May 7, 2010

One Call Away

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Title: One Call Away
Rating: PG-13
Author: Reportergirl13
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,400
Song:Tigerlilly” La Roux from Smallvillefics

I know you better than this
I could be here when you call

Chloe stepped back on the ladder scrapper in hand as she continued to spackle the wall. As she reached out, the scraping of the metal against the wall sounded through the room, a single tear slid down her cheek. She shifted her arm using the flannel shirt she was wearing to wipe it away.

She should be happy, relived. Clark had finally apologized for the way he’d been acting this past year, but instead an ache filled her heart. She sniffled lightly as she brought her hand back down getting more plaster before moving it back towards the wall.

Things used to be simple. There was a time and she and Clark could finish each other’s sentences, knew what the other was thinking, and been on the same page with almost everything. Now, Chloe was lucky if they saw eye to eye about protocol for patrolling the city.

Their latest disagreement had been the worst in a while though. Yeah Clark had been on Red K, but that didn’t automatically excuse his actions. This hadn’t been the first time he was infected by the red meteor rock.

They established a long time ago that it didn’t make him a completely different person it just lowered his inhibitions, freeing him to fulfill desires or express emotions that he wouldn’t normally do. Had their friendship fallen so far that violence was necessary?

The bruise on her back was a reminder of the mistakes she had apparently made. True he could have done a lot worse, but as she looked around at the tower eyes landing on the brand on her wall she couldn’t help the pain that filled her.

He thought coming here with his apology would set things right and maybe she was wrong for letting him believe that, but she missed the Clark who would have known she was lying, the Clark who would have done anything to repair their broken friendship.

He hadn’t even apologized for raising his hands to her or offered to help fix the wall. She felt all the anger, frustration and pain that she kept hidden from the last year well up inside of her and bubble over the edge.

Knowing she was alone, Chloe paused in her actions, palm pressing against the wall as her body shook lightly, soft gasps and sniffles flowing from her as tears coursed down her cheeks. She couldn’t keep doing this; she couldn’t keep being the rock pretending everything was okay…because it wasn’t.

Oliver made his way through the open doors, cup of coffee in hand, smile on his face. He was in good spirits. He’d gotten his work done sooner than expected and made it back to Metropolis two days ahead of schedule.

He was about to call out for Chloe when he heard soft sobs coming from a few feet in front of him. His body froze. Chloe rarely if ever cried. He’d only seen it happen once or twice since he’d known her.

His heartbeat sped up as a million and one different thoughts flew through his head every one of them ending in some kind of bloody mess. He made his way to the stairs and took them two at a time. Half way up them he noticed the wall and he frowned.

He slowed his pace and when he was at the top of the steps he saw Chloe standing on a ladder hair slightly mused, old flannel and jeans on attempting to clean up the symbol that was burned into the wall.

Her body shook slightly and he saw her arm come up and swipe across her face. His heart clenched as he watched her. Oliver swallowed hard and walked across the short distance to her. He reached up and touched her lower back gently.

Chloe felt the hand press against her back and she gasped in shock tinged with pain as she moved away from the hand losing her balance. Oliver saw her falling and moved quickly coffee falling out of his hand spilling all over the floor as she landed in his arms.

She winced before settling her eyes on his worried filled ones. He saw her reining in her emotions and he sighed, frown on his face as she placed a hand against her chest.

“Oliver…jeez you scared me. What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming home for another two days.”

“I wasn’t, but I got done early. What’s going on here? And what’s up with the wall? Decided to redecorate without me Sidekick?”

She rolled her eyes and motioned for him to let her down. He did and when his hand came to rest on her back he saw pain flash across her face as she hissed and moved away from him. His frown only deepened. She could see the determined look on his face as he watched her and she sighed.

“We had a little…mishap while you were gone.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow.


“It’s a long story…”

Her voice trailed off and he could see her trying to avoid the conversation which didn’t bode well.
“Cliff notes version then.”

She swallowed hard before glancing up at him, leaning against the rail and speaking.

“Cliff notes version…Clark was exposed to Red kryptonite in one of Tess’s secret labs. Things got a little out of hand, John Corbin came back, Clark found our stash of kryptonite weapons teamed up with Zod who has powers, which Tess knew about by the way, and they went and destroyed seventy-five percent of our arsenal.”

Oliver stood there shock on his face as he digested everything she just told him. There were several things wrong with that sentence, but the two that stuck out to him the most was the fact that Tess obviously hadn’t taken his threat seriously and the slight cringe on Chloe’s face every time she spoke Clark’s name.

He pointed toward the wall, voice forcefully light.

“I’m guessing we owe our new wall decoration to Boy Scout.”

