dah.”

She grinned and I smirked.

“Thanks Lois…”

She nodded.

“Just don’t tell Smallville I’m feeding you coffee…he’ll have my head…”

I smiled. I’m really am glad that Lois knows now. She’s been great and I’ve seen some of the tension between her and Clark die down and be replaced with something akin to friendship. She was looking at me weird and huffed.

“Come on. It's not that bad. You only have like another week of this whole take it easy thing. Then you’ll pop out the kid and be back to chasing around bad guys with ET.”

I chuckled. If Clark heard her saying that he was gonna go ballistic…I kinda found it funny…though I’d never admit to it. My voice came out amused as I shook my head.

“Lois, you should really stick to investigative reporting and out of the advice column.”

She grinned.

“That's the plan.”

I saw her glance up and frantically wave a t me.

“Chloe….Drink it all hurry up!”

I looked up and saw Clark walking into the Talon. I smiled and gulped down my coffee. Lois turned toward him and spoke quickly while removing her apron and walking around the counter.

“Hey, Smallville. Love to hear about the cows and the corn, but I got a lead on a dirty Senator that needs to be hosed down. See you on the front page.”

He watched her leave shook his head and faced me.

“She’s going after a Senator?”

I shrugged. Who knew with Lois.

“I guess so. She hasn't told me much about it.”

He nodded. His voice was troubled.

“Lot of that going around lately.”

I frowned.

“Was that jab directed at my chin?”

He shook his head and sat by me.

“No…sorry. I went to Lionel to ask if he spilled the beans about whatever he had on Lex…because I wanted to know what made Lana change her mind about the whole thing…”

“What did he say?”

“Nothing, all he said was he didn’t tell her and he doesn’t know why all of a sudden Lex is Lana’s least favorite person…apparently it all came out of no where.”

I sighed.

“Clark, I –“

He cut me off.

“Chloe, we both know what Lex is really like. If Lana is really trying to get away from him we need to help…but if she’s working with him on something it’s important we know…I wouldn’t be able to stand it if anything happened to either of you…”

He placed a hand on m stomach. His voice was soft and his eyes were warm.
“You keep me grounded Chlo…you made me promise to never leave you…and I want the same promise from you…right now…”

I smiled at him. He was so mushy sometimes…and I loved him for it. I spoke in an adoring voice.

“I promise you Clark…I won’t ever leave you…I’m right here you dope…not goin anywhere…besides you’d find me too quickly even if I did leave.”

He grinned and nodded. His face turned serious and his voice was stern.

“If she really is trying to get away from Lex….I just…I don't want anything to happen to Lana.”

I nodded.

“If all this is real…then neither do I.”

He nodded.

“Come on let’s go home you need to rest.”

I let him help me up as I rolled my eyes…

“Clark….what have I told you about the hovering?”

He grinned.

“That you love it and I should do it every free chance I get?”

I glared at him and chuckled.

“Fine, fine…let’s go watch a movie.”

I smiled.

“That…we can do.”

Sometimes Clark drove me insane…but other times…I couldn’t believe that everything I’ve ever wished for…has finally come true…I always knew I was the girl of his dreams…

(Lois POV)

I left the Talon and drove to the restaurant that my source said the Senator was having lunch at. I got there parked my car and saw the guy I talked to the other night. I moved into the alley and stood next to him. My voice was low when I spoke.

“Are you sure about this?”

He nodded.

“Got the reservation. Eats here every time he's in town.”

We saw a black limousine pull up. The attendant smiled and spoke.


I handed him a folded up twenty and as I walked toward the car I looked over my shoulder and spoke.

“Thanks for the tip.”

He nodded and I caught up with Senator Burke.

“Senator Burke.”

He eyed me cautiously and then leered at me.

“How do you do?”

I smiled.

“Lois Lane, reporter. I was hoping to ask a few questions.”

His voice grew hard.

“Sure. Schedule an interview with my office.”

I smirked and moved closer to him.

“You know, I tried to, but no one returned my calls.”

He grinned. His voice was gruff.

“Well, that ought to tell you something, sweet cakes.”

I really hated perverted old men…My voice came out rough.

“Senator, last year, your salary was $150,000. Can you tell me how you managed to deposit over $5 million in a Cayman account?”

His voice grew angry and he stepped toward me a bit.

“What paper did you say you work for, uh, miss...”

