July 8, 2009

In Too Deep Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Saturday Morning
The Following Takes Place Between 9 AM and 5 PM

A sliver of light Streamed through the hotel room and Chloe groaned. She turned, rolled over, and came in contact with a warm body. She froze and her eyes popped open. Her mind drifted back to the previous night’s events and she blushed.

Oh god…what time is it…I need to get out of here. Chloe wrapped one of the sheets around her body and slowly got off the bed. Jack made a face, rolled onto his stomach, and put one hand under his pillow. Chloe let out a sigh of relief and darted into the bathroom.

Twenty-five minutes later she was showered and dressed in a pair of Jack’s sweats and a button down shirt. She gathered up her panties, bra, and slip before looking for her car keys. She needed to get home, change and head off to work.

Perry was going to kill her…she still didn’t have her interview…but last night was amazing…She found her keys picked them up and went to leave. She stopped at the door, turned toward the bed and sighed. She couldn’t just leave without saying anything.

She walked back toward the bed, put all her stuff down on the night stand and looked around for a pad of paper and a pen. She wrote a note for Jack and left it on his pillow before picking up her things and heading out. Chloe made the trip to Smallville in record time.

She changed into a Green silk shirt, a black pencil skirt, and three inch black heels. She put on some make-up grabbed her jacket and bag and headed back to Metropolis. She reached the Planet by 12:30. She was holding her jacket in her hand as she walked toward her desk.

She opened the door to the news room and froze halfway inside. There, next to her desk was Clark with a cup of coffee and standing with him was Jack. They were talking and laughing and Chloe felt the breath rush out of her.

Her heart started to beat erratically and she saw Clark frown and turn in her direction. Chloe tried to act calm. She lifted her hand and gave them a slight wave as she forced her feet to move. She cleared her throat and smiled as she stopped in front of them.

“Morning Clark, not that I mind the visit, but what are you doing here?”

He smiled.

“I called a couple of times last night, but there was no answer, so I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I brought you’re favorite.”

He motioned to the cup and handed it to me. Chloe grinned, took a sip, and closed her eyes as the wonderful mix of coffee, cinnamon, and foam slid down her throat. When she opened her eyes both men were staring at her.

One with a look of amusement and the other with a look of lust. She cleared her throat again and placed the cup on her desk. She looked over at Jack and finally spoke to him.

“Mr. Bauer, how are you this morning?”

Clark looked between them and raised an eyebrow. Before Jack could answer Clark spoke.

“You two know each other?”

Chloe opened her mouth to answer Clark, but Jack cut her off.

“We met last night. Miss Sullivan tracked me down…asked for an interview.”

Clark sighed.

“I’m sorry Jack; you’ll have to excuse my best friend here. She’s not very good at taking no for an answer.”

Clark turned and gave Chloe a small glare and she stuck her tongue out at him.

“I’ll have you know Clark Kent that I understand what no means…I just don’t also accept it. I feel people can be…swayed…that’s all. It’s why Perry promoted me.”

He nodded.

“I know.”

Jack chuckled at their fighting and they looked over at him. His laughter died down and he smiled before speaking.

“Actually I stopped by here to tell Miss Sullivan that I changed my mind about that interview.”

He made eye contact with Chloe before continuing.

“That is if you still want it.”

She nodded.

“I do.”

Jack glanced at his watch.

“I’m due to leave town tonight. If you have time now, I can give you about a half hour.”

“That would be great Mr. Bauer…thank you.”

His voice was soft when he spoke.

“Jack, please.”

She pointed to herself.


He nodded. Clark watched as they looked at each other and started to feel slightly uncomfortable. He cleared his throat.

“Well I should probably get going. I just wanted to make sure you were okay Chlo.”

He stuck his hand out and shook Jack’s hand.

“Thanks again Jack for making sure my mom was safe. I really appreciate it.”

He turned his attention to Clark.

“No problem Clark. I’ll see you around.”

Clark nodded, squeezed Chloe’s arm lightly and left. Jack and Chloe stood in silence for a while before she smiled and spoke.

“How’d you know how to find me?”

“As I was coming into the building I ran into Clark. He led the way.”

She nodded.

“You took off this morning.”

“I had work…I left a note.”

Jack pulled the note out of his back pocket and held it up.

“Yeah, I got it. So…”

Chloe grinned.

“The interview?”

He shook his head and chuckled as he sat down in a chair across from her desk.

“Let’s get on with it then.”

Chloe sat down grabbed a pen and a legal pad and started asking him questions. About forty-five minutes later Chloe’s interview was done. All she needed to do was put everything together. She walked Jack to the elevator and road down with him.

They made it outside and Jack sighed. Chloe frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I need to go.”

She nodded and placed a hand on his arm. He looked up at her and she tilted her head to the side.

“Listen Jack, I just want you to know that…well…I had a really good time last night and I don’t…usually just hook-up with random guys I don’t even know.”

She paused.

“There was just…”

Her voice trailed off, he cupped her cheek softly and finished her sentence.

“There was just something about you…”

She nodded.

“No worries, it’s understood. Maybe if you ever get any vacation time from your slave driver of a boss you can come visit me in L.A.”

Chloe’s smile lit up her face.

“I’d like that.”

He took out his card, pulled her against him and slipped it in the cup of her bra. His voice was right by her ear and she could feel his hot breath on her neck.

“Call me.”

She swallowed hard and nodded.

“I will.”

He pulled back slightly, cupped her face with both hands and kissed her. It took Chloe a second to respond, but when she did she deepened the kiss and wrapped her arms around him. He released her after a couple of minutes when he heard his watch beeping.

He pushed a button and looked back at her.

“I have to go.”

“I’ll see you around?”

He smirked.


She watched as Jack turned and headed down the street to his car. He got in, waved and pulled out into traffic. She sighed and made her way back upstairs. By 4:45 the article was done and she was proudly staring down on it.

She got up, walked over to Perry’s office, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

She opened the door and Perry looked up. He raised an eyebrow and Chloe handed him the papers.

“What’s this?”

“You’re Jack Bauer exclusive.”

He did a double take and then leaned back in his chair as he gave Chloe a once over. He held up the paper.

“You got the interview?”

“I did.”

“I thought you told me he wouldn’t do it.”

Chloe grinned.

“He needed a little…persuading…but he came here today and spent forty-five minutes answering all my questions. So there is your story. In time to run it for tomorrow’s addition.”

Perry was quiet and then a smile over took his face.

“Sullivan…sometimes you amaze even me. This is going to blow that other paper out of the water! Good job. See this is why I promoted you. Keep it up and you’ll be looking at another promotion soon.”

Chloe smiled and then a thought came to her. She saw Perry opening his mouth to say something so she cut him off.

“Actually chief, I was thinking…how do you feel about vacation time?”

Chloe grinned to herself. Oh yeah…she could definitely use a vacation…and she new exactly where she was going to go…


  1. God i loved this so much, love the ending so open to the possibility of a romance or relationship :-D

    This is a big A+ bb girl.

    Take care C.


  2. Ana-

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I was worried...it was not only my first NC-17 story, but my first crossover LoL...

    Yeah I left the ending like that on purpose...I was thinking if I can get around to it before the end of the summer maybe something like "Chloe Goes to LA" haha sequel! :-)

    Again thanks for the feedback and have a good one!



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