“Yeah…he did that after he found out about the weapons…said we betrayed him.”

I'll make you top of the list
And in the crush of the dark

Oliver pursed his lips together and nodded. He moved so he was standing in front of her, hand pushing her chin up lightly. He could see her attempting to hold the emotions back and it broke his heart. His voice was soft as he spoke.

“Why wouldn’t you call me?”

She shrugged.

“You were busy and I knew you’d be home in a few days. It’s no big deal I dealt with it.”

She rubbed his arm lightly before walking back over to the plaster and ladder. How could she not realize that she’d been at the top of his list for weeks? Oliver let out a frustrated grunt as he followed her pulling the scrapper out of her hand and making her face him.

“Chloe, you shouldn’t have to deal with this on your own. What I was doing was not more important than what was going on here. When will you realize that when things get crazy like this you can call me? I want you to call me.”

I'll be your light in the mist
I can see you burning with desire

She put her head down a sniffle sounding from her before she glanced back at him. He brushed a stray tear from her face as he tilted his head, expression open and honest as he studied her face.

“What’s going on? Talk to me.”

She took a deep breath one hand against his chest. Oliver was always so patient with her. He was her light in the mist. Lately when things got bad he was the one who listened, who did what he could to make it better.

“Everything is so messed up Ollie. I miss Clark…the Clark Kent I grew up with not this…this version. I know I act like it doesn’t bother me, but god if you could have seen him yesterday…you wouldn’t have even recognized him.”

She let out a bitter laugh and turned away from him as she continued talking.

“You know, I know I’ve done some questionable things lately, but everything I’ve done has been for the well being of the planet or has been in an effort to help the team.”

She turned toward him, eyes glassy as she spoke with her hands, frantically waving them around with each new word.

“I’ve owned up to my mistakes and I have no problem dealing with the consequences, but why is it that I’m the only one held accountable for my actions? What about everything Clark’s done since…Doomsday? What about his choices, his mistakes? I just…I don’t know how long I can keep doing this…”

Her voice quieted and he pulled her into his arms. How could he not have seen how much she was hurting? He spent every day with her. He knew things were bad between her and Clark, but he hadn’t realized they were this bad.

Oliver rubbed his hands against her back and she practically leapt from his arms. She shook her head and winced as he stood there confused.

“What’s wrong? You keep doing that? I’m gonna start to think I smell bad or something.”

She attempted a smile at his joke, but when she didn’t laugh the humor left his face.


“It’s nothing I just…I hurt my back.”

He raised an eyebrow and motioned her over. She came slowly and he spun her around, lifting her shirt lightly. Chloe bit her lip and braced herself for his reaction. She felt his hand tighten on her hip when his eyes saw the large bruise across her back.

It started at the middle and went down to the small of her back. He brushed a thumb against the heated skin gently and she heard a strangled noise come from his throat. She turned quickly his jaw set, body tense.

“What happened?”

“Ollie it’s not a big deal.”


There was a warning tone in his voice and she licked her lips before touching his arm lightly.

“If I tell you what happened you need to promise me to take a few deep breaths and let it go.”

He opened his mouth and then slammed it shut. He could see the nervous look on her face and he shook his head.

“No sorry I don’t accept that proposition. How about you tell me what happened and I decide if it’s a big deal? Because personally I feel like that’s a better arrangement.”

She rolled her eyes, but knew he wouldn’t back down until she told him. She took a deep breath and spoke calmly.

“Yesterday after Clark found out about the weapons he was angry…”

Oliver’s eyes widened and his fists clenched a look of shock crossing his face as he cut her off mid sentence.

“Are you telling me Clark did this to you?”

“Oliver…he pushed me that’s all. My fall just happened to slam me into a chair in the process that's all. I’m fine I swear.”

Oliver turned around and started making his way down the stairs Chloe following on his heels.

“No…no where are you going?”

He snorted.

“Where do you think I’m going?”

“Oliver no, please it’s over and done with. If you go to Clark and say something…if you get involved it will hurt the dynamic of the team. Hey listen to me!”

She pulled on his arm cause him to whirl around glare on his face.

“So what I say nothing and just let him think it’s okay to push you around? Jesus Chloe. He could have really hurt you. A shove from Clark Kent isn’t like a shove from a normal guy. How can he think under any influence or circumstance that it would be okay?”

She could see the anger on his face and she couldn’t keep the tears from her eyes. Oliver watched as water gathered in her eyes and he sighed as he gently pulled her into his arms careful to avoid the large bruise that he now knew was there.

“I’m sorry…I just…I can’t believe he hit you.”

She took a deep breath and relaxed against his body.

“It’s done and over Oliver. I just want to forget it. I want to forget that last day. Can we please do that?”