I filled in the blank.
“Lane -- Lois Lane. I'm a reporter for the Inquisitor.”

The anger on his face lessened and he chuckled.

“The Inquisitor? That's not a newspaper. That's a -- that's a cat-box liner. Now get her out of here.”

I felt a security guard grab me from behind…I swear I was always getting myself into crappy situations like these…I needed to work on that. I struggled to try and get free. I glared at the men and spoke loudly.

“Hey, get your hands off me, you fascist! I'm warning you! If you don't –“

All of a sudden one of the bodyguards holding me let go and started scratching at his throat which now that I was looking at it I could see it had been slit. Oh crap…what the hell just happened? Then the other guard holding me was thrown across the alley and landed on a car. It shattered the windshield. I looked all around but couldn’t see a damn thing! I saw the Senator pick up a gun and point it all around him because he couldn’t see anyone either.

After a minute, he froze and I saw someone appear behind him then before I could blink the Senator slumped to the ground and I saw someone holding a bloody knife. He advanced on me and I got a better look at his face. What I saw shocked the hell out of me. My voice came out shocked.

“Oh, my God. Wes?”

I was so confused. I could hear sirens wailing in the distance. He looked at me and then disappeared right in front of my eyes. Holy crap…what just happened…that was Wes…he’s…he’s not a bad guy…I don’t understand…I needed to talk to Chloe…and Clark…maybe they could help me figure this out…

(Clark POV)

We got the call about fifteen minutes ago and we were on our way to the police station to go pick up Lois. I glanced over at Chloe and she was fidgeting nervously in the seat beside me.

“Chloe, Lois is fine…everything is ok for the moment.”

I really didn’t want her stressing out…with everything going on right now the last thing we needed was her having another panic attack..

She glanced over at me like I had a third head.

“Clark Senator Burke was murdered and Lois was almost caught in the cross fire…that doesn’t really define ok to me…”

Huh? Senator Burke was murdered? Why doesn’t she tell me these things.


She rolled her eyes at my confused look and nodded as she rubbed her stomach.

“Yeah, it looks like Burke was in bed with La Familia. He crossed them. They gave him the Fredo treatment.”

Interesting…I swear Chloe had the city wired or something. She always knew what was going on…

“A mob hit.”

She shrugged and when I glanced at her I saw the perturbed look on her face.

“Well, all evidence points to that, but there is one witness who doesn't think so.”

I shook my head.


She nodded. I faced the road and smiled as I spoke to her.

“Chloe…you were only on the phone with Lois for ten minutes…how in the world did you get all that information in that short amount of time?”

She smirked.

“I’m just that good…jeez give me some credit Kent…I’m a reporter finding out information is my job…”

She looked out the window and my smile widened. Her voice was amused when she spoke again.

“Plus…Lois talks really fast…”

I chuckled.

We got Lois back to the farm. She was quiet the whole way back and she hasn’t gotten anymore talkative since we’ve been here. I was sitting at the kitchen table across from her and she was staring into space. Chloe walked over and handed her a cup of coffee. Lois gave her a weak smile.


I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore. I was curious and no one was saying anything.

“What happened to you?”

I expected some kind of sarcastic comment from her but nothing. She just answered my question. Which I guess is what I wanted…but still.
“Uh, well, one minute, I was harassing a public official, and the next, he came out of nowhere, like a ghost. Burke and his men never had a chance.”

I frowned.

“Y-you saw who did this?”

Her eyes looked haunted and she nodded.

“Yeah, I did more than see him, Clark -- I know him. His name's Wes Keenan. We were army brats together when we were kids.”

I saw the worry on Chloe’s face and she moved into the living room to grab her computer. Her voice was stern.

“I'm running a check on his name.”

I glanced between the two of them and spoke softly to Lois.

“Looks like he works for the mob now.”

Her face scrunched up and she frantically shook her head. Her head finally turned and she looked at me.

“Wes? No way. He's career military. He's been decorated more than a Christmas tree. Even my dad loved him, and the General hates everybody.”

I saw Chloe nodding her head in agreement with Lois.

The name sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure why.

“Lois, are you sure the man you saw is Wes Keenan?”

“I haven't seen him for years, but he has this little scar above his right eye, and -- trust me. It was Wes.”

I heard Chloe typing away on her computer and she grunted. We turned our attention to her.
I could hear the curiosity in her voice.

