November 23, 2009

Memories of Us Chapter (3/13)

Chapter 3
‘How You Make Me Feel’

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou-

School Parking Lot
Tree Hill- 2003

Lucas sighed as he walked towards his car. The game didn’t go as bad as he had expected. He actually didn’t suck, which compared to the first game he played with the team, was an improvement. He unlocked the car, got in, and tossed his bag onto the passenger seat.

Lucas shook his head as he took the key and inserted it in the ignition. I still can’t believe I got the winning shot, thought Lucas. Right as the car started Brooke David popped up in his back seat wearing nothing but a leopard bra and a matching pair of panties.

His eyes widened when he saw her through the rearview mirror and she grinned.

“Hey, you.”

He cleared his throat.

“Oh, I think you got the wrong car.”

She winked at him and leaned over the seat giving him a better view of her cleavage. He started for a few seconds before averting his eyes. Lucas wasn’t used to girls showing up half naked in his car. Hell he wasn’t used to girls being half naked period. Brooke’s voice broke through his thoughts.

“Nah. Don’t mind me. I just have to get out of this uniform. So, uh, anyway, I’m Brooke, but you probably knew that. Can I tell you that that last shot was awesome? How’d it feel? Good, huh? You know it did.”

Lucas heard rustling in the back seat and then she slid her bra onto Lucas’ shoulder and smirked when his eyes widened. Brooke watched him shift in his seat. He was uncomfortable and that was weird to her. She’s never heard of a guy who is uncomfortable with a naked girl in his car.

Hell usually they were the one’s undressing her. Oh shit, thought Brooke. She could see coach Durham making his way over to Lucas’ car. She jumped down and him as far down on the seat as she could go. She gasped lightly.

“Oh, my gosh!”

Lucas frowned and turned his head toward her before Coach Durham knocked on his window. He glanced over and swallowed hard before slipping the bra off his shoulder. At least I know why she’s hiding, thought Lucas. He pressed the button and the window slid down.

Lucas gave Coach Durham and nervous smile and he returned it.

“That game wasn’t horrible.”

He nodded.

“Thanks, coach.”

He chuckled and gave Lucas a playful glare.

“Well, don’t turn pro yet. You drag your scrawny butt to the weight room twice a day starting now.”

He nodded his head. He knew taking the offer to join the team was going to be hard, but he wanted this…bad. And no one was going to tell him he couldn’t have it. Not even Nathan Scott.

“You got it.”

He watched Coach Durham’s eyes shift briefly before he leaned closer to Lucas’ window and spoke in a low voice with amusement on his face.

“Oh, uh… By the way, there’s a half naked girl in the back seat of your car. I just thought you’d like to know.”

Coach Durham grinned, tipped his hat, and walked off towards the school. Lucas let out a sigh and Brooke popped back up. Lucas turned his head and looked at her as she watched the coach walk off. She scrunched up her nose and pouted.


Lucas laughed and she turned her attention back on him. Her grin was back as she spoke.

“So, anyway… You’re in it now, aren’t you? When that last shot when through, did you feel it change?”

Lucas gave her a look of confusion.

“Feel what change?”

She smiled. Not smirked or grinned, but gave him an honest smile.

“Everything. I mean, how many moments in life can you point to and say, "That’s when it all changed?" You just had one. But don’t worry, baby…”

Brooke leaned over his shoulder and whispered right by his ear.

“The popularity thing’s not so bad.”

She stayed there for a minute and Lucas felt a shiver go up his spine. One that wasn’t too unpleasant. He cleared his throat again as she moved away and finished changing. He drummed the steering wheel for a couple of minutes before looking at her through the mirror again.

She smirked and gave him a finger wave through the mirror. He smiled.

“Do you need a ride home?”

She frowned.


He chuckled lightly.

“Yeah, you know…the place you live…Hop up here. I’ll drive you home.”

He threw his back off the seat and on the floor. She hesitated for a second before climbing over the seat and settling into the passenger side. As Lucas shifted into drive, Brooke confusion grew. He wants to take me home? I just got naked in his backseat and he wants to take me home…maybe he’s gay, thought Brooke.

That would be a huge disappointment to her…because Lucas was definitely on her list of new guys to divide and conquer. She told him her address and the rest of the drive was mostly spent listening to music. Brooke Davis was not used to being uncomfortable with a guy.

She was completely aware of her sexuality and the fact that she drove boys crazy, but this…this was new. Before the silence took over the car he actually asked her a few questions about herself. Where she lived…how long she’s been cheerleading…what she did in her spare time…

And surprisingly enough she answered him honestly. Without cracking jokes or making sexually explicit innuendos. He pulled up in front of her house and parked the car. He turned to her and once again Brooke Davis tried to take control of the situation. She gave Lucas a sexy grin and reached a hand out caressing the front of his shirt.

“Thanks for the ride…you know…you could come inside and I bet I can give you a better ride than this…”

He watched her and took her hand off his chest and held it in his hand with a smile. She raised an eyebrow and he sighed letting go of her hand. He gave her a meaningful look and his voice was soft when he spoke.

“You know, Brooke, you don’t have to act like this…”

She swallowed hard and the cocky expression left her face leaving it open and vulnerable. She wasn’t used to this. She’s been acting like this since she was thirteen and no one has ever said that to her. Lucas’ good looks had drawn her to him, but maybe…it was something more than that. Maybe Lucas Scott was actually a decent guy.

Lucas watched the expressions cross her face and he smiled. She’s beautiful. I wonder if she knows how beautiful, he thought. Her voice was soft and he could see the genuine gratitude in her eyes as she tried to put up a front and spoke in a amused tone.

“I know that. But you’re the first guy to ever say it. You do your thing and, um, try to resist. It’s actually kind of cute…goodnight Lucas Scott.”

She winked at him, opened the car door, and jumped out with her bag in tow. She turned shut the door and Lucas called out the window.

“Goodnight Brooke Davis!”

She waved before making her way to her front door and going inside. Lucas watched until the door closed and then leaned his head against the seat and sighed. He saw something out of the corner of his eye and when he turned he laughed. He reached down and when he brought his finger back up Brooke’s leopard print bra was hanging from it.

Brooke watched him drive off before letting go of the curtain and leaning her back against the door. She’s dated a lot of boys in her life…hell she’s slept with a lot of boys and even if Lucas Scott didn’t end up to be one of them, she’d never forget him. She doesn’t pretend to pay attention to words or actions, but she’ll remember how he made her feel forever…like she was worth something.

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