May 7, 2010

Coming Home

Title: Coming Home
Rating: NC-17
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Michael/Maria
Word Count: 1,110
Prompt: “White Flags” Blue Oyster Cult from lightthesparks
Requested By: Anonymous

In my arms no fear of falling
We can share my gravity.

Maria shifted in bed when she heard the click of her window unlocking, but she didn’t get up. She knew who it was. There were only three people in the world who had the power to break through a lock with the wave of a hand, and two of them wouldn’t be sneaking into her room in the middle of the night.

His feet hit the carpeted floor with a soft thud. Her back was facing him, but he could tell by the quick rise and fall of her chest that she wasn’t asleep. Michael took a moment to stare at her form. Long blonde hair glistened in the moonlight drifting through the open window.

It had been five years since he last saw her. He could still remember his last night on earth, how she fell into his arms no fear of falling, knowing he’d catch her, that he’d be her gravity. Her lips were warm, body welcoming and full of life.

In that moment he had wanted nothing more than to stay on earth with her, but he knew he couldn’t. He was a soldier, he had an army to lead, a war to fight. But it was in those last few moments between night and day when Michael had realized he’d broken his own rule. He’d fallen in love with Maria Deluca…he’d gotten attached.

Her heartbeat thumped erratically in her chest. She could feel the weight of his eyes on her body. Feet shuffled behind her as he moved closer to the bed. The air in the room shifted as he moved, and she couldn’t help herself.

See how time will stop forever,
The moment that our eyes do meet.

Maria had dreamt of this moment for so long she had to make sure it wasn’t a dream, that what she sensed was real. She whirled around and he froze less than two feet away, eyes wide. Everything around them including time seemed to stop.

Her breathing hitched body bolting into a sitting position. Michael hesitantly took a step forward and the moment their eyes met it was as if whatever was holding them at arm’s length snapped. Before she could process what was going on their bodies were molded together.

Lips crashing against each other as his hands frantically caressed her body relearning the curves he’d spent the last five years dreaming about. His weight against her body pushed her further into the mattress and nothing had ever felt more right.

Small hands clawed at the shirt as he helped her pull it over his head. He’d been waiting so long for this moment, always worried in the back of his head that it would never come. That she’d either push him away or he wouldn’t make it back.

It seemed like he had worried about nothing. He slid the pale blue nightgown up and off her body before pushing himself up and gazing at the flushed woman beneath him. Her body had filled out in the five years he’d been gone.

Her curves were more pronounced, stomach still taut, and the swell of her breasts had grown. Her small hand brushed against his cheek bringing back his focus. Michael’s eyes were back on hers and the lust she saw there made fire ignite in belly, warmth pooling between her legs.

Her whispered voice broke the silence, unshed tears pooling in her eyes.

“I knew you’d come home.”

Her words sent a wave of love through his being as he claimed her lips, opening himself up, showing her his most personal thoughts and feelings. After five years of fighting, honing his skills, he’d finally mastered his powers.

When they broke apart, tears were coursing down her cheeks, his thumb brushing them away as she grasped at hi naked arms. His voice was soft as he brushed his lips lightly against hers before speaking.

“I promised you I would.”

He kissed her eyelids as her hands drifted down his chest to the top of his pants. It didn’t take long for her to pull the belt open and he helped her push his dusty old jeans down followed by his boxers. She opened herself for him and he settled between her thighs.

He could feel her quiver as he brushed his lower body against hers. She moaned arching into him, nails biting into his back as he brought his head down catching a nipple in his mouth sucking lightly. He angled her hip before moving a hand between their bodies.

She was dripping wet and he hadn’t even touched her yet. He shifted positioning the head of his cock at her opening. Michael pushed into her and she cried out, his hips moving at a quick pace as his other hand moved over her breast.

Light the white flags of surrender.
The war is over, the battle's ended

They would be able to indulge in all the foreplay she wanted after tonight, he was home for good, but for right now he needed to be inside of her, needed to feel her warmth. The war was over, the battle ended. They’d waved the white flags of surrender, and nothing in this or any other world had made him happier.

Her body ached as he thrust in and out of her, sweat slicked bodies slapping against each other. She felt him lifting her legs higher on his hips shifting the angle he was penetrating her at and the next time he slid inside her body her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

She screamed, calling out his name, Michael’s lips leaving her breast making its way to her neck sucking as his hand slid between them rubbing against the small bundle of nerves there. She was so close. One more flick of her clit, two more sharp drives into her body and her inner walls clenched, squeezing and pulsing around him as she came.

Michael followed her over the edge, spilling his seed inside her tight channel before collapsing against her. He grunted and after Maria caught her breath she nudged him and he rolled off of her onto his back. He pulled her into his arms as they lay there in silence, enjoying the moment.

“I missed you.”

He could feel her grin against his naked chest.


Michael had crossed galaxies for her, Maria had waited years for him and to a stranger it might have seemed odd that they could pick up exactly where they’d left off five years ago. But for them it was like they were finally coming home.

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