July 7, 2009

Night Off

Title: Night Off
Season: Season 1-6 and then it veers off into the “Three Minutes” universe.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the CW and the Creators of Smallville.
Couples: Chloe/Clark
Requested By: RedGigant
Category: Three Minute Universe One-Shot- Smut/Fluff

October 2008
(Chloe POV)

Chloe pulled into the driveway at the farm and sighed. She turned off the car and sat there for a couple of minutes before opening the door and heading toward the kitchen door. It’s been an incredibly long day. It is Wednesday and I hate Wednesdays.

I’ve been up since six a.m. Not only did I have class today, but I also had work at the Planet. I started at eight, left for class at noon, and then went back to the Planet at four, and worked until around six forty-five. The drive home was long and irritating.

I hit traffic and then once I finally made it into Smallville I tried to call Clark to see if he wanted me to pick up dinner, but he didn’t answer…I made my way up the steps and noticed the lack of light in the house. What’s going on here?

I frowned slightly, reached a hand out and hesitated slightly before pushing the door open and rushing inside the house. What I saw shocked me completely. There, not even five feet away from me, in the kitchen, the table was set with candles and a beautiful dinner was spread across it.

I dropped my bag by the front door and glanced around the room. I caught sight of Clark leaning against the doorframe with a warm look in his eyes and a smirk on his face. I gave him a tired smile.

“Hey there big boy…is this for me?”

I motioned to the candle light dinner. He shrugged and made his way over to me.

“Nah, it’s for my other wife. I thought I’d get your opinion on it to see if you think she’d like it.”

I slapped him lightly and his arms enveloped me. I leaned into him and I felt the stress of the day melt away. He rubbed my back putting a slight pressure on the places with the most tension. I groaned lightly.

“Mmm, that feels nice.”

I felt him grin against me.

“How was you’re day?”

I snorted.

“Tiring. Yours?”

He moved back from me and shrugged.

“It was okay I guess.”

I glanced around and noticed most of the lights in the house were off. I frowned slightly.

“Clark…where’s Jonathan?”

He smiled.

“Jonathan is with his Uncle Oliver and Aunt Lois.”

I raised an eyebrow and gave him an amused look.

“How’d you pull that one off?”

“I explained to them that we needed a night off. They were more than happy to help.”

I felt a wave of fear run through me. Clark must have seen it because he rubbed my arm lightly and spoke in a soft voice.

“Jonathan is going to be fine. He’s with Oliver and Lois and Bart, Victor and A.C. are on patrol duty at the house. He’s completely protected. I promise. I trust Oliver with him Chlo…”

He trailed off and I nodded.

“I do too…sorry…I just freaked out a little bit…I’m fine now though. Sorry it’s an involuntary reaction.”

He nodded and sighed.

“I know how bad your days are on Wednesday and…ever since…well…since Jonathan was born we haven’t really had much time to rest…or to be alone. So I thought we could use tonight…for us.”

I smiled. Who said the romance was gone once you were married? Well whoever they were…they lied…I wrapped my arms around him again and smiled.

“Have I ever told you what an amazing husband you are Clark Kent?”

He chuckled, a sly grin covered his face, and he looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Now that you mention it…you actually haven’t in a while…I propose instead of telling me though…you show me.”

I took a moment to look into his eyes and I could see them darken. Ah…my beautiful big dumb alien is missing me in several ways apparently. It took some time, but I finally got Clark to open up to me about sex. He’s always been so squeamish about the subject.

Not anymore…he was by no means Casanova…but he wasn’t the shy little farmboy I married anymore either. I grinned and spoke.

“Someone’s feeling a little frisky.”

His arms rubbed my back as he held me and I could see a mischievous glint in his eyes as he pulled me closer against him. He leaned down and kissed my neck before speaking against it. His lips were warm and his breath was hot. I closed my eyes as his low, deep voice invaded my senses.

“How hungry are you?”

