October 11, 2009

A Family is Born Chapter (6/13)

Chapter 7

Chapter 6
“The Summer Of Our Discontent”
(Amy POV)

I buckled John into his seat as I waited on Ricky. For once I wasn’t running late. I was dressed, my hair actually looked decent and I actually got more than an hour of sleep last night. I noticed John’s shirt was pushed up so I leaned over and fixed his outfit as my mom walked into the kitchen.

She smiled as she came around the counter.

“You ready for the last day of school?”

I smiled.

“Yeah, except for sending my boyfriend off to the oral sex capital of the world.”

I sighed and she shook her head good naturedly.

“Amy that’s ridiculous and you know it. I’m sorry you can’t go with him, but you have to work.”

I nodded.

“At least I’ll get to sleep in. I really need some sleep.”

She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Well, if you don’t have school then you have to go to the church nursery and work. You’re not limited to after school hours during the summer. That’s not what you were thinking is it?”

I felt my good mood falter as my shoulders slumped.


“Come on Amy, you have the whole day and you owe them.”

Before I could say anything the kitchen door opened and Ashley walked in.

“Hey, dad said to give me a ride to school. He’s taking the scenic route to work on his bike.”

My mom nodded.

“Yeah, he told me. You know he could have dropped you off and then come back and gotten his bike. What happened to the idea of you and your father being self-sufficient?”

She laughed lightly and I rolled my eyes as Ashley spoke.

“The road to hell and all that…”

“I’m just happy that he’s responsible enough not to put you on the back of his bike.”

She walked away and Ashley and I looked at each other with small smiles. That’s not exactly true…There was a knock on the door and then it opened. Ashley and I turned and Ricky nodded. He glanced at me and then Ashley.

“Morning, hey Ashley.”


He came over to the counter and I moved over so he could get to John.

“Hey there little buddy…has he been sleeping long?”

I shook my head.

“For about a half hour. You sure you don’t mind taking him this morning?”

“No, not at all.”

I opened my mouth, but before I could say anything my mom called out to me and Ashley as she made her way back into the kitchen.

“Come on guys, we have to hustle if we need to take John, then get Ashley to her school before I drop you off Amy…oh hi Ricky.”

He smiled.

“Morning Mrs. Juergens.”

I cleared my throat.

“Ricky’s taking John this morning, so you just need to take me and Ashley.”

“Oh, alright. Well let’s go then or Ashley’s gonna be late.”

We all walked out together and I helped Ricky get John’s car seat in the car. Ricky buckled him in and when he moved away I leaned into the car and gave him a kiss on the head.

“By baby…I love you.”

I moved away from the car and I saw Ricky grinning at me. I raised an eyebrow.


“You know…that’s the first time I’ve heard you tell John you love him. I’m not saying you don’t say it so don’t get defensive…I’m just saying it’s the first time I heard it.”

I nodded.

“I don’t say it as much as I should…thanks again for taking him this morning.”

“No problem. I’ll see you at school.”

I nodded and watched as he drove down the street. I got into the car with my mom and Ashley and we headed to school. The last day of the year…thank god…


I was switching out my books at my locker when Madison came around the corner looking giddy. She grinned.

“Did you see the year book?”


I reached up to grab a pencil and she frowned.

“Well they gave them out in homeroom.”

I shrugged and gave her a small smile.

“I was late.”

Lauren walked up toward us carrying a year book. She handed it to me.

“Here I have yours. Where were you?”

Are they stupid? I took the book from her.

“We had to drop Ashley off at school today and got caught in some traffic.”

They nodded and then Madison turned her book around so I could see it.

“Well, look at the annual. Tell me what you think…I think I did a really good job. I’m especially proud of my write up on the drama club.”

I smiled, glanced over the page, turned it and the smile left my face. How could she let this picture go in the year book? There goes my good mood. I look up and my voice came out angry when I spoke.

“How did this get in here?”

She glanced down at the picture before looking back up at me.

“I don’t know…someone took a picture of you and then put it in the layout.”

Lauren gut her off.

“She means how did you let it get in there.”

“I don’t have the power to veto anything and why would I? I mean freshmen never get showcased like that…”

“Madison…are you…”

I cut her off. Right…because I really want to be remembered like that…

“Now I’m going to be remembered for the rest of my life as the pregnant girl…”

“But you…”

“Don’t want to be remembered as the pregnant girl.”