“Not according to the U.S. Government. He was in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan four months ago. He was killed in action.”

I saw Lois adamantly shaking her head. Her voice was determined.

“No, that is not possible. I know what I saw.”

I glanced at Chloe.
“What else does it say?”

She shrugged.

“Nothing. I mean, his military records have been classified”

I shook my head. Lois stood up and put the mug in the sink. She glanced at me and her voice was soft.

“Smallville…do you think…maybe you could look into this for me? I know that you don’t use your…powers for just anything…but I’d really appreciate it. This…it means a lot to me…”

I stood up and walked over to her. I placed my hand on her arm and nodded.

“Of course Lois…I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

She gave me a small smile.

“I should get going I have a few things to do back at the Talon.”

I saw Chloe move by Lois.

“I’ll drive you there, I’ll keep researching and you can do what you need to do.”

Lois nodded and I was about to protest when Chloe shook her head at me. she came over and kissed me.

“I’ll be fine. Lois will make sure of it.”

I glanced at Lois and she nodded. I watched them leave and when the car drifted off and I could no longer see it I went into the barn to do some chores. I’d give them some time…Chloe needed her space and Lois could use a friend…I’d look into this for her as soon as Chloe gave me some more information to go on…Lois has been helping us a lot lately…it was time I did something for her…

(Lana POV)

I watched Chloe and Lois leaving from upstairs. When Clark went into the barn I took out my cell phone an called Lex. It rang three times before he picked it up.

“Thank god…I’ve been waiting for you to call me since yesterday. Are you alright?”

I smiled at the concern in his voice. God I miss him…so much. This is the first time I’ve called him since I’ve been at the farm and the only reason I was calling now was because of what happened yesterday.

“I’m ok…the baby’s ok…we miss you.”

I could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke.

“I miss you too Lana. What happened? I didn’t have a chance to speak with the doctor yet.”

I smiled.

“Before I get to that…Senator Burke…does that mean that project Ares is up and running? Was it him Lex?”

The line was quiet for a minute and when he spoke I heard pride in his voice.

“Yes…Lana…he’s amazing…when you get home I’ll tell you all about it but right now I want to here what the doctor said.”

I sighed.

“It was stress. Too much time on my feet and stress. Chloe passed out. Apparently it was an adverse reaction to the lack of the drug being in her system. Since they haven’t seen him in a few weeks he wasn’t able to administer the serum and her body reacted badly to that, but everything is fine now.”

“I see…well that’s good. How’s it going over there?”

I smiled.

“I’m doing it today…I can’t put it off anymore I’m tired and I want to come home…I miss you and I miss our bed…badly.”

I heard him chuckle.

“Just don’t forget to call me and let me know when you do it ok?”

“Sure thing. I should probably get going though because Clark is just outside.”

I heard papers shuffling as he spoke.

“Alright. I love you Lana…”

I grinned.

“I love you too.”

I hung up the phone and glanced out the window at Clark doing his chores. I checked my watch and decided it was now or never. I went downstairs and walked into the barn. Clark was stacking hay. I moved further in and announced my presence.

“Hey you.”
He turned around and smiled.

“Hey Lana…how you feeling? You need anything?”

I shook my head no.

“I’m good…thanks though Clark. Listen I just wanted to come out here and tell you how much I appreciate you letting me stay here. It means a lot.”

He nodded and turned away from me.

“No problem Lana…I’d do anything to help you get away from Lex…he’s a bad guy…”

Lex was a better man then Clark and I really was getting incredibly sick of all the Lex bashing I had to listen to while I was here. I couldn’t wait to get home. I nodded.


I sat on the loft steps and he grinned as he passed me. My voice was light when I spoke.

“Do you ever wonder Clark…what would have happened if I didn’t start seeing Lex?”

I saw his body tense as he picked up another bale of hay.

“Umm…well I used to…but not really…not anymore.”

I nodded.

“I do...sometimes I mean. I wonder if maybe this would have been your baby…if we had stayed together…you know instead of Lex’s…you’re gonna make a great dad Clark.”

He didn’t face me but I heard his voice.

“Thanks Lana.”

I nodded. My voice was soft and low. It had a slight quiver to it.

“Clark…I have to tell you something…something that might change the friendship we’re working hard on getting back.”

He finally faced me and frowned. He came over to me and put his hand on top of mine.

“Lana…you can tell me…I’m here for you.”

