December 21, 2009

Three's Company

Title: Three’s Company
Season: Season 1-8
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the CW and the Creators of Smallville.
Couples: Chloe/Clark/Oliver
Category: One-Shot Future Fic

Clark Kent does not like to share. Oliver Queen has never had to share. But when it comes to Chloe Sullivan the two heroes have had to compromise. After Clark left Metropolis on his journey to find himself, Oliver was left to pick up the pieces. It took time, but eventually Chloe got back the spark that Oliver adored about her.

So five months after Clark left, Oliver and Chloe began what he likes to think of as a relationship. He knows she doesn’t exactly consider it one, but he also knows she isn’t with anyone else. She comes to him a night and they find solace in each other’s bodies.

Two months ago, Clark came back. He declared he found what he was looking for and he’s ready to be the hero the world needs. It didn’t take Clark long to figure out there was something going on with Chloe and Oliver. He was like a bloodhound on the trail of a sent.

The tension between Clark and Oliver became palpable. Even though nothing has ever truly happened between Clark and Chloe, he still considers her his. Oliver took notice to how Chloe tried to steer clear of Clark. He knew that deep down she still had feelings for him, and that hurt.

So, two days before Chloe’s birthday, Oliver devised a plan. A plan that would hopefully give everybody what they wanted and would still let him keep Chloe. He rubbed his hands over his pants as the elevator dinged. He greeted Chloe at the door and they moved into the apartment together.

Oliver had planned a nice dinner and when they finished eating he guided her into the bedroom. There were candles flickering casting the room in a beautiful glow. She turned in his arms and grinned. Her soft voice broke the silence.

“Is this for me?”

“Sure is Sidekick.”

She gave him a warm smile.

“Thanks for making my birthday special Ollie…”

She placed a chaste kiss on his lips and he deepened it as his hands came around her back. When he pulled away he held her and spoke close to her ear.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

She felt a chill of anticipation along her spine as he moved away and started to unbutton his shirt. She followed suit and unzipped her dress revealing a small, silk negligee, that didn’t leave much to the imagination. He dropped his pants and stood before her clad only in a pair of boxers.

He looked up at her and took a deep breath. She’s so beautiful. He turned his back to her and moved over to the dresser. He came back toward her with a green blindfold and she raised an eyebrow. His stood in front of her with the blindfold raised.

“I have a surprise for you, but before I give it to you, you have to promise that no matter what you won’t take the blindfold off. Promise?”

He could see her eyes dilate at his words. She licked her lips and nodded. He tied the blindfold securely around her eyes, led her to the bed, and helped her lie against the pillows. Oliver got on the bed, leaned over her and captured her lips with his in a passionate embrace.

He glided a hand down her body and then up her thigh under her nightie. When his hands made contact with skin he groaned and she smirked against his lips.

“Jesus Chloe…no panties?”

She giggled slightly and he glanced toward the corner of the room and nodded my head. Clark stepped out of the darkness and joined them on the bed. When Chloe felt the weight shift she frowned slightly and started to sit up, but Oliver stopped her.


“Oliver, what’s going on?”

IHe sighed.

“Do you trust me?”

She hesitated and then spoke in a low voice.

“With my life.”

“Then just relax.”

She did as he said and settled her body back on the bed. Clark looked toward Oliver and he nodded. Clark reached out a hand and caressed Chloe’s breast through the silk. She moaned and arched up into the hand. Oliver shifted and lifted up the lingerie exposing Chloe to him and Clark.

He heard Clark groan at the sight and he watched as Chloe opened her mouth, but before she could say anything he stroked her opening with his fingers and whatever words she was about to say turned into a moan.

As Oliver gently inserted a finer into her heat Clark dipped his head and captured a nipple through the fabric. She moaned louder and her hand went to his head to keep him in place.

“Oh god Ollie…yes…”

Oliver added another finger and stroked her insides as he thrust in and out of her in a slow rhythm. He moved along side her body so Clark was lying on her right and Oliver was on the left. He reached up his other hand and pulled down the strap of her nightgown until her breast was exposed.