“Of course not…”

I looked at Lauren.

“You’re not helping.”

I slammed my locker shut before turning to them and raising my voice.

“All anyone is ever gonna remember about me is that I was the pregnant girl!”

I walked away from them and didn’t look back. I can’t believe this…the day just started an already my mood is ruined…

(Adrian POV)

I watched as Ricky signed some girls year book and then smiled at her as she bounced away. I rolled my eyes to myself before walking up next to him and smiling. He’s been spending less and less time with me lately and it’s really starting to bother me…

“Hey, how’s the new place?”

“I got it all cleaned up and I’m just about all moved in. Tonight’s the first night I’ll be staying there.”

I grinned.

“I know…want me to come over?”

I watched the smile leave his face as he gave me a hesitant look before he could say anything I spoke again.

“I can tell my parents I’m staying at Grace’s house.”

“I don’t know Adrian…I’d kinda like to get settled before…”


“Before I have any company.”

I laughed.

“Well, I’m not company, am I? Besides I…I wanna give you a proper housewarming present.”

“We’ll see…”

I raised an eyebrow. What is he playing at. I’ve barely seen him in the past few weeks, he’s been complaining how we’ve had no alone time and what…now he doesn’t want me to come over so we can have sex…I knew him getting his own place was a bad idea…

“We’ll see?”

“Yeah, we’ll see.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means…we’ll see.”

I glared at him lightly.

“I thought you got your own apartment so we’d have a place to be alone.”

He shook his head and sighed.

“I got my own apartment because I’m a responsible guy with a kid now.”

I laughed. Ricky responsible…please. He furrowed his brows.

“I’m serious.”


“Why you laughing? Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m sorry it’s just that you sound so earnest.”

“And that’s a bad thing? Being earnest?”

“No, but even a guy who’s earnest about being responsible and taking care of his son wants sex. Let me come over tonight…”

“We’ll see.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever Ricky.”

I walked away and didn’t bother looking back. Something is going on with him and I’m not sure what it is. He’s been spending more time with Amy and I don’t like that one bit…He says he doesn’t like her and he isn’t attracted to her…but I know better.

They have a son together…once they realize that working together can make their lives easier…and he realizes that being with the mother of his child is what he really wants…I’m gonna loose him and I can’t let that happen…I love Ricky…

(Ben POV)

I spotted Amy walking down the hallway and I jogged to catch up with her.

“Hey, hey I was looking for you.”

She turned around and I could see the irritation on her face. Great…is she really going to be in a mood like this on my last day here?

“I wanted to make plans for tonight and I have so much to tell you…and it’s my last night here…you know…”

She nodded.

“Yeah I know. So do you wanna just say goodbye now?”

I frowned.

“Amy…I wanted to take you out somewhere.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

“Well then I ah…can come over.”

She shook her head.

“That’s okay.”

What is her problem? I sighed.

“Please don’t make me feel guilty for going.”

Her face was blank, but I could hear a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

“Oh you don’t have to feel guilty. I couldn’t go even if I could. I have summer school…I have incompletes in half of my classes so you’re off the hook for never wanting me to go with you in the first place.”

She took a deep breath and continued.

“So go Ben, go and have your fun while I stay here and have the worst summer that anyone has ever had.”

I hate when she acts like this. She’s doing a great job of not making me feel guilty. I gave her a sympathetic look.

“Let me come by tonight. I’m gonna be gone for almost three months…I’m really gonna miss you.”

Her face softened slightly.

“I’m gonna miss you too, but I don’t want to make too much of a big deal out of this so…let’s just say good bye now.”

She smiled.

“Goodbye Ben, have a nice trip.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I can’t just leave it like that; I can’t just leave with a have a nice trip.”

She crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m sorry Ben, but that’s all I can give you.”

I looked at her and she sighed.

“I know you deserve more…I know I deserve more, but right now that’s the best I can do.”

I stood there and she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I can’t believe she’s going to let me leave like this…Her voice was so soft I almost missed it.

“See ya.”

