July 3, 2009

In Too Deep Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning
The Following Takes Place Between 2 AM and 3 AM

Chapter 3

The security behind Jack was getting jittery and the manager walked slowly over to him.

“Mr. Bauer…please. She’s just a dancer, take it easy. We can work something out here if the girl is bothering you.”

Chloe’s head whipped over to the manager and glared before turning back to Jack with her hands raised in an unthreatening manner.

“Mr. Bauer…why don’t we just go outside…and I’ll explain everything…please…”

He watched her closely. Jack has always been a hard ass, but there was something about this girl that made him want to trust her. He lowered his gun slowly, but didn’t put it away. He jerked his head in the direction of the door.

“Fine. Outside.”

Chloe nodded and started walking to the door with Jack following closely behind her. The music started up again as they made their way outside into the cool Metropolis night air. The door slammed shut loudly and Chloe jumped, startled.

She turned so she was facing Jack and shivered slightly. Jack’s body was rigid as he waited for her to speak. When she didn’t he let his impatiens show.

“I don’t have all night. Tell me what’s going on or…”

He made a motion with the gun and Chloe started talking.

“I’m sorry…god this is such a big mess. My name is Chloe…Chloe Sullivan. I’m a friend of Clark Kent’s.”

Confusion crossed Jacks face as he looked at Chloe.


She gave Jack a sheepish smile.

“Yeah, more importantly I’m his friend that works at the Daily Planet…you know…”

Jack cut her off.

“The main newspaper in town?”


“And you’re moonlighting as a stripper why?”

She motioned in his direction.

“You told Clark you wouldn’t give me the interview…and well you don’t know my editor…he really wants this story. I didn’t mean to...well…I didn’t think you’d hold me at gun point jeez. It’s just an interview. I’ve seen you on television before…I’m not even asking for that much. Just answer a couple of questions.”

By the end of her tirade, Chloe had her hands on her hips, a raised eyebrow, and irritation on her face. Jack watched as a couple of pieces of stray blonde hair twirled around the angry blondes face as a slight breeze blew.

He stood there thinking…wow she is aggravated with me…this girl has some case…He shook his head and watched as her body shivered again. He put the gun back in his holster, took his jacket off and walked toward her.

When he was about a foot or two in front of Chloe he placed the jacket around her shoulders.

“You’re cold.”

She glared at him.

“You think…really? Could it be because I’m standing outside in a tiny little scrap of black silk?”

The corner of Jack’s mouth turned up at the corner.

“That could be the reason.”

Chloe did a double take when she noticed the slight smirk on his face. She jabbed a finger into his chest.

“Are you laughing at me Jack Bauer?”

“What are you going to do if I am?”

She opened her mouth, closed it and glowered at him.

“It’s not funny. I’m freezing out here…I just danced on a stage in front of at least 20 men in next to nothing…I degraded myself…flirted with you mercilessly…and caused a scene…I refuse to go home empty handed!”

She stomped her four inch stiletto on the ground and Jack smiled. This girl is absolutely infuriating…and incredibly sexy, thought Jack. Chloe was about to start another round of ranting when Jack moved toward her, jerked her body against his and kissed her.

When he finally pulled away her hands were on his shoulders, his were at her waist and she was quiet. It took her a minute to open her eyes. When she did she stared at Jack speechless. He let himself smile.

“Nothing else to say?”

“I don’t even know…what was that?”

Her hands moved when he shrugged his shoulders.

“You wouldn’t shut up. It was either that or put a bullet in you and well…I’d hate to ruin that face.”

Chloe’s cheeks flushed lightly and she looked down for a minute before glancing back up at Jack. She cleared her throat.

“So…does this mean I can have the interview?”

Chloe needed something to focus on that wasn’t Jack’s lips. Distracting him and herself with an interview would be a good idea.

“No, it doesn’t mean you can have an interview.”

Chloe moved away from his hands and folded her arms across her chest, unknowingly pushing more cleavage out of her lingerie. Jack swallowed hard…he noticed.


She shook her head.

“Well if you aren’t going to help me out then I might as well leave.”

She started walking away from the club and Jack waited less then ten seconds before following her. He called out.

“Hey…you can’t just walk around the street like that at night.”

She didn’t even turn around.

“I’ll be fine.”