I could feel as his hands kneaded my back and his lips placed feather light kisses against my shoulder. I moaned lightly. It’s been too long since I felt Clark inside me…

“Not very…”


I felt Clark’s arms tighten as he swooped down and captured my lips with his. I felt his tongue ease my lips apart and enter my mouth. I pulled myself closer to him. I kissed him back just as passionately and caressed his tongue with mine.

I felt him maneuver us so I was leaning against the wall in the kitchen with him up against me. Eventually we broke apart and I leaned my head back to catch my breath. Clark leaned back in and started kissing me hard and deep, his tongue was thrusting into my mouth exploring every crevice.

I moaned and ran my fingers through his dark hair taking the opportunity to rake my nails against his scalp. Something I discovered he liked after the first few times we slept together.

“Oh god….you feel so good Clark…”

“Mmm you too Chlo…god I love you…I’ve missed you so much…”

He whispered the words against my lips before trailing kisses down my neck and sucking furiously on the sensitive skin there. It’s been a while since Clark and I had an uninterrupted night alone together and my body was responding to him at an alarming rate. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait. I wanted him now…

I moved my hands between our bodies and started to unbutton his shirt. When it was open he moved his arms, dropped the shirt to the floor, and then wrapped them back around me. My hands moved lower and I started to unbutton his jeans. His hand came down and pushed mine away.


I reached for his pants again but he took a hand placed it on my stomach and pushed me back against the wall. I looked up into his eyes and raised an eyebrow. His deep chocolate eyes were dark and filled with lust. It was a look I haven’t seen on his face since the last time he was on Red-K.

I glanced around briefly and his voice brought my attention back to him.

“There isn’t anything there…I’m not on anything Chlo…”

His voice was soft and I swallowed hard. I opened my mouth and he placed a finger over it before speaking.

“Let me take the wheel tonight…”

I watched him closely for a couple of seconds before nodding. He moved in again and flicked the buttons on my suit jacket open. He pushed it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. He raised an eyebrow at the black corset top I wore underneath it.

I blushed lightly at his stair as his large hands reached out and started releasing the snaps on the shirt. When they were all opened he pushed the shirt open and I watched as he licked his lips. One of his hands reached out and he softly cupped my breast.

I titled my head back against the wall, moaned and arched up pushing my breast against his hand. He grinned and brushed a thumb lightly over my nipple before squeezing it hard in between his thumb and forefinger. I gasped and bit my lower lip.

“Oh god…Clark…please…”

His voice was throaty when he spoke.

“Not yet.”

He lowered his head and took one satin covered nipple in his mouth, sucking hard before nibbling lightly on the erect bud. My head banged against the wall as I let out a loud moan.

“Oh god…oh that feels so good…”

I was arching my body forward so he’d put more pressure on me, but he kept pushing me back holding me in place with one hand. I groaned in frustration and my voice came out with slight irritation.

“Clark stop messing…”

My voice was cut off when he twisted my nipple hard. I hissed from the mixture of pleasure and pain. I have no idea what has gotten into Clark…but is it bad that I like it? He never takes control like this…and it was turning me on.

I felt a slight pop at my back and realised it was my bra clasp being released. He pulled it from me and tossed it aside before reaching out with both hands, palming and kneading my naked breasts. He leaned in and gave me a searing kiss before bending his head and taking a nipple into his mouth.

“Ohhh Clark…yes…mmmhh”

I felt him grin around my breast and my hands flew to his head to hold him in place. He sucked hard as he twirled the tip of his tongue around this nipple in his mouth sending shockwaves through my entire body. I mumbled as my eyes slid shut.

“Uhhh…feels soo good…don’t stop…”

Just when I thought the feelings he was stirring in me couldn’t get any better he ran one of his hands down my side and pushed my knee length skirt up as he brought one of my legs around his hip. I let out a deep moan when he pressed his body against mine.

I could feel the bulge in his pants as he rubbed against me slowly. When he heard my gasp he released the nipple in his mouth with a pop and spoke in a low voice.

