May 12, 2010

Whole Again

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Title: Whole Again
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Chloe-Centric (Oliver/Chloe mplied)
Word Count: 1,080
Song: “The Broken Girl” Allison Moorer from smallvillefics

same old songs playing in her brain
always a sad refrain
and a melody runs through her veins
it's such a strain

She stepped through the broken doorway into the rubble that used to be Watchtower headquarters. She knew she probably shouldn’t be there. The inspectors from Queen Industries had said the building was a safety hazard, but she couldn’t just walk away.

Chloe glanced around the room, shards of glass, pieces of computer equipment and bits of brick littering the floor. Her jaw clenched as she tried to hold the emotions at bay.

She’d spent three years of her life putting this space together, this sanctuary for her team and in less than three minutes the whole thing had been torn apart, lives lost, friendships wrecked forever, and bonds of trust broken.

Condescending words playing through her head always a sad refrain. The same melody running through her veins screaming to her that she was expendable, that she could be replaced.

This was the story of her life. Girl builds empire solidifying her contribution to the fight against injustice; empire gets ripped out from under her. Same old song playing through her brain, she was a failure.

day after day sifting through remains
don’t watch her don’t see her
but she’ll never say a word
she’s a broken girl

The Torch had been the first wound. It was a silly school newspaper, but it was one she had built up. Taken the reins of and created. A place where the weird was exposed and injustice unearthed. Her own little place in the world where she could be who she was until it was taken from her by a man she had respected.

Sure she got it back, but by then the damage to her psyche and self-esteem had been done. Her first battle wound, a metaphorical scar. The Daily Planet had been next. She’d been on a role, bylines coming a mile a minute when she got too close to Lex and his dirty deeds.

He fired her without any remorse, which honestly hadn’t shocked her. This wound was deeper than the first though, crushing her hopes of a serious journalism career at any of the prominent newspapers after he got done blackballing her.

The Isis Foundation that she inherited from Lana when she left town had been the next failure. After finding out about her meteor abilities, Chloe embraced the resources Lana had left behind to try and reach out to other people who were infected.

Trying to make them a part of society and maybe even to use their abilities for good. It had all blown up in her face thought, and was one of the things that brought her friendship with Clark to a head. Just another scar to add to the growing pile.

Then came Watchtower. Something she’d been working on since the first time she led Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Boyscout on a mission to save Impulse. Nothing had ever felt so right then those few hours guiding Oliver’s team around.

After moonlighting for the team while running Isis, when she closed those doors Oliver had opened a set a new ones.

With Jimmy’s purchase of the clock tower before his death, she had the perfect location and finally all her hard work had paid off.

Chloe walked over several piles of debris making her way to the shattered window. She stood their arms wrapped around her body looking out over the city, wishing for the wistful ignorance she once had. No one saw her in these moments, she never said a word.

how'd she get so blue
who broke her in too many pieces
she will never find

No one knew what it had cost her to destroy everything she’d built, the sacrifice she made for the greater good. When Tess broke into the clock tower triggering the automatic lockdown, they’d been trapped and Chloe had been forced to make decisions that had changed her world.

She’d come looking for information on the Kandorians, and the weapons that Oliver had moved when Clark found out about them. She’d refused, but when Tess pulled out proof of Oliver being the Green Arrow threatening to expose him to the world she’d done the only thing she could.

She gave Tess the information she wanted. Moments later Tess attempted to hack into Chloe’s system trying to save her own life by getting some information for Checkmate.

Chloe had pressed the panic button, red lights blared and all systems started to automatically delete data, the identities of each member before anything else. As soon as the button was pushed, a 911 alert went out to all Justice League members.

She hadn’t seen the explosives in Tess’s hand as she threw it to the upper level before pushing the button in her other hand and jumping for cover. The room exploding around her, eyes widening when the staircase crumbled heading straight for her.

She felt a rush of wind and she was outside strong arms checking her for injuries. Clark had been the first one to respond. Bart only seconds later.

Everyone else had been in the midst of the fight. Apparently the Kandorians were attacked by super powered members of Checkmate, which led to an all out war. Chloe closed her eyes, fighting the tears as the memories of the last three days swirled around her.

She couldn’t remember how she got to this point, who broke her into so many pieces. Tess hadn’t made it out of the explosion and after Clark found out she was the one who gave up the information about the Kandorians, he told her they were done, that she’d betrayed him, gone too far.

A soft crunching of plaster behind her alerted her that she was no longer alone. She felt his presence beside her, but she didn’t turn to face him. Oliver held his body stiffly as he glanced out the window trying to see what she saw.

Bart and Dinah had been looking everywhere for her and when they couldn’t find her they called him. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Chloe’s voice broke the silence.

“You’re supposed to be on bed rest.”

She was always worrying about everyone around her instead of herself. He knew she was hurting, but instead of coming to him she’d run away. He nudged her lightly, humor in his voice as he spoke trying to break the tension.

“And you’re not supposed to be in this building how about we keep each other’s secret’s and call it even?”

He could see her mouth turn up at the corner before she shifted in his direction. He opened his arms and she hesitated before carefully moving into them. She made sure to keep a little space between his chest and her body so as not to aggravate the burn Zod had put there.

Strong hands stroked her back as his soft voice eased the ache inside of her.

“We’ll rebuild Chloe. I know it’s not the same, but you’re not alone. You have the team…and you have me.”

He moved cupping her cheeks in his hands as tears glistened in her eyes. She’d almost lost him that day. Had it not been for Bart’s speed in getting him to Emil, he probably would have bled out. She was determined not to make the same mistakes again.

She nodded her head and he leaned down placing a soft kiss against her lips. When they broke apart she put an arm around his back and helped him get back over the debris. He winced and she wondered how he’d made it all the way there alone in the first place.

Oliver was right they could rebuild and no it wouldn’t be the same, but maybe it would be better. Chloe Sullivan was a broken girl, but with the help of her team and Oliver just maybe she could be whole again.


  1. Awe. Chloe's whole again.

  2. great story,, to save oliver she gave up the kanodorings, and by the goverment know who they are she brought war to the world.


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