May 31, 2009

Rampage (7/7)

Six Months Later
(Chloe POV)

I grinned as I stepped out of my car clutching the paper tight in my hand. It has been six agonizingly painful months. When I first got out of the hospital Clark wouldn’t let me out of his site. That got old kinda quick and I explained to him that since he wasn’t a helicopter he needed to stop hovering because it was driving me crazy! Things calmed down for a bit after that.

Clark and I told Lois his secret…that was definitely a…unique experience. I still remember that night like it was yesterday….

(Six months before)

Clark stood beside me, as I lay propped up in the hospital bed. Lois was standing in front of us giving us both an odd look. She raised an eyebrow and waited. Clark cleared his throat in and spoke with nervousness.

“Chloe and I have something we want to tell you…and I’m not sure how you’re gonna take it…”

I placed a hand on Clark’s arm and squeezed it for support. Before he could say anything else I spoke up in a calm voice.

“Just remember Lo’ Clark is Clark…no matter what he tells you…”

She glanced back and forth between the two of us and her eyes went wide. Her voice came out with a croak.

“Oh god…. your not pregnant with Smallville’s baby are you? Oh man…I’ll kill you Smallville!”

She started to stomp toward Clark and he actually looked frightened, which amused me because it’s not like Lois could hurt him. I waved my hands around.

“Hello…Lois I’m not pregnant. Jeez get your mind out of the gutter…this is something entirely different. Go ahead Clark. Tell her.”

He looked at me like a deer caught in headlights and I sighed. I tried to encourage him since after all this was his idea.

“It’ll be fine. Lois is one of the best people I know…she’ll understand…”

I turned to Lois and smiled. She gave me a hesitant one back before speaking.

“Well come on now…spit it out.”

I watched Clark take a deep breath and then he spoke quietly.

“You asked me earlier how I found Chloe. How I knew where she was and got there in time. Well…I heard her calling for help. I watched Lois’s face turn confused.

“She found a phone and called you?”

He shook his head.

“No. I have really good hearing…that’s what I was listening to in Lex’s mansion. I heard Chloe calling for help…. so I ran to Metropolis to…well help her.”

It was quiet for a few seconds before Lois started laughing. She was practically bent over in hysterics. I glanced over at Clark and he looked hurt. I spoke firmly.

“Lois…. LOIS…”

She stopped laughing and grinned in my direction.

“You don’t actually believe this do you Chloe?”

I frowned.

“Lois…Clark is…he’s…well super…he has powers.”

Clark nodded his head and Lois looked between the two of us. She gave me a worried look.

“Chlo…hunny…you don’t actually believe this do you?”

“Of course I do. Clark…show her.”

He squirmed next to me.

“I dunno Chlo…I don’t think Lois wants to see…I mean she doesn’t believe me…”

I rolled my eyes.

“Thus the point in showing her Clark. Run and get me a coffee from the hospital cafeteria please.”

He nodded and I felt a breeze brush by Lois and I and he was gone. I gazed up at Lois and grinned. Her mouth was dropped open wide. About three or four seconds later another breeze whooshed through the room and Clark was holding out a cut of hot coffee for me. I smiled.

“Thanks Clark.”

“You’re welcome.”

He turned to face Lois and her mouth was opening and closing like a fish. She had nothing to say…and that was a first…

(Back to the Present)

I shook my head. It was unquestionably a night to remember. Clark had spent the rest of the night showing Lois all his powers to which Lois had replied…

“And I thought you were just a farmboy…don’t I feel stupid…”

The great part was that she had accepted Clark and I can’t tell you how happy it made him. I mean every now and then she teases him about his unearthly origin but it’s all in good humor. When it came down to the serious stuff Lois promised to never tell a soul and to guard this secret with her life. Just like I knew she would.

It’s made the three of us a lot closer. Don’t get me wrong…they still fight like cats and dogs but now underneath that there’s a bond that wasn’t there before…something of admiration from Lois and brotherly affection from Clark. It made me smile.