“You like that Chlo?”

I nodded and tried to move closer to him, but he held me tightly enough that he controlled the movement. I groaned.

“Please Clark…”

“Please what?”

I let out a frustrated sigh.

“Touch me!”

Clark Slowly slid his hand along my leg that was on the floor and pulled up the other side of my skirt so it was bunch up around my waist. He slowly slid his hand up my thigh then slid it down again. He repeated the action but this time came up my inner thigh, even slower, taunting my sensitive skin.

I bit my bottom lip hard and couldn’t help moving my body slightly. He is driving me crazy…if he doesn’t touch me soon I might just die…When I felt Clark’s fingers almost brush my centre, I cried out with an irritated groan.

Clark chuckled and I frowned at him. The frown left my face when I felt his fingers against my satin panties. He gathered the material by my hip and pulled. They fell to the floor and as I glanced down I felt his fingers caress me intimately. I tilted my head back and let out a loud moan as he slid one long finger along my slit, and inside me while brushing his thumb against my clit, taunting me.

“Oh Clark…yeees…faster…”

My eyes were shut tightly as I panted in his arms…this is ridiculous…and I’m loving every second of it…

(Clark POV)

I watched as her body arched up, she bit into her swollen and thoroughly kissed lips, and her nipples peaked out as her face tightened with concentration. God…I don’t think there is anything more beautiful in the world…

I felt her hips start to follow the rhythm of my finger and I quickly pressed a hand against her stomach and stopped her from moving. I heard a whine of protest come from her mouth, but I ignored it. This is my night tonight…we’re gonna do things my way…

I felt her move her legs slightly apart and I had to fight the grin on my face. She was dripping all over my hand…I slowly slid my middle finger inside of her and I heard her heartbeat quicken.

“Oh god…more…”

I ignored her and kept my fingers still inside her. I could see frustration cover her face as her eyes opened and she begged me in a needy voice that I’ve never heard from her before.

“Please Clark…please…I need more…”

I made eye contact with her and slowly began to thrust my fingers in and out, in long and deep strokes. I picked up the pace slightly and the next time my fingers plunged back in I curved them slightly and massaged her as I brought my thumb over and rubbed her clit.

She let out a guttural moan and I hardened even more inside my pants.

“Ohhhh yes…yes…more…please…”

Her nails dug into my arms and that spurred me on. When I pulled my fingers out they were full of her juices. I added two more fingers and thrust all four inside her in one quick move. Her mouth formed a wordless ‘O’ and I felt her inner muscles contracting around my fingers.

I didn’t give her any time to adjust. I started a fast rhythm of sliding them out and plunging them back in. I felt her moving her hips again and I glanced up at her face. She was close…I took my thumb and started rubbing her clit in fast circles while pumping my fingers in and out.

“Yes Clark…oh god…I’m almost there…yes…faster…faster…”

I complied and not even a minute later Chloe was screaming, head thrown back, body arched, chest flushed and heaving as she came around my fingers. I felt her muscles quivering, clenching and squeezing around my fingers. I can’t take it any more I need to be inside her…

I unbuckled my pants pushed them and my boxers down slightly, before pushing Chloe’s body back against the wall and attacking her lips. Her arms came back around my neck as I hoisted her other leg over my hip and pinned her between me and the wall.

I kissed her neck and then moved lower taking her nipple back into my mouth and dropping one of my hands between her legs. I felt a new wave of moisture and I heard myself groan. I let her nipple go with a pop, moved my mouth back to her neck, and sucked hard. I moved my hand up, grabbed her thigh and entered her in one powerful, deep thrust.


Chloe cried out and arched her back, brushing her hardened nipples against my chest. God she’s tight...and warm...I held onto her tightly as I slid in and out of her in wild, deep, hard thrusts. I switched angles, spread her legs wider, and squeezed her ass harder as I thrust deeper inside of her.