I nodded and turned to him. His eyes were gazing at me intensely. I was facing the open barn door and as I spoke in a whisper I moved my hand up and caressed his cheek. His expression turned confused and he tilted his head.

“Clark…I’m still in love with you…everything I’ve done was because I couldn’t face the fact that you were moving on with someone else. I’m…I’m not blaming you…I’m just giving you my reasoning…and I can’t…I can’t hide it anymore…god I’m so in love with you…”

And as I said the last word I leaned in and kissed him. I held his face to mine and kissed him as hard as I could. I heard the gravel crunching outside and when it stopped abruptly I opened my eyes. Standing not ten feet away was Chloe. She dropped what she was carrying in her hands and I could see the tears in her eyes from where I was she covered her mouth and stumbled away. I smiled as Clark pushed me away.

The whole thing lasted about fifteen seconds…if Chloe had only waited another couple of seconds she would have seen Clark push me away with anger but she didn’t and I knew she wouldn’t. She was probably running away getting in her car and leaving…good…now she knew what it felt like to have someone you love taken from you…Clark’s pissed but I really don’t care…I was going home…now…I did what I needed to do…I’m done…

I must have been ignoring Clark because he grabbed my arm a bit hard and I glared up at him.


His voice was hard when he spoke.

“What the hell was that Lana?”

I pulled my arm away from him and smirked. He stepped back from me and I saw realization cross over his face. He shook his head and the expression on his face changed to pain.

“I believed you…we…we helped you…how could you…god…seriously Lana…what the hell happened to you? I can’t even believe we were friends once…”

I shrugged and gave him a dark chuckle.

“Well we’re not anymore…”

I started walking out of the barn and he twisted me around. His eyes were cold and his voice was like ice.

“Listen to me and listen to me closely…if you ever…and I mean ever come near Chloe and I again…I don’t care that I used to be in love with you, I don’t care that we used to be friends…and I don’t care that you’re pregnant…I will make you regret it…”

I grinned.

“You’d have to find Chloe first…I mean she couldn’t have been happy with what she just saw…”

He let go of me and turned pale. That’s right Clark…you can’t fix this one…at least not in time anyway…I turned on my heel and walked out. I dialed Lex and a limo came to pick me up not even ten minutes later. I got in and as we drove off I looked out the back window…watching the farm getting smaller and smaller…we’d have her by tonight…and not even Clark with all his “gifts” would be able to stop Lex…

Chapter 16 Part C

(Lex POV)

I hung my cell phone up with a smile. Lana was coming home. It’s about time to. I really didn’t want her so far away when she was this close to delivering. I was standing in the Project Ares nerve center near Reeves Dam. I was looking over the head scientists shoulder while he worked. I pointed to the screen.

“What is that?”

His voice came out distracted.

“His alpha wave just spiked for a second. It's probably just feedback from the implants in his cortex.”

I didn’t like that probably…probably is what got people in trouble…it was unsure…and I never liked things to be unsure…my voice was stern when I spoke.


He shook his head.

“It's nothing to worry about. Everything's still holding within operational parameters.”

I gave the back of his head a hard look.

“Make sure it stays that way.”

Just then Bartlett walked in and interrupted us. He cleared his throat and I turned.

“Sir. Just received information that Burke has been eliminated.”

I nodded. That’s what happens when people try to give me orders…Senator Burke dug his own grave…he can lie in it now too…I spoke with curiosity.

“Evidence trail?”

He smiled.

“Leads straight back to the mob, per your instructions. There's been a complication. There was a witness.”

I raised an eyebrow…that’s easy enough to take care of…

“Nothing can get in the way of completing this project -- nothing. Take care of it.”
I walked out of the room and started down the hall. My cell phone rang and I picked it up after two rings.


“Where are you? I come home after being away for years…and you’re not here. Lex…Come home now! I miss you…I’ve missed you for weeks…”

I grinned and moved at a more brisk pace.

“I’ll be home in about thirty minutes…I missed you. You have no idea how glad I am that you’re back…”

I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Me too. Ok well hurry up and bring back ice cream…strawberry…I love you.”

I rolled my eyes good-naturedly.

“I love you too.”

