May 31, 2009

Rampage (1/7)

Chapter 1

Title: Rampage
Author: 13ReporterGirl13
Rating: R
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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to The CW and the Creators of Smallville. But Boy what I wouldn’t do if I owned Lex and Clark. ;-)
Spoilers: Takes the place of Vengeance…But Everything up to Season 6 is fair game…
Couples: Chloe/Clark and a small amount of Lana/Clark
Summary: After Jonathan Kent passes away Clark is having a hard time dealing with his grief…He cut’s himself off from the people who care about him as his anger with life and himself builds everyday…What happens when Clarks negligence gets his best friend kidnapped? Will he be able to pull himself out of the shadows in order to save her? Or will his descent into darkness cost Chloe her life?
Dedication: To Chlarkislove!!! This one’s for you Girl!


(Clark POV)

Three little words from Lois was all it took to snap my mind out of the fog it’s been in lately. Three words that made all my fears come true. Chloe is missing…

The blood running through my body turned cold and my heart jumped in my chest. I stopped breathing and stumbled back until my legs hit into the kitchen counter. I glanced at the phone in my hand with my eyes open wide with shock. No…she was wrong…she had to be.

I could hear Lois’s voice calling out to me but something was stopping me from answering her. I felt lightheaded for the first time in my life…without Kryptonite being around…I lightly touched my chest with my right hand…it hurt. I could feel an acute stabbing sensation throughout my entire body.

No…this couldn’t be happening…not now. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly to try and make reality disappear. Who was I kidding that’s what I’ve been doing ever since my father…died. Ignoring everything and everyone who means anything to me. Pushing them away for there own safety. Forgetting that these people who I love need me just as much as I need them.

When I finally felt my lungs burn from the lack of oxygen I inhaled deeply and blew it out. I shook my head, gripped one hand on the counter and the other grasped the phone forcefully. Lois was saying something on the other end…but I was beyond hearing her words.

This is my fault. She was using her time to do me a favor and I blew her off. I was supposed to meet her at The Daily Planet the night before last…she said she had a lead on the thugs who took my mom’s watch, but I couldn’t be bothered. I was mad at her for pushing me to talk to her about my dad…so I left her to look into it herself.

It was stupid and childish and when she called me I should have answered, but I didn’t…and now…now she’s gone. They took her and I had no clue where she was or how to get her back. I couldn’t ignore Lois’s voice anymore. I needed to hear what happened. I found my voice and when I spoke it came out hoarse.

“Lois…when…when did you find out about this?”

I could hear the anxiety in her voice when she spoke. Lois wasn’t a very emotional person…or maybe she was…but not around me… I could hear her trying to keep herself together…but she was slowly breaking down.

“She…she didn’t make it into work today…and when I went and back tracked where she was going…”

I heard her voice break off into a small sob.

“God Clark…I found her phone and a torn up piece of her shirt…there was…there was blood on it…”

I felt my body tense as my hand balled into a taut fist. I felt my breathing speed up as anger built inside me. How dare they…I don’t care who they think they are if they hurt one hair on Chloe’s head…I’d kill them. I wasn’t there for Chloe when they took her and I’ll never forgive myself for that…but ‘d be there for her now…I will get her back…

I felt power swell within me and anger stirred the heat inside me, making it bubble to the surface. I could feel my eyes glowing and in an attempt to control my heat vision I shut them tightly. I dropped the phone to the floor and the part that wasn’t cracked, shattered on the ground. These guys weren’t going to hurt Chloe…

I’ve been needing to get my frustrations out on something…anything. I’ve been so angry at everyone and everything…lately…but now…now I was justified in being mad. They took my best friend and god knows what they’re doing to her…

I sped out the kitchen door in a fury and headed to the Talon to see what information Lois was able to find. I was pissed. But that’s ok…Because they were about to find out what happens when you mess with the people I care about…they were gonna pay…by the time I’m finished with them…not one will be left standing…

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