He caught up with her and grasped her arm lightly. She stopped and looked at his hand on her arm before turning to face him.


“Let me at least drive you home.”

“I have a car.”

He nodded. Of course she had a car.

“Well then I’ll walk you to it. If you really are a friend of Clark and the senator I’m sure they’d be upset if anything happened to you.”

Chloe pressed her lips together and made a face.


They walked down the block in silence. Chloe stopped and Jack followed her lead. She took out her keys and fiddled with them as she stood there.

“This is me.”

He nodded, but didn’t move. Chloe wasn’t sure what to do so she turned around to open the door and as she did she heard Jacks low voice.


She turned, thinking maybe he had changed his mind about the interview. He moved in until he heard her body hit the car door. She raised an eyebrow, but before she could say anything his lips were on hers again. It took a second before Chloe responded.

Her arms came up and she wound them around his neck. One of his hands slid against her cheek, behind her ear and pulled her head up toward his mouth as the other slid down to her waist. He pushed into her so her body was sandwiched between him and the car.

They broke apart and Jack leaned his head against Chloe’s so they could catch their breath. Chloe was floored. The sensations rushing through her body were incredible. What the hell is this feeling that he’s somehow managed to give me with a simple kiss, thought Chloe.

Okay, maybe not a simple kiss, but still how did he make her whole body tingle. Jack moved his head and started kissing her again. His tongue delved into her mouth as he deepened the kiss. His touch was gentle…and hot. Chloe’s hands flew to the hem of his t-shirt and she pushed it up slightly, trailing her hands softly over his chest. Jack moved away from her lips with cloudy eyes.

He moved his hands under his shirt and pulled her hands away. She looked in his eyes questioningly when he grunted, cupped her face, and claimed her lips once more. Chloe let her hands travel to his back. Jack was devouring her lips as she plastered her body to his. He could feel her nipples straining against their silk confines against his chest and he groaned.

He slipped a hand down, sliding it over her silk clad body until he was cupping her breast. Jack moved his head and leaned toward her neck. He opened his mouth, attached his lips to her pulse point, and sucked hard. Chloe’s reaction was instantaneous. She arched her body towards him, pressing her chest closer to his, and pushing her breast into his palm insistently.

Jack grazed his thumb over her nipple and Chloe’s eyes closed as her head titled back to give him better access.

“Ohh god…Mmmm”

Jack grinned against her neck when he heard her soft moan. His hands travelled up to her shoulders and he pushed his jacket off of them. Chloe helped him by lifting her body away from the car long enough for the jacket to be caught around her back.

When Jack ran his hands over her naked shoulders he felt her body shiver. He glanced up at her face and remembered that they were outside against her car in the middle of the night and she wasn’t wearing much.

He couldn’t ignore her shivers as Chloe pulled him closer. He pulled back slightly and spoke in a gruff voice.

“You're cold.”

Chloe wanted to deny it, she was too comfortable in Jack’s arms, but it was obvious that she was cold and they were in the middle of downtown Metropolis. She softly nodded. He nodded, kissing her shoulder lightly as he pulled his jacket back on her shoulders.

“I’m staying at a hotel not far from here.”

She swallowed hard and nodded. Jack adjusted himself and bent down to pick up the keys that had been forgotten. He handed them to Chloe and she shook her head.

“You drive.”

He nodded. Jack bleeped the car, kissed her one more time before opening the passenger side door for her, and then getting into the car himself. He started it and they took off toward his hotel room. All the while Chloe’s sitting next to him thinking, oh god...this is really happening...and I’m letting it...


  1. Corina you tease! come back and write more please ;-p

    P.S you write Jack so well

  2. Ana-

    I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Thank you for the compliment. The funny thing is the story you requested was a challenge for me. I've never watched 24 before so I had to do some research haha.

    I watched the first 3 episodes online and also the season one finale. :-) This is also my first NC-17 Fic!

    As a writer I can't tell you how good it is to be challenged every once in a while. :-)


  3. Hee! glad to help you :-) by the way did you liked 24? or is not your thing :-)


  4. Ana-

    I actially like 24...Once I'm done with all the requests that I have I'll have to try to catch up with the last few seasons. :-) So I guess I owe you a thanks for turing me on to it.


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  6. C.

    Glad you liked 24 besides SV, this show it's my other obssesion :-)



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