I closed the phone and headed out…I’d be spending the rest of the night with Lana…and Wes would have two objectives…take care of the witness…and bringing Chloe to the top secret 33.1 facility…

(Chloe POV)

I ran from the barn to my car and drove as fast as I could to the Talon. I can’t breathe…oh god…he wasn’t…I can’t believe he’d…just…to me…Lana…thing’s were…and now…oh god…oh god…I could feel the large wet drops of tears rolling down my cheeks. I wiped furiously at my face as I drove. How could he do this to me? Clark loves me…or at least I thought he did…god I’m stupid…I should have know the minute the pink princess came back and wanted him that he’d leave…

I finally got to the Talon. I parked and made my way through the coffee shop and up to Lois’s apartment. I knocked on the door and then walked in. There were papers strewn all around Lois. She looked up and I immediately saw worry cross her face.

She got up and hurried over to me. She placed both her hands on my arms.

“Chloe…what’s going on? What happened?”

When I didn’t answer her she got a bit more frantic.

“Chloe are you ok? What the hell is the matter?”

I glanced at her face and shook my head. I tried to say something but nothing would come out except the tears. She pulled me to her and I hugged her as tight as I could. After what felt like hours she helped me to the couch and went into the kitchen to make some tea. She kept looking at me from the kitchen and I took a deep breath. I sighed. My voice was rough and I was struggling to speak.

“I walked in…on Clark…in the barn…he was…he was…kissing Lana…”

Lois looked startled and then frowned. She walked over and plopped in the seat across from me.

“Smallville was kissing Lana?”

She raised an eyebrow and her voice was confused but firm.

“Some how…I kinda can’t see that happening Chlo…I mean he loves you…a lot…and Lana…well I just don’t see it happening…”

I glared at her and my voice was hard.

“Well I did see it happening…so I really don’t need you defending him ok Lois…you’re my cousin how about you start acting like it!”

She raised her hands in defeat and stood up to get the boiling tea. I shook my head and placed it in my hands. This wasn’t Lois’s fault and I needed to stop taking it out on her…

“I’m…I’m sorry Lois…I just…”

My voice broke as I spoke.

“I just can’t believe he did this to me…he promised he wouldn’t leave me…I just don’t get it…it doesn’t make any sense…”

I saw her nod and move back over to me with a cup. I took it and tried to give her half a smile but failed.

“You’re right…it doesn’t make any sense…Chloe…I know you have a million and one insecurities but you need to look at the facts and you need to look at Clark. That boy is seriously in love with you…and somehow I don’t see that going away any time soon…You know in the beginning the two of you thought Lana might have been up to something when she came to you guys and maybe she was…Chloe…you’re my cousin and I love you…but you’re being pig headed and stupid!”

I gave Lois a small chuckled and looked up at her. She smiled and continued. Her face was soft as was her voice.

“Don’t give up on Smallville so easy…trust your gut…it’s never lead you astray before…”

I smiled. She was right…I was being stupid. I love Clark and I know he loves me…these past few months haven’t been a dream…everything’s been real and I intended on keeping it that way…if Lana thought she was going to mess with my marriage she had another thing coming and as soon as this baby was born I was gonna show her what being my enemy meant…


When I got back to the farm no one was there. I searched all over for Clark but he must be out looking for me. I shook my head and smiled. How could I think he was leaving me for Lana…sometimes I really was crazy Lois was right.

I walked into the house and went straight to the refrigerator. I took out the iced tea and poured myself a glass. As I was taking a sip I heard a noise coming from the front door. I walked over with the glass in my hand and I called out.


I saw the front door open…but no one was there. That’s weird…why’s the door open? I walked cautiously over and closed it. I glanced around and then shrugged at my own paranoia. I turned and ran right into a solid chest. When I looked up I saw a strong looking man and he was towering over me. When he spoke his voice came out like a robot.

“Target found…completing mission.”

I frowned and tried to move away but he grabbed me and the glass slipped from my hand and broke on the floor. I struggled some more and the lamp in the living room crashed and broke into pieces. He was dragging me out of the farm and I started to scream as loud as I could.


I felt his hand gently touch my temple and all of a sudden I could feel darkness over taking my body…oh god…what’s he going to do to us…Clark where are you…I need you…

(Lois POV)

I sent Chloe on her way about ten minutes ago. She went back to the farm to find Clark. I started picking up all the research I was doing on Wes when there was a knock at the door. Jeez…couldn’t a girl get her work done in peace…I opened the door and Clark was standing there looking almost sick. I opened the door wider and waved him in.

