April 25, 2010

A New Beginning

Title: A New Beginning
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark-Centric (Oliver/Chloe implied)
Word Count: 660
Song: “Today” Gary Allan from Borntobewild13

Today, is the happiest day of her life
I should be happy for her today

Clark brought the glass to his lips, eyes falling on the couple on the dance floor. He could hear her laughter over the music as he spun and dipped her, making the crowd clap. Clark had never seen her look so happy. Her blonde hair fell in curls to her shoulders, white satin clinging to her curves before flowing out around her.

He swallowed hard as his gaze drifted away from them. Today was the happiest day of Chloe’s life. He should be happy for her. She finally found a man who loved her for exactly who she was, but he couldn’t help the bitter feelings spinning inside of him.

For so long Chloe had been his, his best friend, his confidant, his secret keeper, his sidekick, and in the long distance past his girl Friday. But now she was Oliver’s. They had started off as friends just like he and Chloe had years ago.

But Oliver had opened up to her in a way Clark never had. At the time he hadn’t caught the telltale signs that something was brewing beneath the surface of their friendship, but if Clark looked back now on all the small moments in the last three years it was clear he just hadn’t been paying attention.

He remembered the day Oliver proposed. They’d just got back from a rescue mission gone wrong. Oliver wound up getting stuck in the building as one of the explosive devices went off. Clark had managed to get there in time to cover Oliver’s body with his before the building exploded around them.

He’d had some bruises, a few scraps and scratches, but nothing life threatening. When they got back to Headquarters, Oliver had walked straight to Chloe, told her he loved her, dropped on one knee, and proposed in front of the whole team.

It was funny what a near death experience could do to you. The next few months had been a flurry of activity. She didn’t ask him to walk her down the aisle or if he approved of her choice. It wasn’t like when she got engaged to Jimmy. There was no fear of him finding out or worry that he’d be upset.

Today, today it really hit me
That she don't really miss me

All those times he put off fixing things with Chloe, knowing their friendship was strained, wound up costing him everything. The song ended and he glanced back over to the bride and groom.

He caught sight of her grin as Bart whispered something in her ear while Dinah reached over hugging Oliver as A.C. and Victor patted him on the back. She was at ease with her family around her.

A family he wasn’t apart of anymore and that’s when it hit him. She didn’t really miss him. He worked so hard at pushing her away that finally she’d just given up on him all together. He let out a heavy sigh as he put down the glass, stealing one more glance at the woman before him.

If he could go back and change things, he would, but Clark was pretty sure they’d still end up here. She must have felt his eyes on her because she glanced up and their eyes met. She gave him a soft smile and he returned it.

He’d been stupid, blind, and had taken her for granted. It hurt for Clark to admit it out loud, but this time it looked like she was really gone. Chloe Sullivan had been the best thing that ever happened to him and he had ruined it.

Maybe someday he’d be able to fix things, but not today. Today was her day. He turned around and headed toward the exit. He didn’t need to be there. Chloe had her own hero now, one that would give her everything he hadn’t been able to.


  1. Oh WOW...This was....wow, how can you do that, you making me feel sorry for this clark...i wish we would see this clark on TV...i just wanan give him a big ol hug...but this was amazing :)

    mmmmmh i know im greedy guts...but uh can we get to see that proposal in a one-shot ifc lol :)

  2. This was amazing... I love that Chloe has finally given up on him and is just happy being with Oliver..
    You made me feel bad for Clark and that is really rare hehe

  3. Well, at least Clark had a brain to realize that this is Chloe's day.

    Love the whole thing and the comparison between her wedding/relationship to Jimmy and Oliver.

    Nice fic to wake up to!

  4. Chlarks-cupid-

    Wow, I'm really glad you enjoyed this. To be honest I wasn't sure how my Chlollie lovers would take this since it was mostly from Clark's POV.

    I actually debated not posting it in the Chlollie community, but then I was like eh...it might be Clark voice, but it's all about the Chlollie Love LOL. So thanks so much for reading!


    Thanks you so much! You're the second person to say they feel bad for Clark LOL. You know after I wrote this and read through even I felt bad for Clark and lately all I've wanted to do is kick him with a kyrptonite boot haha. :-) Thanks so much for taking the time to read!


    Awww thanks girl! Glad I could bring some happy to your morning! :-D I thought throwing the comparision in there about the Jimmy thing would show how far their friendship had fallen so I'm glad you liked that :-) Thanks for reading!


  5. Aww that's such a great read! I love Clark POV Chlollie fics like these. This was so beautifully written all throughout!

  6. Oh please, please let this actually happen, lol. This was an awesome little ficlet that made you feel like you were right there. I love the comparison to her relationship with Jimmy in how it affected her & Clark.

  7. I like your Clark much better than the one on tv.

  8. great story, and i do feel bad for clark.

    i blame chloe just as much as clark, she left first with daveis, and she lies to him all the time. she push him away to. but she has oliver and the team and he has no one. but like clark he alwasy blames himself for everything

  9. Great story. I like the Clark POV in this case.


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