She turned to walk away and I stood there flabbergasted. Before I could say anything she turned back around quickly, grabbed my year book and tour out the picture of her. She handed me back the book, folded up the picture and held it up as she spoke.

I could see the tears in her eyes.

“I don’t want you to remember me like this. I don’t want you to show it to people in Italy and say, that’s my girlfriend…the pregnant girl.”

She turned around and I watched her walk away. She’s never going to get that I don’t see her that way…that to me she’s not ‘the pregnant’ girl. I love Amy…I do, but at this point I don’t know how much more of this relationship I can take…

(Ricky POV)

I saw Amy walking down the hallway as she slipped something into her purse. When I picked John up this morning I completely forgot to ask her if he could stay at the new apartment with me tonight. I called out to her as I walked over.


She turned around and I could tell she wasn’t in a good mood. She gave me a slight glare.

“What do you want?”

My brows furrowed in confusion as I spoke.


She crossed her arms in a defensive posture. I sighed. Here go the walls coming up.

“What do you want?”

“Tonight is my first night in my apartment and I wanna have John stay with me.

She gave me a knowing look.

“Oh, I see…is this something you and Ben cooked up so we can have our big goodbye date? Because it’s not happening…we just said goodbye.”

I made a face. Why would I help Ben so he could go out with Amy? There was anger in my voice when I spoke.

“No, it’s not something Ben and I cooked up I just want to have my son with me when I spend my first night in my apartment. It’s a big deal for me. It’s a big step I’m making and I’m making it because of John. So I thought it’d be nice to have him there.”

“It’s always about you isn’t it?”

I frowned. Where is this coming from? I thought Amy and I were good. Things were fine this morning…something must have happened.

“No…it’s not. What’s with you?”

She looked away from me and I saw her eyes brim with tears as she spoke.

“I can’t go anywhere or do anything anyone else is doing because I have a baby. Our baby and I have summer school and work and my boyfriend is going to Italy for the summer and my parents are getting divorced and my mother is having a baby…that’s what’s wrong with me.”

I sighed and put my hands in my pockets. So she has summer school and guess I finding that out plus everything else is overwhelming her…my voice was softer this time as the anger left my body.

“I know Amy, and I’m sorry, but I think your mom is happy about the baby and the divorce and she’s with a really nice guy and who cares if Ben’s going to Italy. He’ll be back and maybe he’ll grow up a little, but he’s not gonna have sex so don’t even worry about it. You know he loves you.”

I paused and she shrugged slightly and looked down as I continued.

“And you’re lucky to have a job and you’re lucky you only have to go to summer school and you didn’t drop out or loose a year of school….”

I grinned at her as she looked up at me.

“And…did you mention the year book picture?”

She rolled her eyes and groaned. My smirk widened and I nudged her lightly.

“Lighten up will ya? School is out. Come on let me take John tonight…I baby proofed the whole place. I’ve got a crib; I’ve got everything…Please.”

I saw her face soften as she looked at me.


I smiled.

“Thanks. I’ll come by after I get cleaned up from work. Hey…I know you’re upset…but things will get better…”

She nodded and the bell rang.

“Come on I’ll walk you to class.”

She shook her head.

“You don’t have to, I’m okay now. Sorry for yelling at you.”

I shrugged.

“It’s fine. Come on.”

She sighed and nodded. I glanced at her face and noticed as some of the tension ebbed away. I couldn’t help the feeling of satisfaction that surged in me. Lately Amy is always in a bad mood…and it seems like I’m the only person who can get her out of them…looks like there’s more than one thing I’m good at….


I walked down the hallway to my new apartment, took out my key, and unlocked the door. I walked inside, shut the door behind me, and put down my backpack. I glanced at my plant by the door and centered it on the table before walking inside and to my bedroom.

I opened my bedroom door and sighed to myself. What the hell is she doing here? I glanced at my bed and lying across it on her side was Adrian with a large grin on her face.

“I like it a lot.”

“How’d you get in here?”

Her smile widened.

“Well after being threatened by some woman with a meat cleaver, they guy in the back, Danny, let me in.”

She is always doing this and it’s starting to really piss me off.

“I have to get to work. I don’t have time to play.”

She stretched out leisurely on my bed and grinned.

“Fine, why don’t you get to work and then when you’re all finished with work I’ll be here waiting for you.”