He nodded and walked into the room. As soon as I faced him he was in my face talking a mile a minute.

“Lois have you seen Chloe…I made a huge mistake…well I didn’t even make the mistake…Lana did I swear I’m gonna get her back for this…she did it and Chloe saw and now I can’t find her. She’s practically nine months pregnant and she’s supposed to be taking it easy and instead because of me she’s out there somewhere traipsing around town alone and upset and I just…. I suck!”

He was about to say something else but I stopped him by throwing a book at his head. When it hit him he turned to me and gave me a confused look.

“Why are you throwing books at my head?”

I grinned.

“To get your attention Smallville…you wouldn’t shut up…you’re worse then a girl…Yes I’ve seen Chloe…yes she told me everything…I also explained to her that as stupid as you are you’d never do that to her. She’s on her way to the farm to talk to you now…”

I saw his face light up and some of the color returned.

“Really? God Lois you don’t know how much this means to me…thanks so much for backing me up…for knowing I’d never do that to her…you’re…you’re a good friend…”

I nodded.

“And don’t you forget it.”

We chuckled for a minute and I heard a noise in the back of the apartment. I looked at Clark and he must have heard it because there was a frown on his face. He glanced around and then spoke cautiously.

“Stay here.”

I rolled my eyes but listened to him anyway…he went around the apartment to investigate and when nothing turned up he came back over to me and shrugged.
“Looks like it was just the wind.”

All of a sudden I saw Wes materialize behind Clark. I yelled out to him even though I knew Wes couldn’t hurt him…

“Clark, watch out!”

He punched Clark and it sent him flying into the wall across the room. My mouth dropped open. Holy crap…if he was flinging Clark around like that he had to be pretty damn strong…I saw him advance on me with a knife and he looked about ready to slit my throat so I did the only thing I could think of at the moment…I called out to him hoping to try and jog his memory about who I was…anything to make him remember…


He stopped immediately and looked at me strangely. He reached over and put his arm around my neck and then all of a sudden everything went dark…


God my head hurts…I rubbed it slightly as I sat up. I looked around and slowly got to my feet. I was in an abandoned warehouse. I glanced around and when I looked back Wes was standing there. I looked over him and spoke softly.


His voice came out like some kind of drone…

“Designation incorrect. Call sign "Ares," prototype Mark IV.”

I frowned and walked around him. Oh man…what happened to him? I spoke to him in a cautious manner.

“You don't remember me, do you? It's Lois -- Lois Lane. My father is General Sam Lane. When I was a kid, he used to drag me around to all the bases that he was stationed at. One of them was Fort Addleson, where I met you. Do you remember how you got that scar? You used to tell everybody that you got it falling off your dirt bike. But that's not how it happened. We got into the General's whiskey. Then we broke into the storage warehouse. We were wrestling around, being stupid. And I kissed you... the first time I ever kissed anybody. And you smiled your crooked smile. And then you puked and passed out and cracked your head open on the floor. Never could handle your liquor, Wes.”

He shook his head and looked confused.

“Mission incomplete.”

I can’t let this happen…he wouldn’t want this to happen…


He nodded.

“Eliminate target”

I was trying not to get frustrated but it was hard…I hated whoever was making Wes this confused…I needed him to be ok…I spoke softly at first but as I kept talking my voice got more forceful.

“Why did you bring me here? Think. Wes. This is Fort Addleson, okay? This is the warehouse. This is where I kissed you that night. Remember me!”

I saw him struggling to take in what I was saying…it was a few minutes before he looked at me with understanding in his eyes…that’s when I knew… my Wes was back…

(Clark POV)

He took her and disappeared…how the hell did he do that? Dammit! Once Chloe wasn’t mad at me anymore she was gonna kill me…I need to find Lois now…I got up off the floor and super sped out to try and follow them even though I had no idea where to go…this guy was dangerous no matter what Lois thought…I need to find her before Wes hurts her…

(Lex POV)

I was about halfway home when my phone rang again. I sighed and picked it up.


The voice on the other line was nervous.

“Mr. Luthor.”

I rolled my eyes. Who the hell else would be answering my phone.

“Who else would be answering my phone? What is it you need?”

“There’s…a problem…the prototype…he hasn’t returned from his second mission.”

Jesus! My voice was hard when I spoke and I stepped down on the gas.