I moved into the doorway of the barn and watched Clark trying to wrangle one of the horses into its stall. I smiled. Clark is an absolutely amazing man…and he’s all mine…it almost didn’t end up that way though. When I was first released from the hospital I did wined up staying with Clark and his mom for about a week or two.

When I was finally up and running again I decided to do a story about the gang that kidnapped me and all the trouble they had been causing in Metropolis. Clark didn’t really like that idea. We fought tooth and nail for about three months. It almost ended our relationship that had started off rocky in the first place.

But after weeks of fighting Clark finally gave in. He realized I wasn’t going to rest until this story was published so we came to a compromise. All of the written and factual research I would do alone, but when it came to any investigating or things that could lead to any potential bodily harm I had to bring Clark along…and that was ok with me.

I heard him curse lightly and I chuckled. His head whipped around and I saw him grin. He practically lifted the horse and placed him inside before speeding the stall shut. He walked over to me with the grin firmly planted on his face.

“How long have you been here? I didn’t hear you pull up.”

“Someone’s losing his touch…”

He smirked and pulled me into him. He leaned his head to my neck and kissed it as he spoke against my skin. His voice came out deep and low.

“I think my touch is just fine…and I’ve never heard you complain…”

I giggled and pushed him away slightly.

“Clark Kent…are you being fresh?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want me to be?”

He waggled his eyebrows and went to grab me. I jumped away from him and ran around him and into the barn. I felt someone grab me and a whoosh of wind. When I opened my eyes we were in the loft and I was lying on the couch with Clark hovering over me. I slapped him half-heartedly.

“You cheated. No super speed.”

He shrugged.

“You didn’t instate the no super speeding rule before you started running and therefore it’s an invalid claim now.”

I smiled at him. Isn’t he cute? Well I think he is. I tilted my head and he leaned down and captured my lips in a soft kiss. I opened my mouth to him and his tongue invaded my mouth. God his kisses were like drugs…I craved them…he deepened the kiss and I wound my arms around his neck. I heard a slight crunching sound and my eyes popped open.

Duh! This isn’t why I came here…all though it’s a major plus. I ended the kiss and pulled my head back a bit when Clark went in for another. I shook my head.

“I came here for a reason. Help me up.”

He moved off me and into a sitting position. He grabbed my arms lightly and pulled me up until I was on his lap. I grinned and help the paper up so he could see. He scanned the title and his smile broadened.

“It’s you’re article! I thought it was going to be in the next issue…”

“They pushed it up because of the increasing gang violence in Metropolis. They wanted everyone to be aware. CLARK LOOK! I made it to the Front Page of THE DAILY PLANET!!!”

I was practically bouncing in his lap and he chuckled as his hands came around and rested on my hips.

“Chlo I am so proud of you. You took everything that happened and you made use of it. I’m honored to be the guy in your life…you know that right? How much I love and respect you?”

I beamed at him. My voice came out low and full of adoration.

“I know…I love you to Clark…and all the good you do. Look at us…we are quite the pair aren’t we?”

He nodded and leaned in for a kiss, which I granted. I could feel his arms reaching up to slowly unbutton my silk blouse and I grinned. Clark has been getting bolder and bolder. It’s like the more we have sex the bolder he is.

I remember when I used to have to be the one who initiated almost every physical contact…not anymore…he had no problem telling me when and how he wanted it now…and I liked that…a lot…

I helped him pull off his shirt and tossed it aside as he leaned back and pulled me closer…I never wanted to leave these arms…

(Lois POV)

I walked into the barn and I heard something slam on the ground in the loft. I shook my head as I continued walking toward the stairs. When I reached the top I quickly turned away and grimaced.

“Is this all you guys do? Jeez Smallville…you’re supposed to be this super powered farmboy and you couldn’t hear me coming?”

I heard Clark grunt and saw his head pull back from Chloe. She was still clutched tightly to the front of his chest though…good thing too. I loved my cousin but I really didn’t need to see her indisposed. If I wanted to stare at a pair of boobs…well I have my own…Clarks voice was irritated when he spoke.

