March 7, 2010

Of Gunshots and Rooftops

Title: Of Gunshots and Rooftops
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 940
Prompt: A birthday present for Kyra_and_co

Chloe pressed the button on her com again as she raced up the steps to the roof of the Planet.

“Green Arrow, was that a gunshot? Answer me damn it!”

There was nothing but static on the other end as she pushed herself to move faster. It felt like hours before the stainless steel door finally appeared in front of her. Hands touching cold metal shoving it open, the breeze whipping her hair around her face.

She stepped onto the quiet roof and glanced around. Chloe wasn’t sure how a simple recon mission had gotten so out of control.

After Tess confronted Oliver about his embezzler, better known as her, they had decided the only way to stay one step ahead of her was to see how much she knew, which had led to tonight’s mission.

Chloe had been directing Oliver through Tess’ files from the basement of the Planet when she’d heard the gunshot. She’d heard the commotion over the com as Oliver struggled with whoever had surprised him and when he’d said he was heading to the roof, she’d been right behind him.

Fear gripped her as she scanned the area for him and found nothing. She moved further out, turned, and froze. About ten feet in front of her, sprawled across the ground was Oliver. Chloe stumbled slightly, the wind knocked out of her from the sight of his motionless body.

She jogged frantically toward him, barely feeling her knees scraping against the ground as she slid next to him, one hand splayed on his chest, the other brushing over his forehead. Her mouth was dry and her voice hoarse when she finally spoke.

“Green Arrow.”

When calling his codename didn’t rouse him, Chloe shook him lightly.

“Oliver…Ollie please…”

The first thing he noticed when his head stopped throbbing was Chloe’s panicked voice. He thought it was coming from the speaker in his ear until he felt warm hands clasped onto his biceps, shaking him gently. He groaned, shifted his legs and her eyes widened, relief filling her.

“Relax Watchtower, all’s well that ends with a cracked skull.”

He chuckled softly trying to make light of a situation as she straightened and stood. He pulled the black glasses off, glanced up at her, and frowned at the lack of amusement on her face. Oliver stood slowly and sighed.

“I’m fine Chloe, just a few scrapes.”

She pursed her lips together and looked around the roof for his assailant.

“What happened? Where’s the guy who was after you?”

“Tess’ gun for hire found me in her office and decided to shoot first, ask questions later. I knocked him out, he’s probably still somewhere on the stairwell. You didn’t see him?”

She shook her head and he shrugged.

“Then I assume he took off.”

She cleared her throat and spoke without meeting his eyes.

“Did you get the information?”

Oliver held up the thumb drive, grin on his face and she nodded, body tense, voice clipped.

“Then let’s make like her would be assassin and get out of here.”

Oliver’s brows furrowed as Chloe turned away from him and quickly headed toward the door to the stairwell. He took a few steps, reached out stopping her progress and twisted her body to face him. Something was wrong and he’d be damned if he ignored it.

When she finally looked at him he swallowed hard at the shuttered look on her face. As hard as she was trying to hide it, he could clearly see the pain on her face. He moved his body closer, cupping her cheek, voice worried.

“Chloe hey…everything’s fine.”

She watched his face soften and the walls inside her immediately began to crumble. She was such a fool, they both were. How in the world did she think a casual fling with Oliver was going to work? This whole mission had proved what she already knew.

Chloe Sullivan had fallen for Oliver Queen. She blinked away the water threatening to pool in her eyes as he caressed her cheek.

“I know, I just…when I heard the gun go off before the coms crapped out and then saw you lying there I thought…”

Her voice trailed off and she looked away from him, focusing on tampering down her emotions. Oliver scowled and shook his head.

“Don’t do that. I hate when you hide from me. I thought from now on we were all about honesty. Did that change already?”

She glared at him and poked him in his leather clad chest.

“Sorry if I’m uncomfortable being needlessly emotional. I just didn’t realize how much this whole stupid thing meant okay? I didn’t realize how much you meant.”

Her voice quieted and his eyes widened slightly in realization. She was upset because she’d thought she lost him. He grinned as she rambled on about emotions and feelings and what not before closing the distance between them and capturing her lips in a smoldering kiss.

Her lips opened for him and she groaned into his mouth as their tongues dueled for dominance. When they finally pulled apart he leaned his head against hers and she was quiet.

“I’m sorry what were you going on about? I think I missed it.”

She chuckled and shrugged.

“I forget.”

“Wait, are you telling me I succeeded in kissing you senseless?”

She slapped him lightly and he caught her hand bringing it to his lips. Chloe could see the amusment dancing behind his eyes.

“You know my place is only fifteen minutes away from here…”

She grinned as he wrapped an arm around her steering her toward the stairs.

“Lead the way Romeo.”


  1. I love this scenario! I so want to see this on the show! It's so wonderfully written. *sighs happily*

  2. heheh very intense and sexy one-shot. Why does it always take near death experiences for people to see and admit just how they feel about a person. :P Glad they're on the same page now. Thank you for sharing.


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