She glanced up at him with hopeful eyes and it took everything in him to control his anger. He had made a point to stay out of their dwindling friendship, but at this point he really thought Clark needed to take a look at who he was becoming, because if anyone was in the wrong it was him.

He wouldn’t go charging over to the Kent Farm wielding kryptonite, but he would be having a little talk with Clark and soon. If Chloe wanted to put this behind her then he respected that, but their super friend was gonna get an earful whether Chloe liked it or not.

“Yeah…we can do that as long as you promise me one thing.”

She nodded and he lifted her chin.

“If something like this or anything else happens again…you’ll call me…no matter where I am.”

She gave him a warm smile and nodded.

“I promise.”

He gave her half a smile before leaning in and capturing her lips with his. When they pulled apart there was a smirk on his face.

“Hmm so that’s what Star City was missing.”

Chloe grinned and slapped him lightly on the chest.

“Mmm I’ll bet. Now come on cowboy, take off that shirt and come help me fix the wall.”

She walked away from him throwing a mischievous look over her shoulder as she made her way up the stairs. He made a face and called up o her as he headed for the stairs.

“How about I hire a guy to take care of the wall and I can take my shirt off for recreational purposes.”

He heard her soft chuckle before he saw her and it warmed his heart. Chloe was strong, hell she was one of the strongest women he’d ever known. If anyone could get through this is was her and is she needed a little help, well he was just a phone call away.


  1. Oliver's thoughts on Chloe remind me of this Chloe-LO moment that got axed from Hex. Everyone sees Lois as this tough as nails, punch life in the face, never say die kind of girl. But even Lois admits that everything she learned about endurance and accepting lifes throwbacks, she learned from Chloe. I think that comes from their younger years when they both lost their mothers. Chloe has a quiet, poised strength. She always appears like she has it together. Always sporting a sunny smile. I'm glad Oliver convinced her she didn't have to deal alone anymore. :) Loved this. The only thing it was missing. Oliver's words to Clark ;)

  2. iluvaqt-

    *waves* every time I see a new comment from you I squee HAHA. This is actually one of my favorite stories so far and trust me I don't have many LOL.

    I missed that scene! Do you have the DVD's or was it like an extra they showed on TV? I'm really glad you enjoyed this.

    I'm actually going to be posting a poll soon on Livejournal and asking which stoires people want to see sequels too LOL. And then I'll write the two or three that get the most votes LOL :-D Well see hehe


  3. Yay-- my prompt! I could have sworn I already commented on this... my memory must be going. Anyway, thanks for writing this for me. I needed a Clark rant and Oliver provides a great solace. :)

  4. Lucy-

    You totally did read this LOL. It was part of the song-fic meme hehe so you're not going nuts. Yay! *giggles* Glad you liked this!


  5. first great story, you keep every body like they are on the show.

    second i disagree with every thing you said. chloe does not take responbale for what she did. she did not say she was sorry for davie both hiding him, and leaving with him

    she never told clark about the chip in the id, lied to him about K weapons, lied to him about allmost everything, then is mad about his anger stop lieing to him.

    clark all his life people lied to him, LEX, lana, kara, olvier he does not trust people

    if chloe was a adult and said here is what i did and i will tell you the turth, but no she lies lies and lies somemore. then clark find out is mad.

    yes clark nows she lies about everythank being ok, but clark mess up to, hell he just watch his real dad die in his arms. do you ever see him showing his anger or pain. i thank clark is more alone then anyone even chloe, he just as broken, but clark tried to be there a few times and she tell him i fine, he lies and tell her he find when he broken to.

    clark need some one to be there for him and he has no one,

    ps and oliver i would tell him you put K on me for hours that is like being set on fire, you dont say shit to me.

    great story, just chloe was a lot to blame for most of it.

  6. This is the perfect picture of a supportive man who respects that he has a strong woman in his hands. I loved this.

  7. WTF was with the anonymous comment? I can't for the life of me understand why someone who obviously has a hate-on for Chloe (and Oliver) would read this. Trolls. >:o

    Onto my review: I really, really liked it. I love that Oliver was there to support Chloe and wouldn't let her brush aside talking about what happened. He's the person who can see past her "I'm fine" to the "I'm the farthest thing from fine" beneath. Chloe always puts others first and she's a pro at the brave face but man, has that girl been pushed around a LOT. Metaphorically AND literally. :(

    I'm one of the people who was appalled by Clark's behavior in s9 (and quite a bit of it in s10 as well, but the few eps I saw he seemed less abusive in s10). Ollie should put on his Kryptonite ring and punch the jackass in the face. And then do it again. Then again... Oliver did get to stab him in Dominion. ;) He had it coming.


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