Clark lifted his mouth from her breast and followed Oliver’s lead until her other breast was exposed. They looked at each other before bending down at the same time and taking both nipples into their mouths simultaneously. If Chloe wasn’t sure before that someone else was there…she was now.

She let out a guttural moan as she grasped both their heads and thrust her body up pushing her breast into our mouths.

“Oh god…oh god…”

Oliver felt another hand next to his and he opened his eyes. Clark ignored him as he thrust two fingers hard into Chloe next to Oliver’s.

“Ahhh…oh shit…”

Clark groaned.

“She’s so tight…”

Oliver’s heart hammered in his chest as her body froze. He looked at her face and there was shock and uncertainty on it. He looked at Oliver and continued thrusting his fingers inside of her. After a minute Oliver did the same. Oliver could hear Chloe’s breathing become labored and he knew she was close to coming.

Their mouths found her nipples again as their fingers quickened their pace. Chloe was on a sensation overload. The feel of Clark and Oliver’s fingers inside her as they suckled her was earth shattering. She could feel her walls clenching as someone brushed their thumb over her clit.

“Ahhh yes…oh god…Ollie…Clark…yes…I’m so close.”

Her words egged them on as Oliver rubbed her clit and Clark trailed his moistened finger down to her puckered hole. He spread her juices there before slowly thrusting his finger inside her. She cried out as she came on their hands.

Lights exploded behind Chloe’s eyes as they let go of her nipples and looked at each other. As she rode out her orgasm Oliver shifted their positions so Chloe was sandwiched between him and Clark. Clark lifted her leg and hooked it over Oliver’s hip so she was spread open to the both of them.

Oliver positioned himself at Chloe’s entrance, held his shaft and rubbed it against her as he spoke softly.

“Chloe…if you don’t want this tell us now…”

She shook her head, and faced Oliver even though she couldn’t see. She cupped his cheek.

“I want you…”

She turned her head slightly as she continued speaking.

“You too Clark.”

That was all they needed to hear. Oliver slid into Chloe slowly and she groaned trying to pull him into her faster, but he wouldn’t let her. As they started up a slow rhythm Clark reached over and played with her breasts as he kissed her neck.

When she was thrusting toward Oliver frantically he nodded toward Clark who took his hand, dipped his fingers into her heat, swirled them around, and then pulled them out making sure to lather up his cock with her juices. He positioned himself at her ass and started to push inside.

Her body tensed and Oliver kissed her to silence her surprised cry. Clark held onto her hip as he made a few shallow thrusts. He took a deep breath, pulled out and sheathed his entire shaft into her bowels. Chloe let out a loud yelp.

Clark stayed still as Oliver started to thrust inside of her again building up her arousal to distract her from the pain of Clark’s invasion. She moaned and her body loosened as Oliver reached between them and rubbed her clit again.

Clark finally started to pull out. When Oliver saw what he was doing he kept himself still inside of Chloe and when Clark slammed back in, Oliver pulled out. They alternated their thrusts until they felt Chloe tightening around them.

“Oh god…yes…yes…harder…I’m almost there…”

Clark and Oliver obliged her. They slammed into her body repeatedly. They knocked the wind out of Chloe and when Oliver felt his balls start to tighten he quicken his pace. Clark did too and within seconds her walls clenched around Oliver and Clark as she climaxed.


They followed her over the edge shooting their come inside of her as they rode out the orgasm. Chloe was still catching her breath when Clark pulled out of her. She winced as the weight on the bed shifted again. Clark cleaned himself up and put his clothes back on.

Oliver grabbed the sheet and pulled it over Chloe and him. He met Clark’s eyes and the two men nodded at each other. Before leaving, Clark leaned down a placed a chaste kiss against Chloe’s forehead. When he was gone Oliver sighed.

Chloe reached up, pulled the blindfold off, and looked around the room. She frowned.
“He left.”

Oliver nodded.

“That was the deal. One night.”

She swallowed hard as tears appeared in her eyes, but she nodded. Oliver opened his arms and she lay against him. He rubbed her back and spoke softly.

“Happy birthday Chloe…”

His voice trailed off and he felt her smile against his chest.