“Mmm Chlo…you’re so tight…you feel amazing…”

“Oh god…yes…yes…harder…”

I tightened my grip and plunged harder. I heard her body slapping against the wall with each thrust and it turned me on even more. This is going to leave a mark…When I felt her walls starting to clench around me, I grunted and pulled out of her.

“No! Clark…I was so close…”

It took all my will power not to plunge back into her warm heat. I lifted her, and within seconds I had her pushed over the kitchen table on her stomach as I entered her from behind with a hard thrust. Chloe’s back arched like a cat as she let out a loud moaning wail.

“Ohhh good YES! It feels so good…harder Clark…”

I reached one hand up and started pinching and teasing her nipple as my other hand clasped her hip. I looked down and watched myself pumping in and out of her tight hole. I could see my dick slick and glistening with our combined juices and it made me thrust harder.

I took my hand from her breast and moved all the way down to her body. When I reached my destination I started to rub her clit furiously adding a little bit of super speed for fun. She was pushing back against me wildly meeting me thrust for thrust. God she’s hot…

“Yes…yes…yes…mmmhh…oh yeah….oh god…I’m gonna come…”

Yeah…so was I…I sped up my thrusts and the finger on her clit. I heard her let out a loud scream as her muscles clenched around me repeatedly milking me for all she was worth. I felt myself spasm as I called out her name.

“Shit…Chloe….oh god…”

I plunged into her two more times before exploding inside her. I collapsed against her so I could catch my breath. Wow...Sex with Chloe has always been amazing…but it’s never been like that before…I moved my weight off of her after a couple of seconds not wanting to hurt her.

She was resting against the table. I pulled out of her and watched come leak out of her. I groaned at the sight. God that’s hot…it took her a minute but she stood slowly, pushed her skirt down, and turned to face me. I bent down picked up my shirt and handed it to her.

She put it on, buttoned a few buttons and stared at me with a slight smirk on her face.


I laughed.

“Wow is right…that was…amazing Chlo…”

She nodded.

“Tell me about it big boy…what in gods name got into you?”

I blushed slightly and shrugged.

“I don’t know…I just…wanted to try something new…it felt…right.”

“Oh it was right alright…”

She laughed and I rubbed the back of my neck while glancing at the messed up kitchen table. I frowned.

“I guess I sort of messed up dinner huh?”

She turned and looked at the table. Things were spilt, food was squashed, and I must have blow out the candle with my breathing when we were over there. She turned back to me and shrugged.

“This was better then food…”

I nodded. We got some paper towels and cleaned up the table before standing around quietly. Chloe moved over and stroked my arm lightly.

“When do we need to pick up Jonathan?”

“Lois and Oliver said they’d watch him for the night…I can get him in the morning before we leave for school.”

She nodded and I watched as a mischievous glint lit up her face. A smirk slid onto her face as she started moving to the stairs.

“Hmm in that case I think I’ll get cleaned up…”

She started walking and halfway up the stairs she stopped and spoke without turning around.

“I could probably use some help washing my back…if you’re interested…”

She let her sentence trail off and she walked up the rest of the way. My mouth dropped open as I started at the empty space on the stairs. My god she’s insatiable…I love that woman…I glanced at the table and shrugged. Oh well, we can always eat dinner later…I called up the stairs and I took them two at a time.

“Wait up Chlo!”

This is the best night off ever…

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  1. Hey, GOOD JOB Just an amazing story. I like so much see Clark so interested in Chloe...she deserves his attention.

    I love that they are so happy to be together. And that Clark want give Chloe a memorable night off. I think that all the stress of Chloe's day vanished in a second.

    "Who said the romance was gone once you were married?" Obviously not for them! I like that Chloe thought it.

    I think you wrote from you heart. Really they are and amazing couple and deserves be together.

    I can see your Chlark heart was in place after a the deceiving season. Long life to the "Tree Minutues" universe...Chloe is so happy in it.

    I read it at 6AM to be the first to comment!




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