“Three years and a billion dollars spent on Ares, and you're telling me you lost him?”

His voice was low and it quavered when he spoke.

“Well, we're in unchartered territory here, Mr. Luthor. Synthesizing multiple meteor abilities is difficult enough, but stringing together the molecular chain with peptides extracted from that creature that Bartlett recovered –“

I cut him off. I didn’t want excuses I wanted results.

“The only thing that allows all these abilities to exist in one subject. Titan's genetic material was the key to making this project viable.”

“Yes, which makes the results as unpredictable as the substances I'm being asked to work with.”

More excuses…if these people didn’t find a way to fix this they were all going to die because I didn’t have the patients for this anymore…

“What you're being asked to do is help protect the world, doctor. Unstable criminals with dangerous powers are becoming more and more common. Humanity's only chance of surviving the onslaught is this project. So, kick that big brain of yours into high gear and figure out what the hell went wrong!”
His voice was now flat and I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute.

“It's possible something might have triggered a decay in his memory blocks -- a familiar place or person.”

I heard someone in the background asking if he could be fixed. I heard the head scientist speak again to the person in the background.

“The field he generates makes it impossible to track him electronically. It's part of his design.”

I was done…I had other thing’s to do…this was important and it couldn’t be like all the others…this one had to work…My voice was commanding when it came out.

“I want our dog back on his leash, doctor, or you'll be my next experiment.”

“Maybe I could reposition the Luthorcorp satellites... generate a broad-spectrum pulse that will, hopefully, re-initiate his command directives, but there's no guarantee.”

“I'm not asking for guarantees. I'm asking for results. I want Ares back online and his mission complete. Did he bring the newest subject in?”

His voice held relief.

“Yes Mr. Luthor. Miss Sullivan has been deposited where you wanted her. He’s already completed that…it’s getting rid of the witness that he has gone AWOL with.”

I nodded.

“Figure it out and get back to me.”

I slammed the phone shut…as long as he got Chloe…that’s all I was worried about at the moment…she’s where she needed to be and Clark wouldn’t find her now…I grinned and continued on home…

(Lois POV)

I could see the humanity return to Wes’s eyes. When he spoke his voice was repentant and questioning.

“I killed a United States Senator?”

I gave him a small nod. That’s never something you want to tell someone…I needed to know what happened to him…

“What happened? How did you end up like this?”

He shrugged and his eyes held confusion.

“I was stationed in Afghanistan. Our convoy hit an I.E.D. And then I woke up in the military hospital. That's when Luthor showed up.”

My eyes hardened. Of course…everything always had something to do with Lex and his fascination for experimenting on people.. I sighed.

“Lex. I should have known. He forced you into this, didn't he?”

Wes shook his head no and I frowned while he explained.

“He offered me a way to keep serving my country.”

No…Wes wouldn’t willingly work for Lex…he’s too good a man for that.

“By turning you into a brain-dead assassin?”

His voice was stunned and hard at the same time.

“You think this is what I signed on for? He told me Project Ares was gonna help soldiers protect themselves on the field, so they wouldn't end up like I did.”

That’s all I needed to hear…I knew he wouldn’t be working with Lex…

“We won't let him get away with this, I promise you. Okay, we will expose Lex and Project Ares”

I saw Wes start openly struggling…he looked like he was in pain. I went to touch his arm but he moved away from me. I was worried…

“What? What? What is it? What?”

He gave me a nervous look and spoke in a strained voice.

“Them -- they're trying to get back into my head.”

I yelled out of frustration with the situation not Wes…

“Well, fight it, Wes. Look at me. Look at me!”

he was shaking his head and when he looked me in the eye I could see the fear in his. His words were low and strained.

“Run. Run!”

I gave him once last look and took off running in the opposite direction. I glanced behind me but I didn’t see him. I kept running and I saw a door ahead of me so I ran faster toward it but before I could get out it slammed shut and I heard the lock click in place. Crap! That’s Wes…but where is he…

I spoke in a rushed tone.

“Wes? You have to fight this. Don't let them do this to you again. You are not a murderer. Please. Wes.”

I was looking around frantically when I felt a large hand start to choke me. I was grasping at his hands when all of a sudden they let go and I fell to the ground. I started coughing and I felt strong arms pulling me to my feet.

“Lois…Lois are you ok?”