I smirked. She knew how to play me alright, but it doesn’t matter…I already made plans with Amy to pick up John. As much as I like having sex with Adrian, he’s the person I want to spend my first night here with.

“That sounds like a very attractive proposition, but I can’t.”

I saw her glare in my direction as she got angry.

“Wait, what do you mean you can’t?”

“I can’t. After work I’m picking John up. He’s gonna spend the night here with me.”

She sat up and gave me a look of disbelief.

“Wait…John’s gonna be sleeping here? He’s gonna be the one you choose to be with your first night here?”

I glared at her and nodded.

“Amy agreed to it.”

She scoffed at me.

“So that’s what you meant when you said we’ll see.”

“Yeah, and that’s why I have a crib and diapers and bottles and everything else he needs, because he’s my son and I’m his father.”

I looked at her and she seemed surprised.

“Why do you seem so shocked? He’s my son Adrian. I got this place so that I could help take care of him better, so that I can give Amy a break and have a home to bring my son.”

I shook my head when she just stared at me.

“I have to get to work and you have to get off my bed.”

She glared at me, but I could see the pout on her face.

“I liked having sex in my bed.”

I shrugged.

“That’s over Adrian. I can’t come over there anymore. I’m either gonna be over at Amy’s, here, or downstairs. That’s my life now.”

The glare left her face and she looked up at me. Her voice was soft when she spoke.

“And where does that leave me Ricky?”

I sighed.

“I don’t know Adrian.”

She watched me for a few minutes before nodding, getting up, and walking out of the room. I heard the apartment door slam shut when she was gone. I don’t want to keep hurting her…I enjoy Adrian’s company…I even like her as a person…I care about her and I like the sex, but I just don’t see it going anywhere…maybe I should just cut her loose…the problem is I’m not ready to give up the sex…

(Ashley POV)

I could hear Adrian calling my name as I made my way into the house. Damn, she’s following me. She’s going to come bursting in here any minute…it’s got to be about Ricky…and I really don’t want to deal with her when it comes to him.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the table where my dad was sitting. I groaned.

“Trouble in river city…”

He glanced up at me with a confused look.


“When I was taking the garbage out I saw Adrian parked on the street and she’s heading this way.”

Right as I said that there was a knock on the door and my dad and I looked in that direction. I looked back at my dad and spoke.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I walked over and opened the door for her. She walked in and shut it behind her as she moved toward me with an intimidating look on her face. I moved back.

“I called to you…you didn’t hear me?”


She rolled her eyes.

“Look I would have knocked on the front door, but I saw you going up the driveway and…”

I gave her a tight smile and shook my head.

“I’m sorry did you say something? I have an ear infection…”

I pointed to my dad.

“That’s my dad…did you want to speak with him?”

She smiled and nodded. I nodded and moved toward the steps. I made like I was going upstairs, but hid on the steps and listened.

“Hi George.”

“Long time no see. What brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“I like this neck of the woods. Whatever that means.”

“Spying on Ricky is that it?”

“No, I’m not spying on Ricky…Ricky’s at work. He’s at the butcher shop…oh and he just got an apartment over the butcher shop.”

“Yeah, I heard about that. Bad news for both of us huh?”

“How so?”

“Too much privacy.”

“Speaking of which are you selling your house? Are you moving back in with your wife?”

Oh my god….why would she even ask that? We just moved in here…why would dad be selling it?

“Why would you…where would you…”

She cut him off.

“I heard she’s with child.”

“Everyone’s heard she’s with child…so?”

“So…I heard it’s your child.”

I knew it!

“Where would you hear something like that?”

“It’s the word on the street.”

“Well you’re hanging out on the wrong street. I got my pipes replummed, the kids not mine. Why would I move in with my soon to be ex-wife to raise another mans baby?”

“Because you’re lying about that…about your pipes. It’s your baby…”

I listened, but there was a pause in conversation and then I heard my dad’s voice again.


“Look don’t blame her she just lost her father. She can’t keep a secret like that. Not right now anyway.”

“I know, I know, but that’s no reason for the two of us to be talking about my inner workings.”

“Alright here’s the deal. My parents are kinda getting back together. They’re not getting married, but they wanna live together like they are married.”


“Yeah, you heard about that right?”