“I was busy listening to someone else coming…”

I watched Chloe slap him and he rubbed his arm and pouted at her. Her voice came out in a shriek. Haha…she didn’t think her precious Boy Scout could be so vulgar…it was kinda funny though…if he wasn’t talking about my cousin…

“Clark Kent! That was unnecessary…and completely uncalled for.”

Her face was slightly red and I saw Clark rubbing her naked back.

“I’m sorry Chlo…I don’t know what came over me.”

But I could see the mischievous glint in his eyes as he faced me. He spoke calmly but with frustration.

“Don’t you know how to knock Lois…we’re busy”

I rolled my eyes and tossed Chloe her bra and silk shirt that was laying by my feet.

“I can see that. If you were planning on celebrating like this Chlo why would you invited me? Does Smallville have a fantasy involving the Sullivan-Lane gene pool that I’m unaware of?”

It was Clark’s turn to blush as Chloe face away from me and put herself together. She turned around when she was done and smiled. her face was flushed and she laughed.

“Not that I know of…Clark are you hiding something from me?”

I watched him squirm in his seat as he sat up straighter. His voice came out flustered.

“Hey I didn’t invite Lois here…you did…besides you two are family…that would be kinda…gross and I love Chloe…I don’t…I mean…I just need her…no one else…”

I glanced at Chloe and the two of us started cracking up. I watched her go over to him and hand him his shirt while ruffling his hair playfully. Her voice was light when she spoke.

“I was only playing with you big boy…I know you’re a one women alien. Relax. I thought maybe we could all go out and celebrate my making it to the front page. I called Lois while I was on my way to Smallville. What do you say?”

“Sure. Is it just us three? Did you invite Lana?”

I watched his body tense up a bit and I spoke up then.

“Lana is coming but she said Lex couldn’t make it…a meeting or something.”

I saw him relax. Lana and Clark are finally starting to get their friendship back on the right track. It took a lot for her to open up and be his friend again…but it’s been going well.

On the other hand Lex and Clark were finished for good. They haven’t spoken since about five months ago. They had a huge blow out about something and that was it.

Now they’re only in the same room when they have to be. I turned my attention back to Clark and I watched him watching Chloe. It was remarkable what you could read on a person when they didn’t notice you were looking.

He smiled at her and the warmth that radiated from that one look was just unbelievable. I gave Clark a hard time a lot…about stupid things…but I haven’t commented on their relationship because even though they fight sometimes they are constantly working at it and they are a better couple for that.

I can see how much he loves her and that’s why I’m ok with them being together. He’s a good guy…and Chloe deserves that. They are both stubborn and they have to constantly compromise because neither of them will give up on what they believe in…

And that’s why I think they will last, because they aren’t giving up the people that they are. They accept each other and that’s what’s important.

He stood up and walked out of the barn. Chloe and Clark decided to take his truck because her car was kinda small for him and I said I’d follow them and meet them at the Talon. I watched him grab her hand as they walked away. I heard her laugh and saw him beam in her direction.

I shook my head and continued to watch them as they goofed around before he opened the door for her and placed a slight kiss on her lips then closed the door after she got in. I smiled. This…right here is the love they write about in fairytales.

Granted everything isn’t perfect…and it took them years to get to this point…but there love is pure and the tragedies that they have been through have left there mark…but it doesn’t define who they are.

He would die for her…I know he would…and I know she’d do the same…but neither of them would ever have to because they protect each other so fiercely so that it never comes to that. Chloe getting kidnapped opened Clark’s eyes to the possibility that he could lose her…and ever since the day he found her…he’s been by her side sticking by the promise that he’d never leave her…

That doesn’t mean that all the pain is over though, and I’m sure they’ll have more things to face together in the future. Nothing will ever be smooth sailing with these two, but now they have something that they didn’t have before…me…and I won’t let anything happen to either one of them…Clark and Chloe are meant for great things…

And when the time comes…I know that in there own way…they’ll both change the world…. Me…I’m just happy I get to tag along for the ride…

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