“Thanks Ollie…this has been the best birthday in a while.”

He was glad that he’d made her happy. He’s known for a while that she wanted Clark and he knew Clark wanted her. Sometimes in life you sacrifice certain things to be with those you love. Tonight Oliver sacrificed a little bit of his pride.

Clark Kent doesn’t like to share…Oliver Queen has never had to share…but sometimes even heroes have to share…


  1. Read on Ksite..great job...

  2. StayceeM-

    Aww thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! :-D


  3. I was going to leave this alone, but I can't in good conscience. I've been out of this fandom (and, in truth, away from the show) for a long time, and this couple is the only real link I allow myself to hang on to. We're a comment-happy shipper subset in general, and the fact that there isn't a dearth of comments here makes me think that maybe other readers had exactly the same kinds of problems I did, and chose to walk away rather than speak up.

    This fic is a textbook example of fanfic perpetuating a rape culture. I wish it was just the idea that sex would magically heal the gaping rift between to characters (at the expense of the female character, naturally), but that's just the beginning of it. That Oliver would use both his position of power (being in a committed relationship with Chloe) and her trust in him to invite Clark into their bed, and morever, into Chloe's body, without her permission or even knowledge is incredibly disturbing. It communicates a complete lack of respect for her, for their relationship, and for her long, sordid, already-painful history with Clark. That you acknowledge, once Chloe realizes what's going, that she's visibly shocked, hesitant, and unsure, and push past that by distracting her with an orgasm is not only insulting to her as a character, but is offensive to me as a reader (and possibly wildly-triggering to other readers, by reinforcing the widespread rape myth that victims enjoy their assault, when biology and psychology could not be more divorced of each other). The fact that it's Oliver who gives Clark the go-ahead to have anal sex with Chloe, going so far as to "kiss her to silence her surprised cry" just makes my mind boggle at how this could possibly seem okay. As an author, you've taken away her agency, control of her own body, and now, literally, her voice. Perhaps worst of all, Clark leaves the scene of the crime before the blindfold even comes off, Oliver then deigns to explain the terms of the "deal" to Chloe, and she thanks him for it. So not only has she been sexually involved with someone without her knowledge or consent, not only did she have no say in how she resolved her own problems, she was pretty much bartered like cattle.

    I don't say any of this to insult your written voice itself, but to call attention to what you're doing with it. Everyone deserves the right to make their own sexual decisions. Involving fictional characters (who just happen to be very pretty people) doesn't make that any more negotiable. You've just glossed over and glamorized many of the problems that exist in erotic fiction. I encourage you to educate yourself on rape culture, and especially how fiction feeds that particular monster.

    Rape Culture 101 (obviously, possible triggers within)

  4. Courtney-

    I'm glad you didn't leave this alone and that you felt comfortable voiceing your opinion. If you looked around my site then you'll notice that I have a section for requested stories.

    Until recently I accepted any kind of request and this had been one of them several months ago. It was intended for the enjoyment of the reader who requested the story.

    I in now way meant the story to be at all degrading, disturbing, or in any way a 'rape' scenario. My best friend was raped and it's not something I take lightly.

    I'm probably the most outspoken female I know and I'm all about women having a voice. The idea of the story wasn't meant to be taken so literally and I apologize if it offened you.

    That was not my intention, but then again when you write you always need to be ready for people and the different perspectives that they might take from the written word.

    Chloe Sullivan is one of my favorite characters and the reason for that is because she is such a strong female, this story was not meant to take that away from her and I'm sorry that you felt like it did.

    Thank you again for taking the time to send your opinion my way. I appreciate any and all constructive criticism. Have a great night.


  5. first i was a very good story. two yes the idea of haveing sex with some you without them knowing is wrong, but one she new that was the point two she allways wanted clark, i dont belive that that has been a point where if clark came to her bed she would have said no even in season 9 where they are not as close. they been throw to much. good story.

  6. Guilty secret, I looked for a story like this for months before giving up. So even though this was posted quite a while ago, thank you for writing it. It was absolutely amazing.

  7. Great fic
    Really well writen


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