“No I didn’t hear about that.”

“Oh, yeah so forget about my mom.”


“…and sell us your house. The condo is way too small for the two of them and me.”

“And Ricky…”

She didn’t answer, but she didn’t need to. I know how Adrian works…


“Hey I don’t know what you got against Ricky…cause you’re Ricky now…”

Oh god she’s right…I listened as dad told her he’d think about it and walked her to the door. When I heard it close I came down the stairs and glared at him. He gave me an innocent look and sat back down in front of the divorce papers my mom served him with this morning.

“She’s right. You are Ricky and it’s gone too far. You know you have to tell mom.”

“I don’t know if there’s anything to tell her. We really can’t be sure about anything.”

“Then tell her that, because right now she’s sure you cut your pipes.”

“I know, I know.”

I frowned at him and lowered my voice.

“Eventually Amy’s going to know I’m covering for you. I’m lying dad…I hate lying. You wouldn’t believe the stories I’ve had to spin to keep your little secret a secret.”

He looked up at me.

“And I thank you for that.”

I was angry again.

“Oh don’t thank me! I wasn’t doing it to make your life easier. I was doing it so you could figure out whatever it is you need to figure and then let mom know what’s going on. So let her know what’s going on. You know it’s time to come clean and be a man, because if you won’t be a man I will.”

“I’m gonna be a man…I just have to figure out when.”

I shook my head. Doesn’t he get how serious this is? He glanced at me and I know he sees the emotion on my face.

“What’s gotten into you?”

I reached down grabbed the divorce papers and held them in front of his face before slamming them back down on the table.

“Oh what’s gotten into you? Divorce dad? Look I get the whole being separated and living next door thing I really do. I mean this has been an adventure for both of us, but a divorce when you know it’s your baby…”

“I don’t know…not for sure.”

“Yes you do and a divorce is officially sending mom on her way and pushing her to another man she might not want to be pushed to if she just had that one very important piece of information that the baby is or could be or is most likely yours.”

I plopped down in a chair next to him and took a minute to calm down. I lowered my voice and I could hear it quiver slightly as I spoke.

“Dad…I know I’m all over the place and mixing metaphors, but I’m angry. I mean she’s still my mother and while I enjoy playing with the emotions of overly emotional people like her and Amy, I don’t want to see mom actually get hurt…please tell her…please…”

He nodded and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and sniffled slightly. My dad can be stupid sometimes and he doesn’t usually say the right things, but not matter what he says I know there’s a part of him that still loves mom…

A part of him that doesn’t want to see her hurt. If I can help him bring that part out maybe we can fix this…maybe we can be a family again…all of us. It’s times like these I miss those corny family dinners we used to have…back when things we more simple…

I’d do whatever I have to in order to get things back to that, because we deserve that family…all of us…

(Amy POV)

I sat on the chair with my legs under me watching John. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. The knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts. I glanced up and Ricky gave me a tired smile.

“I tried to keep him awake until you got here, but I couldn’t.”

He hung onto his pockets as he glanced over at John.

“How long has he been down.”

“About fifteen minutes.”

He smiled down at him as he made his way over to us.

“Where’s your mom?”

“She drove up to see the house she and David are renovating with his parents. They’re gonna be late.”

He nodded.

“Alright…well…I guess he can sleep over another night.”

He seemed down and I felt bad. I shifted on the chair before speaking.

“He’ll probably wake up in an hour or two if you just want to wait.”

He looked at me hesitantly. We don’t really talk about the night he slept over…neither one of us has mentioned it since it happened. I think the fact that it didn’t bother either of us as much as it should have made it awkward.

“You look tired…”

I smiled.

“Long day.”

“Okay…well…you should get some rest.”

I gave him a tired nod.

“I was going to, but if you’re not taking him then…”

He scrunched up his face.

“I don’t want to wake him up…do I?”

I smiled and watched John stir.

“No…it’s probably not the best idea.”

He shrugged his shoulders lightly and kept his eyes on John as he spoke.

“I could sit in here and wait for him to wake up while you sleep in his room. I don’t mind watching him so you can get some rest.”

I glanced up at him with hope in my eyes. I’d take back all the bad things I’ve said about Ricky if he does that…my voice came out soft when I spoke.


