September 19, 2009

Chalkboards and Dust

Title: Chalk Boards and Dust
Season: Season 1-3
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the CW and the Creators of Smallville, but what I wouldn’t do if I owned Clark, Lex or Oliver ;-)
Couples: Chloe/Clark Friendship
Edited By:dh1031
Category: One-shot, humor

(Chloe POV)


“Chloe you should really do that over the bag…”

His voice trailed off and I felt my nose start to itch as the small room filled with dust. I scrunched my nose and my face creased.


“Chloe…you’re gonna…”


My head slammed forward from the force of the sneeze and Clark frowned and tilted his head to the side to try and see my face.

“I told you, you shouldn’t bang them like that.”

I brought my head back up and flicked my hand back and forth making the heavy chalk dust dissipate. His eyebrow was raised and I glared at him.

“Do not talk to me Clark Kent…this is your fault.”

His brows furrowed and a look of confusion passed over his face as he moved the two erasers he was holding into one hand so he could point to himself.

“My fault? How is this my fault? It was your idea to ‘investigate’ the teachers lounge to uncover ‘the truth’ about what teachers really do in their spare time. I’m the one who said there wasn’t a story there. All they do is sit there, drink coffee, and complain about students.”

His tone irritated me. My eyes turned into slits as I pointed and advanced on him. I saw him swallow hard and take a step back for each step I took forward.

“It’s your fault because you’re the doofus who got us caught. When I say to you ‘Clark you’re the look out, make sure no teachers are coming’ I expect you to be the look out!”

I threw my hands up in the air before pointed them back at him and poking him in the chest.

“Instead, who knows what you were looking at? Probably channeling ET or some other alien race or fantasizing about the perfect Lana Lang…argh…”

I poked him in the chest again.

“This,” poke “is not,” poke “how,” poke “I wanted,” poke “To spend,” poke “my,” poke “first day,” poke “back,” poke “at school!”

He was backed up against the wall and I don’t doubt that he could feel my glare boring into his very core. He winced, placed a hand on my shoulder, and pushed me back gently. He glanced down at himself and I saw his shoulders sag slightly.

I frowned. Oh please…there’s no way…I hurt him. Why does he have his lost puppy face on? I glanced down at his shirt and I pursed my lips together. I turned toward my hands and looked at them. Opps…I uh guess I forgot that I’m still holding the erasers…

I watched as Clark waved his hand in front of him to get rid of the cloud of dust I’d created around him. He looked up at me and I held my hands behind my back and gave him a large grin. I let out a nervous chuckle.


Hmm…well if he thinks I’m apologizing he’s got another thing coming…after all this is his fault…

(Clark POV)

I stood there glancing between my chalk covered shirt and Chloe, who was standing there, arms behind her back, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet with an innocent grin on her face. There are a lot of words I’d use to describe Chloe…but innocent isn’t one of them.

She always drags me into these crazy schemes of hers and then gets angry with me when we get in trouble. Because somehow it’s always my fault…I guess if I’m being honest with myself it is slightly my fault because even though I know something’s going to go wrong…because it always does…I still let her drag me along for the ride…

I sighed and my shoulders sagged slightly. I looked back at her and her voice echoed in the small room.


There was a warning tone in my voice when I spoke.


She cut me off and her hands came out from behind her back and moved around every which way as she spoke.

“It’s not my fault Clark! I can’t help it that I talk with my hands…its…it’s like hereditary or something…and it’s not my fault we’re here banging erasers on the first day of school. I mean jeez…who even knew they still made students do that?”

The expression on her face was priceless. No one I know aside from Chloe can go through so many different sets of emotions in such a short amount of time. And come to think of it…it’s possible that us getting caught was slightly my fault.

She did ask me to be the look out…and I was looking…just not at the door. I was looking at her. Ever since she was infected with that parasite a while back…I’ve been sort of seeing her in a different light…a very different light.

So yeah, I might not have seen the teacher coming because I was too busy checking Chloe out, but if Chloe didn’t make us sneak in, in the first place the teacher wouldn’t have found us. So in my eyes it’s both our faults…

A loud thump and a slight pressure on my chest knocked me out of my thoughts. I frowned and glanced up. Chloe was standing there with one hand on her waist, an eraser in her other hand and a glare on her face.

“Have you heard anything I’ve been saying Clark?”

I don’t think no is the appropriate answer.



She tossed the other eraser in my direction and I ducked out of the way. This has gotta stop. I straightened back up and returned her glare.

“Would you cut it out?”


She went to the blackboard and picked up another eraser. She chucked it in my direction and I moved out of the way. It barely missed my head. Fine…two can play this game. I walked over to the other side, grabbed an eraser and tossed it at her lightly.

It slammed into her hip and her mouth opened wide in shock. She looked at her hip then at me.

“Did you just throw an eraser at me?”

I nodded.

“You threw one at me first…two if you want to get technical.”

“Do you realize what you just did?”

I swallowed hard at the look in her eyes. Uh oh…that’s not a good look…I put up a hand and took a step back.

“Now Chloe…”

Before I could get another word out another eraser flew at me. I moved and squatted behind the teacher’s desk before taking an eraser and reciprocating in kind. For the next ten minutes Chloe and I threw erasers back and forth slowly covering the room in dust and chalk.


I fell and landed on my back on the floor two seconds later I heard a soft ‘oomph’ and felt a slight weight on my chest. I looked up and Chloe was on top of me. A loud voice boomed through the room.

“What is going on here?”

Chloe scrambled off me and I lifted myself up once she was standing. We stood there looking at Mr. Singer with guilty expressions on our faces. He glanced around the room before his angry eyes made contact with ours. He pointed.

“What happened here? Why are the two of you covered in chalk?”

I glanced down at myself and then at Chloe before rubbing my neck. Chloe looked at me and then back at Mr. Singer.

“Well Mr. Singer, we were banging out the erasers…and I slipped…and fell into the garbage container we were using to collect the dust from them…and then Clark tried to help me up and he slipped?”

The end of the statement came out as a question and I had to keep myself from laughing. He raised an eyebrow at us.

“Nice try Miss Sullivan. You and Mr. Kent will be staying to clean up this classroom and then I will see you both this Saturday.”

Chloe frowned.


He nodded.

“Detention…and no more horsing around.”

He gave the classroom one more glace over before shaking his head and walking out the door. Chloe groaned and turned to me with a pout on her face.

“How is it that we managed to get detention on the first day back at school?”

I grinned.

“Because I listen to you.”

She slapped me playfully before looking around the room.

“Yeah well, maybe next time you’ll actually be a look out when I tell you too. Come on Kent, we have work to do.”

She started picking up the erasers and straightening things up. I smiled. Chloe might be a little extreme sometimes and I do manage to get in a lot of trouble when the two of us are together…but despite the teacher lounge break in, banging erasers, and getting detention…this has been the best first day of school ever…

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