I glanced up and saw Clark. I nodded and rubbed my throat. I was about to say something when Wes punched Clark and sent him flying again. I saw him get up a bit dazed. I saw Wes speeding at Clark with a knife. When he got within a few fee of Clark I saw him squint and I saw something shoot from Clark’s eyes and Wes flew back across the warehouse. Oh god…no…

I ran over to Wes and Clark slowly followed behind me. I kneeled beside him and I could feel my face getting warmer as my eyes started to fill up. My voice was soft.


“System... damaged.”

He grunted and spoke again.

“Turn protocol 38529532...”

I shook m y head and called out to him again close to tears.



He grunted again before I saw recognition in his eyes.


I nodded and gave him a watery smile.

“You're gonna be fine. Do you understand me? You're gonna be okay. I'm gonna go get help, all right?”
He tried to shake his head but couldn’t

“No. Better this way. They'll never... stop trying... to control me.”

I felt a tear slip down my cheek as I looked at him.

“You have to stay with me. Do you hear me?”

“Don't... let them do this... to anyone else. Okay?”

I nodded as more tears fell.

“Okay. I promise, but you just stay with me, okay? Don't leave me.”

I saw his eyes close and I tried to shake him a bit.

“Wes? No, no, no. No. Wes? Wes! Come on! Don't leave me!”

I put my head on top of his and cried. I felt Clark’s hand on my shoulder and I just kept crying. Wes didn’t deserve this….he was a good man…Lex was always going after people I loved…I wouldn’t let him get away with this…he’d pay…

(Clark POV)

I dropped Lois off and went home to the farm. Hopefully Chloe was waiting here for me. I couldn’t find her anywhere else. I walked in through the kitchen door and called out to her.


I frowned. Something felt off. I walked further into the room and I saw the glass all over the floor. My heart started to race and then I saw the lamp. I sped around the whole house in less then five seconds…no Chloe. I glanced to my left and saw the front door wide open…

Oh god…no…no…I’m over reacting…she’s probably just out looking for me…she’s probably…what’s that?

I walked over to the counter and picked up the folded piece of paper with my name on it. I opened it and as soon as I read it my body felt heavy…and I felt like I couldn’t stand. I stumbled over to a chair and plopped down in it. My face was pale and my breath was coming in ragged pants. The note was in an unmistakable scrawl.

Just two words…Check Mate…Lex…Lex had Chloe….oh god…I’m gonna be sick…I moved to the bathroom and my lunch spilled out of me. When I walked back into the room I was in a daze. What was I gonna do…I had no Clue where she was…what was happening to her…and how I was gonna find her…I needed help…

My hands shook as I took out my cell phone. I dialed the familiar number and waited for someone to pick up. A few seconds later someone did. My voice was stricken and it came out delayed.

“Oliver…it’s Clark…I…I need your…your help…it’s…it’s Chloe…Lex has her…”

(Chloe POV)

I groaned. I don’t think my head has ever hurt this bad before…jeez you’d think I was in some kind of drinking contest recently. I went to lift my arm up to rub my head…but nothing happened. I slowly opened my eyes and glanced down. My arms and legs were strapped to a long steal slab of some kind. I started to panic.

What the hell is going on? The last thing I remember was…oh god…that guy at the farm…where am I? I kept on moving my arms trying to get them loose when the lights above me turned on. I blinked my eyes a few times to adjust to the light and I saw a figure walking towards me. I frowned and when I finally made out the shape I glared in his direction.

He looked over at me and grinned. He put his arms up and motioned around the room.

“Welcome to 33.1 Chloe…you’re new home for the foreseeable future…”

I glanced around and struggled frantically while I heard Lex laughing at my efforts. No…no please…oh god…where is Clark….I need Clark…relax Chloe…this isn’t good for the baby…he’ll find me I know he’ll find me. He'd never leave me here…I just prayed that he found me before Lex did anything that none of us would be able to take back…

He walked towards me and his eyes were cold. Once he was right next to me he leaned into my face.

“You…are going to regret the day you ever crossed me Chloe…Clark won’t find you here…and even if he does…it’ll be too late…”

I wanted to cry…I didn’t want to show him how terrified I was but I wasn’t really sure how to hide it either…I was terrified that this was going to be the moment…I was always saying Clark couldn’t be everywhere at once…and that was the truth…what if this was that time…I know he’ll do everything in his power to be here…to help me…but I was so scared that this time…it just wouldn’t be enough…

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