He gave me a small smile.

“Ben’s not coming over?”

I pursed my lips together and shook my head.

“Then go on…I got it. You go get some sleep.”

I put my legs down and shifted on the chair again.

“I am kind of tired…”

I let out a small laugh.

“Yeah…anything else going on?”

I looked down before glancing back up at him.

“Everything else. Ben leaving for the summer, my parents breaking up, summer school, work…”

He cut me off with a grin on his face. His voice was good natured.

“Don’t forget about the yearbook picture.”

I let out a slight laugh and nodded my head before looking over at John with a smile on my face.

“You know even though I don’t like that picture of me, it’s kind of funny that John got in the yearbook.”

He chuckled and glanced down at John. He smiled.

“Yeah…that’s a good way to look at it. That’s a good way to look at life. When everything else is bad in our lives…at least we got him huh.”

He glanced at me and I smiled and nodded. I could see his smile and the look of warmth on his face and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. I can see how much he loves John…it sounds silly, but it’s written all over his face…you know I’m glad Ricky’s going to be around this summer…maybe him and I can actually be friends…or maybe…a family…

It took less then thirty seconds for me to feel a shift in the room…a shift in us. The look in his eyes was friendly, but at the same time intense…they were the eyes that I fell for in band camp, the eyes I knew I could fall for again…

I shook myself out of it and the smile left my face before I stood up. I smoothed my hair down and I’m sure he could tell I was flustered.

“Uh…goodnight. Just a...just wake me up when he wakes up.”

He nodded and just as quickly as the moment came…it was gone. I made my way out of the room and turned slightly looking at them. I watched Ricky settle down in my chair and focus on John. I sighed, smiled and headed into John’s room.

I plopped on the bed and closed my eyes and felt my body relax into the mattress. Mmm…I could use a few uninterrupted hours of sleep…


I stood in the kitchen in my pajamas and poured milk into a bowl of cereal. Last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had since John was born. When I woke up this morning I realized…it was morning and Ricky hadn’t woken me up last night to help him…not once.

I was wondering if Ricky left with John and didn’t want to wake me to tell me so I went in my room to check on them and Ricky was passed out on my bed with John next to him. I grinned. The smile that sight had brought to my face this morning was incredible.

A knock on the kitchen door brought me out of my thoughts. I glanced at the clock. It’s 7:15 in the morning…who could that be? I went to the door, opened it, and saw Ben standing there. He gave me a tight smile and walked in.

I smiled.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the airport already?”

“I just couldn’t leave things like we left them. Listen Amy, I don’t want to head off to Italy if you’re not going to be here for me when I get back. I love you…”

I frowned.

“Ben, of course I’m going to be here for you. I love you too.”

He sighed.

“After yesterday I really wasn’t sure.”

I nodded.

“I’m so tired all the time that I hardly even know what I’m doing. I’m sorry…really I am.”

He leaned over and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back and smiled. I don’t like fighting with Ben…and I hate how jealous he’s been since John was born, but hopefully we’ll get through this little rough patch. He pulled away first, then leaned in and kissed me.

Just as I felt him deepening the kiss I heard Ricky’s voice and I broke contact with Ben. I turned in his direction and he grinned as he walked into the room with John in his arms.

“Some little boy wants his mommy.”

I smiled wide.

“Oh I see how it is…”

I was still smiling when I looked at Ben, until I saw his expression. I laughed slightly.

“Ben, no…”

Ricky spoke up.

“It’s not what it looks like.”

He glared at Ricky and his voice grew louder.

“I hope not because what it looks like…”

I cut him off and I spoke in a harsh tone.

“It’s not.”

He glanced between Ricky and I and shook his head.

“Listen I better get going…I’ve got a plane to catch.”

I watched him walk to the door and my brows furrowed. He walked out the door and I called out to him.


He turned and faced us.

“Have a good summer.”

He shut the door and left without another word. How can he just walk away like that? Does he have that little faith in me? He thinks I’d cheat on him? Fine…if he wants to walk away and not give me a chance to explain that’s his problem.

I’m tired of apologizing for having Ricky in my life…he’s always going to be in my life because we have a son together and if Ben can’t accept that…well then…maybe he isn’t the guy for me after all…

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