April 25, 2010

Five Times Oliver Gave Chloe Butterflies

Title: Five Times Oliver Queen Gave Chloe Sullivan Butterflies
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1,430
Prompt: Butterflies- for lilmoochie’s birthday

The first time he made her weak in the knees might have been accidental, but she doubts it. Everything Oliver Queen does, he does with purpose. So when he gave her that smirk, tilted his head and said ‘come on’ she couldn’t quite resist.

She stood in the middle of the clock tower, heels thrown haphazardly by the couch, body warm from the alcohol she’d been drinking, Oliver’s bow clutched in her hands. She could feel his presence the minute he stepped behind her.

Body heat radiating around them, chest brushing lightly against her back. Chloe took a deep breath as her heartbeat quickened, his hand brushing against her elbow showing her the correct way to hold the bow. When his fingertips grazed down her arm lightly, she spoke voice soft.

“How do I know when to let go?”

His large hand settled over hers, fingers thumping lightly as he spoke, voice barely a whisper as the air around them shifted.

“It’s all about your heart…just listen, right there in between the beats.”

Chloe slowly shifted her head to the side glancing at the digits that were sending jolts of electricity through her body, warm breath against her ear, his words rushing through her causing her heart to skip a beat.

“That’s when you let go.”

As she pulled back on the bow, one of his hands moved down to her hip grasping it gently. A wave of nervousness filled her. Right as she let go, the arrow sailing through the air, she felt them soft and unwanted fluttering in the pit of her stomach…butterflies.


The second time he made her weak in the knees was definitely not an accident. After that night in the clock tower, their friendship had been taken to a whole new level. One minute they were firing arrows and laughing, the next his lips were canvassing her body as fingers traced patterns onto her naked flesh.

For the life of her she couldn’t figure out how they’d gotten to that point, clothes strew around the room, bare on the floor save for a blanket that seemed to come out of nowhere, but she didn’t regret it. Not one second of it.

Two weeks wasn’t long, but it was long enough to get used to his presence in her bed, so when Oliver left for Star City on business yesterday, slight disappointment had filled her briefly, but was gone before she had her morning coffee.

She and Oliver were just friends, who occasionally played a little bedroom gymnastics. So when a resounding knock came on the door of the clock tower that morning, it startled her. The people she knew didn’t knock and she hadn’t been expecting any deliveries.

Chloe ever cautious made her way to the door slowly, one hand behind her back mace at the ready. When she pulled the door open a frown filled her face at the geeky looking young man carrying what looked like a vase filled with two dozen long stemmed red roses.

He gave her a nervous smile as he balanced the flowers in one arm while pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket with the other.

“Uh…I’m looking for a...Miss Chloe Sullivan.”

“I’m Chloe.”

He nodded and pushed the roses forward. Chloe tossed the mace behind the door and reached forward to take the flowers from the young man.

“Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a great day ma’am.”

The guy turned around and walked away leaving Chloe standing there in a state of shock. Who in the world was sending her roses on Valentine’s Day? She kicked the door shut and moved toward her desk placing the vase down gently.

She spun it around until she saw the white card nestled in the flowers. She pulled it out, her fingers shaking slightly as she slid it out of the envelope. She licked her lips as a wave of nervousness filled her. Written in Oliver’s messy scrawl was a message.


Sorry I’m AWOL today, I should be back in town tomorrow night. I’ll stop by when I get in. Don’t have too much fun without me. Enjoy the day.


She swallowed hard as the note fell from her hand to the desk. And she felt them, soft and unwanted fluttering in the pit of her stomach…butterflies.


The third time he made her weak in the knees was entirely her fault. When he suggested getting away her first reaction had been a negative one, but Oliver was nothing if not persistent.

And so she managed to find a bed and breakfast that was off the beaten path so they wouldn’t get caught spending the weekend away together. A lot of good that had done. Lois and Clark showing up had been unexpected and slightly awkward.

But the conversation that their presence had prompted brought her relationship with Oliver to a new level. She should have realized it when she needed to reassure Oliver that her feelings for Clark had long since faded the same way he reassured her about Lois.

They were friends before anything else and ever since the whole weapons debacle, she’d been one hundred percent honest with him about everything. She trusted Oliver with her life…she just wasn’t sure she trusted him with her heart.

When he mentioned her scar, eyes sparkling, warm grin on his face she’d yanked him towards her, crushing her lips against his.

As she pulled back their noses lightly touching she caught a look on his face that made a wave of nervousness filled her and she felt them soft and unwanted fluttering in the pit of her stomach…butterflies.


The fourth time he made her weak in the knees was a coincidence. She’d spent a better part of the night and morning trying to find him after he’d fallen off the grid at Watchtower. Chloe wouldn’t admit it, but she was terrified something horrible happened.

Not knowing where Oliver was or if he was okay worried her more than it should have, but at the time she hadn’t cared. All she cared about was getting him back, seeing his face again, feeling his arms around her.

All of those things she had promised herself she wouldn’t get attached to. So when he walked through the clock tower doors, witty reply to Clark’s question on his tongue, smile on his face, she had to stop herself from running to him.

As she moved in his direction he opened his arms for her and she’d all but leapt into them. His whispered ‘I’m okay’ had put a smile on her face as her hand came up caressing his cheek.

Large hands pulling her body against his, brushing across her skin lightly made her forget they weren’t alone. And as he tilted her chin up a wave of nervousness flew through her body.

And that's when she felt them, soft and unwanted fluttering in the pit of her stomach…butterflies.


The fifth time he made her weak in the knees she knew it was all over. All the denying she had done, all the insisting they were nothing more than friends who were benefitting together were lost in the wind. She’d never say it out loud, but she was falling for Oliver Queen.

When she found him walking away from the coffee shop that they frequented her spirits had been high. Clark might have been the one who rushed in to save her, but it was Oliver’s quick thinking and hacking skills that made it possible.

She had joked around with him, flirtingly throwing back his words from the other night about coming home to a warm bed, when his hand grabbed her stopping her movement. Their eyes met and she could see the humor of the situation had completely left his face

“You scared the life out of me.”

She kept the grin on her face, but it softened slightly. The sincerity in his eyes and honesty in his voice scared her. She should have known this moment would come. He was one of her best friends, her confidant.

How could she not fall? As she glanced into his eyes her smile widened.

“You better be careful Ollie. I’m gonna start to think you’re falling for me.”

His smile could light up the darkened streets as Chloe shifted her hand pulling against his larger one, sparks shooting through her body. A wave of nervousness filled her as they walked down the street. And that’s when she felt them. Soft and unwanted fluttering in the pit of her stomach…butterflies.


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